Saturday, December 10, 2022

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  • I don’t know about that. Putting any and all drug use on the same plane is a slippery slope that seems to intentionally lack nuance, and would seem to only accept unconditional victory as progress in the desired direction. Can you really expect to make the leap all at once? Granted, imagining a situation where someone walks into the shrinks office, says they’re depressed, and psychedelics are strongly encouraged in a way that is not so consensual… this is by no means desirable.

    But clarify one point for me. Whats better, two doses of psilocybin or a 20 years on an SSRI? I don’t believe you can convincingly categorically equate the two.

  • Disturbing yet true. There’s a severe dissonance between the timescales involved. Medicine under capitalism inevitably loses the forest for the trees and psychiatry in particular ends up with the most glaringly myopic results. It’s not any specific psychiatrists fault, but it is cowardly that more do not speak up.

  • ‘Psychiatry’ is nearly synonymous with ‘forensic psychiatry,’ which focuses on violence risk reduction. It has lost its connection to wellbeing, or the positive aspect of human experience.

    This however is true for all of medicine, and is what I think of as ‘KAPLAN-MEIER MORALITY’ – what increases the average speed of death is bad, what decreases the average speed of death is good.

  • I respectfully disagree on this one. Psychiatry is FINALLY trying to embrace something that DOES improve wellbeing. It’s a good thing! Undoubtedly they will find a way to ruin the jouissance of psychedelics, to make it all about kaplan-Meier SICKCARE, but here you are categorically denying the very mentality that this brilliant site is all about: the validity of human experience.

    So it’s trendy. So some people use adjective you don’t agree with, spiritual, religious, whatever. So some people will make money. Who cares. Let them have their pseudo-religious experience. The real issue here is finding a way to escape the tyranny of SSRIs. If one or two doses of shrooms is ‘non-inferior’ to lexapro, then that is a major win we should be happy with.