Friday, February 26, 2021

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  • Hello everybody i was sent to prison for
    selling marijuana then due to manic symptoms I’ve been forced into a psychiatric center against my will where they have been poisoning my body and mind for about 5 months. in the beginning they were giving me lithium, valproate and olanzapine (an antipsichotic) and benzodiazepine for sleep. now i only take two “mood stabilizers” valproate and lithium but this is theyre effect on me: depression, sadness, slow reaction time, slow thought processing, no will to act or do anything, loss of creativity, loss of previous religious interest, loss of confidence, negative thinking. when i wasnt on drugs i was way happier lithium kills you it sucks i feel like i am not alive anymore i cant wait for this bad dream to be all over. the worst part my family is all against me and they think drugs are the cure for my mental problems and they wont allow me to be drug free i feel like theres no way out