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  • Sorry but none of this will sort out the horror nightmare in the UK. It will only change if someone like David Healy – sorry my mistake… there is only David Healy here – get’s a post in a position of power. But as things are, he is more likely to get his website taken down for writing about what really causes suicide and the cascade of doctor decision events that lead to it.

    There are creepy trusts popping up every where here intent that their version of all this – assertively backed by UK Psych/BBC – is correct and we should not to gaze or read such true stuff on here and else where being as we might go top ourselves.

    First of all we have to explain to the people who control the likes of: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter what all this is about, and how they are being used. That needs to be done by people they will believe.

    That said, well done Robert Nikkel…. but we still need to get rid of psychiatry and then subject them to the very horror they subjected us to, preferably in one of their hell holes.

  • “It may be that lumateperone has a relatively benign safety profile compared to existing psychiatric drugs”

    Doubt it Robert, but very good work indeed!! It’s just more nasty crap, promoted by more bullcrap to make a mint. We need to find a way to inform these hedge funds that not only do they need to fund ethical sustainable energy, they need to stop funding/supporting products that only serve lies and terrible harms, violence and destruction.

    They may have tested individuals CYP450 phenotypes to ascertain if they would get through the trial without becoming toxic. If you could find that out it would be very telling to their claim it doesn’t cause Akathisia.

    The prescribing info suggests issues with CYP3A4 the sink enzyme which picks up everything the other enzymes couldn’t cope with:

  • Nope.

    “Self-regulation is not working. It is time for government to step up and take decisive action to hold social media companies to account for escalating harmful content to vulnerable children and young people,” said Dubicka.

    “The call from the Royal College of Psychiatrists comes as ministers finalise plans to crack down on issues caused by people viewing unsavoury material and messages online.”

    We need to reference what we write in particular to the truth about what psychiatry really is:

    “For the first time in history, psychiatrists during the Nazi era sought to systematically exterminate their patients. However, little has been published from this dark period analyzing what may be learned for clinical and research psychiatry.”

    The Guardian use to open the MH posts up to comments they rarely do now.

  • And I think we need to inform the public that Paul Eugene Bleuler who came up with the word “Shizophrenia” was a eugenacist psychiatrist who called for people, given this label by psychiatrists, to be sterilized. In that sence he advocated genocide.

    “The more severely burdened should not propagate themselves…If we do nothing but make mental and physical cripples capable of propagating themselves, and the healthy stocks have to limit the number of their children because so much has to be done for the maintenance of others, if natural selection is generally suppressed, then unless we will get new measures our race must rapidly deteriorate.”

    Models of Madness

    Psychological, Social and Biological Approaches to Schizophrenia

  • Kelly O’Mally tells her story of psych abuse. She managed to get the CTO removed 2017 with a CYP450 gene test.


    Kelly O’Mally

    Forced medication again – 17/12/2019

    “For the last two years, Kerry O’Malley was in control of her life and living independently. Recently, she travelled alone to Ireland for a six-month holiday, visiting friends and relatives without any difficulty and occasion of trouble. Upon returning home, she was the victim of a home invasion and sexual assault. Six weeks passed before she informed the police however they treated her with indifference and did not investigate the matter.

    Kerry soon after became disturbed and sought assistance from the hospital. They assisted her but then applied for a community treatment order (CTO) for six months, which would involve forced injections of Ablify (aripiprazole). The forced injections caused her great ‘anxiety, distress, and restlessness’. Kerry entered the hospital as a voluntary patient but was converted against her will to an involuntary patient. The CTO deprived her of her dignity and control over her life.”

  • R4 Today Program this morning 17/12020 THE morning radio listening in the UK, mostly of the middle class.

    Sarah Smith interviewing two psychiatrists on young people suicide with the psychiatrists firmly placing the blame on internet sites showing self harm and such like info ie this site. Not a single mention of psychiatric drug causation questioning by BBC. Their looking to take your site down Robert.

    Can someone inform Sarah Smith about Akathisia ?

  • For those of you who are new to all this and maybe wondering what this psychiatry dragon slaying is all about –

    “Psychiatrists were instrumental in instituting a system of identifying, notifying, transporting, and killing hundreds of thousands of mentally ill and “racially and cognitively compromised” individuals in settings ranging from centralized psychiatric hospitals to prisons and death camps. Their role was central and critical to the success of Nazi policy, plans, and principles. Psychiatrists, along with many other physicians, facilitated the resolution of many of the regime’s ideological and practical challenges, rather than taking a passive or even active stance of resistance [1]. Psychiatrists played a prominent and central role in two categories of the crimes against humanity, namely sterilization and euthanasia.”

