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  • Yep. That is me. Am i looking for that righteous indignation from everyone? No. I just think there’s a time where you have to get away from the computer and take action i.e. go in front of a mental health clinic that drugs children and hand out a pamphlet of what these drugs really do. I talked to a director of one by me and you know what he said? “Our kids are doing really well on Prozac”. And when i say kids i mean 9-10 year olds. Nor am i scared to comments with some pseudonym FYI.

  • I’m not trying trivialize moderating comments. What i am saying is absurd is that this is the most righteous indignation i’ve seen on this site. We are confronting an institution of death that kills and maims with impunity and people are all up in arms about comments being moderated. Why can’t people be this militant when it involves killing children? That’s all i’m saying.

  • Does anyone else not see the absurdity in this whole thing? This site has been up for about 1.5 years, produced a litany of great articles while also bringing together a collection of very smart people from all walks of life who want to make a change. But instead of talking about demands, actions, program and other things to that effect, we are in an uproar about MODERATING COMMENTS. My frustration has turned to laughter at this point. It is still sad though because at one point this site had so much potential. But, in fairness, Bob has said from the outset he just wants to change the conversation. Given what i have experienced, researched, and on behalf of all those who i know personally that have been damaged by psychiatry, simply changing the conversation isn’t good enough. Maybe i projected my ambitions on this site and i am sorry for that. I just can’t in good conscience for myself and my family sit back and hope things change for the better. So best of luck MIA.

    “Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will.”

  • Unfortunately like most progressive and left movements in this country there is a lot of talking and no action. On top of the fact this movement has no program or demands. It amazes me how so many writers on this site can over and over again say the same thing with a different spin: The drugs aren’t effective, they harm people, we need alternatives. It seems like no one wants to move forward until we get every little group and disparate faction on board so we can then create some utopian mental health system. Let me let you in on a little secret, this is not going to happen. The kicker is that the system is so rotten that it can be brought to its knees quite easily. It is not like we are confronting climate change. We are confronting a discredited, death riddled institution that hurts 95% of people who are exposed to it. Very frustrating.

  • You make some valid points but in the interest of time, energy, and this forum let’s just leave it at that. You’re not going to convince me, and i’m probably not going to convince you. What i will say is that while the internet is still free use it to research ANYTHING and EVERYTHING but be wary. Even in the conspiracy/alternative media world there is misinformation. Later.

  • So bc you were on top of the Twin Towers that makes the official 9/11 story true? Secondly, the government is not one monolithic entity. The government is a HUGE bureaucracy employing millions of people with different agendas, budgets etc. So is it that unreasonable for a small minority of this huge bureaucracy to take hostile actions against the US to further their own interests? It is not like GWB got a memo on 9/11/2001 saying their was going to be an attack. He probably had no idea. Furthermore, isn’t this site essentially devoted to dispelling another huge MYTH saying mental illness is a chemical imbalance and that pills are the answer? Think how many very intelligent people buy this myth wholeheartedly and how many lives this myth has destroyed. Better yet, how many people STILL believe the myth after all the evidence dispels it? Just like the current myth of mental illness must be dispelled, the 9/11 myth must be dispelled also.

  • Wow! I told myself i was done writing on this site but this is too much of a softball to give up on. Though you make some good points regarding conspiracies and that people can become too reliant on them, that does not change the fact that there are conspiracies out there and 9/11 is one of them. For me, 9/11 is a barometer of intellectual and moral courage in the public sphere. You can be antiwar, anti-big business, anti surveillance etc., but once you say aloud that 9/11 was a synthetic terrorist event, you seriously alienate yourself from the mainstream. So if you are NOT willing to say aloud that 9/11 was, in fact, a synthetic terrorist event or at the very least say the official gov’t version is total hogwash, than i am very suspicious of your aims. Now i can sit here and rattle off the ways in which 9/11 was such an event, but will spare myself the time (for now) and effort and just implore YOU to do your own research. The myth of 9/11 speaks more to the power of mass media, how easily people are manipulated and whipped into hysteria, and self-delusion than it does about muslim terrorism.

  • Which is great, and everyone who has the time and resources to help those that have been hurt by psychiatry have a responsibility to do so. Nevertheless, what are MIA’s concrete, core beliefs? What are we working towards? What are our goals? How are we trying to achieve those goals? Is this strategy working? If some random person were to ask me what does MIA stand for and what is it doing i wouldn’t know how to answer them. We need to be working towards something concrete at this point. Why are we always on the defensive against an opponent who has not a single shred of credibility? If MIA were god for a day, what would we change? I don’t view psychiatry as this all powerful behemoth but a crumbling edifice that is scared. A serious campaign to stop the drugging of children would actually hit them where it hurts and, i would assume, be able to unite the disparate factions on this site and the reform community.

