Tuesday, June 2, 2020

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  • @Todd : That is unfortunate that exposing the fraud of the highly corrupted & politicised pharmaceutical-controlled industry is being swept under the rug. George Carlin did warn that the «owners» of the Corporate United States had already bought and paid for all of the judges into their back pockets.

    How-ever, you must also avoid in-the-box thinking, lest you really believe that one particular path or another is the only option. Everything to do with the court-systems is based on the Cestui Que Trusts. The States are supposed to be under Federal Jurisdiction, but the Feds are supposed to be under International Jurisdiction, and there is something to be said about exposing the The System of Maritime/Admiralty Military Tribunal Venues of MARTIAL LAW.

    I wish I had more time to study and/or help everybody else, but I have a «case» that I am forced to deal with of my own of an insanely and ridiculously frivolous «complaint» that was filed against my Person on False Pretenses under Colour of Law in violations of 18 U.S. Code §§ 241-2, False Imprisonment, False Charges, getting Held Hostage on multiple Bills of Attainder, being Kidnapped, amongst a couple of other Dozen or so Felonies that I have identified, all because the lying and dishonest so-called «Officer 2-B» Zachary W. Schafer of the Hot Springs (South Dakota) Police Department filed a False Report against my Person after Badgering me with Leading Questions in order to Falsely Accuse me of having committed crimes, when in fact I had committed absolutely NO wrongs that day (nor at any other time of the year or even this entire decade for that matter), but I think it might be more effectively to complain about specific individuals up the Chains of Command, such as dumping a TON of Estoppel-Certificates to specific people in question, followed by their Supervisors, then their Bosses, then their supervisors and bosses, all the way into the Supreme-Courts, even all the way up to The President of the United States (of America) himself, but let’s not stop at that, for complaints can still be elevated even further into The Hague Tribunal (ICC: International Criminal Court – referencing the Nuremberg Trials), and even The Queen Elizabeth herself if none of the previous chains have «corrected» any wrong-doings.

    Whilst I am rather «behind» for completing the necessary (and extremely time-consuming) paper-work for my own case, for anybody who wishes to get its details, its Case-Number is #23CRI16-247, over a matter where they’re trying to complain that I «trespassed» …despite the fact that it was an abandoned house that I was trying to clean and vacuum that day/evening. The second «charge» that I was falsely accused of was petty theft for being in possession of 5.71$US from the floor of the house from the far room where I was trying to vacuum, because there was nowhere to put it without dumping it and scattering it all over the pig-sty of an abandoned house that looked like it had been ransacked, due to the entire floor having been covered in garbage and trash and debris and worthless crap, and my vacuum-cleaner and other cleaning supplies that I brought over and even bought on that very day from a local store is worth MORE than TEN TIMES the amount of a meager 5.71$US, and the Police Department is TAMPERING with MY «Evidence» as they have in fact «confiscated» and are holding my VACUUM-CLEANER (a brand spankin’ NEW vacuum-cleaner by the way), spray bottles with disinfectant-spray, my bug-zapper, my brand-spankin’ NEW garbage-bags, paper towels and other tools and cleaning supplies (essentially, I have a reason to complain that they have stolen from ME, due to holding my CLEANING SUPPLIES and trying to use CLEANING SUPPLIES as «evidence» against me; and yet these clowns in the judiciary are trying to claim that I’m the one with a «Mental-Illness» like the hypocrites they are). They also have my digital-camera, and IT has more «evidence» within the VIDEO that I recorded on that day, that I was not there doing anything criminal, whereas the cops are the worst gang-members in every town and considered by God to be amongst the most despicable criminals in all of society.