    “It was psychiatrists who reported their patients to the authorities and coordinated their transfer from all over Germany to gas chambers situated on the premises of the six psychiatric institutions: Brandenburg, Grafeneck, Hartheim, Sonnenstein, Bernburg, and Hadamar [2,3]. It was psychiatrists who coordinated the “channeling” of patients on arrival into specially modified rooms where gassing took place. It was psychiatrists who saw to the killing of the patients (initially using carbon monoxide and later, starvation and injection). Finally, it was psychiatrists who faked causes of death on certificates sent to these patients’ next of kin. It has been estimated that over 200,000 individuals with mental disorders of all subtypes were put to death in this manner [4-7]. Much of this process took place before the plan to annihilate the Jews, Gypsies and homosexuals of Europe. Hitler never gave the order to kill patients with mental illness. He only permitted it in a letter written in October 1939″

    According to Pro Frank Schneider that 200,000 number is probably only half of the people murdered by psychiatrists.

    In our time people are dying in unseen horror due to polypharmacy causing: AKATHISIA/TOXIC PSYCHOSIS and much more. You would be very lucky indeed if any psychiatrist diagnosed this because they cause it. The reality is if you survive you will either be in a psych hell hole or in prison, not only with a serious psych label and maybe murder or attempted murder.

  • So in the Guardian inform us: “Schizophrenia study finds evidence of reduced links between brain cells”

    “Howes and colleagues are also running a clinical trial, which is expected to be completed next year, that aims to prevent the loss of brain connections in patients.”

    “Aims to prevent the loss of brain connections in the patient”


    And the drug they are seeking to trial/push, maybe eventually force on people already forcibly subject to the horrors of antipsychotics is: Natalizumab

  • 2004 FDA meeting on Paroxetine

    “Dr Laughren (for FDA) your daughters and my daughters were in the same school, one of your daughters was in the same class as my daughter. My daughter was given Zoloft (Paroxetine, paxil Seroxat) at the age of 12 because she was anxious about going to school, you know she had school refusal. Candace was put on Zoloft and a week later committed suicide. And Tom Laughren knew that these drugs…. Candace’s mother became aware that he knew that these drugs could do this.

    Now I know what many of you think about DH re ECT but his work on Akathisia/Toxic Psychosis is very important.

  • I invite Steven Poole to come on here and discuss his post in the Guardian and let’s get into the details.

    “She does also finally concede that modern psychiatry helps untold numbers of ordinary people: psychiatric drugs “help many people lead full and meaningful lives”, she writes. “It would be folly to discount their worth.” But by the time of this grudging admission, pages from the end, this book might have been happily seized on by cultists and fearmongers who want to dismiss the discipline as a conspiracy cooked up by Big Pharma and the authoritarian state. The truth is that psychiatry, along with medicine in general, remains a highly imperfect science – but the book’s polemical implication that it has not moved on much since 1973 has the potential to be truly harmful to anyone thinking about seeking help now.”

  • What we may see is eugenacist psychiatrists making the case that once damaged they can’t recover and should be sterilized. They don’t care about the deed past done. They see the deed done as potentially passed on and the only way to stop it is to sterilize it. You see these eugenacist psychiatrists of the not so long past using the word: It, to describe people they label.

  • Yeah you can see psych using such people to normalise a re-run of eugenics. Movie stars would fit the bill. It’s already happening with people running around telling everybody they are: ADHD, bi-polar, Aspergers as if a badge of… but they will seek to get public approval for going further which Hitler did amazingly well for the German eugenacist psychiatrists.

  • This is for Dominic Cummings who is looking for ‘weirdos’

    So BBC has this on the news this morning 7/1/2020 :

    Severe childhood deprivation reduces brain size, study finds

    What we have said on here – and it has been all but confirmed by Allen Frances.. ‘his DSM4 caused three epidemics: bipolar disorder in children, Autism and ADHD’ – is that ADHD is a construct of psychiatry which will use ‘negative’ traits: ‘smoking during pregnancy, risky behaviour such as dangerous driving, substance abuse and gambling’ to hang their ADHD lable on people.

    Paula Caplan’s masterpiece on Allen Frances

    “Psychiatric diagnosis is bullshit”

    “I will admit that three diagnositic epidemics grew out of our DSM4: bipolar disorder in children, Autism and ADHD”

  • Think they will allow it oldhead, they use these sites to target people for sectioning.

    I’m recently impressed by a number of important posts on here that others can reference/link on the likes of facebook and twitter. It is compelling evidence of the fraud from the very top. Fraud which has destroyed so many lives.

    Feel it is also important that we focus on their new endeavours of evolutionary psychiatry and link it with their mass murderous past.

    RIP Bonnie Burstow a very important anitpsych fighter, she lives on in her important antipsychiatry scholarship.

  • The ballooning construct of ‘mental illness’ enabled/enables this fraud, it is in all psych drugs. Suicide ideation, suicide, violence and homicide ideation, homicide can always be placed at ‘mental illness’. It also enables psychiatrists to run around asking for more beds and ‘treatments’ whilst they concoct their eugenics ambitions out of sight of those whom they can persuade… it’s better they were dead than alive.. we’re doing them and the public a favour.

    “10,000 more people than expected died at the beginning of the year in the UK – and no one really knows why”

    “A huge number of measures of the nation’s health have deteriorated, including a very rapid and largely unreported recent increase in the numbers of deaths among mental health patients in care in England and Wales.”

