Thursday, June 4, 2020

Comments by David Mielke, M.S.

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  • Hi James,
    I’m writing to offer myself as a guest on your new podcast.
    I was the guest on the Peter Breggin Hour this past January 18.
    My contribution has to do with the challenges of teaching a High School Psychology class knowing that a certain number of kids have been diagnosed with ADHD and are taking stimulant drugs and another group of my kids have been diagnosed with “depression” and are taking anti-depressants.
    My challenge has been to teach my students to question the assumptions that have led to these diagnoses and medical “treatments” while recognizing that for some of my kids this critical examination of the medicalization of everyday life puts them in a difficult situation. They trust their parents, and their doctors, and many hope that the challenges of their lives are due to a biological condition that they cannot control, while at the same time having to acknowledge that the research suggests that these drugs are neither as safe nor as effective as psychotherapy and that there is no evidence for a biological cause for these challenges they are facing.
    My class makes them question those assumptions and forces them, unintentionally, to choose between the lessons of the class and the faith they have in their families and their physicians. Some remain in the class while others, with the permission of the administration, are allowed to drop.
    If you need a guest who addresses these issues on a daily basis, I’m your guy.
    Good luck with the new podcast. I absolutely believe that education is the answer!!

    david mielke
    [email protected]