Thursday, July 29, 2021

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  • Thanks, Julie. Easy to imagine both that no one, or almost no one, is looking at this, and that research results, if any, would be hidden. As it happens, the people I know with fibro were drugged primarily with neuroleptics. Mind you, I know, and know of, far too many people who were initially diagnosed with depression, for which they were given “antidepressants,” which then resulted in “psychosis” and, of course, drugging with neuroleptics.

  • Excellent article, Tina. I like to think that fewer people would want psychiatry if there were viable, affordable (or, preferably free, community-based) alternatives in place, and also if informed consent were not a myth. With regard to fibromyalgia, it happens that my friends who suffer from it have been subjected to long-term psychiatric drug treatment. Coincidence? Are there studies on this subject? With regard to herbal and other alternative remedies, some of which I believe are wonderful, at least for some people: not only is it too true that such things “are separated from the financing of conventional health care and also from the knowledge systems of conventional medicine”; I frequently see the idea promoted that they are dangerous, or insufficiently studied. Whereas, of course, psychiatric “treatments” are in fact dangerous and insufficiently/fraudulently studied.