Monday, October 25, 2021

Comments by Elinor Bazar MA RCC

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  • Will, thank you for your tremendous courage in sharing your story, for your thorough, grounded investigation into the myriad dangers posed by psychedelic medicine, and for exposing the many abuses that have so often been held in secrecy.

    The harm that you endured cannot be overstated. This type of treatment by caregivers in positions of power causes the worst kind of pain and betrayal, comparable to incest as you mentioned, and is likely to impact a person’s life long term on many levels. Sadly, it is often their lack of accountability, not the initial transgression, that is the far more destructive factor in it all.

    It is deeply disturbing to me how unremorseful and self-protective Grossbard and Bourzat appear to be, as well as the other many therapists you have named here. Even more disturbing that these are supposed to be our leaders in this field, and should therefore be pillars of ethical conduct. It’s shameful and cannot be ignored.

    What stories like this teach us, among other things, is that we as therapists need to be constantly vigilant against abusing our place of power by preserving boundaries that protect our patients and ourselves. This requires total commitment to ethics, transparency, circles of supervision, constant self-monitoring and humility. It’s also why we desperately need to bring psychedelic medicine out of the shadows of secrecy and into a legal and ethical framework that provides a psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy that is truly safe and accountable.

    I am currently a student in the psychedelic assisted psychotherapy program with the recently founded organization, TheraPsil, in Canada. TheraPsil advocates for the safe and legal access to psilocybin treatment in Canada and has a multi-disciplinary team of associated doctors, nurses, therapists, and health advocates. I have thus far been very pleased with the level of integrity that TheraPsil shows with regards to their commitment to ethical conduct, safety measures, proper screening, patient education, acknowledgment of the dangers you have mentioned here in this article, as well as taking your accusations very seriously and implementing changes to our curriculum as a result. I do believe they are on the right track and that safe access to psilocybin-assisted psychotherapy is possible and very worth working towards.

    I just want to thank you again for your bravery and very important contribution to ensuring safety in therapy and in psychedelic medicine. I also really appreciate your non-violent stance, such that you are leaving the door open to true healing and reconciliation with Grossbard and Bourzat. I do suspect they would be doing much more harm to themselves and this movement if they decide to take any legal action against you. On the other hand, if they could bravely, humbly and honestly show accountability for their actions, the amount of healing possible would be immense.