Wednesday, September 30, 2020

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  • I think this quote from the article sums it up really well:

    the Board of Forensic Medicine was forced to answer numerous questions regarding how it was possible to have two highly differing psychiatric conclusions.

    If anything the one thing this case is highlighting is that psychiatrists have no idea at all of what they are doing!!

    And for those that use the argument that in mental health he can be detained for life, my understanding is that he can be given a 21 year sentence for each person he killed, which is 77 and so he would never be released. While it is true that Norway does normally serve sentences concurrently, that would nto make it impossible for them to be consecutive, as far as I am aware. Of course the most logical solution is to simply change the law, and the government can easily do that.

    One does have to laugh though at the public demonstration that is going on about psychiatrists unable to decide what condition he has or whether he actually has any condition at all. Killing someone is not a sign of insaniety, even though it is hardly normal.

  • Of course it fails to look at how traumatic CBT is for many people. Simply telling someone that everything they are thinking is false really does not help a person. Why not let them work it out for themselves. Why not just spend time with them allowing them to be who they are. Why not try and work out where the psychosis comes from.

    Of course none of this even looks at how they can determine what is real and what is not real. I was diagnosed as psychotic for saying I was raped. What were they proposing to do, to simply tell me that it had not occured. The person was eventually convicted?? How can a court of law and even DNA evidence get things so wrong, yet they had no hesitation in telling me it was a figment of my imagination!!

    There is nothing ethical about CBT and the sooner it is outlawed the better. For me personally, at least med’s just sedated me to total zoombie status, they did not say I was less than human to my face, only the 20+ psychologists doing CBT did that to me.

  • If you have not already read Bruce Perry’s books, The Boy who was raised as a dog, and born for Love, then do so. They reall do explain how we have gotten to where we are today.

    Get Bruce Perry’s books and Robert Whitakers books into your local library. At least give people the option to read them. At present in mine they are between two books on the Bipolar child!! But at least parents can get a different option.

    The one thing that comes out time and time again from Bruce Perry’s work is that amount of ignorance when it comes to child development. Parents who think it is perfectly acceptable to leave a 4 week old infant alone for 12 hours a day without any human contact at all, and to raise a child in that way for years!! Then they wonder why the child is not developing properly!! Others who did the right thing and said I knew there were bad things with child care centres and we had the money, so we got a nanny for our child. We knew that what was most important was that we spent quality time with the child. That quality time was 15 minutes a day. Then when the child becomes attached to the nanny and the first smile is to the nanny and they want to be with the nanny, the parent sack them to getting too close to the child – this continues to happen, to the point of the child having 18 different nannies before his second birthday!! Then they wonder why the child has no relationships with anyone at all.

    What Bruce Perry says is that the most important that needs to happen is to get Child Development taught in ALL schools, so people know what a child’s needs are. And given that we have mental health education going on in schools with massively disastorous results, then this is even more important. The mental health industy in my local area, surveyed all high school students. What they discovered was that over 80% said that if they were upset or hurt about something they would talk to family and friends before a doctor. They had even said that if they were upset or concerned about a test score at school they would talk to a teacher before a doctor They used that as evidence of the need to insist on young people getting mental health education and training in schools, so they learn that if they are hurt or upset or stressed about anything at all the first thing they need to do is to see a doctor!!! I almost cried when I read the article about it, and shook my head with disbelief!! I mean if anything that should be a good sign. If a child or teenager is concerned about something we want them to talk to family and friends. If anything they should be concerned about the 20% who would not do that. But no they were concerned about the 80% who would do that. That they could consider a child or teenager going to talk to a teacher about a bad mark on a test as a bad thing was beyond belief!! But they did.

    Take it one person at a time, talk about what you know. If you do work in the field acknowledge what you are doing and just help one person at a time. The more people see these people getting better, the more others become interested. Find out about community services in your local area. There are always low cost counselling services, know where they are, there are family support services, find out where they are. Make sure that families are aware of any supports, financial assistance, concessions and the like that they are entitled to, so they are not as inclined to need disability payments for a child. find out about financial counselling services so they can learn to budget and make ends meet. Find out about programs to assist those who dropped out of school to get an education, free education programs for adults, and the like, Be able to refer people to these things.

    Find out about programs that are working and are starting from the botton to work its way upwards. The Roots of Empathy program is a good example. Work to get that in local schools. Here children learn to care about each other by watching a baby grow and they learn about a child’s most basic needs. Consider being a mentor to children in the child protection system, and fight to have siblings kept together when they are in foster care – change the laws so this is a priority and not an optional extra when the social workers can be bothered.

  • What you have said is so true. What is also sader is that we know the answers, we know what to do, and the best work of that is being done by Bruce Perry and collegues, but of course psychaitry can ignore all of that.

    We are so quick to blame the child. If they don’t do that they blame the parent, which is not the correct response either. What we need to do is to work with the parents to assist them to assist the children. But of course in some cases that is simply not possible and at those times we do need to remove the child, but we need to ensure that we provide responsive and nurturing care, that is both theraputic and developmentally appropriate. When mothers are in domestic voilence shelters they are often traumatised themselves. Yet we offer very little to them theraputically. We tell them they are safe, put them in permanent housing and expect them to just get over it. At most we offer them CBT and tell them it is faulty thinking that makes them think this way. Of course anyone who has worked in DV shelters for more than 25 years knows the mothers who are now coming in there, they were there as children. The cycle has repeated itself, because we didd not do what was needed to stop it.

    I also would not just blame psychiatry. Psychology is just as bad, and if anything has less excuses. Psychiatrists are medical doctors, who know very little to nothing about child development. Psychologists in the other hand spend at least the first 3 years studying normal development, normal behaviour, etc. They do extensive study of child development. Yet they can get Master’s level and the whole thing is thrown out the door and suddenly it is all about teaching a person to think properly via Cogntive Behavioural Therapy. No one expects a person to learn to write, or drive a car by thinking about it and yet we expect a child to learn how to love and be loved, by thinking about it. No one can believe that they are lovable if they have never experienced it. Yet if they are supposedly lucky enough to be offered any form of talk therapy, as opposed to simply medication, they are simply told they are thinking wrongly. If they bothered to take into account anything they were taught during there training they would know that a person’s thoughts are based on there experiences. Change the experiences and a person’s thoughts can change also. Telling a person they are safe, does not make them feel safe.