    How will we get the general public to grasp that Akathisia/Toxic Psychosis is caused by pharma/doctors. And that it is fueling a road to even more destruction ?

    Answers to Dominic Cummings who is seeking to employ ‘super talented weirdos’.

  • Adam Mustafa forcibly injected with haldol and on Olanzapine tablet form. Unfortunately the interviewer doesn’t get it by asking him to report his treatment to the Police. I’ve seen what happens to people who call the police from their cells in a psych hospital. He doesn’t stand a chance… the more he complains the worse it will get.

  • If anyone wants to look at the ‘latest science’ thinking on psychosis and pretty much all the other stuff… it’s on the NMDA receptor :


    Mr Dominic Cummings is Boris Johnsons top Aide. It seems he is looking for:

    ‘weirdos and misfits with odd skills’ and people who ‘fought their way out of appalling hell holes’.

    Well this is the right place to look, but you know we’re not ‘weirdo’s’, we have fought our way out of hell holes that’s for sure, and the smartest people on the fraud that is called mental Health are on here.

    So you state what you want, here is what I want:

    Intel on what the special interest group: Evolutionary Psychiatry are discussing, not the stuff they publish. I want to know the identity of JadedJean who would post on BBC Newsnight blog, some 10 plus years ago and seemed to be a eugenicists maybe also psychiatrist. I want to know what they have been writing/doing, what post they have/had. I want to discus implementing Cytochrome P450 gene test independently of any doctors. I want a very significant research team to thoroughly investigate all deaths over the last 10 – 15 years in all psychiatric hospitals and as outpatients outside in the context of the drugs they were subject to re serious adverse drug events that are not diagnosed by doctors because the cause them: Akathisia/Toxic Psychosis, Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome and Prolonged QT interval to name just some.

    I want to deprogram peoples use of words such as: Schizophrenia, Autism, bi-polar, ADHD… etc These terms are destructive just as the N word is racist destructive.

    Then I want you to conceive of a world without psychiatry at all. Would that be too ‘weirdo’ for you ?

  • “10,000 more people than expected died at the beginning of the year in the UK – and no one really knows why”

    “A huge number of measures of the nation’s health have deteriorated, including a very rapid and largely unreported recent increase in the numbers of deaths among mental health patients in care in England and Wales. ”


  • Yes it is very good indeed.

    “Imagine if basically the entire clinical trials literature on the modern generation of psychiatric drugs (i.e., since Prozac, if not before) is corrupted in the same way?”

    The people who were/are on the wrong end of it didn’t/don’t imagine. We know it’s all crap causing mass destruction for finacial gain and to sate the need to inflict pain/akathisia by psychiatrists. And if those outside of all this do not believe me, I invite you to take just one dose of a ‘antipsychotic’. Then think of those who are forced to go through that, even people with anxiety can be/ARE forced to do it every day.

  • Hope you do not mind me posting this:

    “Dear MIK

    Thank you. I wish I could find anything that calms me but after being hospitalized 6 times via police and ambulance I can’t sleep anymore. I have been taken fro tm my condo because I wasn’t caring for it or myself after being returned there after being hospitalized. I had been a successful PhD researcher who at 50 lost his 13 year job through no fault of his own and an intimate relationship left me with no warning who because of a very complicated situation I had to see several times a week though I didn’t want to have anything to do with her. and after trying to hold it together for 5 yrs broke down in my Psychiatrists office because I was frustrated that meds were not working. I was not violent just very scared. Next thing he leaves the room and says it’s done and an ambulance and police take me to the hospital. In hospital I was taunted by staff and patients. One patient followed me around for 2 weeks telling me about judgement day and saying he would stick pencils in my ear. Another patient said he was the devil and referenced trying to help me in the past but now he was going to kill me and throw me in a dumpster. These were not hallucinations though I was heavily drugged. I’ve been placed in a “retirement” home single room and outside my window is a dumpster which is emptied many times a day night with loud noises that remind me of what the person in hospital told me. I am afraid to leave my room. I can’t think clearly anymore. I panic whenever I see an ambulance or hear a police siren which is often since older residents are being taken to the hospital daily. I feel like I am living in hell or feel I must be being punished. What scares me most is that I have been unable to sleep and am having violent thoughts when in the past I was a gentle introverted person.”

  • YES and the eugenics this time round is going under the radar of the UK general public, but in full view and knowledge of the Care Quality Commission… The organisation that is suppose to be the watch dog. There are about a 1000 members – no doubt all psychiatrists/psycologists – of the Evolutionary Psychiatry special interest group. We need to focus there. People outside of all this will think this is crazy unbelievable. It’s not, this is happening right now up and down the UK. The CQC whistleblowers have been trashed. Everything is in place for more destruction. People who die in a psych hospital do not get an independent investigation and at the executive level of these ‘Health’ Trusts they just sign off what ever the psychiatrists say and know they can get away with it because CQC does nothing.

  • This young women is begining to understand what is happening now in the UK:

    “Often the blame is placed at the feet of there being a lack of proper training, a lot of vacancies, under trained staff. What I just saw… that wasn’t poor training, it wasn’t under staffing, it was absolutely total and utter cruelty and a totally and utter house of hell.”

