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  • The problem is that people don’t wish to come near any of this BEFORE they have a mounting health anxiety issue causing insomnia. How do we inform – and they take on board and believe us through our experience – such people BEFORE they come into contact with a psychiatrist, that this is a pretty dangerous thing to do when they are programmed to believe they are doctors that there to help you get better ?

  • Might find this of interest

    Whitney Webb is joined by Johnny Vedmore to discuss two organizations, Wellcome Leap and Trinity Challenge, whose founding members were the architects of the most controversial COVID-19 policies and narratives. Both groups are actively developing new invasive methods of surveillance and eugenics, all under the guise of preventing the next pandemic and improving global health.

  • “The psychiatrists DON’T WANT to understand what I tell them, as it is too painful for them.”

    Absolutely, but much more to come:

    “We have now even solved the crystal structures of psychiatric drugs binding to their targeted receptors. Since at least the 1960’s, with the first indications that alterations in levels of catecholamines such as dopamine can lead to depressed mood, we have known that depression is biologically based, and that treatments need to address these underlying biological problems.”

    btw to the psychiatrists… everyone who has been harmed by psych and it’s drugs will know, full well, Peter Gøtzsche is correct.

  • Withdrawl from an utterly clueless, toxic Tennis world. Vast amounts of money aside.

    Naomi Osaka couldn’t face post match media interviews due to mounting anxiety and got fined, as a result of the backlash against her, dropped out of the second round and now her future is in doubt..

  • You make the assertion that alcohol is not seen as a drug by society but is in fact one of the most addictive and harmful which is absolutely correct: it’s a GABA drug.

    But I have a very serious question for Hanna Pickard – as to where the real problem is – contained here:

    Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey, sets out what the Sackler family did via their Purdue Pharma:

    “1.Dangerous opioid drugs are killing people across Massachusetts. Prescription medicines, which are supposed to protect our health, are instead ruining people’s lives. Every community in our Commonwealth suffers from the epidemic of addiction and death.

    2.Purdue Pharma created the epidemic and profited from it through a web of illegal deceit. First, Purdue deceived Massachusetts doctors and patients to get more and more people on its dangerous drugs. Second, Purdue misled them to use higher and more dangerous doses. Third, Purdue deceived them to stay on its drugs for longer and more harmful periods of time. All the while, Purdue peddled falsehoods to keep patients away from safer alternatives. Even when Purdue knew people in Massachusetts were addicted and dying, Purdue treated doctors and their patients as targets to sell more drugs. At the top of Purdue, a small group of executives led the deception and pocketed millions of dollars.

    3.On behalf of the Commonwealth, the Attorney General asks the Court to end Purdue’s illegal conduct and make Purdue and its culpable executives pay for the harm they inflicted in our state.”

    I’ll leave you with a quote from UK home treatment team consultant psychiatrist Dr Derek Tracy also part of the UK Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs and advocate of “Evolutionary” Psychiatry 2019:

    “Most people who take drugs are not particularly harmed by them.”

  • Yes and I had serious akathisia/toxic psychosis for the first time only after having Sertraline and Citalopram. This was before having any idea of akathisia. I am well aware of how horrific it is and the denile of the cause by the medical and MSM establishment even the alternative media like UK Column News do not seem to want to bring it to light.

    “I long for a proper study to be conducted to explore if there is a distinction between antipsychotic induced akathesia and the jumpy sensations of panic that all withdrawers experience.”

    Yes it is well known withdrawal induces horrific akathisia, again I have had it.

    My descent into hell after the Sertraline three years earlier included three stays which lasted almost a year in a psychiatric ‘hospital’ where I was gaslit, very seriously abused and almost died.

  • “I think alot of people on antidepressants have not experienced true akathesia of the antipsychotic induced sort. They may have felt over stimulated or panicky or anxious but NONE of these are akathesia.”

    It may have been your experience, but everyone metabolises drugs differently and have different food interactions:

  • I can eat as many blackberrys as I like, but if someone I trusted decides to do something without my permission presented with a fob off excuse and expects me to go on trusting them by doing the same thing…it aint going to help put the trust back!

    It’s time to end and move on.

  • There is no such thing as Mental Health Care. When people abuse other people with toxic drugs by force, then blame their victims this is called a crime not care.

    What we need is to ascertain is the extend of the criminality – how many victims has there been through out the ‘career’ of the abuser called a ‘health care professional’.

    I’m sure you know about or at least have heard of Vera Sharav:Übels—Im-Gespräch-mit-Vera-Sharav:f

  • The abuse into torture – drug, emotional, physical within psych ‘hospitals’ is the ‘treatment’. They haven’t got it wrong from their point of view. Now psych is being projected into the wider public outside of closed cultures of abuse by MSM – BBC is going hell for leather 24/7… much of the general public still do not get it having got their test/vaccine for a trip to a holiday beach with their heads firmly stuck in the sand.

    Do they want psych to depose democracy and rule/torture us as Donald Ewen Cameron wanted…. or will they realise that psych is down right evil.

  • “The research in England ( and it is almost all English ) shows overall , pretty good satisfaction; when there is dissatisfaction , it is often not with the IHT model itself, but with how a particular staff conducted themselves or when things did not run efficiently .”

    “Care” the the Community” in the UK is horrific – we have a situation whereby psych nurses are going around injecting people with neuroleptics in public places. And of course they go into peoples homes and inject people.

    Maybe if you were subject to being injected with neuroleptics you would have a different opinion and come to understand that psychiatic drugs are a form of torture and major human rights abuse not ‘treatment’. Psychiatry has to be abolished and psychiatrists who have tortured people be subject to the law, their assets removed and given to their victims. Here is one example on MIA:

  • Info on this for people to discover how diabolical and unhuman it is –

    Patrick M Woo‪d‬ The Delingpod: The James Delingpole Podcast

    “…has been writing about the New World Order and the terrifying cult of Technocracy for nearly 50 years. In possibly the most important Delingpod ever, Patrick warns about the clear and present threat posed by the Great Reset. He talks about its origins, the threats it poses to our way of life and why it must be resisted NOW.”

    “James talks again to Patrick Wood (author of Technocracy Rising) about the Great Reset: why it’s happening, how dangerous is it, who are the key players, how close is it to fruitition, how scared should we be…”

  • “It is important to hit this “sweet spot,” the “Goldilocks” range; less than that and one risks wasting resources on patients who could be treated as an outpatient”

    Crikey, no laughing matter but I had to laugh.

    For people who are new to this and think all that’s being said is a good step

    ‘patients’ – victims of psychiatry.

    ‘treatment’ – abuse to torture to death at the hands of forced psychiatry… no joke it’s very real and on-going. You’ll be killed as an outpatient where ever and well as in a hellhole.

    And you might like to read this:

  • We are living through a take over by social scientists (SAGE in the UK who ‘advise’ the UK govt) under cover of a virus which will ever mutate until it’s aims are met: technocratic communism and eugenics to a near clueless fear brainwashed public.

    “Why did Cameron commit himself to this work? If one considers the impact of the Nuremberg trials on him, some clues emerge. It appears that in the late 1940s and early l950s, he became obsessed with a need to control social deviance and to prevent the transmission of negative traits and attitudes from parents to children. Did his later attempts to change human behaviour represent his response to this concern? Cameron’s presidential address to the American Psychiatric Association in 1953 suggests his involvement in the Cold War and his concerns about communism. Although he also used the opportunity to express his concerns about McCarthyism, Cameron held to a now familiar position — our best hope for a new world order and without hysteria, one without the totalitarianism of either the right or left, lies in science. With behavioural scientists as leaders, order would emerge from chaos. Were these attitudes a factor in his determination to change behaviour? It seems likely.”

    6 paragraphs up from the bottom of link

    “our best hope for a new world order and without hysteria, one without the totalitarianism of either the right or left, lies in science. With behavioural scientists as leaders, order would emerge from chaos.”

    This from a monster psychiatrist whose sadistic torture desires caused life long harm of many who paid for his MK-Ultra ‘treatment’

    Here are the weekly reports of notifiable diseases in the UK for the past year. On page 14 of each one you can see the numbers for Covid-19 in UK towns and cities:

    Here is a German Lawyer determined to expose what is happening:

    Can only hope many more lawyers follow.

    Never more so was encouragement needed to expose the true nature of psychiatry.

  • All the best to you Ekaterina !

    “Why did Cameron commit himself to this work? If one considers the impact of the Nuremberg trials on him, some clues emerge. It appears that in the late 1940s and early l950s, he became obsessed with a need to control social deviance and to prevent the transmission of negative traits and attitudes from parents to children. Did his later attempts to change human behaviour represent his response to this concern? Cameron’s presidential address to the American Psychiatric Association in 1953 suggests his involvement in the Cold War and his concerns about communism. Although he also used the opportunity to express his concerns about McCarthyism, Cameron held to a now familiar position — our best hope for a new world order and without hysteria, one without the totalitarianism of either the right or left, lies in science. With behavioural scientists as leaders, order would emerge from chaos. Were these attitudes a factor in his determination to change behaviour? It seems likely. ”

    “our best hope for a new world order and without hysteria, one without the totalitarianism of either the right or left, lies in science. With behavioural scientists as leaders, order would emerge from chaos”

    Donald Ewen Cameron Torturer Psychiatrist

    Who are SAGE: behavioural “scientists”

  • Psychiatry is a eugenics movement – it never went away after WWII and it’s doing very well. If you think of it from that perspective – that they don’t see it as gone wrong, they see it as stopping the defective genes being spread to the rest of society and feel totally justified in the abuse. The decent doctors who take a peek into this world get out real quick. The acceptable facade of critical psychiatry – it’s front if you like is now showing itself to try to save itself from being upended by an impending technocracy app to diagnose and put them out of business, but psychiatry will never stop being eugenicist – it has to be outlawed for major crimes. Our job is to tell the truth to the world of our horrific experience by these monsters. We are the modern day holocaust survivors.

  • It’s interesting isn’t it we’re being told that front line workers will be the first to be vaccinated which means doctors and nurses and other health care workers. I wonder where psychiatrists will be on that list of priority.

    Reading Dr’s Karina Reiss and Sucharit Bhakdi’s book: Corona False Alarm? Facts and Figures, page 111 at the end of Gene-based vaccines, you will read two words: ‘utterly terrifying’. This is from two level headed, softly spoken professionals totally qualified to speak with authority on all this.

    Then you have to wonder how much these health care workers can hold out, thinking of their income, roof over their head and the truth to the public that they are withholding. Some like nurse Kevin Corbett and former GP Vernon Coleman let loose early on becoming activists.

  • Last year when I was in a vile hell hole, one of the new victims – a bloke who had been beaten up rather badly and was acting strange hence the need for psychiatrists to lock him up, had a visit from his sister – her first time in a locked up psych ward. She was allowed into his cell 30 seconds later she screamed her head off – there were ants crawling all over the cell floor up the legs of his bed and on his feet, next door an elderly bloke had defecated himself and no one had bothered to clean him up all night, she ran out into the ‘kitchen’ to puke up and saw ants in there as well, she ran out screaming her head off to be let out.

  • The only things that are really of interest to us are:

    1 Stopping forced prolonged drugging of neurotoxins causing terror, horrendous harm and fear as a matter of urgency.

    2 Exposing psychiatric ‘hospitals’ for what they really are: closed cultures of abuse that cause horrific harm – when a human is forced to take drugs everyday that cause akathisia and other horrendous iatrogenic harms, being locked up, verbally and physically abused. These are crimes against humanity.

    3 Abolition and outlawing of psychiatry for past and present major crimes against humanity.

    Right now the general public are seeing what psychiatry is all about – they just don’t know it, but they are getting alarmed alright – being locked up in their own homes with the prospect of forced vaccination treatment, for the ones who don’t run to their goverments begging for it.

  • OH is correct everybody. It took me a while to fully grasp this through my own experience. Newly minted doctors who have had a stint in psych find out the truth very quick and that’s if they haven’t already done a bit of research and found the true eugenicist psychiatry roots of the holocaust – they stay away or get out fast. This person went into child psychiatry to escape the what he would have to continue to subject adults to. You have to ask yourself why did he get involved in the first place – I don’t buy a promise of future answers – and why does his collegue JM still think people would be better off in psych hell hole ‘care’ than in the community given what we all know?

    There is now a shift to try and move eveything online and put psychiatrists hopefully out of a job. Don’t let them try to pursuade you there is an alternative – there isn’t. They could get away with this on the Guardian or Dailymail. Just remember your own horrific experiences. I am now permanently disabled every time I type am in pain.

    This is what is moving in on them which no doubt will be adapted linked-in with ‘MH’

    Don’t let them manipulate you to their position that there is some alternative to what they have already worked within and did not get out of. They have to be held accountable for all the horrific abuse – drug abuse, physical and mental abuse within the closed cultures of abuse they worked within.

    A reminder from the public directors documents of of a UK MH trust this year of what is going on:

    “two patients have absconded over the fence and subsequently died on the M5 motorway”

    “Violence and aggression remain the highest reported category”

    “The Committee received a report on the Do Not Attempt Resuscitation (DNAR) procedure for people receiving Learning Disability services”

    “Serious Incidents (SI)
    Unexpected deaths continue to account for the majority of SIs reported across the organisation.”

  • The evidence of the abuse is detailed in the patients notes as was the case in WWII Germany as is the case now in psychiatry and ‘care homes’ and ‘hospitals’. They had the tanacity to find out, it must have been utterly heartbreaking for the family. Hundreds more were killed there over twenty years, watch this to see what they did to cover it all up:

    Bridget Reeves provides Family Statement:

    Bridget Reeves is in my view a great woman.

  • Rachel777 – I want the people who drug abused and ruined my life not only out of a job so they can’t abuse anyone else, I want them before a court with justice served and their assets removed from them to fund payment for the horrendous harm they knowingly caused. What they have done to people is no accident. They know what they are doing and they have to be held to account for the god knows how many thousands, millions world wide. At the moment the whole lot is corrupt. You have to be wealthy and very brave to sue these people. It’s only a movement into more destruction to make any complaint at least in the UK.

  • “Psychiatry has a dark history that embroiled it with some of the worst human rights atrocities, including active collusion with the eugenics movement and then the Nazis, where it was psychiatrists who first built and operated gas chambers to eliminate lives they deemed were not worth living.”

    There is something which is very important and needs to be understood and that is the fact that German psychiatry pre, during and after WWII got away with it, blame was placed at the Nazi’s and of course they were monsters. By far, most of the eugenicist psychiatrists were not brought to justice. This happened because USA had planned the same and had funded German eugenicist psychiatrist Ernst Rudin years before the war. Psychiatry never stopped being a eugenics movement it just wised up and learnt to do it in a different way but still within closed cultures of abuse and using ‘mental illness’ as cover to destroy.

    There isn’t a ‘good’ psychiatry – what they did as a profession was/is so overwhelmingly horrendous. There maybe people whose actions in not subjecting people to neurotoxic’s save to help people withdrawal who can be said to help.. who have empathy, but these are few and very far between. If you work in the NHS as a psychiatrist you prescribe the drugs. You can’t work within this context and think you can change anything, you can’t, it has to go.

  • “We are too large and complex a society to leave this to the kindness of family or neighbours – who may not be in a position to provide the level of care necessary, and even if they can, with the best will in the world, sometimes become worn down.”

    And the truth of what happens is…

    Mental Health Advocate speaks about forced medication and coercion in the Mental Health system :

  • “the tens of thousands of us in nursing homes and other congregate living facilities who have died from COVID-19.”

    Here is the problem with that assertion:

    Insert of a covid test:

    UK people consider this:

    The Germans bought a clue from WWII but what is wrong with you lot – do you want to slow boil in a lobster pot ? Read: Dr’s Karina Reiss and Sucharit Bhakdi’s book Corna False Alarm Facts and Figures. Now in English.

  • “Indeed, the other aspect of this is how does society justify welfare payments for the millions of people currently classified as ‘mentally ill’ if this is no longer considered a medical sickness.”

    and conversely how would we justify a person being paid tens of thousands of tax payers money every year when they write this:

    “I’ve been practicing psychiatry for 20 years, and in my experience antidepressants don’t do any good at all. I wouldn’t take them under any circumstances – not even if I were suicidal.”

    Imagine if an architect were to say: I’ve been an architect for twenty years and I would never live in one of my building under any circumstance – not even if I were homeless in my experience my building don’t do any good at all, in fact I’ve done so much research it’s clear – the longer you live in them the more harm to your health there will be.

    It’s an utter nonsense, no real professional could not survive 3 months. People who design and make buildings and say airplanes do real science and engineering. Psychiatry is evil, this is clear in it’s history and you are part of that – you’re a psychiatrist, you drug people, even though you know full well the harms of what you put into people you decided to continue to do it for decades. People on here should be asking themselves – how many people, over those decades, due to your actions in subjecting them to psychiatric drugs ended up unable to function and how much you profited from that.

    Menschen für Freiheit

  • Never mind the bollocks, absolutely god damn right. Psychiatrists say and write reams and reams of bollocks. They concoct their positions and thoughts within their normalized closed cultures of abuse and then take them to the outside world and regurgitate the ridiculous. The whole of the history of art, math, literature, architecture, industry, engineering and it goes on and on is only really possible by people being passionate, this passion brings about a sustained intensity of focused concentration to bear down on problems in these disciplines.


    Here is Sir Simon Wessely psychiatrist

    “I hate the word passion, I hate people who say passionate, I’m passionately against passionate it’s an awful thing, ”

    Now take a look at a painting by Lawrence Alma Tadma from the 19th century imaging with paint Phidias (great classical Greek sculptor, painter and architect) showing the frieze of the Parthenon to his friends 2500 years ago.

    and this, the schematic design of the Antikythera mechanism around about 2100 years ago, it is the first analogue computer known, found on the site of a ship wreck off the coast of the Greek island of Antikythera thought to have been invented by the classical Greek mathematician Archimedes.

  • “The worst possible position to be in is actually having the proof of their negligence, because then they will fuking destroy you.”

    Yes indeed – I had hard copy proof of the lies of the consultant in the form of the trusts own letters listing the drugs I was made to take all at once. They really trashed me and of course the consultant is still in place. The whole lot is corrupt. If you’re in the UK and wish to make a complaint seriously.. don’t do it, the complaint will go to the person who abused you, they can write what ever they like on your record and THAT is what will be believed throught out the health system.

  • madmother13

    Psychiatry has to be totally stripped of it’s facade and that includes the critical psychiatrists and psychiatrys so called complaints procedures – which are just an extension of their closed cultures of abuse used to further label/condemn their victims – and the truth of the matter exposed to the wider public. Psychiatry can not live without it’s closed cultures of abuse, lies and systems it’s calls ‘complaints procedures’ to cover up.

    I urge everyone to pass out and would hope people could print/pass it out at demo’s – THE most important history of psychiatry:

    “The tragedy is that the psychiatrists did not have to have an order. They acted on their own. They were not carrying out a death sentence pronounced by someone else. They were the legislators who laid down the rules for deciding who was to die; they were the administrators who worked out the procedures, provided the patients and places, and decided the methods of killing; they pronounced a sentence of life or death in every individual case; they were the executioners who carried out or without being coerced to do so surrendered their patients to be killed in other institutions; they supervised and often watched the slow deaths.”

    Fredric Wertham

    “Almost no one stopped to think that something could be wrong with psychiatry, with anthropology, or with behavioral science. The international scientific establishment reassured their German colleagues that it had indeed been the unpardonable misconduct of a few individuals, but that it lay outside the scope of science. The pattern of German anthropology, psychiatry and behavioral science continued essentially unchanged, and it will continue so, unless a substantial number of scientists begin to have doubts and to ask questions.”

    “It seems to be that to reduce other people to the status of depersonalized objects is of no help whatsoever to them” (p. 101). Trying to view people “objectively” can be demean-ing in itself [44]. It also tends to lead toward further degradation of the individual into subhuman status.”

    Benno Muller-Hill

    “Lifton is silent also on one of the most important issues surrounding the psychiatric crimes in Germany -the failure to bring psychiatrists to justice at the Doctor’s Trial. This was due in part to the fact that Leo Alexander, a staunch supporter of eugenical and biological psychiatry, was the chief investigator of psychiatric crimes. Alexander was a primary source of information for Lifton’s book. We must ask, ” Is there a basic moral flaw that underlies the ethical failures of psychiatry”? One fundamental flaw is the reduction of the human being to an object devoid of inherent worth or inviolability [44]. In Muller-Hill’s words, “It seems to be that to reduce other people to the status of depersonalized objects is of no help whatsoever to them” (p. 101). Trying to view people “objectively” can be demean-ing in itself [44]. It also tends to lead toward further degradation of the individual into subhuman status.”

