Thursday, February 9, 2023

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  • I showed up a highly functioning professional with work stress and after “treatment” was an 85-pound agoraphobic obsessive mess who couldn’t get out of bed or read. How is watching your patient literally deteriorate into the sickest they’ve ever been physically, emotionally, mentally and psychologically before your eyes and then insisting they “need the drugs for life” not stupid? Clearly, they aren’t working when the patient is worse than they’ve ever been and yet they’re taking SIX drugs?

    Or calling me “anorexic” when I reported the weight loss (from Adderall) and inability to eat. What anorexic person shows up telling you “I can’t eat and I’m scared”?

    How is pointing your ink pen at the inside of a plastic brain and saying “you have a chemical imbalance right here for which you need Lexapro” not stupid?? (I later discovered from pharmacogenomic testing that I don’t tolerate SSRIs – DOH!) And then how did you not FEEL stupid when my physician family member (who practices in a real specialty of medicine) said to you “says who???” in response to your stupid plastic brain and you couldn’t answer him??

    More stupid…how well can the drugs actually work if you require SIX OF THEM? What about the first five?? or three??

    And even more stupid…not to believe that the polypharmacy could be the cause of all the adverse effects I was experiencing? It’s common knowledge that the more drugs you’re on the more adverse effects you’ll get and the higher risk of complications. It’s on the damn commercials at the end super fast, straight from the manufacturer. Yet when your patient inquires about them, they’re suddenly “rare” and “not from the drugs” but rather from their so-called “mental illness” instead? And don’t even get me started on the withdrawal I got when I was ripped off of them cold turkey…” oh, it doesn’t last that long. The drugs are out of your body now” as I paced with bloody feet from akathisia that almost claimed my life from the suicide I was going to have to be forced to commit because I could no longer endure that horror and NO ONE BELIEVED ME.

    Not knowing the BASIC and FUNDAMENTAL differences between addiction and physical dependence when it’s RIGHT ON THE DRUG SHEETS that come with the product that they’re NOT THE SAME THING. And that when one of your patients has trouble reducing a drug you prescribed, it doesn’t mean they’re suddenly a “drug addict” that needs ripping off the drugs, but instead means that their body adapted to the chronic presence of the drug(s) jUST AS IT WAS PREDICTED IN THE DRUG LITERATURE THAT IT WOULD.

    And perhaps the most stupid…You prescribed me SPEED (Adderall) and TRANQUILIZERS (2 benzos and Ambien). HUH??? And a dangerous antipsychotic (Seroquel) FOR SLEEP??? HUH???? And all of this to a young 20-something woman of child-bearing age

    Lastly, I found out old my psychiatrist is a lesbian (from finding her facebook). How stupid is it to practice in a field that literally just called YOU “mentally ill” for your sexual preference not too many years ago? How can you have faith in it still after that??

    That physician family member I spoke of above told me that most medical specialties that are grounded in science are distrusting of psychiatry and, for the most part, do not respect psychiatrists as anything other than the quacks they are. You know what’s stupid? That REAL DOCTORS don’t stand up in numbers and, true to their oath, reject this harmful biological model of psychiatry and drive the people who are practicing it and harming their mutual patients out of business (or force the profession into meaningful change).