Saturday, February 27, 2021

Comments by Naomi

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  • This news was particularly distressing to me because Cornell was taking the same prescription my doctors have prescribed to me for the last two years for my tremor disorder. I’ve long been opposed to the flippant use of antidepressants after suffering through regular suicidal and homicidal episodes triggered by bupropion, but for whatever reason I didn’t think to question my doctors about how exactly lorazepam was working (I was just told “this is a tremor/seizure medication,” so I suppose the alarm bells I associate with “anti-anxiety/antidepressant” just didn’t go off). About a year ago, when I finally did start to think “exactly how IS this stuff working?” I googled and couldn’t find anything that told me much of anything. Does prolonged use of lorazepam have permanent effects on the brain, as antidepressants do? I’ve never had any suicidal or homicidal tendencies on the stuff, as Cornell did, and I’ve tapered down from several times a day to once every three or four months — but I would certainly prefer to find an alternative altogether for the (now rare) times I’m overtaken by my tremors, if lorazepam could have any permanent effects that I’m simply not conscious of.