Monday, August 15, 2022

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  • Leon Eisenberg, Father of (the creation of) ADHD, admitted that he made up the ‘disease’, that it was a real money maker, so, in other words, ADHD is not real and is just another idea based on nothing but a love for money and coming from a bunch of our fellow citizens trained and given appropriate, Government-permitted names such as Psychiatrists, Psychologists, other -ists, to con us all into forgetting about feelings of pain, grief, anger, overly excited, happy, joy/joyful, disgusted, etc., things that every thinking, breathing, feeling creature, whether human or animal, has so that we will be believing in things that are not true and thus, the Thought Docs and their Thought Police will have succeeded in turning us all on each other and ourselves with false ideas which means that they are enjoying knowing that we are all becoming totally deluded/delusional. Oh, how the current-day stealth Nazi Reich has people wrapped around it’s little finger. The Drug Trade, namely Opium and the U.S. Government’s want for people to still use it in whatever form they are serving it up to them and their ability to indoctrinate them all into believing that there is something wrong with their thoughts is astounding.

  • No, mental illness does not, not, I repeat, not exist because:
    #1 – Back a couple hundred years ago, countries, like the United States, found out that China had Opium. Opium dens were there and eventually Opium dens cropped up in the state of California. Opium, even in small amounts, will do a rotten number on the user, whether it was given to them through prescribing or street dealers.
    #2 – Opium became and continues to be the U.S. Government’s money maker and therefore the mainstay of their “drug” INDUSTRY known today as the Pharmaceutical Industry. Fact: The U.S. Government still has it’s military protecting the #1 ‘Opium’ field in the world which is in Afghanistan.
    *Look up “Drug Trade” and the history of it.
    #3 – Read the well-researched and documented book, “Psychiatrists, The Men Behind Hitler” and you will then understand what Schizophrenia REALLY means, or stands for, a term only the wonderful sneaky and underhanded members of the cult known as Nazis gave to…you have to read the book to find out the rest of the story.
    #4 – The U.S. Government needs everyone to believe that there is something wrong with their thinking, that their thoughts can get sick although they are not flesh and blood nor are there any tests of any kind, from blood to genetics or otherwise, to verify thought illness even exists, so that they will be indoctrinated, just like all the citizens of Adolf Hitler’s day were required to be indoctrinated of which all who followed along with the Nazi indoctrination of death and dictatorship were taking “prescribed” drugs, Meth to be more specific, while saluting their lord and master. Once hooked on the kinds of drugs the Nazi cult conned them into taking, it stands to reason why the citizens were willing to follow, worship and obey the Nazi Reich.
    #5 – At the end of war with the Nazis in the 1900s, Nazi Psychiatrists were smuggled into the United States and thus the Reich, in stealth mode, continued. Ever hear of “Behavioral Health” centers and “Mental Institutions”? Places where it is almost certain that you will be adjudicated “defective” which is only a modern term for being deemed “insane”, a requirement which was determined by Germany’s Nazi Psychiatrists, and their ethnic “cleansing” programme, of all those who were Jewish, Christian, Communist, etc., or those whose beliefs disagreed with Government, the Nazi Reich.
    #6 – As euthanasia of patients who are terminally ill and those conned into being euthanized as they are “a burden on society” is beginning to take hold in the United States, we should never lose sight of Hitler’s hideous Action T4 Programme.
    *The Reich IS a controlled “environment”, the Politically Correct’s favorite “term”, and unless the work of their hands is destroyed, we will all one day wake up and wonder why we do not have feelings, thoughts or true freedoms anymore.