    Peter Breggin

  • Yeah it most certainly was not your fault and the horror stories are most certainly true, more sophisticated today but no less horrific and of course the patients ‘mental illness’ gets blammed and the doctors off the hook.

    I was ‘taken’ by one tablet of sertraline 9 years ago the rest is an unspeakably horrific descent into the hell of psychiatry after 50 years of leading a normal life – no knowledge of all this.

    Re Mg controlling ‘bipolar’ I think their reasoning maybe that the NMDA receptor – which is a glutamate receptor, major excitatory neurotransmitter – is gated or blocked by Mg and thereby partly controls its firing.

  • This is why they have built closed cultures of abuse – the worse it gets the more they make a locked up prison. The acceptable – acceptable to psychiatry that is – face of psych criticism are psychiatrists and psychologists who call themselves critical psychiatrists and critical psychologists. What they really do is provide the smoke screen – they present an acceptable facade rather like Downton Abbey written designed and directed to make you admire them and enforce the social hierarchical deference of the UK, whilst they destroy the lives of their own servants to save their social reputation and run a drug torture chamber in the basement.

  • Anybody got the evidence – any papers on magnesium causing “bipolar”. If you do not mind me asking how much Mg were you taking to help with your migraine? Auntie Psychiatry and I have done significant research on migraine, the drugs, the real triggers and solutions. Mg is a good way to go for migraine. What has been noticed is that AD’s are starting to be advocated by psychiatrists for pain including migraine.

    I’m afraid to say, once psych has got hold of you it will not let go now you have a record and been diagnosed – you have entered the domain of our realm. Psychiatry will lurk in wait to financially screw you over again. Perhaps you would like to avail yourself with the important history of psychiatry:

  • I couldn’t careless about the intellectual development of a psychiatrist. The only thing that is important to me is how many people they have lied to, harmed and terrified with neuroleptics and the rest of the toxic drugs over how many years, everything else is just a falling away.

  • Yep – very good first and second comments !

    “In the meantime, has anyone noticed it is 1938 Germany-ing outside? Who were the first ones to get the gas? Oh yeah. You all need to buy a clue.”

    Been making the link for sometime here and have noticed Healy blog has started to as well. Was going to kick off again on a Phil Hickey post on all this but Robert seems to have pulled Phils post…. why ?

    Can’t see wood for trees comes to mind….

  • To Shayla Love: Abolish and outlaw psychiatry for major crimes against humanity – forced drugging causing akathisia/toxic psychosis inducing suicide, violence and homicide and a long list of other drop dead and slow burn horrors. Almost all psych drugs cause akathisia plus about 200 others. The one that doesn’t is lithium which also kills big time nuking kidney function at ‘theaputic’ dose. You think we’re wrong get yourself sectioned in a closed culture of abuse prision called a ‘hospital’ and forced drugged on neurleptics, sleeping tables, and benzos due to akathisia caused by doctors in the first place, then come back and talk to us – if you survive. btw where are the comments on the piece ? Why don’t you let us have our say and why not come on here – let’s get into it ?

  • Healys Book: Children of the Cure on study 329 (Paxil) is a lived experience and research master work. Anyone who really wants to know how suicide/violence/homicide is linked to all around corruption should buy this book. Page 59 reads like a scene out of Godfather. Page 243 sets out the case for drug induced insanity of James Holmes cinema batman film horror show – the usual suspect is ramped up sertraline UK licensed for PTSD. For those of you who have suffered horrific akathisia it will be shocking to read that the women involved in key stages in ghost writing and publication didn’t show contrition. Today Paxil is also licensed for PTSD in the UK and we see psych pushing to get people assessed for Covid19 PTSD. The anti- lock down activists such as Piers Corbyn and Kate Shemirani are – so far – no where on grasping the significance of this. They are of the view that 5G and chemtrails cause suicide. Mean while psych will be laughing nodoubt looking to get them detained – ‘seen as a danger to other people’ – if their efforts gain more traction and don’t implode.

    For those of you who are new to this and are suffering stress, depression, anxiety over Covid19 and are thinking of going to your GP, first go to David Healys blog and read up on all this. It will seem alien and difficult to you at first but keep with it. Also go to Peter Breggin’s site and on Youtube.

  • “After a recent show of my work, a psychologist claimed to want to give me an “artist of the year” award. Then he claimed he wanted to become my “artist manager.” But then he handed me a classic thievery contract, under the guise of an “artist manager” contract. Proving that all that psychologist/artist wanted to do was to steal all profits from my work, my work, my money, my story, etc.”

    Yes indeed shysters every where. Both Rockefeller(eugenics) and Sackler (psychiatrists psych and opiod drug mass slaughters) are major funders to the cream of the art world – major shame on the art world. So what backs the institutions that artists aspire to are the major world drug dealing and eugenic monsters and evil shysters of all time. So we can only conclude – f*ck the art world, along with the shysters who fund them. The truth will not be found in the big dealer gallery and major museums. The artists they show are pets who are about as challenging as a gnats co*k. Bacons self portrait was recently found on a psych rag. He was not ‘mentally ill’ as the text tried to make out – it was front cover art psych diagnosis which is ofcourse bullcrap.

  • Salute your battle!

    “When will pharmaceutical companies and medical schools start educating our medical community about the warnings on and side effects of these drugs, the likelihood of withdrawal, and how to taper people safely off them? That day is long overdue.”

    The criminals know all about it. Psychiatry is a eugenics movement – it sees people who have these problems as vermin to the gene pool to be got rid of.

    Abolish and outlaw psychiatry for major crimes against humanity!

  • It’s getting worse

    On a quick look through the public documents from a MH health Trust in the UK

    “two patients have absconded over the fence and subsequently died on the M5 motorway”

    “Violence and aggression remain the highest reported category”

    “The Committee received a report on the Do Not Attempt Resuscitation (DNAR) procedure for people receiving Learning Disability services”

    “Serious Incidents (SI)
    Unexpected deaths continue to account for the majority of SIs reported across the organisation.”

  • Slacker

    Many people who are going to be subject to ECT are not well enough to read MiA let alone drive. You’re able to drive, read MiA and write three very good informative paragraphs. It could get very much worse with a course of ECT. Have you been subject to psych drugs if so may I ask what was your experience?

  • “We are not a site about COVID, and it is a very controversial subject that goes very far afield from rethinking or ending the practice of psychiatry.”

    Will stick to your rule but I have to respectfully disagree Steve. All this has directly affected peoples psychological state of mind and Psy is very much involved. The SAGE group in the UK which advises the UK Govt on SARS-CoV2 is made up of very many psychologists. The ‘health’ service and MSM is taking over our lives and destroying very many more. We can’t separate psychiatry from all this – it’s involved.

  • Peter Gøtzsche’s example should be rolled out everywhere because the evidence of lies, abuse and drug torture are in the patients notes worldwide.

    Consider getting behind this as well everyone:

    Ending Interminable Declared Emergencies Under COVID-19 and Restoring our Freedoms and Lives.

    Read Dr. Breggin’s Report @

    You must all, by now, be realising something is not right with all this never ending lockdown and masks.

    I posted this back in March and it is still up on the UK Govt website:

    Status of COVID-19

    Status of COVID-19

    “As of 19 March 2020, COVID-19 is no longer considered to be a high consequence infectious diseases (HCID) in the UK.

    The 4 nations public health HCID group made an interim recommendation in January 2020 to classify COVID-19 as an HCID. This was based on consideration of the UK HCID criteria about the virus and the disease with information available during the early stages of the outbreak. Now that more is known about COVID-19, the public health bodies in the UK have reviewed the most up to date information about COVID-19 against the UK HCID criteria. They have determined that several features have now changed; in particular, more information is available about mortality rates (low overall), and there is now greater clinical awareness and a specific and sensitive laboratory test, the availability of which continues to increase.

    The Advisory Committee on Dangerous Pathogens (ACDP) is also of the opinion that COVID-19 should no longer be classified as an HCID.

    The need to have a national, coordinated response remains, but this is being met by the government’s COVID-19 response.

    Cases of COVID-19 are no longer managed by HCID treatment centres only. All healthcare workers managing possible and confirmed cases should follow the updated national infection and prevention (IPC) guidance for COVID-19, which supersedes all previous IPC guidance for COVID-19. This guidance includes instructions about different personal protective equipment (PPE) ensembles that are appropriate for different clinical scenarios.”

    What is going on in Australia:

    Pregnant Mother Arrested in Front of her Children in Authoritarian Australian Covid Crackdown:

    A switched-on teenager does some research and speaks her mind:

  • “To this day, the vast majority of the general public sees akathisia”

    The only thing I would say is that the vast majority of the general public have no idea of akathisia. And even if you try to bring an awareness many people are so brainwashed they will vehemently – if not angrily – not accept that doctors could do this and get away with it, not only that but blame the patient as being seriously ‘mentally ill’ and a dangerous criminal. This is why we need people like the Peterson family who have a vast following to make the public aware.
    Let’s be honest people like David Healy and Peter Breggin have not been able to reach a massive audience. I’ve just read Healy’s latest book on Study 329 – it’s an important historical work, but the general public will not buy in vast numbers and many wouldn’t grasp it and stay the course. A better way has to be found.

  • Brilliant! Psychiatry is evil causing terror, horror, suicide, violence and homicide. It must be abolished and outlawed for major crimes against humanity.

    Jordan Peterson had himself put in a coma last year to escape akathisia, after first being ripped off a benzo onto ketamine, ofcourse the psychiatrists were wrong – it came back. I’m waiting to hear how he is doing now and if he will start to do anything about this major crime given his massive following.

  • Zoloft (Sertraline) is one of the worst drugs for akathisia – it inhibits two important metabolizing enzymes: CYP2D6 and CYP3A4 this is why people become toxic leading to akathisia and toxic psychosis. CYP3A4 is a sink enzyme that picks up what the other enzymes don’t deal with so if a drug inhibits that…..boom. The evil thing KateL, is that there has been a gene test to ascertain the ability of peoples enzymes for over 20 years, this test is now sophisticated enough to test for CYP3A4. But the doctors don’t want the patients to have the test and you can’t get it done without them signing a form.

  • “Respectfully, “uncomfortable” is not the right word. It is actually so inaccurate as to be insulting; working with people who have experienced akathisia to any extent, I would imagine you would understand this already. I suggest you change this phrasing, because it is an embarrassing black stain on an otherwise necessary piece of writing. Please reconsider that language, it is so jarring”

    For those new to this who read the word akathisia but have no real life understanding, listen to someone who describes his akathisia –

    “We’ve got to get rid of the concept of forced drugging. It’s a constant existential threat in the back of my mind.”

    And so say all of us.

  • Welcome Sam

    ” Rose’s work avoids simplistic explanations of why and how the mental health fields go awry and instead examines how injustices can happen without unjust people. ”

    My view is that it is blindingly obvious and if it actually happened to this person it would be shockingly visceral and simplistic but not in any word way. When a bomb is going off in your head be it slow or fast, words are not there. The action is – how the hell do I get out of this, someone fucking well help me. Well that help is to be forcibly held down and injected with more toxic crap. This is the crime and it needs to be brought to justice.

    These people (king’s College London psych lot) have no real concept of what’s been done and the scale of the crime, the horror that’s gone on inside peoples heads by having toxic drugs forced into them, the normalised depravity and closed culture abuse of psych units. No that’s wong – they do indeed know.

  • “but suddenly, around the end of the 19th century, the psy-disciplines become sciences.”

    No eugenics is not science it’s a major crime against humanity nor today is voting conditions into existence, this is financial fraud which also plugs into eugenics. Now we have them spreading the fraud – SSRI’s for pain management and for headache/migraine.

    “Electrodes were attached to their genitals, and when they felt aroused after being shown stimulating images, they were whacked with electric shocks.

    This was absolutely horrific, and yet the people doing it seemed to be decent, humane scientists, not concentration camp guards. How could they think and do these things and believe that it was not only legitimate but scientifically justified? That it was objective and a form of therapy? That it was grounded in scientific research?

    These things made me question how these ‘styles of thought’ have come into existence and how they produce certain types of professionals”

    No they are not professionals and it is not ‘styles of thought’. They are abusive homophobic criminals.

    “Schizophrenia was once thought of as a chronic degenerative condition until it became clear that degeneration was a consequence of institutionalization. Are we going to look back in 50 years and think that our obsession with these small molecules is just as bizarre as those earlier treatments? I think the jury is out on that.”

    No the jury is not out on that one, it wasn’t bizarre it was criminal and it’s criminal now.

    “They say, “I used to give my patients tranquilizers, Valium, etc. They were addictive. At least these drugs can’t do any harm.” They are beginning to see that this story is problematic.”

    No they know but they keep on doing it just as someone like Joanna Moncrieff knows but continues to be a psychiatrist and therefore subjects people to toxic drugs. I’m afraid they are going to have to be stopped from harming people.

    “I’ve been practicing psychiatry for 20 years, and in my experience antidepressants don’t do any good at all. I wouldn’t take them under any circumstances – not even if I were suicidal.”

    20 years – I mean isn’t it obvious?

    “Some of these drugs can, for some people, provide some short-term relief, which might enable one to step back from the overwhelming crisis, in order to address the real issues”

    No a psych drug can’t help a person to step back, it disables them. For sure if a close caring friend intervene this can achieve a lot depending on what the friend knows and their experience.

    “If people start getting adverse effects when they come off the drug, it is attributed to the disorder and not the consequences of withdrawal.”

    Guess what your colleagues are right now ripping people – who have been long term 6 months plus on AP’s – off AP’s in two weeks. They are now doing this with over the phone interviews.

    “You give psychiatrists problems of naughty children, reluctant workers, homeless people, and they will say, “we can say something about this.”

    They don’t say “we can say something about this.”they abuse with vile drugs chasing homeless around with their depot injections in MacDonald’s. Search in my comments history and you will hear a psychiatrist saying this.

    “They think they have treatments that work and that, even if they do not work very well, they’re on the right path to work. Because they think they know how to know, and they know how to treat you, even if neither of those is perfect at the moment, they feel that people should not be deprived of them.”

    Oh yes indeed, make them feel deprived of abusive treatments.

    “Survivors often cannot shape the research strategy, research questions, research interpretation.”

    That speaks alot about you.

    “We must recognize that people who have experienced mental distress and the mental health care system offers not only lived experience but a different kind of valid knowledge. This knowledge is worked out in collaboration with others; it is open to challenges, able to give evidence, open to question.”

    What we want is for psy to die and be outlawed for it’s major crimes against humanity, those guilty be locked up and stopped from ever subjecting people to their horrific drugs and payment be made to those harmed and family of those killed.

    “Like psychiatry itself, user and survivor movements are ridden with conflict.”

    NO we are NOT like psychiatry.

    “At a psychiatric organization that shall remain nameless, I said we should stop being blackmailed by the government to make these risk assessments because we are not good at it. All the psychiatrists there knew that, but stopping the business of risk assessment meant giving up on the second car, the private schooling for their child, etc.”

    Psychiatrists are good at destroying and seriously harming peoples lives. Who is going to assess that?

  • “Nick Kosky, a consultant psychiatrist at Dorset HealthCare NHS University Foundation Trust and chair of the guideline committee said: “Understandably, people with chronic pain expect a clear diagnosis and effective treatment. But its complexity and the fact GPs and specialists alike find chronic pain very challenging to manage, means this is often not possible. This mismatch between patient expectations and treatment outcomes can affect the relationship between healthcare professionals and patients, a possible consequence of which is the prescribing of ineffective but harmful drugs.”

    Ofcourse it’s a psychiatrist. What else can we say – oh yes, it was psychiatrists who started the opiod pain relief addiction death epidemic in the first place: Purdue Pharma. All three Sackler brothers were psychiatrists. You know what – I rather suspect they have seen the litigation against Purdue Pharma.

    “Suicides will rise.” Yes and they will do what they have been successful at doing and put it down to “mental illness” or should I say get away with it by using “mental illness”. So ofcourse it’s about helping themselves out if litigation and into a new market as usual. So long as the market may involve depression as an excuse such as pain and say skin complaints such as psoriasis, when people kill themselves it’s “mental illness” depression causing suicide thoughts due to the patients condition.

    Our job is to inform the general public about drugs causing Akathisia and ghost written papers of the trial data that no one see’s unless a US court allows it.

    For those new to this snake pit of vipers called ‘health care’ and the monster called psychiatry look up Study 329.

  • “It is almost certain that the not even one member of the prestigious Council and Authority has any knowledge of the carefully researched findings regarding psychiatric medications outlined by Robert Whitaker, Joanna Moncrieff, Martin Harrow, Jo Watson, Peter Gøtzsche, David Healy, Lex Wunderink, Jaakko Seikkula, and many others.”

    What about US – what about the people psych drug killed, who haved bravely put comments on here?

    Psychiatry is evil, this is clearly stated in it’s history and the fact that it wasn’t abolished and outlawed due to American eugenics after WWII, means that it is now rampant and doing very well in it’s closed cultures of abuse outside and inside the body.

    Psychiatry has to be abolished – that’s for all the people who are no longer here and the people who have no idea of all this, yet will be destroyed by this monster just by doing what they feel is normal and right – going to their doctor for anxiety/insomnia/depression.

    For those of you who are new to all this, listen to what these monsters did if you think I’m way over the top:

  • Oh Pies and co – deadly hilarious

    “Psychiatrists must prevent suicide not provide it.” I couldn’t help laughing placed into the context of akathisia being induced by doctors – how many have they killed ? and here:

    “Polls have not just moral but also methodological problems.”

    Yet they ofcourse negate to mention the slight problem of DSM methodology…so funny!

  • This is a classic and similar to my own descent into psych hell with that vile drug Sertraline. The harms of Sertraline and Paxil are well known to many on here, but the trusting and unsuspecting general public…noway. Which makes this post really important. Now we have UK psych directing GP’s to screen for PTSD re covid 19:

    “Prof Neil Greenberg of the Royal College of Psychiatrists said screening would help traumatised survivors get speedy help: “Actively monitoring those with trauma-related mental health problems through a ‘screen and treat’ programme can help them access the specialist mental health support they need to recover.”

    Now guess what two drugs are UK licensed for PTSD and being prescribed by GP’s….

    Wish you all the very best with tapering off the last of the vile drugs.

  • First off The Special Rapporteur shouldn’t be a psychiatrist, psychiatry should be abolished and outlawed for major crimes against humanity. It’s only going to get worse and unless the wider population realise that – from the perspective of eugenic psychiatry which is what we have – they are doing very well indeed, no one is going to stop them: no government, no regulation, no body that is suppose to protect victims of this closed culture of abuse, no UN, no law, no council, no advocate. We need a massive and sustained public outcry. Psychiatry will continue to lie – what else can it do – and pump neurotoxic drugs into people inducing torture akathisia, mania, violence, suicide, homicide, blame the victims and anything but their own actions. It’s up to us to educate the general public.

  • Have witnessed a person going completely crazy when their mobile was taken away from them. They were OK the first day and then screaming, crying, shouting day and night. Humans are now addicted to their mobiles – removal is yet another form of torture. This particular person is black and was being viciously abused by a thug patient, so he was using his mobile to call the police. They just came and took his phone from him and allowed the thug patient to continue as did the ‘hospital’ staff.

  • Here’s what people who are in danger of being sectioned or detained need to know. When they come for you, you can take your mobile with you, but what will happen as soon as you get to a psych ward is your charger will be taken from you and you will be told it has to go for a PAT test. So when in a day or so your mobile needs charging you will have to tap the window/door of the nurse’s station, wait maybe a long time and ask a nurse if they can charge it for you. They will take your mobile and it will be searched, if your an activist maywell be given to the police. Psych are very very interested in finding out what people are up to online.

  • If you go down the road of pharma treatment for migraine, can almost promise you will get worse, much worse. I know more about those drugs than psych drugs. Plus the root causes of migraine and solution is known and can bring it well under control to being just a minor issue. But after the drugs, which many will have used for years, it’s a real battle to get it under control.

    As for AP’s – vile killer stuff.

  • “Historically, psychiatry has colluded with eugenic mass murder in Nazi Germany”

    Psychiatry didn’t just collude it was absolutely central. The psychiatrists worked out the way to mass murder in 6 psychiatric hospitals and this directly translated to the holocaust. This is very important to understand, it is equally important to understand that the Americans funded German eugenics and this meant during the doctors trial in Nuremborg they were not held to account for murder and major crimes against humanity. The lead investigator Leo Alexander was a psychiatrist, advocate of electro shock, insulin shock and according to Peter Breggin an early eugenacist.

