Thursday, February 9, 2023

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  • Thank You AA! I really appreciate you comments. People can become dependent on benzos as well as pain pills, but there is a difference between becoming dependent and being addicting to the medications. Addicts take more than they are prescribed and people who become dependent on their medications take them as prescribed, but their bodies become dependent on having a certain amount of what ever medication they are taking.

  • Hello again The Cat,
    I just finished reading you post about informed consent, and I agree with you on psyche drugs like paxil, effexor, and many other serotonin reuptake, inhibitors ( I hope that I spelled every word correctly). When I was prescribed Paxil I felt like committing suicide because the side effects of Paxil, made me feel really spaced out and I thought I was losing my mind. Like I mentioned in my first post, I take valium for very severe muscle spasms in my back, and legs and valium is the only muscle relaxer that has ever helped me. I’ve tried every muscle relaxer on the market, and that’s why my Doctors have prescribed me valium for years, it works. I haven’t taken any other psyche drugs so I can’t comment on those, and I’m not sure where I stand when it comes to informed consent for taking valium for muscular reasons, rather than for psyche reasons. Valium is a class 4 drug and I respectfully disagree with you on the side effects that happen when you stop taking it. I know this firsthand because I only take 2 10 mgs. of valium a day, and I weaned myself off of them a few years back and I had no side effects whatsoever. Under a physician’s care that’s the proper way to quit using benzo’s, is to wean you down for a couple of months so that the patient has little or no side effects at all. Because I only take 2 a day I’m sure the side effects would be minimal to none if I considered to stop using them. I do agree with informed consent on the psyche drugs that I mentioned above because in my opinion they cause more damage than valium could ever do, and many many many people have committed suicide because of the side effects of drugs like Paxil, and Effexor. I truly believe that medical marijuana is the answer to all of my prayers, because I would love to stop taking all of the pain medications and even the valium, because medical marijuana has the capability of a great pain reliever for nerve pain, and also it relaxes you, so I wouldn’t need valium anymore. I live in Cincinnati, Ohio and I could go up to toledo right now and purchase a medical card, and then travel to Ann Arbor Michigan and purchase anything that I needed and it’s all legal.

  • Thank you The _cat for backing me up. I totally agree with everything that you said. When will the people of the United States open their eyes, and see for themselves what politicians are doing to us. Free speech is being taking away from us by powerful lobbyists in Congress, and it seems like only protestors/rioters are the only people who have freedom of speech. Laws are being written every day that affect us without our knowledge, just like this archaic law regarding Benzodiazepines. Big Government is ruining our once great country, and The United States is becoming more and more like a communist country, because our freedoms and our liberties are being taken away from us little by little. Benzodiazepines are not dangerous drugs, and that’s why they are listed as class 4 drugs, which means that there is a low level of dependence when using theses drugs correctly. The only people that these drugs harm are the drug addicts, who Doctor shop and buy them on the streets for a cheap high. I hope that this bill stays in Massachusetts and does not continue on to the rest of our county. Why doesn’t big pharma have a law against Tylenol because it does way more damage to the liver than the actual drug that it’s mixed with. The reason why is because this makes too much sense and that is the reason why big pharma continues to make this awful dangerous drugs. Keep up the good fight The_Cat, and do not ever trust our government, because they are only in this so called “drug war” for the money and they don’t give a s##t about the average citizen of the United States. Big Pharma and the Insurance company’s run the world, so beware of what they do and what they say because it’s all one big lie. Thank you again The_cat for being informed and not letting our government pull the wool over our eyes. Have a good day and God Bless you.

  • When are the politicians going to leave medical issues to the Doctors. You don’t see any Doctors trying to be politicians do you. Our government is already deep into our lives as it is, and it’s only going to get worse. Some people can’t use benzo’s because they become addicted, but you can’t write a blanket law based on the minority of people who abuse their medications and are drug addicts. I’m disabled due to a Neurosurgeon cutting a nerve in my spine, which left me in a wheelchair for 3 years. I developed a rare nerve disease called RSD/CRPS and it’s more painful than Cancer. I’ve had to fight Insurance companies and pharmacies, just to get the pain medicine that my Pain Management Doctor prescribed for me so that I can get out of bed and function somewhat. I do not get high on my pain meds, or benzos because people like me who suffer from chronic pain, take their meds to take the edge off of their pain, and to help them function or get through the day and have somewhat of a quality of life. Politicians like John Kasich of Ohio just wrote a new law that only allows Doctors and Dentists to prescribe only a 7 day supply of pain meds for their patients. Kasich is clueless because everyone is different, and he can’t write laws regarding writing pain medications for 7 days, based on all of the heroin addicts who being lumped together with people in pain with serious ailments. The politicians are the ones who are perpetuating this conspiracy linking heroin addicts to normal people who happen to be taking pain meds for some kind of injury or illness, and how to take care of patients who suffer from many painful diseases. How many Doctors to you see that are trying to be governors of a state. 0 Doctors, because they have a lot more common sense than John Kasich, who is clueless idiot. I’ve been taking 3 valium a day for 20 years for muscle spasms in my spine, because I’ve had 4 failed back surgeries, and I’ve never taken more pills than I’m prescribed, and I always have pills left over at the end of the month. The same goes for my pain meds. I’m glad that I go to a Pain Management Doctor who knows what he is doing, because he treats me with respect and dignity unlike career politicians like John Kasich who are trying to make a name for themselves and are totally clueless on what it’s like being in severe pain 24/7. I wish John Kasich could live one day in my shoes, so that he could feel the chronic severe nerve pain that I go through on a daily basis 24/7. Maybe then he wouldn’t write ridiculous laws about prescribing pain medications for a 7 day period. I think it’s about time that advocates like The U.S. Pain Foundation, People with Pain Matter, and Uniting Pain Warriors take a stand and educate these idiot and clueless politicians who are writing blanket laws that affect everyone who takes pain medications and benzodiazepines. The United States is becoming just like Germany was in the 1930’S, because our government is in every one of our lives, and spying on us with the NSA under Obama’s approval, which recently just came to light, and it is totally illegal. I don’t know about anyone else but I’m tired of big government taking our freedoms and liberties away from us a little bit at a time. One day we will wake up and soldiers from the U.N. will be knocking on our doors, and telling us to come with them. Some people who will read my post might think I’m crazy, and if you do just google how our government has bugged our computers, microwaves, ovens, I-phones, cable T.V.’s, and any way else the NSA can sneak into our lives and record every word that we are saying. It’s time that Americans take a stand about how our own government is treating it’s citizens, and because of 911 Homeland Security has a free pass and can use any type of surveillance equipment to track our every move, and who we associate with and what we say. Our government has the means to spy on any American that they want to, at any time they want to just because they can. WAKE UP AMERICA! Thank God for medical marijuana in Ohio!