Saturday, November 26, 2022

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  • It is not legal in any way shape or form to be barred from getting a degree due to any disability. I was registered with the student services for disability and received school sanctioned accommodations. The laws in the
    American Disability Act are very clear. Part of the law is that you do not have to disclose what kind of disability you have…exactly for these reasons. Once I was outed, I was outed. I did try to find a lawyer, asked for help from NAMI, as well as my Department of Vocational Rehabilitation worker. I did not find anyone who would help me legally. I also did/do not have the money to hire a lawyer just on my own. I chose to take a different path and devote myself to the Schizophrenia Deconstructed to perhaps prevent this from happening to someone else, especially by decreasing stigma and discrimination associated with schizophrenia.

  • Hello! Thank you for commenting. The big difference between d.i.d. and schizophrenia is that my voices were OUTSIDE my head. Yes, the niacin treatment disarmed all symptoms & sensory malfunctions in my case. Much love & empathy to your wife as she continues on her healing journey.

  • Thank you for your comment. I think that there are many misunderstandings about orthomolecular treatment. You have to be alcohol and drug free, as well as be able to not work at all for at least 6 months due to the severe illness of the initial detoxification period. Again, I had a very informed doctor who studied Dr Abram Hoffer & orthomolecular treatment. I think some people try it themselves and become discouraged. Dosing is unique to each individual. Niacin treatment is not a quick fix, but instead true healing. It takes time & commitment as well as an informed physician to attempt it.

  • Thank you for your comment! I think it is important to understand that I was very fortunate to find a medical doctor who is literate in orthomolecular treatment. Doses can vary from person to person. Niacin treatment should ONLY be attempted under medical supervision. I take Niacin supplements everyday from a reputable vitamin distributor & still regularly check in with my doctor.