    When Michael Von Cranach who researched by looking at the medical notes of patients during this era he could find the point at which the psychiatrist decided ‘I will kill this patient’ he said ‘the psychiatrist started making negative value judgements’ calling the patients ‘useless’ and such like.

    Right now we have psychiatrists causing an epidemic of akathisia induced horror shows, death, suicide and violence and very much knowingly so.

    Peter Gøtzsche gained access to 30 psych patients records and found people in fear of their lives from being made to take neuroleptics plus a psychiatrist recording that a patient had Akathisia and contining with the “medication” in other words knowingly torturing the patient. This is so so important and such research needs to be done on a much wider basis:

    For those of you who do not know what Akathisia is and how seriously horrific it is, watch this:

  • From Xenophon’s memorabilia an apologia of his teacher Socrates written after 371BC. Socrates sentenced to death for driving everyone up the wall with his questioning, failing to recognise the gods and corrupting the youth.

    “But no one ever saw Socrates doing, or heard him saying, anything impious or unholy. For he did not converse about the nature of all things in the way most of the others did-examining what the sophists call the cosmos: how it is, and which neces-sities are responsible for the coming to be of each of the heavenly things. But he even showed that those who worry about things of this sort are foolish. First, he examined whether they came to worry about such matters because they held that they already knew the human things Memorabilia sufficiently,or whether they believed that they were acting prop-erly in disregarding the human things and in examining the divine things (daimonia). And he wondered whether it was not visible to them that it is impossible for human beings to find these things out, since he thought that even those who most pride themselves on speaking about them do not hold the same opinions as one another but are disposed toward one another like madmen. For, among madmen, some have no terror even of what is terrible, while others are frightened even by what is not frightening; and some are of the opinion that it is not shameful to do or say anything whatsoever, even in a crowd, while others are of the opin-ion that one should not even go out among human beings; and some honor neither temple nor altar nor any other divine thing (theios), while others behave piously toward even rocks and chance pieces of wood and beasts; and, among those who are anxious about the nature of all things, some are of the opinion that being is one thing only, and others that it is an infinite multitude; and some that everything is always moving, and others that nothing ever moves; and some that everything comes to be and perishes, and others that nothing ever comes to be or perishes.”

  • Jordan B. Peterson psychologist talks about withdrawal akathisia both himself (a MH professional) and daughter made terrible terrible mistakes in his treatment:

    He stopped the benzodiazepine to take Katamine at the advice of a psychiatrist – disaster.

    There are no treatments for akathisia other than very slow taper, the extreme strength of character needed to hold off the suicide urge to get out of the horror, and staying the hell away from psychiatrists. He doesn’t fully realise it but he is still in trouble. Most of the other class of psych drugs cause akathisia for those who are new to this. So watch all of this and you will realise just how dangerous psychiatry is.

  • In 1920 Karl Binding (academic lawyer) and Alfred Hoche (psychiatrist) wrote a treaty: Die Freigabe der Vernichtung lebensunwerten Lebens (“Allowing the Destruction of Life Unworthy of Living”) used by the Nazi’s to justify their Aktion T4 mass murder program. In this they seek to rationalise and normalise state backed murder using considerations of the nature of suicide and the debasement of humans:

    “Proof of the illegality of suicide could only be obtained from the exact proof of the positive law on homicide. But the material is missing wherever suicide is not punishable or is otherwise unequivocally identified as a crime. Or it could result from legally established premises.”

    “So not only is there no evidence for the crime nature of suicide, but even today no suicide and none of his judges even remotely see a forbidden act in suicide and really put it on a line with murder and homicide.”

    Karl Binding

    Now think of that today in the context of psychiatric high dose polypharmacy drug toxicity inducing Akathisia/Toxic Psychosis causing suicide and homicide (see Catherine Clarke) and the Cytochrome P450 gene test that can predict an individuals inability to metabolise and the 200 or so drugs that can cause Akathisia/Toxic Psychosis (see David Healy) and the fact that almost no one in the UK is given this test that has been around for more than twenty years, which used in a court of law could pretty much prove the ‘crime nature of suicide’. No wonder that psychiatry doesn’t want this test for everyone.

    And then this kind of human debasement thinking:

    “The most essential thing is the lack of the possibility to become aware of one’s own personality, the lack of self-confidence. The spiritually dead are on an intellectual level, which we only find deep down in the animal series, and the emotions do not rise above the line of the most elementary processes linked to animal life.”

    Alfred Hoche

    Now fast forward to our time:

    “The thing about acute serious mental illness is that people are not behaving badly, they are beyond any moral consideration, they are behaving in a very seriously mentally disorder way, it always reminds me of when they use to prosecute pigs for eating apples in your orchard.”

    Forensic psychiatrist Tony Maiden 2015

    In 1939 Gerhard Kretschmars father sent a request to Adolf Hitler to be allowed to put his disabled son ‘to sleep’. Hitler sent his personal physician Karl Brandt to administer a lethal barbiturate dose. Days later, 15 psychiatrists were ordered to Hitlers Chancellery and told a secret forced euthanasia program was to be rolled out code named T4, after the street address of it’s activities. Six ‘hospitals’ were used to mass murder psychiatric patients at: Brandenberg, Grefeneck, Hartheim, Sonnenstein, Bernburg and Hadamar and later 300 other psychiatric institutions.

    These centers served as training for the Schutzstaffel (SS) who later constructed larger killing centers (Auschwitz, Treblinka, etc.) German psychiatrists tried a number of methods to implement their T4 ‘euthanasia’ program – barbiturate injections, including a sub-lethal dose to induce pneumonia just so the psychiatrists could state pneumonia as a cause of death to the family, firing squads, starvation or freezing, gassing with truck exhaust, gassing with CO gas developed by psychiatrist Werner Heyde M.D.and used in the holocaust. The psychiatrists had gas chambers constructed in Mental Health institutions made to look like shower rooms where MH patients were killed, their bodies dragged out, their brains cut out and their bodies burnt.

    Almost all German psytchiatrists murdered their patients according to Professor Michael Von Cranach who did detailed research into this major crime against humanity. Such was the public outcry Hitler ordered they stop but even he couldn’t stop them murdering the patients. Michael Von Cranach states that they (the psychiatrists) stated they wanted to annihilate the patients.

    The SS the most heinous and murderous Nazi criminals were taught by psychiatry – a so called medical profession – how to mass murder in these 6 ‘hospitals’ the techniques were then used in the holocaust, indeed it was an extension of what psychiatry did. Prior to this 1934-1939 the psychiatrists forced 400,000 sterilizations. Psychiatry had brought eugenics to life in Germany. Admired by Hitler, America had already set up eugenics organisations looking to implement forced sterilizations: American Breeders Association, Human Betterment Foundation, The Race Betterment Society, America Eugenics Society, Immigration Restriction League and the most important of all – The Eugenics Records Office at Coldspring Harbor Long Island New York founded by Mary Harriman and Charles B. Davenport, funded by Harriman rail baron wealth and later The Rockefeller Foundation and Carnegie Institute.

    Also by the 1920’s Rockefeller was funding German eugenicist psychiatry – The Kaiser Wilhelm Institute of Anthropology of Human Heredity & Eugenics.(KWI-A) The director was eugenicist psychiatrist Ernst Rüdin, a principle architect of mass sterilization and mass murder known as Aktion T4. Rüdin along with many other psychiatrists and fellow eugenicists Otmar Freiherr von Verschuer and Franz Josef Kallmann both directors of KWI-A were not brought to justice after the war. This happened because American eugenics $ power had funded German eugenics. In the horror aftermath of the concentration camps, the top German psychiatrists could hold a silver mirror to the Americans, during the the Nuremberg trials they could point out American eugenics funding to themselves and to their own US forced sterilization and probably the plans for eugenicide using gas chambers:

    “Carnegie-supported 1911 “Preliminary Report of the Committee of the Eugenic Section of the American Breeder’s Association to Study and to Report on the Best Practical Means for Cutting Off the Defective Germ-Plasm in the Human Population.” Point eight was euthanasia. ”

    “The most commonly suggested method of eugenicide in America was a “lethal chamber” or public locally operated gas chambers.”

    The eugenicists/geneticists are particularly interested in twins, in their view, to study environmental social influence difference between them in relation to their shared genetic influence of traits.

    In a letter to his wife in 1946 Allied investigator Leo Alexander wrote:

    “It sometimes seems as if the Nazis had taken special pains in making practically every nightmare come true. Some new evidence has come in where two doctors in Berlin, one a man and the other a woman, collected eyes of different colour. It seems that the concentration camps were combed for people whose one eye had a slightly different color than the other. Who ever [sic] was unlucky enough to possess such a pair of slightly unequal eyes had them cut out and was killed, the eyes being sent to Berlin. This is the carrying out into reality of an old gruesome German fairy tale which is included in the Tales of Hoffmann, where Dr Coppelius posing as a sandman comes at night and cuts out children’s eyes when they are tired. The grim part of the story is that Doctors von Verschuer and [Karin] Magnussen in Berlin did prefer children and particularly twins. There is no end to this nightmare, at least 23 are being tried now and, I trust, the others will follow later.”

    An appalling irony that Rockefeller who funded KWI-A – Karin Magnussen worked at KWI-A and was not brought to justice – also recently funded the Museum of Modern Art New York to the tune of $400 million – considered one of the most important visual (eyes) art institutions in the world.

    If there was ever a time to abolish and outlaw psychiatry for major crimes against humanity it was after WW2. But what happened was all around evil, monsters the like of Donald Ewen Cameron – he of Project MK Ultra torture methods – techniques born of William Sargent British monster brain butcher ‘esteemed’ psychiatrist – assessing the German ‘esteemed’ psychiatric monsters in Nuremberg at the request of UK’s Tavistock psychological warfare set-up.

    So what we have now is psychiatry unchecked and obsessed with drugging people. The three Sackler family ‘esteemed’ brothers Arthur, Mortimer and Raymond were all psychiatrists, also massively funding the cream of the art world.

    Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey, sets out what the Sackler family did via their Purdue Pharma:

    “1.Dangerous opioid drugs are killing people across Massachusetts. Prescription medicines, which are supposed to protect our health, are instead ruining people’s lives. Every community in our Commonwealth suffers from the epidemic of addiction and death.

    2.Purdue Pharma created the epidemic and profited from it through a web of illegal deceit. First, Purdue deceived Massachusetts doctors and patients to get more and more people on its dangerous drugs. Second, Purdue misled them to use higher and more dangerous doses. Third, Purdue deceived them to stay on its drugs for longer and more harmful periods of time. All the while, Purdue peddled falsehoods to keep patients away from safer alternatives. Even when Purdue knew people in Massachusetts were addicted and dying, Purdue treated doctors and their patients as targets to sell more drugs. At the top of Purdue, a small group of executives led the deception and pocketed millions of dollars.

    3.On behalf of the Commonwealth, the Attorney General asks the Court to end Purdue’s illegal conduct and make Purdue and its culpable executives pay for the harm they inflicted in our state.”

    I’ll leave you with a quote from UK home treatment team consultant psychiatrist Dr Derek Tracy also part of the UK Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs and advocate of “Evolutionary” Psychiatry 2019:

    “Most people who take drugs are not particularly harmed by them.”

  • Did you know that now UK psychiatrists are routinely forcing 400mg – 700mg even 900mg of Seroquel (Quetiapine) for anxiety which is probably akathisia that they caused. when I refused this, the maniac started balling and shouting at me saying it was licensed for this use and that thousands were on it. It’s not licensed for anxiety at all in the UK.

  • Thanks Rachel, yes indeed I watch him for any new insights . Note they push non drug interventions first on the NHS website for treatments. Nobody gets that straight away, they get drugs straight off.

    For those of you who maybe new to this you can see the suicide murder chart in the paxil (paroxetine) trial here:

    “When it comes to suicide attempts, GSK did not keep track of all the attempted suicides in their clinical trials because, according to their company witness, it would be too burdensome.”

    And here is David Healy talking about the Death of Stephen O’Neill who was on Sertraline:

  • “Leading psychiatrists have urged the government to boost public resources for youth mental health to tackle an association between depression or anxiety and sympathies with violent protest and terrorism.”

    “We think that if you suffer from depression, PTSD or anxiety, it increases your risk of wanting bonding capital,” said Jones. “That is, identifying people like yourself because it will give you a sense of protection, social identity and belonging. Of course, the radical groups fall into that category. Instead of feeling you belong to, say, Manchester, you belong to a very defined group who have radical views. Because it gives you a sense of wellbeing, it gives you a short-term antidote to this feeling of depression and worthlessness and being threatened.”

    ‘paroxetine and sertraline are licensed specifically for the treatment of PTSD.’

    If there were any drugs that are most dangerous re Akathisia/Toxic Psychosis it is those two.

  • Abolish psychiatry – it is a eugenics movement that should have been outlawed after WW2.

    “When the T-4 Euthanasia Program commenced, Eberl was a willing participant. On 1 February 1940, at 29 years old, Eberl became the medical director of the killing facility at Brandenburg. In autumn 1941 he assumed the same position at Bernburg Euthanasia Centre. Despite not being formally ordered to take part, psychiatrists such as Eberl were at the center of each stage of justifying, planning and carrying out the mass murder of those with mental disorders, and constituted the connection to the later annihilation of Jews and other “undesirables” in the Holocaust.”

    “He was very ambitious. It was said that he ordered more transports than could be “processed” in the camp. That meant that trains had to wait outside the camp because the occupants of the previous transport had not yet all been killed. At the time it was very hot and as a result of the long wait inside the transport trains in the intense heat many people died. At that time whole mountains of bodies lay on the platform. Then Hauptsturmführer Christian Wirth came to Treblinka and kicked up a terrific row. And then one day Dr. Eberl was no longer there..”

  • gugalgirl

    You should seek a cytochrome P450 gene test, genelex maybe best in the US to ascertain if the person is toxic due to poor metabolism asap. If so then work out a way to withdrawl the psych drugs they are on. If you can’t do any of that you can’t really help most who get into this state and that is pretty much true for all of your colleagues. Two people to study are David Healy and Peter Breggin. If you email David he maywell reply.

    David Healy – Hearts and Minds: Psychotropic Drugs and Violence:

    The Perfect Killing Machine:

  • In the UK local councils have ben told to find accomodation for homeless sleepers at hotels, making it suitable for them to offer this ‘well needed help’ to many under one roof:

    “Doing lots of assessments in the homeless hotels. Really striking how many people say they’ve always avoided psychiatrists “in case I get sectioned”. I feel sad about this – how can we improve things?”

    This the same person who thinks it’s a good idea to subject people to depo injections in public toilets and other public places, she is asking – how can we improve things – everybody.

    Psychiatry is a lying devious eugenics movement that targets the weak and vulnerable set’s them on a course of pharmacy based on ghost written documents, as David Healy says: “You couldn’t make a better killing machine”


  • “If the names are fake, how do I know the story isn’t also?” I don’t condone that, but it’s a possibility we’d want to avoid.”

    Well we reference with psychiatrists own words and deeds that’s why. We do it on here in the comments, why not in a blog on here ? Also you pay no words to the harm psychiatry can inflict on a person as a result. This is just incredible to me.

  • The whole subject of racism, eugenics and ‘reform’ of psychiatry is all linked. When you look at the point at which psychiatry was most vulnerable to ‘reform’- and arguably at it’s most murderous – it was at the same time protected by the very victors of WW2. Why did this happen? It happened because American eugenics had funded German eugenics in the 1920’s and can be significantly pin pointed to 1924 Rockefeller Foundation funding the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute of Anthropology of Human Heredity & Eugenics, the director was psychiatrist Ernst Rudin. By 1933 forced sterilizations became law in Germany, they didn’t waste time – between 1934-39 400,000 forced sterilizations. The American eugenicists were jealous. Ernst Rudin was central to their Aktion T4 forced euthanasia program, the mass murder which ended in the holocaust. Rudin and very many of the psychiatrists were not brought to any real justice. The reason for this has got to be American eugenics work and funding of the psychiatrists. So in the midst of all the horror of the concentration camps, the top German psychiatrists could hold a silver mirror to the Americans.

    “Carnegie-supported 1911 “Preliminary Report of the Committee of the Eugenic Section of the American Breeder’s Association to Study and to Report on the Best Practical Means for Cutting Off the Defective Germ-Plasm in the Human Population.” Point eight was euthanasia. ”

    “The most commonly suggested method of eugenicide in America was a “lethal chamber” or public locally operated gas chambers.”üdin#Post-war

    “Speculation about the reasons for his early release, despite having been considered as a potential criminal defendant for the Nuremberg trials, include the need to restore confidence and order in the German medical profession; his personal and financial connections to prestigious American and British researchers, funding bodies and others; and the fact that he repeatedly cited American eugenic sterilization initiatives to justify his own as legal (indeed the Nuremberg trials carefully avoided highlighting such links in general). Nevertheless, Rüdin has been cited as a more senior and influential architect of Nazi crimes than the physician who was sentenced to death, Karl Brandt, or the infamous Josef Mengele who had attended his lectures and been employed by his Institute.[25]”

  • “I should note that I also offered Oldhead that he could write a blog post, but he would have to use his real name. He declined.”

    Why does OH have to use his real name, you would be putting him at risk, all of us antipsych people who really know the truth about psych are at risk on here, any of us could be dragged back to a hell hole and forcibly, drugged, killed and nothing would happen to the ‘doctors’.

    “rethinking” psychiatry.” Psychiatry can’t be rethought it’s a eugenics movement, you would learn this in a very stark hard way had you been sectioned, abused and drugged on high dose polypharmacy in a hell hole. It sees the people it treats as vermin to the gene pool.

    In WW2 the psychiatrists taught the SS how to mass murder. The same mentality exists now. The three psychiatrists who built up Purdue Pharma have massacred go knows how many. In 2012 talking about this recent US opiod slaughter Robert Schaaf M.D. said:

    ” if they overdose and kill themselves it just removes them from the gene pool”

    It’s happening in a wider way with a gain of function virus implimented with mass media fear porn psychology while the doctors get on with this:

  • “I can’t really understand why many people are now so afraid of vaccines – but it must be largely because all kinds of weird “theories” can be now very easily spread thanks to the Internet.”

    Here’s why

    “HCG found in WHO tetanus vaccine in Kenya”

    “5. Conclusion

    Laboratory testing of the TT vaccine used in the WHO Kenya campaign 2013- 2015 showed that some of the vials contained a TT/βhCG conjugate consistent with the WHO’s goal to develop one or more anti-fertility vaccines to reduce the rate of population growth, especially in targeted LDCs such as Kenya. While it is impossible to be certain how the βhCG got into the Kenya vaccine vials testing positive for it, the WHO’s deep history of research on antifertility vaccines conjugating βhCG with TT (and other pathogens), in our opinion, makes the WHO itself the most plausible source of the βhCG conjugate found in samples of “tetanus” vaccine being used in Kenya in 2014. Moreover, given that all vaccine manufacturers and vaccine testing laboratories must be WHO certified, their responsibility for whatever has happened in the Kenyan immunization program can hardly be overemphasized.”

  • “quickly followed by the number of deaths increased exponentially.”

    John, here’s the problem and it’s a fundamental problem from the Office for National Satistics in the notes:

    “A death can be registered with both Covid-19 and Influenza or Pneumonia mentioned on the death certificate, therefore a death may be counted in both categories.”

    If you scroll right down to point 3 “Deaths registered by week” it is in the notes.

  • “It will take more than writing letters to our Congresspeople and signing internet petitions.”

    Yes indeed. UK Column News – view on YouTube – has begun (most recent video Friday 1st May 2020) to see that UK psych and the ‘health’ service is dealing in eugenics with DNR orders on people with ‘autism’ and ‘learning difficulties’. They have a good platform and general public views, the comments suggest their viewers are getting it. It might be worth contacting them OH, we can fill in the details. MiA is going no where with reform stuff; is it time to depart and engage the general public?

    Psychology onslaught is being used by MSM to make people line up for vaccination. For those who vehemently refuse, psychiatry awaits to enforce with ‘Anosognosia’ to section those with ‘lack of insight’ that they are a walking incubus of plague lethal weapon without a vaccination. Those who have lost their income with anxiety/insomnia who have no concept of the true nature of psychiatry and those who not just ignore us but pour score will learn the very hard way after running to their GP begging to see a psychologist/psychiatrist, but first, day one they get the sexual dysfunction/akathisia inducing SSRI to stop plague holders breeding and with any luck make them top themselves. We are in phase one, phase two – mass killer fraud virus number two will be the implementation cover.