  • As of right now i have a hard time contributing to MIA simply b/c i see a lack of programmatic action to stopping these quacks (which is an apt definition), who know the harm they are causing, from killing and maiming. You have analysis which is good, alternatives to the current model which is necessary, but you are essentially telling me the same thing everyday through horror stories and study’s that bio-psyc is bad. I know this and so does everyone else who has been through the system. When do we make a list of demands to psychiatry and the wider medical community? Every time a child is put on an SSRI it’s a crime! Every time a child is put on a antipsychotic it’s a crime! Can we get away from behind our computers and start letting our presence be known? I think a legitimate question we should all ask ourselves is how many lives has this site helped/saved and how can we save more? How can we not only help people get off drugs, but prevent people from getting caught in this racket in the first place? I feel like people are fine with saying their little piece on this site and then go back to Dancing With the Stars. Please tell me i’m wrong.

  • You should be concerned whenever anyone takes an SSRI. SSRI’s are arguably the greatest medical scam ever. Has anyone here read our very own Carl Elliott’s White Coat Black Hat or Toxic Psychiatry? It seems like no one has or else you would realize this. Getting into the intricacies of SSRI efficacy is like getting into the intricacies of Bernie Madoff’s ponzi scheme. It’s all fraud.

  • Psychiatry is a tool used by the elite to profit from, suppress and kill those deemed “infirm”. With class struggle around the corner this tool is going to be used against those that defy the despotic status quo. Simply put, it is a scam. Like 9/11 was a scam, the War In Iraq was a scam and how pretty much our whole economy is held together through scams and fraud. It needs to go.

  • Conspiracies happen all the time and are all around us. How can you not question anything and everything when doctors are allowed to give PREGNANT WOMEN Prozac, essentially maiming/killing an unborn child? If people are willing to do that, IMO nothing is beyond the realm of possibility when it comes to evil acts.

  • They are not trying to collapse western civilization, but create a class of serfs and overlords that was the model for much of human history. A strong middle class threatens their oligarchy and has been an aberration for much of human existence. They are the predators and we are the prey. There is nothing they will stop at to complete this transformation. False flag terrorist attacks, brutal austerity, 1984 surveillance, drones etc. We are not going to get anywhere if we are soft and naive. Psychiatry is just a tool. DO PEOPLE GET THIS?

  • This is an enormous task. What i am ultimately saying is that we should be on the offensive all the time at this point. The results are in and the debate over. It should have been over 22 years ago with Toxic Psychiatry. And lets take the kiddy gloves off when it comes to semantics b/c words have power. I just think saying “end psychiatry!” loud and proud is easily understood and can gain mass traction. In the US political system only those that are crazed and organized get things done. We have to agitate hard as much as possible.


  • If society hasn’t seen it up until this point they are not going to see it. Too many people are hanging on to their shoe strings economically that they don’t want to be scared even more. And it is not just The Church of Psychiatry, the whole medical profession is handing out pills like they are skittles. The US consumes 99% of the world’s hydrocodone! America is a rapidly declining empire with collapse ever imminent. That does not mean we should give up the fight because we have a moral obligation to fight back against tyranny and fraud in all its forms. I’m just saying if people don’t see it now, they are just going to have to learn the hard way.

  • The best article I have read on MIA yet! Finally talking about tactics, militancy, our “friends” in the reform movement, and the futile attempts in appealing to mainstream psychiakilling (just made that up). First off, your statement that “we have little power or credibility right now, but we can change that” is partially off base. It is off base because WE HAVE ALL THE CREDIBILITY and psychiatry has zero. However, psychiatry has the backing of government and PHRMA while we have the science. As for the militancy issue, WHERE IS IT?! Are people not seething mad when adults and children alike are maimed, killed and sterilized? People just don’t want to face the music that this is a eugenics operation once again evidenced by Frederick Goodman’s assertion on inner-city demonstrators being “monkeys”. As for tactics, what we really need to do is nail home that psychiatry is going to be used increasingly against political dissidents and is just a tool of our corporate oligarchs. Protesting outside abusive institutions is also a brilliant idea and should be incorporated into a national Occupy your local psychiatrist/mental health/guidance center day. As for the pseudo left press (NPR, NYT etc.) don’t expect much help from them but whitewashing and apologizing for psych’s. mass murder. In the end we need to get off our butts, away from our computers and start bringing the fight to them. People have to be willing to get arrested, look silly in front of their neighbors and not back down. The establishment is crapping their pants because they know that if they lose, they’re going to jail!

  • This guy does it to make money. If he is a known pill mill operator people will come from all over the US to buy the pills and resell them. A guy by me got busted and then hired an assistant because he couldn’t write scripts anymore. However, the guy he hired knew he was selling to addicts and drug dealers so stopped writing them. The guy who hired him then said something along the lines of “are you a doctor or a cop”? Big pharma is the medical profession now.