    “And I think what shocked me the most about it, what I don’t really understand and what I very often find with people who’ve committed crime, which is what they did, what they did was criminal, there is no two ways about it… they totally mistreated and abused these people. Umm what I never really understand is that, one person, I could understand how one person could infiltrate a group of good people and can be slyly doing things that are awful. What I don’t understand is how you get so many together. I can’t imagine being in anybodies company who did something like that and not telling them exactly what I thought. And even if I felt threatened by them I would most certainly report it.”

    She has yet to fully grasp that psychiatrists control all this.

  • Evolutionary psychiatry brought eugenics to life with German psychiatrists murdering around 400,000 people. We have begun down this road again.

    When we talk about suicide, there is the not so small matter of AKATHISIA/TOXIC PSYCHOSIS… an epidemic of death and destruction caused by doctors and pharma.

    If you act vulnerable in a psych ‘hospital’ the psychiatrists and nurses will not just allow you to be abused they will encourage it, while the regulatory organisation that is suppose to over see ‘care quailty’ turns a blind eye to all this and only acts when some journalist goes in as an undercover carer, films the abuse and a tiny iceberg tip of the normalised abuse is shown on the BBC and else where. A few ‘carers’ lose their jobs and may end up in court. And then it just continues.

    Will you be writing about this ?

  • This is a good post and the general public will fall for Trump and Pinsky’s words. The only real way you are going to link violence to psych and other drugs is via a Cytochrome P450 gene test.. that is where you will prove an individuals metabolising enzymes is not able to inactivate drugs because they have a poor CYP450 phenotype and were/are/going to be toxic. It seems no doctor wants this test, including those who know full well the harm (akathisia/toxic psychosis) of psych and other drugs… what are they afraid of… that it could be used retrospectively, to bring to light, that even they might have caused a horror show? Who will offer this test independent of doctors ?

  • “Schizophrenia is a severe and frequently disabling psychiatric condition that is highly heritable. Recent genomic studies have begun to reveal its complex genetic architecture and identify specific risk alleles across the frequency spectrum.

    In this lecture, Professor Michael Owen will review these findings and show how they are beginning to solve the evolutionary puzzle of how a heritable disorder that is associated with quite markedly reduced reproductive success is maintained in the population.

    He will also indicate how genomic findings challenge current diagnostic systems and taxonomy, reviewing how these recent findings are illuminating our understanding of potential disease biology and suggesting ways in which genomic discoveries may impact on the practice of psychiatry.”

    How long now before we see UK psychiatrists saying… there you see… it’s definately heritable, it’s too complex to do anything about therefore we should be sterilizing.

    Things are moving fast in the UK…. Robert and Co et al MIA bloggers…. this is a red alert situation here and now.

  • “It introduces one key first message from me to you: Most people who take drugs are not particularly harmed by them”

    We don’t need any experts on any side to tell us stuff we already know, and stuff that would be laughable if it were not coming from people who have Govt influence.

    If only we could have him parachuted into the middle of Mexican drug gangs and let him speak there and then to the relatives of the victims of Oxycodone and Fentanyl.

    But I think that lot have it and are going to get their way. UK psych is about to get even more deluded, disturbing and abusive.

  • “Mental disorder is a reality. I don’t have any time for those who say psychiatrists have invented it to keep themselves in business.”

    Given what we now know about the DSM via James Davis… that the conditions were voted into existance and the DSM caused epidemics – by the admission of Allen Frances – do you still hold to that view ?

  • What I do not understand is why you would wish to continue to work in psychiatry. Forgive me if I’m wrong, but I presume you prescribe the drugs, yet know full well the lies behind it all and the harms. Why would you do that and not go into some other field as a doctor and expose it from the outside?

  • In the UK expect Hong Kong type situation. Expect Extinction Rebellion, Brexit leave/remain to start peaceful demonstrations, it will deepen. There will then be a police crack down trying to prevent demos starting in London. It will again deepen. UK political establishment has no answer to this – proven over the recent years – other than to use the police and probably turn to psych. In all this UK psych will seek to further promote it’s new agenda: Evolutionary Psychiatry.

    Then remember these words of a top German psychatrist to know that they are still very gone wrong:

    “That the psychiatrists were not monsters, that they are people like you and me”

    NO they are not people like us !

  • “So in conclusion, rather than voting psychiatrists off the island shouldn’t we together honour our different experiences and commit to continuing respectful, mutual learning from each other?”

    NO! The crimes of psychiatry are so grave and despicable and we see insight to history repeating itself via Evolutionary Psychiatry. It HAS to be exposed. This time round we have the internet. They can’t fully hide under state authority.

    “The problem isn’t the drugs”

    Sorry Steve but the drugs are very much part of the abuse. And I’m surprised to see those words from someone who knows full well the many people who have been drug destroyed.

    There will be no conclusion until psychiatry is exposed to the wider public for what it really is.