  • And so it begins as Auntie Psychiatry and I have predicted:

    “Durch Klage gegen Corona-Regeln bekannt – Anwältin in Psychiatrie eingewiesen”

    Known for lawsuit against Corona rules – lawyer sectioned by psychiatry

    “Die Anwältin Beate Bahner ist in die Psychiatrie eingewiesen worden. Das bestätigte ein Sprecher des zuständigen Polizeipräsidiums Mannheim WELT. Bahner sei am Sonntag in einer polizeilichen Maßnahme in einer Klinik vorgestellt und dort von einem Arzt begutachtet worden, sagte Norbert Schätzle vom Polizeipräsidium Mannheim.”

    The lawyer Beate Bahner has been sectioned by psychiatry. This was confirmed by a spokesman for the responsible police headquarters Mannheim WELT. Bahner was abducted in a police operation at a clinic on Sunday and examined by a doctor there, said Norbert Schätzle of the Mannheim Police Department.

    “Die Anwältin aus Heidelberg hält die Corona-Regeln für überzogen und plädiert offensiv für deren Aufhebung. Ihrer Meinung nach sind durch diese Maßnahmen „der Erhalt des Rechtsstaats, die Bewahrung der Grund- und Menschenrechte und der Erhalt der freiheitlich-demokratischen Grundordnung der Bundesrepublik Deutschland“ gefährdet. Sie argumentiert, dass die Infektion für 95 Prozent der Bevölkerung harmlos verlaufe. „Ich bin wirklich entsetzt und will mir nicht vorwerfen müssen, als Rechtsanwältin nicht gehandelt und den Rechtsstaat nicht mit allen mir zur Verfügung stehenden Mitteln verteidigt zu haben!“, schrieb sie in einem Statement.”

    The lawyer from Heidelberg considers the Corona rules to be excessive and makes an aggressive plea for their repeal. In their opinion, these measures are “endangering the preservation of the rule of law, the preservation of fundamental and human rights and the preservation of the fundamental liberal-democratic order of the Federal Republic of Germany”. She argues that the infection is harmless to 95 percent of the population. “I am truly appalled and do not want to have to accuse myself of not acting as a lawyer and of not defending the rule of law with all the means at my disposal!” she wrote in a statement.

  • “Many I know have explained to me that they had no idea what they were getting into until it was too late.”

    NO I’m sorry that is not true at all. Spend one week in a psych ward and YOU KNOW !!! Their training is years and they know very well what they are doing.

    Right now a hell of a lot of people who were middle class are about to find out about psychiatry and there will – in the coming years- be an outcry when these people experience akathisia/drug toxicity. First major shock to their trust in the ‘health system’. They have the ability to understand it faster, question the psychiatrist, get kicked in the teeth and forced drugged – second major shock. They will learn to shut up in the hell hole and agree to the drugs, and then get the hell out. Many will make formal complaints and get know where – third shock. Then end up in places like this, discover Peter Breggin and co and wonder what the hell they can do. Well it will be the numbers that make the difference. Psychiatry is going down and we’re not going to help them out of it.

  • OH

    Exactly and that goes for the critical psychiatrists as well. I remember the post this author did seeking to humiliate psych survivors who post on here. I have no time for him after that.

    And I would like to point out that ALL psychiatrists went through the training and that meant using coercian and sometimes force to subject people to neurotoxic abuse/torture for months into years even if there are a few who nolonger deal in this vile drug abuse.

    Psychiatry needs to die!

  • “And so, with every single form of human contact and escape cut off, where are people going to turn for help? The one place that is still up and running and open for business – the doctor. Every population in the “free world” has been primed for years by Psychiatry Inc. to do exactly that… and they will. And when they do, the answer, as always, will be an open-ended prescription for a toxic, addictive drug, and another, and another. Then, when that doesn’t work, it will be forced hospital admission, forced drugging and electro-shock.”

    I’m surprised many on here have not worked this out and grasped through their own experience what will happen and are not actively debating it yet.

    Staff Nurse at HNS

    “Someone please explain how relatives are being told *DO NOT ATTEMPT RESUSCITATION* is being placed on suspected or confirmed covid19 patients.

    Now we know why these people are dying…becasue they are doing NOTING TO SAVE THEIR LIVES!!!!

    I don’t care if the Trust suspend me for putting this out there. The nation must know the truth!!!!”

    I think that they are treating them but with polypharmacy including ‘sedatives’ .

    Let’s remind people from the FDA themselves:

    “Our evaluation shows that the use of these medicines, often referred to as gabapentinoids, has been growing for prescribed medical use, as well as misuse and abuse. Gabapentinoids are often being combined with CNS depressants, which increases the risk of respiratory depression. CNS depressants include opioids, anti-anxiety medicines, antidepressants, and antihistamines.”

  • Here is a translation just did from the description below the video:

    Prof. Dr. med. Sucharit Bhakdi, specialist in microbiology and infectious epidemiolgy, headed the Institute of Medical Microbiology and Hygiene at the University of Mainz for 22 years. He has written an open letter to the Chancellor with five questions asking for immediate answers to establish the justification for the current massive restrictions on our fundamental rights. The video explains the questions and their background. The full letter with questions, background and references can be viewed here:

    For reasons of space here only references, the details can be removable from the letter:

    [1] Specialist dictionary Infection Protection and Infection Epidemiology. Keywords – Definitions – Interpretations. Robert Koch Institute, Berlin 2015.… (accessed March 26, 2020)

    [2] Killerby et al., Human Coronavirus Circulation in the United States 2014-2017. J Clin Virol. 2018, 101, 52-56

    [3] Roussel et al. SARS-CoV-2: Fear Versus Data. Int. J. Antimicrob. Agents 2020, 105947;

    [4] Charisius, H. Covid-19: How well does Germany test? Süddeutsche Zeitung.… (accessed 27.3.2020)

    [5] Johns Hopkins University, Coronavirus Resource Center. 2020, (accessed 26.3.2020)

    [6] S1 guideline 054-001, rules for conducting the medical morgue. AWMF Online,… (accessed March 26, 2020)

    [7] Martuzzi et al. Health Impact

  • “I like to think that societies have come a long way since WW11. That there was so much to be learned by what occured. That the atrocities were in fact exposed to the general world and the horror of what happened was frowned upon and the majority of people said it must never happen ever again. ”

    Here’s the problem right now…. have we really come a long way or did they learn that a democratic society can get away with mass murder so long as the general public at large, not just the families didn’t kick up a serious stink ?

    Psychiatrists will never give up their drugs and prisons, it’s what gives them power to control.

  • “I believe this global crackdown has been in the planning for a very long while, and that Psychiatry Inc. has been a key player. Those on here who have been warning for years that Psychiatry is not about healthcare, but a form of social control, have been right all along. Those who dismissed these warnings as alarmist and paranoid will very soon learn what Psychiatry is all about.”

    Absolutely, psychiatry and psychology will have been involved with the whole MSM brain washing saturation, they will have also pulled on/’used’ scientists and math models to game the predictions and have then made it real as seen in Event 201 and the BBC Haslemere pandemic program.

    There will be millions now unemployed, those who have not got savings to last at least 6 months and who are not on benefits will be coerced into crop harvesting or working some where in the supermarket system no doubt below the minimum wage, ofcourse this will include prisoners and people serving community service orders. But very many others will also have significant normal anxiety reactions to this onslaught and will indeed learn what psychiatry is all about.

    Remember what happened in WW2 Germany when the mass murder by psychiatry became clear to the general German public… there was an outcry for it to stop and Hitler ordered it be stopped – that’s saying something – but even he couldn’t stop almost all the psychiatrists murdering in the hospitals… around 400,000 in total. And yes psychiatry will just switch off sites like this and anything that opposes it and the general public will see what psychiatry really is: a eugenics movement of brutality abuse and drug torture – that comes to life in fascist control type situations – under cover of a pseudo medical profession.

  • Status of COVID-19

    Status of COVID-19

    “As of 19 March 2020, COVID-19 is no longer considered to be a high consequence infectious diseases (HCID) in the UK.

    The 4 nations public health HCID group made an interim recommendation in January 2020 to classify COVID-19 as an HCID. This was based on consideration of the UK HCID criteria about the virus and the disease with information available during the early stages of the outbreak. Now that more is known about COVID-19, the public health bodies in the UK have reviewed the most up to date information about COVID-19 against the UK HCID criteria. They have determined that several features have now changed; in particular, more information is available about mortality rates (low overall), and there is now greater clinical awareness and a specific and sensitive laboratory test, the availability of which continues to increase.

    The Advisory Committee on Dangerous Pathogens (ACDP) is also of the opinion that COVID-19 should no longer be classified as an HCID.

    The need to have a national, coordinated response remains, but this is being met by the government’s COVID-19 response.

    Cases of COVID-19 are no longer managed by HCID treatment centres only. All healthcare workers managing possible and confirmed cases should follow the updated national infection and prevention (IPC) guidance for COVID-19, which supersedes all previous IPC guidance for COVID-19. This guidance includes instructions about different personal protective equipment (PPE) ensembles that are appropriate for different clinical scenarios.”

  • In order to qualify you must have prescribed the drugs and in particular with “antipsychotics” you must have known very early on they they were damaging to the patients, they are utterly vile drugs from the get go. I very much doubt any patient reporting back would be positive about the dreadful draining of life experience. So my questions: How long did you continue to prescribe and if you still precribe why do you do it and why would you want to continue to call yourself a psychiatrist at all ?

    For me it’s really problematic that people call themselves critical psychiatrists work in the same system and subject people to the vile neurotoxic killer drugs. Why would they do that and not do something else – is it the money, the control, that they can get away with a foot in both worlds, what ?

  • OH

    “Maybe comment histories should be removed for the time being?”

    I agree OH

    “Ever see Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind? I’m reminded of the fake plague (anthrax?) staged to keep people away from the landing site, where they left dead cattle laying around to deter people. Not saying this is happening, but they may be throwing a lot of death in our faces to achieve an exaggerated effect. We can’t know for sure till it’s over.”

    Yes indeed.

    “But Italy is certainly no hoax, even though there may be explanations.”

    Remember German psychiatrists mass murdered using sub lethal doses of barbiturate to induce pneumonia just so they could say they died of pneumonia to cover up their killing. In the UK we have had Jane Barton and the mass drug killing at Gosport hospital. Dr Barton and others have not been prosecuted and the horror covered up at highest levels –

    Take a look at this:

    “FDA warns about serious breathing problems with seizure and nerve pain medicines gabapentin (Neurontin, Gralise, Horizant) and pregabalin (Lyrica, Lyrica CR)”

    “Our evaluation shows that the use of these medicines, often referred to as gabapentinoids, has been growing for prescribed medical use, as well as misuse and abuse. Gabapentinoids are often being combined with CNS depressants, which increases the risk of respiratory depression. CNS depressants include opioids, anti-anxiety medicines, antidepressants, and antihistamines.”

    So maybe we should ask ourselves: are these virus patients being sedated and if so with what and what are the doses? Ofcourse we will never know.

  • Yep and don’t be surprised as part of their stepped up on-going brain washing they seek to take down your site Robert. It’s started happening else where.

    Sorry I have to say something about a recent Peter Breggin interview, he is partly seeking push blame onto China re the opiod epidemic I don’t doubt that is part of it, but…..

    American Arthur M. Sackler was a psychiatrist. The Sackler familys Purdue Pharma’s OxyContin is directly implicated in the opiod epidemic. Ofcourse psychiatrists know how to exploit, market and profit.

    Look at who the Sackler family fund: The cream of the art world – they have an enormous amount of money from the mass destruction of others – save for MoMA New York… oh wait MoMA are funded by Rockefeller – who have also funded eugenics. So shame on the whole art world.

  • “Why is it close to impossible to get the truth accepted and to incorporate it in official guidelines?”

    They are all corrupt therefore have to keep the lies going just like a ponzi scheme, and will do what all abusers do – blame the victims ‘mental illness’.

    I urge everyone to bookmark this post and reference it to any parent of a young person subject to this crime of lies, inflicted toxic horror and suicide for profit. Record all your interactions with these neurotoxin destroyers.

  • The abuse and torture in psychatric hospitals is so blatant and normalised yet closed off from the public – and I speak with regards the UK – right now, that it’s my view the only way to expose it is with direct undercover action of recording it, as was show by the BBC Panorama program on Whorlton Hall. Talking, writing papers is a wast of time. I hope you seriously consider this Robert, patients identities can and must be concealed.

  • Thank you for that information.

    I think it is going to be very difficult to get any traction on getting anywhere on any of this. When I made a complaint – through the channels they make you take – about the polypharmacy I was subject to which was proven by the ‘Health Trust’s own documents to me listing the drugs. The reply from the Trust was that I had not been subject to polypharmacy and that my records stated this. I then took this to the Ombudsman and got absolutely no where. It takes seconds on seeing both documents to see the untruth. After almost a year I just gave up. You come to the conclusion that the whole lot is corrupt, protecting a now profit based abuse system in the UK. And that is a real sickening part: The people involved in these hell holes are really profiting. From the outside of the hell hole I was in, the carpark is full of really up market top of the range cars: Mercs BMW etc while people are subject to locked up, normalised horror and torture.

  • Psychiatric ‘hospitals’ are, from the built architecture to the staff and drugs inherently about abuse/torture to force people to do what they want and normalised torture at that. There are at least two locked doors to the outside, even if you are not sectioned you are subject to being locked-up in a closed culture of abuse/torture.

    The so called ‘carers’ are attack dogs – you are denied the ability to shave, cut your hair, wash your clothes. To do any of this you have to ask permission of the attack dogs, at this point you are usually either ignored or they go for you. The patients are also coerced – you are not allowed to say negative things nor complain about the drugs, if you do complain about the drugs the attack dogs are at you until you shut up – into saying positive things about the ward that week to cover up the normalised abuse to the outside ‘regulators’. That is just a few examples. I do not wish to remind myself of the more vile abuse I witnessed and was subject to last year.

    Drug induced AKATHISIA has got to be amongst the worse form of torture any human can suffer without leaving a trace on the body. Psychiatrists know full what they are doing…. To force a drug such as quetiapine – and therefore many of the harms that come with it – at high dose.. 400mg and upwards every day and multiple times a day, plus polypharmacy of other psych drugs for anxiety/insomnia let alone anything else, needs to be recognised for it really is: physical and psychological abuse/torture.

    And I hope the UN Special Rapporteur starts to use the word Akathisia and explains to the world the truth that this condition, caused by psychiatry and GP’s, is the true cause of most suicide today.

  • People who are on psych and any other drugs reading this should consider…

    There are many common food stuffs herbs and spices which inhibit Cytochrome P450: Black tea has been found to inhibit all of CYP450.

    “Plenty of research suggests that drinking tea is healthful, but research also shows that black tea can have powerful inhibitory effects on the P450 drug-metabolizing system. In a laboratory study performed by Canadian researchers, black tea was found to be a more powerful inhibitor of the enzymes than single-ingredient herbal teas such as St. John’s wort, goldenseal, feverfew, or cat’s claw.5 Herbal tea blends were second only to black tea in their inhibitory effects.”

    Cytochrome P450 enzymes metabolise most drugs – the enzymes activate and inactivates drugs, if you can’t inactivate drugs you become toxic. Anything that inhibits or out right blocks CYP450 will contribute to your body becoming toxic.

  • Attention everybody

    29 Feb 2020

    “A desperate hunt is underway for an unknown coronavirus spreader in Surrey who gave the deadly illness to the UK’s 20th victim – the first Briton to catch it in the country – amid fears of an explosion of cases in the county.

    The victim, announced last night, is understood to be a man who was treated at Haslemere Health Centre before being transferred to Guy’s and St Thomas’ hospital in London.”

    “Haslemere Health Centre”


    “Contagion! The BBC Four Pandemic – The model behind the documentary”


    “To mark the centenary of the 1918 influenza pandemic, the broadcasting network BBC have put together a 75-min documentary called ‘Contagion! The BBC Four Pandemic’. Central to the documentary is a nationwide citizen science experiment, during which volunteers in the United Kingdom could download and use a custom mobile phone app called BBC Pandemic, and contribute their movement and contact data for a day.”

    “1. Introduction

    In a nationwide citizen science experiment, 360 Production, commissioned by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), launched an app called BBC Pandemic that was available for download to smart-phones via App Store or Google Play. Using the app, the volunteers could participate in two studies: (1) one focusing on Haslemere, a town in Surrey, where there was a campaign to enroll a considerable number of people and volunteers’ mobile phone locations were simultaneously tracked with permission over three consecutive days, and (2) a bigger study for users across the United Kingdom that, with permission, recorded volunteers’ hourly locations to the nearest square kilometre over 24-h period chosen by the volunteer.”

    “one focusing on Haslemere, a town in Surrey”

  • “While Pat’s case may seem extreme, it is certainly not rare and raises many troubling issues.”

    How do we get the general public to understand the true horror and criminality of psychiatry and just how dangerous it is to go to these people?

    “Following stints in three different treatment centres, it was revealed Linda’s behaviour was due to an allergic reaction to an anti-depressant.”

    She had akathisia (says allergic reaction.. it’s not.. she was toxic) and then used alcohol to get herself out of it. Ofcourse she got worse. This is what happens:

  • Psychiatrists can’t help anyone but have harmed and killed an enormous amount. Clonazpam is not helping you and I’m sorry if that comes across as alienating.

    There was a time when you needed no drugs at all, remember that time. You do not need to be dependent on a drug dealing psychiatrist, you need to think your way out of that position and free yourself.

  • “I am TERRIFIED of being forced to taper at my age and 13 years of clonazpam.”

    Maybe consider thinking about contacting the taperstrip people and asking if you could convert to equivalent Benzodiazepine that they do strips for and see how fine they can make the tapper?

    It’s a very difficult thing to come to a conclusion after 13 years on a GABA drug, but the drug is not helping you.. my view Peter Breggin calls this spell binding. And I know it is very difficult to bring yourself out of but an appropriate way to taper FOR YOURSELF is the only way.

    Magnesium is a good way to go. The NMDA receptor is the main glutamate receptor it is voltage gated by…. Mg thereby controlling the transmission of the major excitatory neurotransmitter. But extra Mg can lead to lower sodium so make sure you have normal salt in your diet.

    Active form of B6 P5P is required to convert to GABA so you may also consider that.

  • OH and anyone else, if you look up Mikhaila Peterson on YouTube and go to the ‘about’ you can find an email address for her. Didn’t get a reply myself but I do think people should attempt to contact her.

    People who get into this horror and look for further treatments usually find themselves either back to square one or even worse. There are no ways to get your GABA receptors back other than time and not doing anything that makes it worse ie drinking alcohol going and or back on any other GABA drugs.

  • “I don’t think it’s encouraging reporters to present prepackaged information as much as it is encouraging them to be responsible in their reporting,” she said. “ For example, when newsrooms are making decisions on how to report on suicide, you see more and more now that they are using best practices of saying ‘died by suicide’” instead of “committed suicide.”

    Responsible to what?

    How about the truth in many cases: Died by psych drugs being forced causing akathisia/toxic psychosis and therefore killed by doctor(s) actions.

  • To explain how citalopram can make people suicdal: It inhibits significant drug metabolising enzymes in particular: CYP2D6, CYP1A2 CYP2C19. If a person is also subject to other drugs this will also push an individual towards toxicity, plus there are many common food stuffs herbs and spices which inhibit Cytochrome P450 (CYP450) black tea has been found to inhibit all of CYP450. Many OTC Sleep aid products that contain valerian also block CYP450. It’s not uncommon for people suffering anxiety and stress to seek sleep aids.

    “Plenty of research suggests that drinking tea is healthful, but research also shows that black tea can have powerful inhibitory effects on the P450 drug-metabolizing system. In a laboratory study performed by Canadian researchers, black tea was found to be a more powerful inhibitor of the enzymes than single-ingredient herbal teas such as St. John’s wort, goldenseal, feverfew, or cat’s claw.5 Herbal tea blends were second only to black tea in their inhibitory effects.”

    CYP450 is responsible for activating and inactivating drugs if you can not inactivate drugs you become toxic, this can happen slowly quickly or very quickly.

  • If it’s done very very slowly and in a very controlled way you maywell be able to come off it without glutamate getting out of control and causing a seizure. If you continue with the drug you will have to take a higher and higher dose to try to keep GABA normal and you will get seizures anyway. You really do not want to go there.

