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  • Sleep problems changed to BiPolar 1 – Really: Before I begin, my friend was diagnosed BiPolar 1. The Clinic She was going to is a State runned Clinic. She was on a sliding scale going by her Husbands income, which she paid $40.00 per visit for Medical services, suddenly in Jan/Feb 2016, the Clinic demanded a payment of half of her accumilated debt/bill ie $2000.00 and refused any further Med Services till a $2000.00 was made. She was forced to go to a different clinic, and was unable to get her regular psych drug perscriptions. We carefully researched safe methods for withdrawing her off the Medication, and Suceeded. She had No psych drugs for over a year with No adverse events, ZERO. In January 2017 She was incarcarated for a dui conviction and served 37 days. Becuase of her previous history with Psych drugs, the DOC automatically put her in the MHU at the prison. She was confined to her cell 24/7 until she agreed to take a cocktail of psych drugs. The Prison must have assumed she was still on her past meds, in fact she was clean. Eventually she gave in and started taking the drugs so she could get out of her cell. When she got out (37 days total) she stopped the drugs they gave her, at Home she took Busparone for a few days then stopped. This sent her into Psychosis from withdrawel, EMS refused to take her to the Hospital, we both called 911 so many times I lost count, her psychosis got worse and worse, finally after two weeks, she was locked in the bathroom. The State came and took her to the Hospital then to the local Mental Hospital. She was in bad shape. I found out later (OVERDOSED THE CUT OFF OR WAY DOWN SUDDENLY)She was given 60mg Haldol, 8mg Ativan and 25mg of Thorozene,PER DAY for 21 days, just before her release they cut her down to 15mg of Haldol and sent her home. This put her into withdrawel from Haldol and Ativan. At home 3days she took an overdose of one of her perscriptions – Verapamil, the Hospital kept her overnight then sent her and back on 15mg Haldol(10 at bedtime and 5 in the Morning) In only 2 days she cut her wrist, She had Akathesia so bad she “could not get comfortable” she had Redsless body Syndrome. She called 911, they gave her Ativan at the Hospital and stablized right away, back to Mental Hospital, they gave her Ativan and Seroquil since then She is stable. Instead of taking responsibility for overdosing Haldol and Ativan they are Accusing me( Volunteer PCA for 6 years) of not giving her, her Meds and thats why she tried to kill herself. This is Total BS.