  • “When you were discovering what happened in the world of psychiatry in Germany during the Nazi period what was the most shocking discovery for you, the most surprising or most disturbing discovery.”

    “That the psychiatrists were not monsters that they are people like you and me”

    “And why was that disturbing”

    “Because as you have mentioned before physicians have learnt to help people and not to kill patients”

    The far right wing have come to power in the UK on December 12, 2019, now with almost unstoppable majority.

    Expect UK psych to start to seek sterilizations and long term incarceration via their special interest group: Evolutionary Psychiatry in the near future. Expect them to use other people to put forward this.

  • ‘Forty international experts came together’

    We don’t want any of that, we don’t want any help from anyone, especially if it’s ‘experts’. We don’t need any help to get off psych drugs and I’m sure as hell not going to ask an ‘expert’ – of what ever kind – who could then put me on a CTO. We want rid of the whole lot. It’s all rotten to the core. What we are interested in doing is exposing the crimes of psychiatrists, their collusion with pharma and predicting their future crimes by reading their deluded thinking, that they seem to want to put out into the public space.

  • The special interest group of evolutionary psychiarty (in the UK ) is a very serious development. Evolutionary psychiatry has an appalling history in German psychiatry and it has to be taken seriously, watched and challenged. Please note in the recent news letter… the Lavin Assad student essay they are highlighting:

    In case you do not know

    The “Euthanasia “ Program in Nazi-Psychiatry.

    In 1920 Karl Binding (lawyer) and Alfred Hoche (psychiatrist) wrote a book: Die Freigabe der Vernichtung lebensunwerten Lebens (“Allowing the Destruction of Life Unworthy of Living”) used by the Nazi’s to justify their Aktion T4 mass murder program. Six ‘hospitals’ were used to mass murder psychiatric patients at: Brandenberg, Grefeneck, Hartheim, Sonnenstein, Bernburg and Hadamar. ‘These centers served as training for the Schutzstaffel (SS) who used the experience to construct larger killing centers (Auschwitz, Treblinka, etc.) The psychiatrist Imfried Eberl (look him up) was Treblinka’s first commandant.’ The important thing to note is that according to Prof Michael Von Cranach, the German psychiatrists were not under the boot of Hitler… they were not forced to kill their patients, but willingly did so… and almost all of them.

  • Wish to draw peoples attention to this:

    “This encourages clinicians to consider the possible consequences of treating potentially adaptive states of defence activation in individual patients.”

    ‘defense activation’ that means you provoke by some form of abuse/violence

    This goes on right now in psyh wards where ‘care assistants’ and other patients are allowed to abuse patients.

    “In addition, evolutionary thinking can illuminate and inform public health strategies for reducing epidemics such as depression, suicide and drug misuse. ”

    So does that means we would irradicate doctors who precribe drugs that cause suicide…. 😉

    Ofcourse the eugenicists used evolution to justify abuse and ultimately killing psych patients.

    So they seek to intellectually ligitimise this. Me thinks we need to keep an eye on Dr Derek Tracy.

  • Not saying anything we don’t know and we know more. If I had a group/website what ever, I wouldn’t allow psychiatrists, psych nurses or anyone that severed any of that hate (antipsychotics) that they push into their victims around me. Why is it that you think it is ok that we read the words of people who are responsible for putting neuotoxins into peoples bodies and have – no doubt by doing so – caused tremendous harm. Sorry but you know… it’s not OK. We want rid of them and any other ‘MH professional’ who make a living/lot of money by neurotoxic harming. In the context of that, everything else… their words, actions, what ever else is just a falling away. If you disagree with me fine, but then I suggest you take a dose of an antipsychotic just once and then think about the people who have that forced into them every day or injected, then see if you want to listen/read the words of people who do this to other people.

    RIP Julie Green a great antipsych warrior

  • Just wish to draw attention to something. I’ve been involved in art for many years, am also classed as a ‘mental patient’ and have documented here and else where in detail what I’ve witnessed and been subject to over a number of years. You all know this.

    There is a online submittal form on the Museum of Modern Art, New York website which ostensibly is ‘open’ to ALL… Here it is:

    As you can see there is no form there. So I ask a question to MoMA: when do you upload/open your form so I can fill it in ? I also give a link to the ‘About’ on my flickr account where I go into detail about Akathisia/Toxic Psychosis, history of psychiatry… All the abuse… You all know the picture.

    There was no reply to my question. I ask a friend (also a psych survivor but they do not disclose this) to ask MoMA when they open this form… They get a email reply same day with specific instructions as to day of month, even time of day to be able to submit.
    RIP Julie Green

  • The test is used to identify an individual’s specific phenotype (slow, intermediate, normal, rapid, extra rapid) of specific drug metabolising enzymes. Important ones being 2D6, 2C9, 2C19, 1A2, 3A4 and serotonergic pathways – 5-HTTLPR (Serotonin Transporter Polymorphic Region) (gene)and 5-HTR2A genotype, ‘So standard is to have two long alleles. If you have one short + one long you get problems and with two short alleles there are greater problems.’ The really important ones with regard psych drugs are: CYP2D6 and CYP3A4.