    Just incase you do not know:

    A way of slow tapering can be found here:

    James Moore describes how tapering strips are used and his personal experience:

    Financial Aid Resources and Disability Information For Benzodiazepine-Harmed Patients in the US:

    “and where I live New Mexico psychiatrists are dropping like flies.” Could you expand on this please ?

  • Well NO. Psychiatry need to be tired for crimes against humanity. It can’t wiggle its way out.. be ‘re-imaged’. The only way is for it to go is to be deleted, purged from the recycle bin and the drug crimes perpetrated against it’s victims which caused death and destruction tried in court. Two MiA activists on here have recently died at the hands of psychiatry, we can multiply that by very many thousands maybe millions. We can’t brush all this under the carpet and play pretend.. Oh well that didn’t work… Let’s do something else now.

  • “I was an advocate against psychiatry before I ever became a psychiatrist.”

    That is very gone wrong.

    “human rights, no coercion, and helpful alternatives beyond and outside of psychiatry.”

    We want psychiatry to end and for those and their families who have been drug destroyed to be compensated. What has – and is going on – gone on is a massive venal crime. None of what you want will happen until psychiatry is fully exposed for what it really is to the general public: A eugenics crime against humanity aiming to rid the world of people it labels and drugs.


    “Flack revealed that she had been having ‘some sort of emotional breakdown for a very long time’ as that she and her family ‘could not take it anymore’.

    “An inquest this morning heard how Flack had hanged herself inside her Stoke Newington flat and despite resuscitation attempts, she was pronounced dead.”

    This is AKATHISIA.

  • “Criminals have ‘smaller BRAINS’: Scientists claim the ‘handicap’ which can be spotted in early childhood may explain why life-long offenders lie, steal and are violent”

    “Those who commit life-long crimes may have smaller brains because they do drugs, smoke, suffer poor mental health or have a lower IQ – more research is needed to find this out.”

    Really didn’t need to look them up to know one of the authors is a psychiatrist the other a psychologist.

    As Bradford reminds us this is: Phrenology.. a discredited ‘scientific’ research.

    Let’s remind ourselves that almost ALL German psychiatrists murdered their patients during the second world war and that this Eugenics – a major crime against humanity resulting in 6 million murdered – was a born of Francis Gaulton.. polymath cousin of Charles Darwin.

    The crime of psychiatry goes on in subjecting people to neurotoxic drugs – drugs brought to market through fraud and ghost written papers with big NAME psychiatrists to market the poison and justify force drugging… drugs which actually cause: suicide violence and homicide.

  • “American eugenicists had craved twins to advance their research into heredity.”

    “A special recipient of Rockefeller funding was the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Anthropology, Human Heredity and Eugenics in Berlin. For decades, American eugenicists had craved twins to advance their research into heredity. The Institute was now prepared to undertake such research on an unprecedented level. On May 13, 1932, the Rockefeller Foundation in New York dispatched a radiogram to its Paris office: JUNE MEETING EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE NINE THOUSAND DOLLARS OVER THREE YEAR PERIOD TO KWG INSTITUTE ANTHROPOLOGY FOR RESEARCH ON TWINS AND EFFECTS ON LATER GENERATIONS OF SUBSTANCES TOXIC FOR GERM PLASM.”

  • The problem isn’t just with ‘DSM diagnostics’and harmful labeling.. that is the first stage of the abuse ; it’s also with the whole abusive psychiatry system. Why do you think this legal challenge is happening :

    It’s happening because psychiatry is treating people worse than animals for profit… and at the same time.. being a eugenics movement.

    If anyone thinks psychology is any better… I’ve heard tell of many horror stories of abuse. Also it’s used in psych hospitals to gain confessions to some suspected crime. As Bonnie said: ‘it’s the hand maiden of psychiatry’. It’s all got to go.

  • Yeah think that is the important part here. Don’t think anyone would be surprised given what happened to Peter that they wouldn’t go with this. People who have been subject to these drugs and put on vast amounts of weight – the very least of some true horrors beyond the understanding of anyone who hasn’t gone through it – do not need to read any science…. it’s in them, they live it and know full well they need to get it out of their bodies.

  • Very well said Robert.

    For those who are new to this.

    The important history of psychiatry was the mass murder of 400,000 people: Starved to death, drugged to death, shot to death, and ultimately gassed en mass, their brains cut out and their bodies burnt. Psychiatrists did all this and their methods of mass killing were transferred by the Schutzstaffel (SS) into concentration camps. 45% of German physicians were members of the Nazi party, 7% were SS.

    Listen to this:

    In our times people are suffering horrendous harms and death through enforced drugging either sectioned or placed on Community Treatment Orders… forced to have depot injections of neurotoxins to such a level they cause toxicity inducing toxic psychosis/akathisia (AKATHISIA… look up that word) which is the real cause of the majority of suicide in people subject to these and other drugs and many other serious – prescribed drug – harms to death.

    For the last twenty years plus there has been a gene test that can ascertain if you will become toxic on psych and other drugs called: Cytochrome P450. Had you ever heard about it… did your doctor inform you of this? Cytochrome P450 is the name of the enzymes that metabolise most drugs and we all have different phenotypes… ability to metabolise drugs. If your enzymes can’t inactivate drugs you become toxic: Toxic Psychosis/AKATHISIA. Don’t expect a doctor to diagnose this because they caused it. So NO you have a worsening of “mental illness” and you need more drugs, and you’re going to get them whether you like them or not, because now you lack insight into YOUR illness for blaming the doctor and their drugs.

    “8 million people die each year due to mental illness.” Really.

    “Mental illness” is not terminal… it’s not ‘mental illness’ it’s the neurotoxic drugs, social/political conditions.. the affect of their society/family/work/partner upon them. So where is the ‘illness’ ?

    On the issue of ‘mental illness’. Watch this video, then ask yourself to define ‘mental illness’ first in the context of the above history of psychiatry whereby people were labeled, amongst other things: ‘feeble minded’ and sentenced to death, secondly in the context of Cytochrome P450 and then the methods used to define ‘mental illness’ in the DSM:

    Dr James Davies: The Origins of the DSM

  • “mantra of “just get the drugs into the patient” to the extent that we now in the UK even have policies for lying to patients and hiding medicine in their food or drink.”

    I knew that doctors were allowed to lie to their patients about psych drugs in the UK but “hiding medicine in their food and drink” Anyone know any more about this ?

  • When Sanders comes to the conclusion that psychiatry needs to be abolished being as it is a major human rights crime of eugenics and sterilization dressed up as a medical discipline, that has with pharma corrupted everything it touches, harmed countless thousands, killed countless thousands, we might be getting some where.

    We don’t want any bullcrap with the words ‘disability’ or ‘mental health’ nor any ‘policy’ we just want psychiatry to die.

  • Wouldn’t put much hope on NICE, they reckon quetiapine improves the symptoms of generalised anxiety disorder (GAD) compared with placebo”

    “There is some evidence that quetiapine monotherapy improves the symptoms of generalised anxiety disorder (GAD) compared with placebo”

    And then inform us:

    “Evidence relating to quetiapine in GAD was not assessed as part of the guideline development because it was expected that this would be a subject of a NICE technology appraisal. The technology appraisal was suspended indefinitely after withdrawal of the licensing application by the manufacturer.”

    “withdrawal of the licensing application by the manufacturer”

    And you will find psychiatrists prescribing 400mg-700mg even 900mg of this vile drug telling their patients it’s been licensed for use in anxiety and many thousands of people are on it. I know this, it was said to me by a psychiatrist.

  • ‘In the Netherlands 73% were euthanized by their own treating psychiatrist’

    ‘They have 60 traveling teams’

    “Within these clinics a group culture has emerged in which euthanasia is considered to be virtuous labour”

    Now ask yourself how many of these people had AKATHISIA but were clueless as to the danger they were in, went back to their GP and got ripped off one drug onto another or doubled the dose or another drug added on…. because THAT is what happens and THAT is what makes people toxic leading to strong suicide ideation. Once toxic on these drugs it is deadly to go back to a doctor unless you get lucky in Wales and David Healy turns up.

  • Sorry but psychiatrists – certainly including members of RCP – know full well about Akathisia causing suicide and all the other ‘side effects’. You seem to wish to place the blame on pharma and align yourself with psych. They are both corrupt and have much blood on their hands. Psychiatry is a eugenics movement that operates when the political conditions allow. I promise you, with the far right now in the UK, after the idiotic decision by whole sways of labour voters to go conservative re Brexit, things will not bode well for those locked up in a UK psych hell hole.

    RCP would only allow a person to speak if it some how served them… they are not going to allow someone to come knocking on the door for an audience and tell the real truth of the matter.

    Do you really wish to align yourself with this :

    “Psychiatrists were instrumental in instituting a system of identifying, notifying, transporting, and killing hundreds of thousands of mentally ill and “racially and cognitively compromised” individuals in settings ranging from centralized psychiatric hospitals to prisons and death camps. Their role was central and critical to the success of Nazi policy, plans, and principles. Psychiatrists, along with many other physicians, facilitated the resolution of many of the regime’s ideological and practical challenges, rather than taking a passive or even active stance of resistance [1]. Psychiatrists played a prominent and central role in two categories of the crimes against humanity, namely sterilization and euthanasia”

    Have you ever been in a psych ‘hospital’ and seen the way people are treated… worse than animals, locked up in cells and cages, abused by so called ‘nurses’ and ‘carers’ the constant day and night intense noise amplified by solid wall and floors? The callous disregard for human rights, denial of human dignity and basic human needs. Psychiatry has done all this and in full view of the UK regulator who only acted when the Whorlton Hall abuse was brought to light by the BBC… note the date: October 2019 and they reference the BBC program as background…. not from their own very many inspectors… what the heck were they doing?

  • Coronavirus is a very effective means of social control: note that it ‘coincides’ with this luna new year travel and first emerging cases seen in France (mass social unrest) and Hong Kong (mass social unrest) Probably UK (brexit/extinction rebellion unrest) by the time you read this.

    Ofcourse the experts are on hand –

    “Leading US health experts predicted coronavirus could kill 65million people in a year – in chilling warning ”

    Wait for the pharma vaccination break through and possible enforced vacination.

  • Content moderators are being asked to sign forms stating they understand the job could cause post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), according to reports.

    “I understand the content I will be reviewing may be disturbing. It is possible that reviewing such content may impact my mental health, and it could even lead to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD),” “the statement read”

  • Psychiatry is a eugenics movement in waiting for fascism to bring it to life. It can BS as much as it likes, that is what it is.

    Mean while

    Court of justice of the European Union

    Press Release 22 January 2020

    “Both cases concern the legality of the EMA’s decisions to grant, under Regulation No 1049/2001, access to a number of documents, namely toxicology reports and a clinical study report (the reports at issue), submitted by the appellants in the context of their MA applications relating to two medicinal products, one for human use (Case C-175/18 P) and the other for veterinary use (Case C-178/18 P). In the present case, after authorising the placing on the market of those medicinal products, the EMA decided to disclose the content of those reports to third parties, subject to some redactions. Unlike the appellants, who claimed that those reports should benefit from a presumption of confidentiality in their entirety, the EMA contended that, apart from the information that had already been redacted, those reports were not confidential.”

    EMA – European Medicines Agency

  • Here’s the problem going on right now:

    “Very concerned about the emerging practice of – particularly in the Netherlands and Belgium and a couple of other European countries and probably any day now in Canada whereby physician assisted suicide – medical euthanasia – is being provided not just for end of life terminally ill patient – which I consider problematic in it own right – but particularly for psychiatric patients who are not terminally ill – who being in these countries – several hundred of them each year being euthanized on request by their treating psychiatrists. The very psychiatrists who were trying to prevent suicide and keep them alive have by law and public policy demand started to provide suicide by lethal injection”

    How many of those people do you think had AKATHISIA?

    The Role of Psychiatrists in the U.S. Eugenics & Sterilization Movements and the Nazi Holocaust

  • Sorry but none of this will sort out the horror nightmare in the UK. It will only change if someone like David Healy – sorry my mistake… there is only David Healy here – get’s a post in a position of power. But as things are, he is more likely to get his website taken down for writing about what really causes suicide and the cascade of doctor decision events that lead to it.

    There are creepy trusts popping up every where here intent that their version of all this – assertively backed by UK Psych/BBC – is correct and we should not to gaze or read such true stuff on here and else where being as we might go top ourselves.

    First of all we have to explain to the people who control the likes of: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter what all this is about, and how they are being used. That needs to be done by people they will believe.

    That said, well done Robert Nikkel…. but we still need to get rid of psychiatry and then subject them to the very horror they subjected us to, preferably in one of their hell holes.

  • “It may be that lumateperone has a relatively benign safety profile compared to existing psychiatric drugs”

    Doubt it Robert, but very good work indeed!! It’s just more nasty crap, promoted by more bullcrap to make a mint. We need to find a way to inform these hedge funds that not only do they need to fund ethical sustainable energy, they need to stop funding/supporting products that only serve lies and terrible harms, violence and destruction.

    They may have tested individuals CYP450 phenotypes to ascertain if they would get through the trial without becoming toxic. If you could find that out it would be very telling to their claim it doesn’t cause Akathisia.

    The prescribing info suggests issues with CYP3A4 the sink enzyme which picks up everything the other enzymes couldn’t cope with:

  • Nope.

    “Self-regulation is not working. It is time for government to step up and take decisive action to hold social media companies to account for escalating harmful content to vulnerable children and young people,” said Dubicka.

    “The call from the Royal College of Psychiatrists comes as ministers finalise plans to crack down on issues caused by people viewing unsavoury material and messages online.”

    We need to reference what we write in particular to the truth about what psychiatry really is:

    “For the first time in history, psychiatrists during the Nazi era sought to systematically exterminate their patients. However, little has been published from this dark period analyzing what may be learned for clinical and research psychiatry.”

    The Guardian use to open the MH posts up to comments they rarely do now.

  • And I think we need to inform the public that Paul Eugene Bleuler who came up with the word “Shizophrenia” was a eugenacist psychiatrist who called for people, given this label by psychiatrists, to be sterilized. In that sence he advocated genocide.

    “The more severely burdened should not propagate themselves…If we do nothing but make mental and physical cripples capable of propagating themselves, and the healthy stocks have to limit the number of their children because so much has to be done for the maintenance of others, if natural selection is generally suppressed, then unless we will get new measures our race must rapidly deteriorate.”

    Models of Madness

    Psychological, Social and Biological Approaches to Schizophrenia

  • Kelly O’Mally tells her story of psych abuse. She managed to get the CTO removed 2017 with a CYP450 gene test.


    Kelly O’Mally

    Forced medication again – 17/12/2019

    “For the last two years, Kerry O’Malley was in control of her life and living independently. Recently, she travelled alone to Ireland for a six-month holiday, visiting friends and relatives without any difficulty and occasion of trouble. Upon returning home, she was the victim of a home invasion and sexual assault. Six weeks passed before she informed the police however they treated her with indifference and did not investigate the matter.

    Kerry soon after became disturbed and sought assistance from the hospital. They assisted her but then applied for a community treatment order (CTO) for six months, which would involve forced injections of Ablify (aripiprazole). The forced injections caused her great ‘anxiety, distress, and restlessness’. Kerry entered the hospital as a voluntary patient but was converted against her will to an involuntary patient. The CTO deprived her of her dignity and control over her life.”

  • R4 Today Program this morning 17/12020 THE morning radio listening in the UK, mostly of the middle class.

    Sarah Smith interviewing two psychiatrists on young people suicide with the psychiatrists firmly placing the blame on internet sites showing self harm and such like info ie this site. Not a single mention of psychiatric drug causation questioning by BBC. Their looking to take your site down Robert.

    Can someone inform Sarah Smith about Akathisia ?

  • For those of you who are new to all this and maybe wondering what this psychiatry dragon slaying is all about –

    “Psychiatrists were instrumental in instituting a system of identifying, notifying, transporting, and killing hundreds of thousands of mentally ill and “racially and cognitively compromised” individuals in settings ranging from centralized psychiatric hospitals to prisons and death camps. Their role was central and critical to the success of Nazi policy, plans, and principles. Psychiatrists, along with many other physicians, facilitated the resolution of many of the regime’s ideological and practical challenges, rather than taking a passive or even active stance of resistance [1]. Psychiatrists played a prominent and central role in two categories of the crimes against humanity, namely sterilization and euthanasia.”

    “It was psychiatrists who reported their patients to the authorities and coordinated their transfer from all over Germany to gas chambers situated on the premises of the six psychiatric institutions: Brandenburg, Grafeneck, Hartheim, Sonnenstein, Bernburg, and Hadamar [2,3]. It was psychiatrists who coordinated the “channeling” of patients on arrival into specially modified rooms where gassing took place. It was psychiatrists who saw to the killing of the patients (initially using carbon monoxide and later, starvation and injection). Finally, it was psychiatrists who faked causes of death on certificates sent to these patients’ next of kin. It has been estimated that over 200,000 individuals with mental disorders of all subtypes were put to death in this manner [4-7]. Much of this process took place before the plan to annihilate the Jews, Gypsies and homosexuals of Europe. Hitler never gave the order to kill patients with mental illness. He only permitted it in a letter written in October 1939″

    According to Pro Frank Schneider that 200,000 number is probably only half of the people murdered by psychiatrists.

    In our time people are dying in unseen horror due to polypharmacy causing: AKATHISIA/TOXIC PSYCHOSIS and much more. You would be very lucky indeed if any psychiatrist diagnosed this because they cause it. The reality is if you survive you will either be in a psych hell hole or in prison, not only with a serious psych label and maybe murder or attempted murder.

  • So in the Guardian inform us: “Schizophrenia study finds evidence of reduced links between brain cells”

    “Howes and colleagues are also running a clinical trial, which is expected to be completed next year, that aims to prevent the loss of brain connections in patients.”

    “Aims to prevent the loss of brain connections in the patient”


    And the drug they are seeking to trial/push, maybe eventually force on people already forcibly subject to the horrors of antipsychotics is: Natalizumab

  • 2004 FDA meeting on Paroxetine

    “Dr Laughren (for FDA) your daughters and my daughters were in the same school, one of your daughters was in the same class as my daughter. My daughter was given Zoloft (Paroxetine, paxil Seroxat) at the age of 12 because she was anxious about going to school, you know she had school refusal. Candace was put on Zoloft and a week later committed suicide. And Tom Laughren knew that these drugs…. Candace’s mother became aware that he knew that these drugs could do this.

    Now I know what many of you think about DH re ECT but his work on Akathisia/Toxic Psychosis is very important.

  • I invite Steven Poole to come on here and discuss his post in the Guardian and let’s get into the details.

    “She does also finally concede that modern psychiatry helps untold numbers of ordinary people: psychiatric drugs “help many people lead full and meaningful lives”, she writes. “It would be folly to discount their worth.” But by the time of this grudging admission, pages from the end, this book might have been happily seized on by cultists and fearmongers who want to dismiss the discipline as a conspiracy cooked up by Big Pharma and the authoritarian state. The truth is that psychiatry, along with medicine in general, remains a highly imperfect science – but the book’s polemical implication that it has not moved on much since 1973 has the potential to be truly harmful to anyone thinking about seeking help now.”

  • What we may see is eugenacist psychiatrists making the case that once damaged they can’t recover and should be sterilized. They don’t care about the deed past done. They see the deed done as potentially passed on and the only way to stop it is to sterilize it. You see these eugenacist psychiatrists of the not so long past using the word: It, to describe people they label.

  • Yeah you can see psych using such people to normalise a re-run of eugenics. Movie stars would fit the bill. It’s already happening with people running around telling everybody they are: ADHD, bi-polar, Aspergers as if a badge of… but they will seek to get public approval for going further which Hitler did amazingly well for the German eugenacist psychiatrists.

  • This is for Dominic Cummings who is looking for ‘weirdos’

    So BBC has this on the news this morning 7/1/2020 :

    Severe childhood deprivation reduces brain size, study finds

    What we have said on here – and it has been all but confirmed by Allen Frances.. ‘his DSM4 caused three epidemics: bipolar disorder in children, Autism and ADHD’ – is that ADHD is a construct of psychiatry which will use ‘negative’ traits: ‘smoking during pregnancy, risky behaviour such as dangerous driving, substance abuse and gambling’ to hang their ADHD lable on people.

    Paula Caplan’s masterpiece on Allen Frances

    “Psychiatric diagnosis is bullshit”

    “I will admit that three diagnositic epidemics grew out of our DSM4: bipolar disorder in children, Autism and ADHD”

  • Think they will allow it oldhead, they use these sites to target people for sectioning.

