Monday, August 3, 2020

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  • The problem, I think, is that many professionals suffer from OCCD. (obsessive compulsive certainty disorder)

    For instance, in the world of physics, for 100 years, quantum mechanics has not been understood. They’ve got the math straightened out, but they do not understand what it all means. In turn, they have multiple interpretations of what quantum mechanics represents. As a consequence of this, they today call it the biggest embarrassment in the history of physics.

    But nothing is holding them back, other then OCCD. They say that they could be in error, but at the same time, they stick like glue to what they believe in. They say they could be in the wrong, but they refuse to change. And this is why they’ve been stuck for 100 years now, still not understanding quantum mechanics.

    They’re sticking to beliefs. The only time we are dependent upon a belief, is when we are located at a distance from the truth. If you are located at a distance from the truth, then you are therefore located within the zone of less than truth. Therefore if you stick to your beliefs, you in turn stick to being located within the zone of less than truth.

    Once again, this has been proven to be true, via 100 years of OCCD stubbornness in the world of physics.

    The same applies to psychiatry.

    People still assume that schizophrenia is a mental illness. However, a baseball has both an inside and an outside. So does reality. Today’s physicists ignore the existence of the outside, and instead leave it in the hands of the religious folk, under the title of, “The Spirit world”.

    Thanks to not including the laws of physics present on the outside, which are different from those on the inside, quantum mechanics remains a mystery for physicists. The religious folk also refuse to be interested in the scientific view of the outside of our reality.

    Thus no one at all is interested in seeing the bigger picture.

    If the mind is pointing toward truth, then it sees the truth. If the outside truly exists, then the mind pointing toward the truth will see the outside. In turn, such a mind will be in contact with both the inside and the outside of our reality. Thus such a mind is very very much in touch with reality itself.

    Meanwhile, the smaller minds, that are in touch with only the inside of reality, will not see nor hear what the others do see and hear. Thus the smaller minded people will assume that those whom are in touch with both sides of reality, are the delusional folk, the folk that are experiencing hallucinations, the folk that are detached from reality, etc.

    The rest of which I could mention, is of no use to speak of, since no one is interested.