    An individuals metabolism enzymes can activate and inactivate drugs, if you can not inactivate drugs you become toxic. The more drugs you have the more likely your enzymes are to being overwhelmed. Akathisia/Toxic Psychosis is an outward expression of this. It’s like a silent bomb going off in the head, you move to try and escape/find some relief. But unless you come off the drugs, there is no escape. This is what causes suicide ideation, actual suicide and other violence. My bouts of anxiety are real and have happened independent of any drugs. They do not cause suicide ideation/suicide or any other violence, but it is pretty awful.

  • I’ve been through all the organisations that are suppose to oversee doctors and their institutions in the UK: GMC, CQC, PHSO and numerous others… you get fobbed off. So I’ve sent a link to my writing on here to the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture and other Cruel Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment Nils Melzer. If they contact me, will more fully inform them of what I was subject to and witnessed, also the factual evidence of a consultant lying about the polypharmacy I was subject to over a number of years, what Akathisia/Toxoic Psychosis is and what it does to people. What we need is a pharmacogenetics Cytochrome P450 gene test and for serotonergic metabolism to be offerd to the public independent of ‘doctors’ and this should now be a human right. I’ve asked labs who offer this test but am ignored. These tests will pretty much prove the actions or future actions of doctors caused/will cause or likely to cause drug toxicity, inducing illness right up to suicide ideation acutual suicide, violence, homicide ideation and actual homicide. I can only hope Nils Melzer can take note and grasp the scale of all this. The causation is known… it is iatrogenic not absent causation. Also The wider public need to grasp the importance of this and the enormous scale of it.

  • Where I was earlier this year, the psychology ‘therapy’ personal would – each week – coerce a group of patients to say positive things that had happened on the ‘ward’ that week. They knew the whole situation was abuse and were using the patients to cover-up. There was one chap who’s eyes were enlarged… one eye didn’t fit his socket.. he was in constant pain and required a specific non-psych drug. He was denied this drug and put on psych drugs.. he quickly saw through this use of ‘psychotherapy’ that and his pain meant he absolutely blew-up. Ofcourse this led to police incarceration. The last I saw of him.. he was in the middle of two policemen being marched out. I’m sorry to say that, in my view, non of what happens here has any affect in places like that, and many other such psychiartry controlled places, else where in the world.

  • If you read The Origins of Nazi Genocide: From Euthanaisa to the Final Solution by Henry Friedlander (some of it is published on google) and then think about psychiatry as a ‘medical discipline’.

    Here Benno Müller-Hill does an explaination/method of the mass psychiatry killing at Bernberg:

    The psychiatrist Imfried Eberl was superintendent of both Brandenburg and Bernberg killing ‘hospital’ see above video. He went on to be the first Commandant of killing centre Treblinka.

  • ‘But what then’

    Yes, we have got no where… and I know this in a very personal way. I was drugged to oblivion unable to assert my views in front of the psychiatrist and his cohort, he shouted at me: “I’m the expert here, not you” “you have a chemical imbalance, it’s a illness just like diabetes” seriously that’s what he said to me earlier this year and me drugged until I couldn’t answer back. I looked like something out of Belsen, and for sure it could happen again, and is happening to others and much worse right now.

  • The most vulnerable in psych ‘hospitals’ are not able to wash and look after themselves. They end up smelling because nobody helps them, what then happens is that the other patients initially complain to ‘nurses’ then it goes to the ‘ward management’ they say to the complaining patients… ‘we can’t do anything it would go against their human rights’…then they add… ‘but you can’. That is the green light for the vulnerable patients to be abused and I witnessed horrendous verbal and physical abuse while the so called ‘carers’ ‘nurses’ and ‘management’ looked on.

  • MiA is giving a false view of what psychiatry really is. It’s not a medical discipline. It has far more in common with the police, indeed you will find police cells in psychiatric hospitals. Psychiatrists who work in these places don’t give a fig about treating an illness, they just use drugs as a chemical cosh. They are chemical thugs enabled by the state. And it doesn’t matter what illness you’re suppose to have. If say, you have severe anxiety, for sure you’re going to get 400mg to 700mg of ‘anti-psychotic’ Quetiapine. For those of you who have been on the end of this, you will know the meaning of a chemical thug. They don’t care the pain and horror you experience…. you’re getting it.

  • It kicked off in 1920 with Alfred Hoche (psychriatrist) and Karl Binding (lawyer) writing: “Die Freigabe der Vernichtung Lebensnsunwerten Lebens”

    “Allowing the destruction of life unworthy of living”

    This led to Aktion T4 mass murder by German psychiatrists. According to Dr Michael Von Cranach (German psychiatrist) Almost all the psychiatrists killed their patients, he mentions one who would not kill was not himself destroyed in Nazi Germany. The inference being that they willing murdered their patients and brutally so.