    I’m recently impressed by a number of important posts on here that others can reference/link on the likes of facebook and twitter. It is compelling evidence of the fraud from the very top. Fraud which has destroyed so many lives.

    Feel it is also important that we focus on their new endeavours of evolutionary psychiatry and link it with their mass murderous past.

    RIP Bonnie Burstow a very important anitpsych fighter, she lives on in her important antipsychiatry scholarship.

  • The ballooning construct of ‘mental illness’ enabled/enables this fraud, it is in all psych drugs. Suicide ideation, suicide, violence and homicide ideation, homicide can always be placed at ‘mental illness’. It also enables psychiatrists to run around asking for more beds and ‘treatments’ whilst they concoct their eugenics ambitions out of sight of those whom they can persuade… it’s better they were dead than alive.. we’re doing them and the public a favour.

    “10,000 more people than expected died at the beginning of the year in the UK – and no one really knows why”

    “A huge number of measures of the nation’s health have deteriorated, including a very rapid and largely unreported recent increase in the numbers of deaths among mental health patients in care in England and Wales.”

    How will we get the general public to grasp that Akathisia/Toxic Psychosis is caused by pharma/doctors. And that it is fueling a road to even more destruction ?

    Answers to Dominic Cummings who is seeking to employ ‘super talented weirdos’.

  • Adam Mustafa forcibly injected with haldol and on Olanzapine tablet form. Unfortunately the interviewer doesn’t get it by asking him to report his treatment to the Police. I’ve seen what happens to people who call the police from their cells in a psych hospital. He doesn’t stand a chance… the more he complains the worse it will get.

  • If anyone wants to look at the ‘latest science’ thinking on psychosis and pretty much all the other stuff… it’s on the NMDA receptor :


    Mr Dominic Cummings is Boris Johnsons top Aide. It seems he is looking for:

    ‘weirdos and misfits with odd skills’ and people who ‘fought their way out of appalling hell holes’.

    Well this is the right place to look, but you know we’re not ‘weirdo’s’, we have fought our way out of hell holes that’s for sure, and the smartest people on the fraud that is called mental Health are on here.

    So you state what you want, here is what I want:

    Intel on what the special interest group: Evolutionary Psychiatry are discussing, not the stuff they publish. I want to know the identity of JadedJean who would post on BBC Newsnight blog, some 10 plus years ago and seemed to be a eugenicists maybe also psychiatrist. I want to know what they have been writing/doing, what post they have/had. I want to discus implementing Cytochrome P450 gene test independently of any doctors. I want a very significant research team to thoroughly investigate all deaths over the last 10 – 15 years in all psychiatric hospitals and as outpatients outside in the context of the drugs they were subject to re serious adverse drug events that are not diagnosed by doctors because the cause them: Akathisia/Toxic Psychosis, Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome and Prolonged QT interval to name just some.

    I want to deprogram peoples use of words such as: Schizophrenia, Autism, bi-polar, ADHD… etc These terms are destructive just as the N word is racist destructive.

    Then I want you to conceive of a world without psychiatry at all. Would that be too ‘weirdo’ for you ?

  • “10,000 more people than expected died at the beginning of the year in the UK – and no one really knows why”

    “A huge number of measures of the nation’s health have deteriorated, including a very rapid and largely unreported recent increase in the numbers of deaths among mental health patients in care in England and Wales. ”


  • Yes it is very good indeed.

    “Imagine if basically the entire clinical trials literature on the modern generation of psychiatric drugs (i.e., since Prozac, if not before) is corrupted in the same way?”

    The people who were/are on the wrong end of it didn’t/don’t imagine. We know it’s all crap causing mass destruction for finacial gain and to sate the need to inflict pain/akathisia by psychiatrists. And if those outside of all this do not believe me, I invite you to take just one dose of a ‘antipsychotic’. Then think of those who are forced to go through that, even people with anxiety can be/ARE forced to do it every day.

  • Hope you do not mind me posting this:

    “Dear MIK

    Thank you. I wish I could find anything that calms me but after being hospitalized 6 times via police and ambulance I can’t sleep anymore. I have been taken fro tm my condo because I wasn’t caring for it or myself after being returned there after being hospitalized. I had been a successful PhD researcher who at 50 lost his 13 year job through no fault of his own and an intimate relationship left me with no warning who because of a very complicated situation I had to see several times a week though I didn’t want to have anything to do with her. and after trying to hold it together for 5 yrs broke down in my Psychiatrists office because I was frustrated that meds were not working. I was not violent just very scared. Next thing he leaves the room and says it’s done and an ambulance and police take me to the hospital. In hospital I was taunted by staff and patients. One patient followed me around for 2 weeks telling me about judgement day and saying he would stick pencils in my ear. Another patient said he was the devil and referenced trying to help me in the past but now he was going to kill me and throw me in a dumpster. These were not hallucinations though I was heavily drugged. I’ve been placed in a “retirement” home single room and outside my window is a dumpster which is emptied many times a day night with loud noises that remind me of what the person in hospital told me. I am afraid to leave my room. I can’t think clearly anymore. I panic whenever I see an ambulance or hear a police siren which is often since older residents are being taken to the hospital daily. I feel like I am living in hell or feel I must be being punished. What scares me most is that I have been unable to sleep and am having violent thoughts when in the past I was a gentle introverted person.”

  • YES and the eugenics this time round is going under the radar of the UK general public, but in full view and knowledge of the Care Quality Commission… The organisation that is suppose to be the watch dog. There are about a 1000 members – no doubt all psychiatrists/psycologists – of the Evolutionary Psychiatry special interest group. We need to focus there. People outside of all this will think this is crazy unbelievable. It’s not, this is happening right now up and down the UK. The CQC whistleblowers have been trashed. Everything is in place for more destruction. People who die in a psych hospital do not get an independent investigation and at the executive level of these ‘Health’ Trusts they just sign off what ever the psychiatrists say and know they can get away with it because CQC does nothing.

  • This young women is begining to understand what is happening now in the UK:

    “Often the blame is placed at the feet of there being a lack of proper training, a lot of vacancies, under trained staff. What I just saw… that wasn’t poor training, it wasn’t under staffing, it was absolutely total and utter cruelty and a totally and utter house of hell.”

    “And I think what shocked me the most about it, what I don’t really understand and what I very often find with people who’ve committed crime, which is what they did, what they did was criminal, there is no two ways about it… they totally mistreated and abused these people. Umm what I never really understand is that, one person, I could understand how one person could infiltrate a group of good people and can be slyly doing things that are awful. What I don’t understand is how you get so many together. I can’t imagine being in anybodies company who did something like that and not telling them exactly what I thought. And even if I felt threatened by them I would most certainly report it.”

    She has yet to fully grasp that psychiatrists control all this.

  • Evolutionary psychiatry brought eugenics to life with German psychiatrists murdering around 400,000 people. We have begun down this road again.

    When we talk about suicide, there is the not so small matter of AKATHISIA/TOXIC PSYCHOSIS… an epidemic of death and destruction caused by doctors and pharma.

    If you act vulnerable in a psych ‘hospital’ the psychiatrists and nurses will not just allow you to be abused they will encourage it, while the regulatory organisation that is suppose to over see ‘care quailty’ turns a blind eye to all this and only acts when some journalist goes in as an undercover carer, films the abuse and a tiny iceberg tip of the normalised abuse is shown on the BBC and else where. A few ‘carers’ lose their jobs and may end up in court. And then it just continues.

    Will you be writing about this ?

  • This is a good post and the general public will fall for Trump and Pinsky’s words. The only real way you are going to link violence to psych and other drugs is via a Cytochrome P450 gene test.. that is where you will prove an individuals metabolising enzymes is not able to inactivate drugs because they have a poor CYP450 phenotype and were/are/going to be toxic. It seems no doctor wants this test, including those who know full well the harm (akathisia/toxic psychosis) of psych and other drugs… what are they afraid of… that it could be used retrospectively, to bring to light, that even they might have caused a horror show? Who will offer this test independent of doctors ?

  • “Schizophrenia is a severe and frequently disabling psychiatric condition that is highly heritable. Recent genomic studies have begun to reveal its complex genetic architecture and identify specific risk alleles across the frequency spectrum.

    In this lecture, Professor Michael Owen will review these findings and show how they are beginning to solve the evolutionary puzzle of how a heritable disorder that is associated with quite markedly reduced reproductive success is maintained in the population.

    He will also indicate how genomic findings challenge current diagnostic systems and taxonomy, reviewing how these recent findings are illuminating our understanding of potential disease biology and suggesting ways in which genomic discoveries may impact on the practice of psychiatry.”

    How long now before we see UK psychiatrists saying… there you see… it’s definately heritable, it’s too complex to do anything about therefore we should be sterilizing.

    Things are moving fast in the UK…. Robert and Co et al MIA bloggers…. this is a red alert situation here and now.

  • “It introduces one key first message from me to you: Most people who take drugs are not particularly harmed by them”

    We don’t need any experts on any side to tell us stuff we already know, and stuff that would be laughable if it were not coming from people who have Govt influence.

    If only we could have him parachuted into the middle of Mexican drug gangs and let him speak there and then to the relatives of the victims of Oxycodone and Fentanyl.

    But I think that lot have it and are going to get their way. UK psych is about to get even more deluded, disturbing and abusive.

  • “Mental disorder is a reality. I don’t have any time for those who say psychiatrists have invented it to keep themselves in business.”

    Given what we now know about the DSM via James Davis… that the conditions were voted into existance and the DSM caused epidemics – by the admission of Allen Frances – do you still hold to that view ?

  • What I do not understand is why you would wish to continue to work in psychiatry. Forgive me if I’m wrong, but I presume you prescribe the drugs, yet know full well the lies behind it all and the harms. Why would you do that and not go into some other field as a doctor and expose it from the outside?

  • In the UK expect Hong Kong type situation. Expect Extinction Rebellion, Brexit leave/remain to start peaceful demonstrations, it will deepen. There will then be a police crack down trying to prevent demos starting in London. It will again deepen. UK political establishment has no answer to this – proven over the recent years – other than to use the police and probably turn to psych. In all this UK psych will seek to further promote it’s new agenda: Evolutionary Psychiatry.

    Then remember these words of a top German psychatrist to know that they are still very gone wrong:

    “That the psychiatrists were not monsters, that they are people like you and me”

    NO they are not people like us !

  • “So in conclusion, rather than voting psychiatrists off the island shouldn’t we together honour our different experiences and commit to continuing respectful, mutual learning from each other?”

    NO! The crimes of psychiatry are so grave and despicable and we see insight to history repeating itself via Evolutionary Psychiatry. It HAS to be exposed. This time round we have the internet. They can’t fully hide under state authority.

    “The problem isn’t the drugs”

    Sorry Steve but the drugs are very much part of the abuse. And I’m surprised to see those words from someone who knows full well the many people who have been drug destroyed.

    There will be no conclusion until psychiatry is exposed to the wider public for what it really is.

  • “When you were discovering what happened in the world of psychiatry in Germany during the Nazi period what was the most shocking discovery for you, the most surprising or most disturbing discovery.”

    “That the psychiatrists were not monsters that they are people like you and me”

    “And why was that disturbing”

    “Because as you have mentioned before physicians have learnt to help people and not to kill patients”

    The far right wing have come to power in the UK on December 12, 2019, now with almost unstoppable majority.

    Expect UK psych to start to seek sterilizations and long term incarceration via their special interest group: Evolutionary Psychiatry in the near future. Expect them to use other people to put forward this.

  • ‘Forty international experts came together’

    We don’t want any of that, we don’t want any help from anyone, especially if it’s ‘experts’. We don’t need any help to get off psych drugs and I’m sure as hell not going to ask an ‘expert’ – of what ever kind – who could then put me on a CTO. We want rid of the whole lot. It’s all rotten to the core. What we are interested in doing is exposing the crimes of psychiatrists, their collusion with pharma and predicting their future crimes by reading their deluded thinking, that they seem to want to put out into the public space.

  • The special interest group of evolutionary psychiarty (in the UK ) is a very serious development. Evolutionary psychiatry has an appalling history in German psychiatry and it has to be taken seriously, watched and challenged. Please note in the recent news letter… the Lavin Assad student essay they are highlighting:

    In case you do not know

    The “Euthanasia “ Program in Nazi-Psychiatry.

    In 1920 Karl Binding (lawyer) and Alfred Hoche (psychiatrist) wrote a book: Die Freigabe der Vernichtung lebensunwerten Lebens (“Allowing the Destruction of Life Unworthy of Living”) used by the Nazi’s to justify their Aktion T4 mass murder program. Six ‘hospitals’ were used to mass murder psychiatric patients at: Brandenberg, Grefeneck, Hartheim, Sonnenstein, Bernburg and Hadamar. ‘These centers served as training for the Schutzstaffel (SS) who used the experience to construct larger killing centers (Auschwitz, Treblinka, etc.) The psychiatrist Imfried Eberl (look him up) was Treblinka’s first commandant.’ The important thing to note is that according to Prof Michael Von Cranach, the German psychiatrists were not under the boot of Hitler… they were not forced to kill their patients, but willingly did so… and almost all of them.

  • Wish to draw peoples attention to this:

    “This encourages clinicians to consider the possible consequences of treating potentially adaptive states of defence activation in individual patients.”

    ‘defense activation’ that means you provoke by some form of abuse/violence

    This goes on right now in psyh wards where ‘care assistants’ and other patients are allowed to abuse patients.

    “In addition, evolutionary thinking can illuminate and inform public health strategies for reducing epidemics such as depression, suicide and drug misuse. ”

    So does that means we would irradicate doctors who precribe drugs that cause suicide…. 😉

    Ofcourse the eugenicists used evolution to justify abuse and ultimately killing psych patients.

    So they seek to intellectually ligitimise this. Me thinks we need to keep an eye on Dr Derek Tracy.

  • Not saying anything we don’t know and we know more. If I had a group/website what ever, I wouldn’t allow psychiatrists, psych nurses or anyone that severed any of that hate (antipsychotics) that they push into their victims around me. Why is it that you think it is ok that we read the words of people who are responsible for putting neuotoxins into peoples bodies and have – no doubt by doing so – caused tremendous harm. Sorry but you know… it’s not OK. We want rid of them and any other ‘MH professional’ who make a living/lot of money by neurotoxic harming. In the context of that, everything else… their words, actions, what ever else is just a falling away. If you disagree with me fine, but then I suggest you take a dose of an antipsychotic just once and then think about the people who have that forced into them every day or injected, then see if you want to listen/read the words of people who do this to other people.

    RIP Julie Green a great antipsych warrior

  • Just wish to draw attention to something. I’ve been involved in art for many years, am also classed as a ‘mental patient’ and have documented here and else where in detail what I’ve witnessed and been subject to over a number of years. You all know this.

    There is a online submittal form on the Museum of Modern Art, New York website which ostensibly is ‘open’ to ALL… Here it is:

    As you can see there is no form there. So I ask a question to MoMA: when do you upload/open your form so I can fill it in ? I also give a link to the ‘About’ on my flickr account where I go into detail about Akathisia/Toxic Psychosis, history of psychiatry… All the abuse… You all know the picture.

    There was no reply to my question. I ask a friend (also a psych survivor but they do not disclose this) to ask MoMA when they open this form… They get a email reply same day with specific instructions as to day of month, even time of day to be able to submit.
    RIP Julie Green

  • The test is used to identify an individual’s specific phenotype (slow, intermediate, normal, rapid, extra rapid) of specific drug metabolising enzymes. Important ones being 2D6, 2C9, 2C19, 1A2, 3A4 and serotonergic pathways – 5-HTTLPR (Serotonin Transporter Polymorphic Region) (gene)and 5-HTR2A genotype, ‘So standard is to have two long alleles. If you have one short + one long you get problems and with two short alleles there are greater problems.’ The really important ones with regard psych drugs are: CYP2D6 and CYP3A4.

    An individuals metabolism enzymes can activate and inactivate drugs, if you can not inactivate drugs you become toxic. The more drugs you have the more likely your enzymes are to being overwhelmed. Akathisia/Toxic Psychosis is an outward expression of this. It’s like a silent bomb going off in the head, you move to try and escape/find some relief. But unless you come off the drugs, there is no escape. This is what causes suicide ideation, actual suicide and other violence. My bouts of anxiety are real and have happened independent of any drugs. They do not cause suicide ideation/suicide or any other violence, but it is pretty awful.

  • I’ve been through all the organisations that are suppose to oversee doctors and their institutions in the UK: GMC, CQC, PHSO and numerous others… you get fobbed off. So I’ve sent a link to my writing on here to the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture and other Cruel Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment Nils Melzer. If they contact me, will more fully inform them of what I was subject to and witnessed, also the factual evidence of a consultant lying about the polypharmacy I was subject to over a number of years, what Akathisia/Toxoic Psychosis is and what it does to people. What we need is a pharmacogenetics Cytochrome P450 gene test and for serotonergic metabolism to be offerd to the public independent of ‘doctors’ and this should now be a human right. I’ve asked labs who offer this test but am ignored. These tests will pretty much prove the actions or future actions of doctors caused/will cause or likely to cause drug toxicity, inducing illness right up to suicide ideation acutual suicide, violence, homicide ideation and actual homicide. I can only hope Nils Melzer can take note and grasp the scale of all this. The causation is known… it is iatrogenic not absent causation. Also The wider public need to grasp the importance of this and the enormous scale of it.

  • Where I was earlier this year, the psychology ‘therapy’ personal would – each week – coerce a group of patients to say positive things that had happened on the ‘ward’ that week. They knew the whole situation was abuse and were using the patients to cover-up. There was one chap who’s eyes were enlarged… one eye didn’t fit his socket.. he was in constant pain and required a specific non-psych drug. He was denied this drug and put on psych drugs.. he quickly saw through this use of ‘psychotherapy’ that and his pain meant he absolutely blew-up. Ofcourse this led to police incarceration. The last I saw of him.. he was in the middle of two policemen being marched out. I’m sorry to say that, in my view, non of what happens here has any affect in places like that, and many other such psychiartry controlled places, else where in the world.

  • If you read The Origins of Nazi Genocide: From Euthanaisa to the Final Solution by Henry Friedlander (some of it is published on google) and then think about psychiatry as a ‘medical discipline’.

    Here Benno Müller-Hill does an explaination/method of the mass psychiatry killing at Bernberg:

    The psychiatrist Imfried Eberl was superintendent of both Brandenburg and Bernberg killing ‘hospital’ see above video. He went on to be the first Commandant of killing centre Treblinka.

  • ‘But what then’

    Yes, we have got no where… and I know this in a very personal way. I was drugged to oblivion unable to assert my views in front of the psychiatrist and his cohort, he shouted at me: “I’m the expert here, not you” “you have a chemical imbalance, it’s a illness just like diabetes” seriously that’s what he said to me earlier this year and me drugged until I couldn’t answer back. I looked like something out of Belsen, and for sure it could happen again, and is happening to others and much worse right now.

  • The most vulnerable in psych ‘hospitals’ are not able to wash and look after themselves. They end up smelling because nobody helps them, what then happens is that the other patients initially complain to ‘nurses’ then it goes to the ‘ward management’ they say to the complaining patients… ‘we can’t do anything it would go against their human rights’…then they add… ‘but you can’. That is the green light for the vulnerable patients to be abused and I witnessed horrendous verbal and physical abuse while the so called ‘carers’ ‘nurses’ and ‘management’ looked on.

  • MiA is giving a false view of what psychiatry really is. It’s not a medical discipline. It has far more in common with the police, indeed you will find police cells in psychiatric hospitals. Psychiatrists who work in these places don’t give a fig about treating an illness, they just use drugs as a chemical cosh. They are chemical thugs enabled by the state. And it doesn’t matter what illness you’re suppose to have. If say, you have severe anxiety, for sure you’re going to get 400mg to 700mg of ‘anti-psychotic’ Quetiapine. For those of you who have been on the end of this, you will know the meaning of a chemical thug. They don’t care the pain and horror you experience…. you’re getting it.

  • It kicked off in 1920 with Alfred Hoche (psychriatrist) and Karl Binding (lawyer) writing: “Die Freigabe der Vernichtung Lebensnsunwerten Lebens”

    “Allowing the destruction of life unworthy of living”

    This led to Aktion T4 mass murder by German psychiatrists. According to Dr Michael Von Cranach (German psychiatrist) Almost all the psychiatrists killed their patients, he mentions one who would not kill was not himself destroyed in Nazi Germany. The inference being that they willing murdered their patients and brutally so.

