Tuesday, August 16, 2022

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  • Hi Alison

    Thank you as well for this. I feel that I will always be on a path of healing from psychiatry. I needed this reminder to continue to fight the idea of caving to taking anything to alleviate distress of what I believe to be a mild brain injury and an iatrogenically induced case of bipolar and other diagnoses. My famous last words, “it’s complicated! How much time do you have?” It is difficult. I will look into the purchase of your book.

    I know the hell and beyond of the journey and concur with all you have said along with the commenters. My marriage and over half of my family were lost to me due to it all and then some. They believed I ought to have remained medicated. I naturally went rather berserk for some time following withdrawal.

    Micro-managing life has been the normal for the last at least 5 years. The only thing that kept me going was God and this shear fortitude and intense resiliency that came from somewhere deep in my being. Art in its various forms, constant writing and reading, lots of sleep or not, listening to my body and “I can only do what I can with what I have”, and accepting it was my constant activity. I thank God my parents’ display of unconditional love remained. They bore the brunt of so much.

    Dealing with the trauma is key. But I will admit, sometimes the trauma, loss and medication withdrawal can be too much for some including myself. I had to resort to medications for a short stretch over a year ago and I have had to accept that I may have to again in the future. Medications can have a place in it, but on the whole, not. It in part is a sad testament to the world we live in.

    I wish and pray you and each person who comes across your blog continued healing.