  • Wow. I have come to the conclusion that eugenics plays a very prominent role in psychiatry whether known or unknown to the psychiatrists themselves (it seems like your doctor knew what they were doing and just didn’t care). And i am convinced that the Guidance Center i went to when i was 17 is also a eugenics operation when looking back on it and then following up 4 years later. More or less i was told by the director of the place that Prozac is working very well on little kids. These drugs are poison whether Robert or whoever else wants wants to admit it. Does that mean they should not be used? I can see some cases where these drugs can be used, but not many.

  • SSRI’s “help” people like cigarettes “help” people. They were conceived from a faulty premise and fraudulently tested/marketed. But if people want to take them after learning and understanding all the potential PERMANENT side effects, as well as the mountain of fraud that got them to market, than have at it.
    As for your veteran friend, one of the reasons why so many vets are killing themselves is because of psych meds. They pump them with psych meds so they become desensitized to killing and can go on their 2nd,3rd,4th,5th tour of combat duty. As for the “trouble sleeping, nightmares, periiods of rage, depression, and suicidal thoughts”, this reads like the insert of an SSRI. Giving him an SSRI while already agitated could makes these symptoms worse. SSRI’s should be one of the last things given to combat vets.

  • I’m not really sure what you are saying but i can elaborate on what i was trying to say. What i was trying to say is that institutions like psychiatry, our banking system and our military-industrial-complex to name a few, are not heeding any calls for reform but are entrenching itself. This entrenchment if not doubling down on their criminal activities will continue until we collectively put an end to it (if we can). The reason why I wrote this under Johanna’s thread is because big pharma and the rest of the corporate structure has no boundaries in the ways they can exploit us, like the new bogus diet pill. Their are no more impediments to big-time corporate plundering in America.

  • Any credibility, shame and caution has been thrown out long ago by our ruling class and institutions that we are now seeing its logical conclusion. Every minute a line is being drawn in America where you are either siding with the government/corporations, or against it. Are you going to keep your head down and keep filing your papers, or are you going to engage in some form of protest or opposition? This line is becoming clearer and clearer.

  • Eugenics people. That is what it is all about. The more i study and investigate this world the more steadfast i am in the belief that this world is run by very sick people. All of psychiatry is a scam. There are ZERO redeeming qualities about it. It is just that too many people have become dependent on the scam that they must keep it going. Not in my wildest dreams could i have imagined people to be so wicked.

  • Fantasy world indeed. You tell a psychiatrists or most doctors that these drugs are poison and they look at you like you told them their significant other is having an affair. They’re stunned and indignant. La la land.

  • This world is a messed up place run by a bunch of lunatics and there is something wrong with YOU if you happen to experience anxiety, depression or a psychotic episode. These people who are acutely sensitive to this madness need to be drugged but not the cold blooded corporate criminals who are profiting off death and destruction. What does that tell you about our society and medical establishment?

  • How about standing outside a local psychiatrist’s office and handing out information before people walk in. I see people standing outside abortion clinics with signs all the time. Presenting the information as something the psychiatrist will not tell you. A generic pamphlet that can be easily printed and handed out. Occupy a psychiatrist or mental health clinic for the day. We have to take this to the next phase beyond a comment section.

  • I personally came to to the conclusion that this massive drugging was greed run amok with a backdrop of eugenics/depopulation. What should we do about it? I advocate getting rid of psychiatry entirely or an immediate stop to all drugging. Psychiatry has also been bad, just that now their follies have reached biblical proportions.

  • My comment is more in regard to how our ruling predator class views us all as cattle with dollar signs on our heads. When nothing is sacred in pursuit of money, not even children, then we are in a lot of trouble as a society. Speaking about abortion, what about giving pregnant women SSRI’s? The decadence of a collapsing empire is everywhere, that is what i meant when i invoked Ancient Rome.

  • Psychiatry is nothing more than a PHRMA windfall and eugenics operation. For the past century i would argue that US psychiatry did not even have the pretense of helping people in emotional distress. That does not mean everyone in psychiatry is bad or evil or did not want to help people. It just mean that if you look at the history of their treatments and beliefs, they are extremely seeped in the eugenics movement.

  • Our criminal government is at it again, folks. Our current DOJ head, Eric Holder, shielded Purdue pharma in an Oxycontin (synthetic heroin) case against West Virginia. So don’t expect any “justice” coming from this noble department anytime soon. Better yet, the government KNOWS it is a.) getting ripped off and b.) allowing young children to be brain damaged. And the guy that tries to change this gets hounded by the IRS. Given all the philosophizing on the comment section my philosophy is this, put one of these high-level corporate murderers in jail.