  • Thank you for that info ingride. Am in the UK and it is worse than that, I made it conservative for fear being moderated. The cells were crawling with ants, for 6 months everyday and night this went on. They changed the doors on the cells to being opened by swipe cards but would not give the patients a swipe card to get into their cell, everyone else had a swipe card even the cleaners, but not the patient, this meant that when verbal abuse/violence kicked off they couldn’t lock themselves into their cell for safety. They could afford the many thousands for the doors but not get rid of ants, plus they immediately found a way to use the new doors to inflict more abuse by withholding a swipe card.

  • This year I have witnessed a patient being beaten up by the police in their psychiatric cell, why? They had called the police very many times, so the police came to confiscate their mobile phone. Why did they call the police? They were being viciously abused in the so called hospital. Patients being beaten up by other patients, patients being beaten up and viciously verbally abused by the so called carer’s and nurses. I witnessed one teenager in a secure unit escape his abuse over a high wire fence and be brought back by the police and right back to his abusers many times. Many times he escaped, many times he was brought right back to the same hell. Psychiatry needs to die.

  • The history of psychiatry in Germany is utterly appalling. Their methods of mass killing were taken up and used by the Nazis. The German psychiatrists were not under the boot of Hitler indeed even Hitler tried to stop the killing but it continued in the ‘hospitals’ even after the war and as far as I’m aware none of them were brought to justice… Their courts couldn’t decide if killing the patients was the right or wrong thing to do and that was right up into the 1970’s . Psychiatry needs to be buried not reformed.

  • Just wish to say it’s been a very provoking situation on this post and I’m still left wondering why we bother so much and seem to get no where. The practices going on today in psychiatry are barbaric with ‘autistic’ children locked away in padded cells and subject to neurotoxic polypharmacy. People on CTO’s and sectioned in hellish ‘hospitals’ forced to endure injections of neuotoxic drugs causing the very horrific problems. It has most certainly got to stop and the so called authorities have to realise that the so called ‘experts’ are the perpetrators of a crime. And all to often… their excuses…well what would you do….

    For god sake stop these people.

  • People can become toxic on Nytol or another natural sleeping aid containing valerian and parcetamol and there are plenty of common food stuffs herbs and spices that inhibit /block CYP Even black tea inhibits all of CYP450 –

    “Plenty of research suggests that drinking tea is healthful, but research also shows that black tea can have powerful inhibitory effects on the P450 drug-metabolizing system. In a laboratory study performed by Canadian researchers, black tea was found to be a more powerful inhibitor of the enzymes than single-ingredient herbal teas such as St. John’s wort, goldenseal, feverfew, or cat’s claw.5 Herbal tea blends were second only to black tea in their inhibitory effects. While the researchers said it is difficult to extrapolate the findings and precisely apply them to humans, they do believe the study accurately identified products for low or high levels of drug interactions.”

    My view – irrespective of no drugs a CYP450 test should be done.

  • “When you’ve got an actively suicidal elderly man who feels his guts are rotting, the devil is after him and hears the voices of demons, what would YOU do?”

    Well first I would ascertain if the drugs were causing the problems (toxic psychosis/akathisia) by doing a Cytochrome P450 test. I would not label him with ‘psychotic depression’. The labels have to be removed… they very much harm us.

    There are a number of other – physical/biology – things that can cause his problems.. they need looking into. And then I would look at what has happened in his life.

  • Psychiatry has not been captured by the medico-Pharma-industrial complex. It is enabled by it and utilised by the state to dehumanise and destroy people with toxic drugs.

    The history of psychiatry is one of mass murder. If anyone wishes to click on my name they can run through my comments and find the harrowing video evidence. One can only conclude from that evidence that it is a crime against humanity and needs to be abolished.

  • After being in contempt of Parliament a few days ago Theresa May has abscoded with 39 billions worth of crown jewels to the EU, and is actively trying to flog our country. Clearly she has committed treason and needs to be arrested and placed in the Tower of London as soon as she sets foot back in the UK and until John Bercow can restore order. Now where are those 48 letters Captain Mainwaring ?

  • Thanks for those links. Yes, sure confirms the view that MH life long labeling/drug destruction is now financially incentivised. In the UK we have the facade of a National Health Service in that you do not pay at the point of ‘care’ In reality GP’s are pretty much all in business. And the so called regulation… GMC, PHSO, CQC is there to protect the doctors, unless they are drunk and sexually assult someone they can drug the hell out of people, lie about the drugs enforced and nothing happens. Then if the abuse is so outrageous, it is covered up for decades and comes out in the news for a day or so:

    It seems even after death they are still screwing us over:

  • “MPs to investigate the scandal of youngsters with autism and learning disabilities being locked up like criminals in psychiatric units”

    Can someone (BBC researcher maybe) give this to Harriet Harmon please. It is one of the ways people in these situations and circumstance need to be engaged and the appauling drug ‘treatments’ stopped:

    Pyridoxine (B6) probably works because the enzyme glutamate decarboxylase requires B6 to function. Glutamate decarboxylase is what converts glutamate to GABA and calms people down.


    The importance of Magnesium is that it regulates the transmission of the glutamate neurotransmitter (major excitatory neurotransmitter) by blocking the NMDA receptor.


    It will take a long time – many months into years – to get these victims of psychiatry okish due to the drugs, they should be very very slowly brought off them and all of them… I do not know ANY psychiatrist who really knows how to do this. It is only psych survivors who have been throught it who really know how to do it.

  • CC – If a person has spent decades prescribing SSRI’s and just doesn’t think they do much – when in fact a science (pharmacogenetics) pretty much proves a specific percentage of a given community will not be able to metabolise the drugs correctly and therefore will become toxic – to actually face up to what they have done maywell be just too much for them come to terms with. They are also incentivised by being very well paid and – as it were – protected by the state. One might come to the conclusion that they are protecting their careers and their fellow prescribers/enforcers of neurotoxins. It’s just too appaling for them to do otherwise, so they continue and will continue until they are stopped.

    BUT would you agree it is vital THEY are MADE to come to terms with what they have done ? At worst this is utter extreme brain horror that has violently killed. Don’t be fooled by the word critical, in this context it really means hypocritical.

  • “Unfortunately, and much as I would like it, they can’t yet find a hard and fast link between antipsychotics and suicide, or even between antidepressants and suicide except at dose changes.”

    Crikey, I’m wondering why we bother. If CC – who must read all the information on akathisia – doesn’t get it what hope for getting the wider public to grasp it ?

    I’ll try once more….’hard and fast link’ = using pharmacogenetics to prove a person is toxic (akathisia/toxic psychosis). It seems the coroners make sure this doesn’t happen and the GP’s/ psychiatrists get away with it.

    Pharmacogenetics made easy:

    Kerry O’Malley: Community Treatment Orders and the Mental Health Tribunal and the use of pharmacogenetics to get her free of forced drugging:

    Adverse Reactions to Psychiatric Drugs: Yolande Lucire MBBS, Peter Breggin MD:

  • “the Mental Health Act takes away your liberty and imposes treatment that you don’t want. It can be traumatic, frightening and confusing. But on the other it can help restore health ”

    This is what struck me from Simon Wessely.


    Does anyone here think psych drugs ‘help restore health’ ? I’ll grant one thing… a benzodiazepine can help calm a person in the short term.

    NOT until psychiatrists with power such as Simon Wessely admit that psych drugs are killer drugs indeed cause the very condtions that make people suicidal and violent (akathisia/toxic psychosis) will we see any really change in all this abuse.

  • Yes indeed anything you do is now ear marked for a MH label. Psych is now being expanded and marketed ever more and needs to clearn up it’s act.. This is what it is all about. Making psychiatry acceptable. A mental hospital is now a ‘place of safety’ and ‘supported’ housing. The public should not be fooled.

    Simon Wessely to link to his report on twitter at 8am UK time

  • Charles Walker, Conservative: “Mr Speaker can I thank my friend for her determined campaigning in the area of mental health.

    “Will she join me in congratulating Simon Wessely in his findings and even though this house is divided on so many issues, it should be united on this issue.”

    Theresa May replied: “How we look at mental health will unite people across this house and I congratulate the work done by Mr Wessely.

    “We will commit as a government to come forward with legislation in due course.”

    Thanks to Auntie Psychiatry for that!

  • It is a good and important point oldhead. If we look at the harm neoliberal globalism has done by deregulating the banking and pharma (was it ever properly regulated?) it is not difficult to see where the real harm is. Psychiatry with pharma is seeking to police the world with neurotoxic drugs. History will record who the real abusers are.

  • The UK Mental Health Review will be published this Friday 7th December. The usual technique to get bad news out during an important event in this case Brexit vote on the 11th December.

    My view – Expect a push for people just being abducted to ‘supported housing’ which is a psych hospital in all but name and a locked door.

    Mental Health Act review Speak out at Speakers corner

  • Rosalee for people who have been sectioned/detained and force drugged they will look at their case and if possible hire lawyers to help get them out. When a person is in that situation they should not be put off going to them. Thomas Szasz set it up because scientology has loads of money to pay lawyers to get people out of – hell hole – psych hospitals.

  • The long time issue re Maria Schneider is serious and Last Tango in Paris should not be available and should have been shelved. One can draw correlations in mental health in terms of coercian and informed consent interms of emotional damage. This goes on all the time in mental health situations and as it never left Maria, indeed affected her whole life as is the case with us…many of us have been emotionally and physically (forced drugging) raped by psychiatry. Think about that and then think some more !

  • Yes this is interesting –

    “One sure thing was that I had terrible problems with my mind. It was unable to shut it up.”

    Do you know about Long-Term Potentiation which is widely thought to be the biological basis of learning and memory ? The key to keeping our minds calm is here:

    “NMDA receptors are found by these AMPA receptors but are not activated by low levels of glutamate release because the ion channel of an NMDA receptor is blocked by magnesium ions”

  • BBC R4 Today program reporting the UK Govt refusing to release the legal (binding) terms of Brexit and unclear what the other parties can force the UK Govt to reveal. The last time this happened was over Tony Blair and the Iraq war.

    My view – if the US has the details they should be – very much in the public interest – leaked to Nigel Farage.

  • Hi Ekaterina, You said you had Chinese tea for a gastritis condtion and after that you didn’t sleep for eleven days and that is where it all started is that correct ? Do you know the name of this herb and were you under a lot of stress at this time….you know we had the financial crisis 10 years ago..was it around that time. Also were you taking any other prescription drugs even things like paracetamol or anything else for headache/migraine ?

  • They have to get rid of May now before the House of Commons vote around the 11/12 December …it will not happen.

    How ever much Nigel Farage is an embarrassment of right wing nationalism, he was the one who championed what the UK public democratically voted for and should have been part of Brexit…a verbal ninja who went to Brussels and off-loaded all guns blazing with British sarcasm and directness.

    ‘Isn’t it funny’

  • “Do you think they felt they were murdering people ?”

    “Errr it’s most interesting that two other chiefs here: medical doctors and psychiatrists who were running this place here, kind of got away with it – in 1962 – by saying that they couldn’t see anything wrong with killing those incurable insane, and they had learned this in the medical courses at the universities and so they couldn’t see anything wrong. In fact they got free, and so this went from court to court and in 72 the German supreme court decided that indeed since that they didn’t see anything wrong there was nothing wrong with it and they could be free. So this is about the medical people.”

    Benno Müller-Hill

    You will not find the word Akathisia on any psych drug pill insert in the UK.

    Psych-Drugs Harm – 5B: Wendy Dolin – Drug-Induced Akathisia

  • “If a child had an allergic reaction to selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors”

    More nonsense from the psychiatrists that needs to be challenged. ‘Allergic reaction to SSRI’s in children’. It is NOT an allergic reaction, it is because children do not have fully developed metabolising enzymes and will all have different phenotypes (strenghs, expressions of) therefore can not metabolise the drugs correctly and become toxic. All of this can be predicted with a gene test that no one gets.

    “Theodosiou said: “If a child had an allergic reaction to selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors (SSRI), it’s not worth running the risk of trying another SSRI, so you may say let’s then try venlafaxine instead. But you would need to know that it may increase thoughts of suicide and in that situation would make sure medication was locked away … give prescriptions on a weekly basis and increase reviews.”

    So they are – in a sly way – trying to shift blame to saying suicide ideation and suicide is being caused by an ‘allergic’ reaction.

  • Just wish to say something about Brexit in the UK because things are getting rather toasty. The way the Tories (that’s Republicans in the US) are going we shall have a true Labour Govt before not too long. The Tories have historically torn themselves apart over Europe and it is playing out again. The Tory fools voted for a Prime Minister: Theresa May who is an EU remainer to deal with Brexit.. how stupid, and now we are facing a Hotel California deal from the un-democratic EU bureaucrats and they still can’t get rid of her, they still can’t decide who will be leader and get her out. Gutless headless chickens running around and Jeremy Corbyn awaits.

  • Urgent checks after fake psychiatrist practised in NHS for 22 years

    “Zholia Alemi was jailed for fraud in October this year after she changed an elderly patient’s will to make herself a beneficiary.”

    “The General Medical Council has apologised for “inadequate” checks made in the 1990s and for “any risk arising to patients as a result”.

    How many more. Jail is too good. How many lives did this woman ruin in 22 years? The punishment should be akathisia which she undoubtably caused to very many.

    The GMC is a disgrace. I proved with the Health ‘Trusts’ OWN letters that I was subject to polypharmacy for three years in reply to my complaint which stated that I was not subject to polypharmacy. THE GMC IGNORED that evidence. Once you become a MH patient you’re just trash and trash to be exploited if you have money or valuable assets.

  • People are seeing you as an agent provocateur, you feel you have been ‘validated’ by Dr Moncrieff on ‘it’, you seem to think you can dictate what a person means by ‘AP’ and what language people should use to describe their experience. Are you sure you are not – infact – a psychiatrist Oldhead, sent to inveigle us? You’re a psychiatrist arn’t you!

  • Thank you for that. Magnesium will certainly help with sleep because it controls glutamate transmission. But the alcohol and caffeine will counteract it. Unfortunately if you wish to get off the ‘AP’… can’t have it all.

    Might find this of interest:

    Also it takes a long time to get enough Mg in your head :

    Wish you all the best.

  • Ekaterina Netchitailova

    “and am actively learning how to live in that state while still being able to be part of the society.”

    Interesting video…what did you learn so far that will help someone stay out of the MH system.

    Are you in a psych hospital now or outpatient or free of it, if you do not mind me asking ?

  • Ketogenic diet
    Yeah it is worth seriously looking at… suppose to help balance out glutamate/gaba to prevent seizure… but how ? The problem is that it can increase possibility of kidney stones. However if it does help balance out glutamate/gaba it would be a positive for those withdrawing from benzodiazepines/alcohol.

    My view is that zyprexa/olanzapine is forced as a form of punishment. Psychiatrists and psych nurses know full well how appalling this drug is. For those who do not know, it forces you to eat no matter how much food you have already eaten. If you are awake you want to eat constantly knowing full well you are pushing yourself to diabetes. This is a form of torture.

  • oldhead, valerian is not good for everyone.


    Because it blocks metabolising CYP450 enzyems contributing and leading to toxicity…. toxic psychosis/akathisia suicide and toxic violence.

    Ofcourse not everyone will be affected… it depends on the expression of an individuals CYP450 system and other foods, herbs and spices that also inhibit/block.

    Suggest you and anyone thinking to use valerian watch the whole of this:

  • “How can a person possibly give consent for ECT when they are so zoned out on drugs that they little or not idea what they are consenting to?”

    Yes indeed. At the time I had no knowledge of what was happening to me. Really thought I was very mentally ill. What I experienced was utterly horrific and was determined to kill myself – after three failed attempts – when I got off the drugs and was able to do it to get out of the horror. I knew nothing of how dangerous the drugs are until I listened to Peter Beggins videos on YouTube, got off the drugs and the akathisia horror left me. In truth his videos saved my life.

    What sealed my view that psychiatry must be abolished was that there is no really accountability, which means people are being subject to horror and killed with impunity due to psychiatrist forced drug toxicity and electro-shock. And they know what they are doing to people, they use the drugs as a punishment knowing full well the they are backed up by the state and all the ‘regulatory’ bodies.

  • They read the notes ignoring the relatives…I’ve seen this so many times. Olanzapine is a truely appauling drug, no one, let alone a young person should be subject to it. And yes wast of time making any complaint, you only have to look at the Gosport horror… have to sue if possible and not many people are up to that.

    Surviving Psychiatry On-Calls (for the doctors that is) How the hell do we survive them ?

  • Certainly support your work Bonnie. Was put down for ECT, even signed my name to agree with it, so drug fucked-up ill was me.

    Just have to post this again from TRM123 the retired consultant. It is so sickening and would certainly plug a victim into being shocked down the mainline hell hole of psychiatry:

    “The work group also clarified that mania induced by treatment with antidepressant medication counts as a manic episode for the purpose of diagnosing bipolar I disorder.”

    For those of you who do not know, the mania induced by AD’s is caused by not being able to metabolise the drugs correctly because we have a one size fits all drug system, but WE ALL HAVE DIFFERENT phenotypes – strengths… expressions of – metabolising enzymes. People become toxic and a victim of psychiatry because of this. To boot, these phenotypes can be predicted with a decades old gene test that no one gets. The ‘doctors’ well know ALL this.

  • Connor M. karen you got your eyes over this ? I’m going to inform you of why people become manic on these drugs and it isn’t due to ‘bipolar I disorder’ and why it is therefore fraud at the expense of destroying peoples lives as the retired consultant correctly points out.

    “The work group also clarified that mania induced by treatment with antidepressant medication counts as a manic episode for the purpose of diagnosing bipolar I disorder.”

    People become toxic (toxic psychosis/akathisia) on these drugs because they are unable to metabolise them correctly. This is because we ALL HAVE DIFFERENT strengths (phenotypes) of metabolising enzymes. An area of science proves this called pharmacognetics. I think this was one of the first gene tests available going back something like 20 years, but today still, few people get this test, pretty much no one in the UK gets it. The ‘doctors’ know this, especially the DSM people who put this in place.

    Pharmacogenetics Made Easy:

  • “I suggest, in all sincerity, that Dr. Frances abandon his attempt to absolve psychiatry from blame in these matters, and that he join the anti-psychiatry movement. Dr. Frances’s present exculpation mission is doomed to failure because psychiatry is indeed the primary culprit, and it is only within the anti-psychiatry movement that Dr. Frances will find uncompromised congruence with his present desire to expose the excesses which he so clearly deplores.”

    So funny. Thankyou so much for that.

    “The pharmaceutical industry is only marginally less ruthless than the drug cartels”

    Allen Frances Paid Role in Creating Psychiatric Epidemics:

  • Once you understand pharmacogenetics you realise that there are loads of drugs – not just psychiatric – you can get toxic on and show ‘psychiatric’ symptoms. In the UK there now seems to be a system in place, in public places like libraries, banks, supermarkets where people who are deemed by the workers to be ‘problematic’ getting a social worker called out who has part power to section people. Of course the workers in these places have no real knowledge of what they are really a part of. They just make an assumption based on an ostensible manifestation of what they know as a ‘nutta’ or ‘nutjob’ or the local ‘nutter’.

    Today there will be a budget in the UK..Expect more money for ‘mental illness’ With pharma and psychiatrists rubbing their greedy hands.

  • “82-year-old Max Fink of New York, widely regarded as the “grandfather of shock” and the author of many books and articles on ECT, was scheduled to testify for the defense, but in the end only watched the trial from the courtroom. The defense did not call him as a witness due to incriminating statements made under oath at his deposition.”

    ‘incriminating statements made under oath’ Anyone know…care to inform us ?

  • Yep that is it and you can add lithium to that and all it’s harms to the deluded ‘doctor’ criminality. I hope the lawyers are reading your factual words. They also use the families to collude in trying to prove their assertion of mental ‘illness’ because the families are usually the ones who fucked-up the individual in the first place, are very much – also – to blame and the ‘doctors’ exploit this using them to ‘Look’ for all signs of ‘relapse’. If it’s not relapse it’s a new diagnosis of ‘autism’ because you park your car in the same place at the supermarket and don’t like certain music or do like certain music… do art, do math… etc etc

  • For the UK lawyers who do not know this. Psych drugs take out your memory as well, especially benzodiazepines used in polypharmacy. I recently discovered in 2014 I was subject to high doses of pregabalin (GABA derivative doing almost the same as benzodiazepines) as well as ‘antipsychotics’, benzodiazepines and sleeping tablets. I have no memory of pregabalin what so ever, and the memory of specifically who I was before, what I did and what actually happened to me only came back gradually over 4 years. Yet you only have three years to make a claim.