  • Thank you for that info ingride. Am in the UK and it is worse than that, I made it conservative for fear being moderated. The cells were crawling with ants, for 6 months everyday and night this went on. They changed the doors on the cells to being opened by swipe cards but would not give the patients a swipe card to get into their cell, everyone else had a swipe card even the cleaners, but not the patient, this meant that when verbal abuse/violence kicked off they couldn’t lock themselves into their cell for safety. They could afford the many thousands for the doors but not get rid of ants, plus they immediately found a way to use the new doors to inflict more abuse by withholding a swipe card.

  • This year I have witnessed a patient being beaten up by the police in their psychiatric cell, why? They had called the police very many times, so the police came to confiscate their mobile phone. Why did they call the police? They were being viciously abused in the so called hospital. Patients being beaten up by other patients, patients being beaten up and viciously verbally abused by the so called carer’s and nurses. I witnessed one teenager in a secure unit escape his abuse over a high wire fence and be brought back by the police and right back to his abusers many times. Many times he escaped, many times he was brought right back to the same hell. Psychiatry needs to die.

  • The history of psychiatry in Germany is utterly appalling. Their methods of mass killing were taken up and used by the Nazis. The German psychiatrists were not under the boot of Hitler indeed even Hitler tried to stop the killing but it continued in the ‘hospitals’ even after the war and as far as I’m aware none of them were brought to justice… Their courts couldn’t decide if killing the patients was the right or wrong thing to do and that was right up into the 1970’s . Psychiatry needs to be buried not reformed.

  • Just wish to say it’s been a very provoking situation on this post and I’m still left wondering why we bother so much and seem to get no where. The practices going on today in psychiatry are barbaric with ‘autistic’ children locked away in padded cells and subject to neurotoxic polypharmacy. People on CTO’s and sectioned in hellish ‘hospitals’ forced to endure injections of neuotoxic drugs causing the very horrific problems. It has most certainly got to stop and the so called authorities have to realise that the so called ‘experts’ are the perpetrators of a crime. And all to often… their excuses…well what would you do….

    For god sake stop these people.

  • People can become toxic on Nytol or another natural sleeping aid containing valerian and parcetamol and there are plenty of common food stuffs herbs and spices that inhibit /block CYP Even black tea inhibits all of CYP450 –

    “Plenty of research suggests that drinking tea is healthful, but research also shows that black tea can have powerful inhibitory effects on the P450 drug-metabolizing system. In a laboratory study performed by Canadian researchers, black tea was found to be a more powerful inhibitor of the enzymes than single-ingredient herbal teas such as St. John’s wort, goldenseal, feverfew, or cat’s claw.5 Herbal tea blends were second only to black tea in their inhibitory effects. While the researchers said it is difficult to extrapolate the findings and precisely apply them to humans, they do believe the study accurately identified products for low or high levels of drug interactions.”

    My view – irrespective of no drugs a CYP450 test should be done.

  • “When you’ve got an actively suicidal elderly man who feels his guts are rotting, the devil is after him and hears the voices of demons, what would YOU do?”

    Well first I would ascertain if the drugs were causing the problems (toxic psychosis/akathisia) by doing a Cytochrome P450 test. I would not label him with ‘psychotic depression’. The labels have to be removed… they very much harm us.

    There are a number of other – physical/biology – things that can cause his problems.. they need looking into. And then I would look at what has happened in his life.

  • Psychiatry has not been captured by the medico-Pharma-industrial complex. It is enabled by it and utilised by the state to dehumanise and destroy people with toxic drugs.

    The history of psychiatry is one of mass murder. If anyone wishes to click on my name they can run through my comments and find the harrowing video evidence. One can only conclude from that evidence that it is a crime against humanity and needs to be abolished.

  • After being in contempt of Parliament a few days ago Theresa May has abscoded with 39 billions worth of crown jewels to the EU, and is actively trying to flog our country. Clearly she has committed treason and needs to be arrested and placed in the Tower of London as soon as she sets foot back in the UK and until John Bercow can restore order. Now where are those 48 letters Captain Mainwaring ?

  • Thanks for those links. Yes, sure confirms the view that MH life long labeling/drug destruction is now financially incentivised. In the UK we have the facade of a National Health Service in that you do not pay at the point of ‘care’ In reality GP’s are pretty much all in business. And the so called regulation… GMC, PHSO, CQC is there to protect the doctors, unless they are drunk and sexually assult someone they can drug the hell out of people, lie about the drugs enforced and nothing happens. Then if the abuse is so outrageous, it is covered up for decades and comes out in the news for a day or so:

    It seems even after death they are still screwing us over:

  • “MPs to investigate the scandal of youngsters with autism and learning disabilities being locked up like criminals in psychiatric units”

    Can someone (BBC researcher maybe) give this to Harriet Harmon please. It is one of the ways people in these situations and circumstance need to be engaged and the appauling drug ‘treatments’ stopped:

    Pyridoxine (B6) probably works because the enzyme glutamate decarboxylase requires B6 to function. Glutamate decarboxylase is what converts glutamate to GABA and calms people down.


    The importance of Magnesium is that it regulates the transmission of the glutamate neurotransmitter (major excitatory neurotransmitter) by blocking the NMDA receptor.


