Monday, October 25, 2021

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  • My suggestion is to work with a good Ayurvedic practitioner or herbal practitioner as well, or find a doctor who knows about herbs. I use Ayurvedic herbs for the mind and I have found them extremely helpful. There are so many for anxiety and depression, Jatamansi is a good one for nervous system support, as well as brahmi, gotu kola, and many more. There is a good Ayurvedic pharmacy in Kerala, Kottakal, that makes many of these Ayurvedic formulations, and they don’t have side effects like pharmaceuticals. I also had a similar experience to yours, except in my case, I couldn’t sleep and I didn’t have much support and we had many things going on in addition to the newborn. My husband thought I was going crazy and a friend shoved psychiatric medicine down my throat. I’ll spare you the other horrible details. Because of my knowledge of Ayurveda, I was able to get back in balance. I still have sleep difficulties, and have, for a long time, but there are many herbs which work far better than any big pharma drugs out there. It’s a shame there aren’t more qualified people who understand female hormones and post partum issues. Susan Weed in the Catskills and Rosemary Gladstar are some herbalists who know a lot about these issues, but finding the right resources at the right time is difficult. There’s also a good doctor in Yonkers, at the Ayurvedic clinic there. I recommend him. Dr. Chauhan. Or Pratima Raichur in NYC. Best of luck getting off the meds and I hope you find the support you need in your journey.