Friday, January 27, 2023

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  • Helen
    I insincerely hope someone listens to you that can influence and upgrade treatment of mentally ill patients. Both my youngest brother who is now 66 was recently diagnosed as biplor and who I have been his caretaker for the past 4 years. My sister who is 79 now was diagnosed as paranoid schz. when she was about 19. It was blamed on a car accident and subsequent trauma. She never recovered from it, I think due to the horrendous and cruel treatment she received back in the 60’s including the more barbaric ECT. It was literally sheer torture at that time and the state hospital antiquated. My parents completely put their trust in pychiatry to help her, and in their defense it was intimidating. However, our family was quite dysfuncional and she was more or less a prisoner at home, except for brief stays in psychiatric hospitals. As kind and compassionate as my mother was, my father was verbally abusive. My brother went through a great deal of trauma and rejection growing up. I think my parents knew something was wrong because he was in trouble so much, ran away often and became violent at times. Once my parents passed away, he became a full blown drug addict and alcoholic, and dangerous. Until he had a serious moped accident that almost killed him, he didn’t have anyone who tried to help him. I became involved at that point and worked on getting him off drugs with the help of a doctor who diagnosed him as bipolar. However, at that time, we did try a pychiatrist that simply gave him meds, spent 5 minutes with him and didn’t care what he went through. Ron was very aggressive, abusive and potentially dangerous. I got so angry at the treatment I stopped it and found a small mental clinic staffed by counselors. It was a heartbreaking and overwhelming uphill battle but I think we won. Although he can be very resistant and manipulative, he is so much better. It has absolutely broken my heart that my sister who was so musically talented was never treated appropriately. She lives in a wonderful rest home now where she is basically in her own world but functional. I don’t understand the mindset of doctors who think people are not affected by abuse and trauma. NC has shut down all mental hospitals and put patients on the street to care for themselves. One question I must ask. Do you think there is still hope for my brother and sister to be normal again under the right treatment or has time passed too much and its now chronic. I would do anything if my sister could have one day of being normal, although unlikely I guess at her age.

    Thank you for writing that article and I wish much success, God Bless you for your compassion.