Saturday, November 26, 2022

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  • Also – Lyme can cause psychosus. It is a spiroketal bacteria like syphyllisxwhuch in late stage causes psychosis. My son went five years without proper diagnosis which an LLMD (Lyme Literate Medical adr) can diagnose as the tests are very unreliable.

  • I really respected Dr Hoffer. He was truly a great man I’m honored to have met. I will try the suggestion of 25 mg of niacin to start. I’m glad I found this site and Sara’s story.

    I do recall Dr Hoffer telling me that “some people cannot take niacin. He had us try the non flushing kind but we had the same result. Maybe a small dose like that to start will make a difference. Dr. Bonnet of a earth House said eventually, my son may be able to start with small doses. He was aware of the interaction with the Lyme bacteria. I’ll report how we do,

  • Purolyria (B6 and Zinc deficiency) is another cause of schizophrenia and easily treated. That’s my son’s biggest problem now but he’s rebelling against all these treatments – allopathic and irthomolecular and takes his meds, drinks Coke and eats junk food and won’t take his vitamins. He’s 28 now and it’s painful to see him not get well when I know he can.

  • Hello Agsin, Rossa. You remind me of the same questions my husband and I had of our son – trying to figure it all out so we could get him the proper treatment. In our son’s case, it was physical illness (the Lyme which he needed IV antibiotics for), psychiatric hospital abuse, and finally was uncovered early childhood trauma which started the psychosis, hallucinations and led me to divorcing his father. It’s good you’re getting your son all the help he needs. Leave no stone unturned but be patient. The answers may take years.

  • Hi Rosa, Eva Edelman has a good book with a compendium of al the different protocols including William Walsh of the Brain Bio Center/Pfeuffer Institute where my son was diagnosed with severe pyroluria. We also later found out he had Lyme Disease. The bacteria hides in the mast cells which the niacin suddenly opens up, flooding the body with toxins, producing a severe “herxheiner’s reaction”. That voild explain the increased psychosis and anger, agitation. And, yes, it was too much for my husband and I but worse for our son to go through. Under careful supervision starting with very small doses and building up, it might be possible. I feel Dr Hoffer had found a treatment for Lyme (My son was diagnosed Neurosychiatric Lyme Disease but the psychiatrists say “Schizoaffective”.) and it should be looked into further.

  • And BTW – Sara, you are an incredible person and I applaud your efforts in educating people about orthomolecular medicine. I’m so happy to hear it worked for you. You are very talented, too! We have been to top naturopaths and doctors and have found no relief but I keep searching and will never give up hope to get off these meds.

  • My son and I met with Dr. Hoffer before he passed away. He was a great man and has helped so many people. Unfortunately, neither my son or I can tolerate Niacin. It makes my son more psychotic but where he’s usually calm he gets angry on it. It does the same to me but to a lesser degree. I am diagnosed Bipolar. We hate the side effects and damage if the meds yet we function better on them. Has anyone heard of someone having this reaction to niacin even in very small doses.