Wednesday, June 16, 2021

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  • Of Course, this person “gets what’s not working”, as “the culture of coercion, isolation and excessive medicalization” has considerably worsened to the point that it is starting to create a social upheaval. So, it is in his best interest and in the best interest of his organisation to address this directly and transparently to the public.
    Also, as much as the pharmaceutical companies are for now reaping the financial rewards from the current Mental Health system I think that when the problems of their drugs begin to significantly overweigh the intended benefits, then they shall be held liable in the context of legal costs and compensatory damages. Yet the ‘real’ resoluter for this problem may well turn out to be the Mental Health system.

  • The Mental Health system seemingly looks brighter after reading a recent report by Dainius Pūras wherein he states: that we need to move away from “the culture of coercion, isolation and excessive medicalization”. As much as his statements call for positive changes in the Mental Health system I cannot see this happening so soon, so to speak. As the Mental Health system is not so much about optimising mental health, instead it is more about normalising mental health and keeping the human brain as ordinary as possible – especially for those of low social statuses. In other words, the current Mental Health system discourages the human brain evolving to the super human brain. And this discouragement is immediately seen through mental decapitation and its related excessive medicalisation. So the key problems of the Mental Health system are that it does not fully appreciate the naturalness of the human brain functioning, nor does it appreciate the extraordinary adaptive features of the human brain functioning. Instead the Mental Health system likens an out of the ordinary human brain as a so-called problem, due to its pertaining social disquiet, social threat, and governmental security threat.