    It will take a long time – many months into years – to get these victims of psychiatry okish due to the drugs, they should be very very slowly brought off them and all of them… I do not know ANY psychiatrist who really knows how to do this. It is only psych survivors who have been throught it who really know how to do it.

  • CC – If a person has spent decades prescribing SSRI’s and just doesn’t think they do much – when in fact a science (pharmacogenetics) pretty much proves a specific percentage of a given community will not be able to metabolise the drugs correctly and therefore will become toxic – to actually face up to what they have done maywell be just too much for them come to terms with. They are also incentivised by being very well paid and – as it were – protected by the state. One might come to the conclusion that they are protecting their careers and their fellow prescribers/enforcers of neurotoxins. It’s just too appaling for them to do otherwise, so they continue and will continue until they are stopped.

    BUT would you agree it is vital THEY are MADE to come to terms with what they have done ? At worst this is utter extreme brain horror that has violently killed. Don’t be fooled by the word critical, in this context it really means hypocritical.

  • “Unfortunately, and much as I would like it, they can’t yet find a hard and fast link between antipsychotics and suicide, or even between antidepressants and suicide except at dose changes.”

    Crikey, I’m wondering why we bother. If CC – who must read all the information on akathisia – doesn’t get it what hope for getting the wider public to grasp it ?

    I’ll try once more….’hard and fast link’ = using pharmacogenetics to prove a person is toxic (akathisia/toxic psychosis). It seems the coroners make sure this doesn’t happen and the GP’s/ psychiatrists get away with it.

    Pharmacogenetics made easy:

    Kerry O’Malley: Community Treatment Orders and the Mental Health Tribunal and the use of pharmacogenetics to get her free of forced drugging:

    Adverse Reactions to Psychiatric Drugs: Yolande Lucire MBBS, Peter Breggin MD:

  • “the Mental Health Act takes away your liberty and imposes treatment that you don’t want. It can be traumatic, frightening and confusing. But on the other it can help restore health ”

    This is what struck me from Simon Wessely.


    Does anyone here think psych drugs ‘help restore health’ ? I’ll grant one thing… a benzodiazepine can help calm a person in the short term.

    NOT until psychiatrists with power such as Simon Wessely admit that psych drugs are killer drugs indeed cause the very condtions that make people suicidal and violent (akathisia/toxic psychosis) will we see any really change in all this abuse.

  • Yes indeed anything you do is now ear marked for a MH label. Psych is now being expanded and marketed ever more and needs to clearn up it’s act.. This is what it is all about. Making psychiatry acceptable. A mental hospital is now a ‘place of safety’ and ‘supported’ housing. The public should not be fooled.

    Simon Wessely to link to his report on twitter at 8am UK time

  • Charles Walker, Conservative: “Mr Speaker can I thank my friend for her determined campaigning in the area of mental health.

    “Will she join me in congratulating Simon Wessely in his findings and even though this house is divided on so many issues, it should be united on this issue.”

    Theresa May replied: “How we look at mental health will unite people across this house and I congratulate the work done by Mr Wessely.

    “We will commit as a government to come forward with legislation in due course.”

    Thanks to Auntie Psychiatry for that!

  • It is a good and important point oldhead. If we look at the harm neoliberal globalism has done by deregulating the banking and pharma (was it ever properly regulated?) it is not difficult to see where the real harm is. Psychiatry with pharma is seeking to police the world with neurotoxic drugs. History will record who the real abusers are.

  • The UK Mental Health Review will be published this Friday 7th December. The usual technique to get bad news out during an important event in this case Brexit vote on the 11th December.

    My view – Expect a push for people just being abducted to ‘supported housing’ which is a psych hospital in all but name and a locked door.

    Mental Health Act review Speak out at Speakers corner

  • Rosalee for people who have been sectioned/detained and force drugged they will look at their case and if possible hire lawyers to help get them out. When a person is in that situation they should not be put off going to them. Thomas Szasz set it up because scientology has loads of money to pay lawyers to get people out of – hell hole – psych hospitals.

  • The long time issue re Maria Schneider is serious and Last Tango in Paris should not be available and should have been shelved. One can draw correlations in mental health in terms of coercian and informed consent interms of emotional damage. This goes on all the time in mental health situations and as it never left Maria, indeed affected her whole life as is the case with us…many of us have been emotionally and physically (forced drugging) raped by psychiatry. Think about that and then think some more !

  • Yes this is interesting –

    “One sure thing was that I had terrible problems with my mind. It was unable to shut it up.”

    Do you know about Long-Term Potentiation which is widely thought to be the biological basis of learning and memory ? The key to keeping our minds calm is here:

    “NMDA receptors are found by these AMPA receptors but are not activated by low levels of glutamate release because the ion channel of an NMDA receptor is blocked by magnesium ions”

  • BBC R4 Today program reporting the UK Govt refusing to release the legal (binding) terms of Brexit and unclear what the other parties can force the UK Govt to reveal. The last time this happened was over Tony Blair and the Iraq war.

    My view – if the US has the details they should be – very much in the public interest – leaked to Nigel Farage.