Friday, January 27, 2023

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  • Hey FeelinDiscouraged, I too am withdrawing from Effexor. I’m not sure how you are doing it. I have capsules that I take. I have found that the best way I can do it so to remove one ball from a capsule and go at that dose for 4 days, then remove another. I keep track on the calendar of how many of those little balls are in a capsule. I am down from 3 capsules to one capsule that only has twenty one little balls in it. I save the ones I take out of the capsules because now I am making up my own capsules with the ones I had removed previously so I am hoping to not have to buy anymore. I may need to pick up part of one more prescription before my prescription expires. I also take Advaclear to help with detoxing. It is expensive but as I don’t methylate well, it is a huge help in keeping withdrawal symptoms down. That and eating as little processed foods as possible and keeping gluten and sugar as much as possible out of my diet. I discovered dairy is an issue too. That and activated B vitamins as well as a high quality fish oil and magnesium. Make sure you have all the nutrients your body needs. I hope this helps, I don’t know if it will or not, but that is what keeps the side effects to a minimum. They were pretty bad in the beginning and so that is where I found that removing one of those little balls takes 4 days for my brain to fully catch up. It does okay as long as I give it the 4 days and don’t take out one little ball a day. Keep tweaking until you find what works best for you. Sam-e is good I’ve heard too, just expensive. Hang in there, there are people such as myself that understand. I began my withdrawal April of 2016 and am still not complete. Effexor is one of the hardest ones to come off of. Be gentle with yourself.

  • Thanks Steve. I am aware that some of it is grief and not depression. It is difficult to get my husband to realize that as he automatically tells me it is depression and I need to get back on the meds. Some of this is kick back from still coming off of them. I am almost done and it may take awhile before my brain settles. Patience is key for that I think.

  • So what IS the answer? How DO we heal? I have been coming off of an antidepressant for over a year now. My husband tells me I am depressed and need to be back on it all the way. I have digestive disturbances that are in part a result of being on this for so long as well as a cough. I am irritable and I do feel depressed. However, I look at what is going on currently in my life and I feel like what I feel is congruent with life. Does that make me depressed because instead of being numb I feel it? I have been in counseling but if seems like I am going nowhere with it. It seems like I need someone else to temporarily take control of my life so I turn to God for that. I don’t trust any human to do it. It seems to me that the current lifestyle I have is literally killing me but I can’t seem to find the door with the “exit” sign over it to leave. So how DO we heal from the past? I have forgiven all parties as I know they did the best they could at the time with what they had. Is this just the human condition? Does everyone live like this?