  • Think we need to read the full paper on this one.

    Look at one of the papers they are referencing

    “we found a major activation of microglia in the hippocampus, which could explain in part the volume loss of the hippocampus after a psychotic episode of patients.”

    It doesn’t occur to them that the drugs have done this.

    And it gets worse page 246

    Modification of Herpes Encephalitis by Antipsychotics

    “The microglia activation on PET scans and increased exploratory
    behavior was significantly decreased by treatment with the antipsychotic clozapine and risperidone, but not by haloperidol”

    So what we learn: French kissing by people who have herpes can cause a condition that looks like psychosis and can be treated with atypical antipsychotics – everyone

    Does an autoimmune condition cause a condition that looks like the very harmful label psychosis? Yes it does. Do atypical ‘antipsychotics’ treat this…NOWAY !

  • From your comment I can tell you have never been subject to them. I can inform you they are far far worse than you could imagine. It’s a major human rights crime to force these drugs. Olanzapine is nothing short of torture. They directly contribute to acts of terrible violence by removing your ability to care about anything. Now add that to getting akathisia and you have people turned into potential and actual killers.

  • We are going backwards with this in the UK. They want to make carehome owners/managers pay for independent tests for capacity… clear conflict of interest. And the feeling I get is to continue to just abduct (no sectioning process…too costly time consuming and they can’t be bothered with all this legal business ) people and put them in ‘supported housing’ which is in truth a MH Hospital with coercive/forced neurotoxic drugging and infantalising support workers. And to just normalise all this in legislation.

  • Found this interesting:

    And yet they turn down the work of someone who has indepth experience and knowledge of the truth of all this, is also a sufferer and survivor. Work that is in no way controversial.

    These are the appauling drugs used in young peoples ‘autism’ units in the UK, that includes children:

    Apiriprizole (Abilify atypical ‘antipsychotic’)

    Lithium (mood stabaliser – out right posion)

    Clonazepam (benzodiazepeine)

    Asenapine (atypical ‘atipsychotic’)

    Chlorpromazine (‘antipsychotic’)

    Paliperidone (atypical ‘antipsychotic’)

    Quetiapine (atypical ‘antipsychotic’)

    Risperidone (atypical ‘antipsychotic’)

    Ziprasidone (atypical ‘antipsychotic’)

    I’ll pick out and project the truth of just one: Risperidone –

  • Earlier this year my father was suddenly taken ill, the GP said it was a urinary infection. It was very obvious that it was very much more serious than that. The GP didn’t want to know about speeding up the ambulance and insisted I drive him home and wait for the ambulance there while with every passing minute he was worsening. I spent the rest of the day and almost all night at the hospital while they did tests and scans. Early the next morning I went back in. One look at the senior nurse and I knew it wasn’t good. She didn’t even take me into a private room, just said almost casually from her desk in the ward, that his gall bladder had burst, there were lesions on his liver and he would be in hospital for the foreseeable future. Straight away I realised this was the beginning of the end. The next thing I remember were people rushing towards me in slow motion, loads and loads of them, then someone put a mask on me and others were pulling my coat off. They told me I had passed out and smashed my head on the floor. There was no memory of this then nor now. I felt much much better quickly, got up off the floor and wanted to see the consultant about my father. Next morning this happened and he said basically your father is not going to live. They were only going to make him comfortable, there was an operation but at his age he wouldn’t survive it. The next twelve days would prove to be some of the most harrowing days of my life and I knew it would be the memory of those days that could affect me in the future. And sure enough I relive those days in the middle of the night, but I’m in control of it. Long Term Potentiation has a control mechanism. A biology control mechanism. If you not only don’t believe in any of this but think that this is buying onto psychiatry, fine, you may suffer. I know otherwise and do not.

    btw what I went through – with respect to my father – was nothing compared to the horror of psychiatry. The kind of horror that people outside of all this will never grasp unless it happens to them and it can happen to anybody.

    Psychiatry needs to be abolished, psychiatrists put out of a job, convicted of forced drugging with neurotoxins and their pay packets given to their victims.

  • From Chapter 4 of Grace E Jacksons Drug Induced Dementia :

    “To date, the investigation by Kalia et al is the only animal study which has analyzed the appearence of serotonin nerve fibers following exposure to pharmaceutical inhibitors of serotonin reuptake.

    Unexpectedly, these reseachers found that fluoxetine and sertraline were toxic to serotonin neurons in multiple regions of the brain.

    Based upon dose-equivalent levels of medication in the peripheral bloodstream, the antidepressant regimes used in this experiment were comparable to those consumed by humans.

    Although the four-day exposures to fluoxetine and sertraline did not fully deplete serotonin, both drugs contributed to reductions of serotonin content (12% and 4% respectively) within the prefrontal cortex of the brain.

    Flouxetine and sertraline produced the same quality and distrubution of structural defects caused by two other drugs (Ecstasy and dexfenfluramine) whose toxicities preclude sale on the US market.

    Damage to the structural integrity of the serotonin network cannot be regarded as a trivial phenomenon. Most notably, the anatomical changes which occured in rats in response to fluoxetine and sertraline were similar to the defects observed in humans in association with serveral neurodegerative conditions.”

  • That’s because it’s business…the US Govt has patent out on dope –

    It is a significant inhibitor of cytochrome P450… this is why people become toxic (toxic psychosis). Young people do not have fully developed CYP enzymes. Then young – more money when they are young – people end up as a forced drugged up cash cow for pharma/pych.

  • So funny and gone wrong…. two psychiatrists.. pillshaming for saying there is no such thing as an ‘antidepressant’ and the other one who says there is no such thing as an ‘antidepressant’ who works in the NHS therefore must prescribe the ‘antidepressant’. I feel slightly better – ‘antidepressant’ ? – for that laugh after looking at the horror of a blown down tree in my garden this morning.

  • We are not talking about emotions and it is not a correlation. External inputs directly cause the process of LTP (memory). In this case of anxiety/depression it is the memory of abuse in childhood usually or when ever. The functionality of memory is that of the AMPA and NMDA receptor. And that is where the problems are. The magnesium block of the NMDA and it’s movement generating an electrical field is of absolutely profound importance to humanity. Nothing less. If a person wants to stop their anxiety/migraine attacks, raging insomnia, intrusive thoughts/ memories in the middle of the night, Mg is what they have to do.

    I even suspect that the loss of Mg through stress/abuse may also be involved in anti-nmda receptor encephalitis inducing psychosis.

  • CC – The glutamate/gaba science is not wrong, but the solution is only partial, for some it would be very significant. I came to this conclusion through an indept experience/understanding of migraine long before my experience of psych drugs. The NMDA (glutamate) receptor is central to the transmission of migraine pain and central to long term potentation (memory). btw the migraine business is also sickeningly corrupted.

  • Pharma/psychiatry corrupted the science for profit. The science is good and shows not only partial solutions to these problems but also the corruption. Am all for helping people withdrawal and exposing this vile fraud that has killed and harmed so many. I certainly do disagree with you that conditions called anxiety, depression, mania and psychosis do not exist. But I’m not going to go a step further on it. We have much more in common than not.

  • “there is no chemical pathology we can find”

    Hate to say this, but there is. You see gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA) is synthesized from glutamate by the use of an isoform of the enzyme glutamate decaboxylase: GAD 65 and the active form of B6 (P5P). Enzymes are encoded by genes and if the phenotyope of the enzyme is poor and an individual can’t adequately make that conversion to GABA you will have a chemical imbalance. But there is a partial fail safe being as the NMDA receptor is a voltage gated ion channel. Now to be sure I’m not on the side of the psychiatrists and their drugs… that is very harmful fraud. If the ion isn’t present to gate the channel you will have excess transmission of the glutamate neurotransmitter. What does that mean ? Well anxiety, insomnia, mania, aggression, anger, migraine possible violence, seizures.

    What I’m stating is hard science biology.

    Glutamate is the major excitatory neurotransmitter in the CNS. GABA is the major inhibitory neurotransmitter in the CNS.

    How do you know if you are low in the ions necessary to regulate the NMDA? well migraine/anxiety is a sure sign.

    I sincerely hope that helps. Running to my bunker now.

  • If you understand credit default swaps and collateralised debt obligations you understand that destruction is now monetized. This is what drove the last financial melt down. It is still happening. All those ‘mentally ill’ just out of jail convicts being given mortgages they could never afford…. tripping people into debt for a default mega payday is still on the cards. I’ve no idea if I’m on the The UK Severe Mental Illness Register but given what happened to me over three years, very much suspect so, yet my background doesn’t stop banks trying to flog me credit cards and other methods to tempt me into debt.

  • Don’t be fooled, they well know, but they also know they can get away with it, so they do. They do it quickly because they do not want you/whom ever coming off the drugs, they know full well a speedy withdrawal will have a withdrawal side effect and hence the patient has to go back on the drug …it’s all business at the expense of your/whomevers heath. Notice they are not telling people how to withdrawal correctly and there by leaving a door open for the ‘doctors’. So the drug pushers who trashed them/us ruined/killed our lives, seriously affected our families and friends are now on course for a new role in responsible ‘withdrawal’ monitoring…. really. It will be another way of of making patients dependent.

  • People need to have a method of compensation for having their lives destroyed by all this, never mind new NICE guidlines on these drugs…people have died and have been through utter hell and prolonged hell. Professional people have little chance of getting back to their career. The GP’s know full well what they have done, no excuse for them. Sorry but don’t go near a GP, never get out of the boat. GP is pharma drug pusher in business. THE way to come off SSRI’s is by using liquid titration. Get a pill crusher from Amazon/ebay where ever, dissolve in warm water and then use a syringe to pull out small amounts between say 1ml to 3ml throw that away and take, hold on that for one to two weeks and then progress to 2ml/6ml. The exact amounts depends upon how you react, so that is the basic principle….slow, small amounts in a controlled way. I came off 14 of these vile drugs like this… it works.

    BTW breaking news…the GMC’s response to all this is to hire a these people:

    ‘make better happen.’ HA ! Really with what… marketing…. a new sales pitch

    It’s very simple GMC, and not marketing, the ‘doctors’ need to be tried and convicted of drug abuse, especially the psychiatrists beause they force the drugs… major human rights abuse in the context of toxic psychosis/akathisia, prolonged QT interval and all the other multiple harms ! What you do is get un-named doctors to ‘investigate’ (sorry but investigate… that is laughable) ‘doctors’. So long as you have ‘doctors’ ‘investigating’ ‘doctors’ and a system predicated on drug profits we will never have any reforms and you will go on protecting ‘doctors’ for profit. And you know all this.

  • For those of you who are new to all this – Silje Marie survived 10 years of psychiatry hell. She had psychiatric drug induced toxic psychosis/akathisia. A technically beautiful documentary about one persons decent into horrific hell:

    No excuses for the psychiatrists, they have committed a serious crime against her and continue to do so against others. It’s not an error or a mistake oK; it’s serious human rights/financial crime going on around the world that has been covered up by the ‘doctors’ and the ‘regulatory bodies’ which are also controlled by the ‘doctors’ under the guise of serious ‘mental illness’.

  • Yes indeed and too funny as well. But I think we have to give some credit to James Moore. I think it was he who kicked off the SSRI withdrawal issue advice which John Read and others went with. I hope they extend it to the other drugs and ECT and really step it up. People have had their lives ruined and have no method for compensation unless they are brave enough to sue within three years. I made the naive – even when told I would be wasting my time – mistake of putting in a complaint only to find they can get away with out outright lies… only then, for me, the penny really did drop… this is a total corruption situation. We have a fascard of regulation, in truth there is none. And you see Dr Neil MacFarlane (psychiatrist) seems to be more interested in swaring when their (psychiatrists) actions have caused untold sufferering and death over decades… he warned truthman30 not to sware…. Ha !

  • Have taken these quotes from comments on this post:

    “ADHD is the hardest thing to cure, requiring 100 sessions.”

    “My therapist cured my OCD that I didn’t even know I had.”

    “meditative alpha state is a predominant sub-type of ADHD.”

    The question I have for you all is – how are we going to engage people who think like this and have these beliefs ?

  • We need to move beyond a debate (sorry I didn’t listen.. same old same old ?) on this to making the abusers accountable. It starts with a drug, when that screws people up…translation to their language: ‘treatment resistaint’ or it’s uncovered a ‘hidden psychosis’ (they are actually toxic on the drug) then it’s more drugs and usually a snow ball of polypharmacy in short order that will end up further down the line with a victim laying down with electrodes on their head. Ofcourse that ultimately fails and it’s back to the ‘mental illness’ if you get well enough to complaint…you lack insight…it’s the ‘mental illness’. NO IT’S CRIMINAL HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSE AND THE FIGURES SHOW…. MOSTLY AGAINST WOMEN.

  • Bippyone – Herbal sleepers usually contain valerian which blocks the metabolising enzymes which metabolise most drugs including psychiatric. This can cause akathisia which is not just a movement disorder as doctors would have us believe, it is THE condition which causes strong suicide ideation and toxic psychosis). Anyone can get this. The enzymes are called Cytochrome P450 and they have names… important ones being CYP 2D6 and CYP 3A4.

    I very much hope that this information may help you.

    It is explained here.. a bit technical, but well worth watching and concentrating on to understand the significance and importance:

    Auntie Psychiatry may also have information that will be of help to you and can be contacted here:

  • Am sorry to say but alcohol is not good for psychosis. Alcohol is a GABA drug, it does the same as benzodiazepines, the withdrawal of with includes toxic psychosis. You end up pushing glutamate – the major excitatory neuotransmitter – up which is the bodies way of compensating for the alcohol initiating GABA the major inhibitory neuotransmitter. Magnesium regulates the transmission of glutamate via the NMDA receptor by blocking it.

    I certainly wish you all the best.

  • “Personally, I think the best any of us can do is to walk away and warn the others. What else is there to do, really?”

    Yes indeed. The level of bullshit deception, hypocrisy, expoitation and profit is really difficult for people outside of all this to even begin to grasp. Was just reading the comments on this:

    These people have no concept of toxic psychosis/akathisia induced by drugs and from withdrawal.

    Then we have the rest of the parasites fuelled and incentivised by the incurable ‘mental illness’ business model. Websites like this which knowingly provoke us survivors who have insight through experience and feel compelled to tell the truth about ‘peer’ support workers, psychiatrists and psychologists. This is why oldhead is correct – we need a platform for ourseleves, alone… no parasites.

  • He went into the Saint-Paul-de-Mausole asylum on 8 May 1889, but I think Vincent would agree with you….

    “I think that we must not count on Dr. Gachet at all. First of all, he is sicker than I am, I think, or shall we say just as much, so that’s that. Now when one blind man leads another blind man, don’t they both fall into the ditch?”

  • “I am not interested in arguing with people about psych drugs and labels, and the people on MIA who are stuck in that argument, I have nothing for you, we have moved on.”

    Moved on from what….. really ? Why don’t you put forward your case to what I have said which was designed to actually help…

    1. keep people out of the MH system

    2. Help people understand what happened to them and what to do about it.

    Based on facts. And I’m not asking for any money.

    Toxic psychosis/akathisia is a very serious condition.

  • If a person – could be anybody no mh history – became psychotic (toxic psychosis) as a result of not being able to metabolise the drugs correctly or from withdrawal. They may have gone to their GP with work related anxiety and ended up psychotic and with suicidal ideation and making attempts, if they didn’t end up dead they would be.. in prison, sectioned or in supported ‘housing’ every move they make with be watched and reported upon and hence labelled. You start doing yoga, you start talking to yourself, you spend a bit too much money, you don’t smile. you move too much, you don’t move enough. It’s all reported upon feeding into ‘mental illness’.

    Again for those who are new to this, watch these videos, it maybe difficult and hard work but could save your life or a loved ones life, so it is serious business:

    Now a peer worker/advocate what ever their good intention HAS to defer to a psychiatrist. They can’t tell a psychiatrist what to do, they are not going to tell the psychiatrist/GP it’s your fault you ruined this persons life and god knows how many more, how long do you think they are going to be working as a ‘peer’ worker once that happens ?

    This person seems to be chugging for more money for peer workers; what – the hell – about people who have had their lives ruined and the very many who have died by the GP referral to psychiatrists and their actions of forced drugging/rapid withdrawal leading to drug induced akathisia / toxic psychosis ? How many people are in a position to sue a health authority or psychiatrist for ripping them off benzodiazepines ? In the UK you have to make a claim within three years, when it may take years to recover, if at all.

    I’m sorry but when are people going to wake up to all this. Maybe we should we be asking the ‘peer’ workers to spy on how many people the psychiatrists are destroying and document the names and drug doses ?


    Withdrawal of a benzodiazepine should be gradual because abrupt withdrawal may produce confusion, toxic psychosis,”

  • “we need to start recognizing the function of the “peer” industry as an adjunct of the “mental health” system.”

    Yes indeed, but don’t just think it’s an adjunct, they are the spies of the GP’s/psychiatrists looking for ‘relapse’ at the slightest sign to get people back on neurotoxin fraudulent drugs, please see video below if you are new to this (yes I know oldhead is very far from that) same for the rest of the family – in contact with the GP/psychiatrists – doing it to people they probably abused. A few of these signs of ‘relapse’… if you fail to smile or are late with paying bills as an excuse to coerce back to a GP to be referred to a psychiatrist for possible forced drugging. They call it ‘early intervention’..what is really normalised human rights abuse.

  • Nancy

    I do not know if you know this, I’ll assume you may not know it all and go for it. Under stress, low Mg diet, calcium supplements, some prescription and over the counter drugs, alcohol, digestive problems humans loose magnesium. Mg plays a vital role in the brain in regulating the function of the NMDA receptor, which is a glutamate receptor, glutamate being the major excitatory neurotransmitter in the CNS. GABA is synthesized from glutamate using an enzyme, glutamate decarboxylase which requires a co-factor: the active form of B6 – Pyridoxal phosphate (P5P). This is clearly stated in the biology literature. So you were not given bad advice on taking B6 re benzodiazepine withdrawal. Liquid titration of benzodiazepines, Mg and B6 are all good things to deal with withdrawal and people should not be put off.

  • For sure lithium at doses given by psychiatrists can be lethal and it is destroying kidney function affecting thyroid – hyperparathyroidism… excessive blood levels of calcium leading to kidney stones and deposts else where in the body including the brain, and ofcourse tremor.

    Am no expert in all this – apart from being trashed by lithium through the coereced use of it by lies (“there are no other options”) of a psychiatrist who almost killed me – so anyone like to comment on this :

  • Drug NMDA receptor antagonists will not work- especially in the long term – the body will react against them. The only thing accepted on earth by all humans is Mg as a voltage gated ion to the NMDA, nothing else.

    The problem with humans is they think there is a way for them to become more human than human, this is clearly demonstrated in the history of art. When the great ancient Greek artists perfected realism in sculpture (Kritian boy) they stopped and started creating scupture that improved the human physical make up (Riace bronzes). Similarly humans think there is some drug/potion/lotion that is a mirical cure. This is how people become exploited and end up far worse off.

  • The drug companies are getting on the NMDA receptor antagonists bandwagon to treat pain. Don’t buy it ! Evolution has it sorted – Mg is the fail safe to the firing of the NMDA. If you have enough Mg in your head, problem – within reason – solved. People who are low on Mg tend to have migraine and anxiety/panic attacks. It takes a long time to get enough Mg in their heads – at least 4/6 months – but once there those horrific migraines stop and remain low level irritants. Those nagging back pains go, the terrible panic attacks go.

    btw has anyone seen a bar tender deck a punter and jab a gin and tonic in their arse ?

  • REF:

    “When we explain that we are a psychiatry-led service that practices evidence-based medicine, those issues usually melt away,” he explained.”

    I would like to think someone like Sammi Timimi would challenge that. I doubt they will open comments, even if they did, when ever I post the links below they have been removed.

    For those of you who are new, watch this :

    For those of you who think the UK is not influenced by the DSM please understand that Risperidone is still the number one antipsychotic drug used in the UK and used for insomnia. This is how Risperidone came onto the market:

  • RE :

    They neglect to mention that the benzodiazepines so beloved of psychiatry to ‘calm’ or stop people going into alcohol withdrawal, do exactly the same as alcohol including sexual disinhibition. Most people are terrified and very upset in a psych hospital and then zombiefied to the point they can do next to nothing. The power imbalance means sexual incidents of staff is not likely, harassment maybe but once a person is forcibly decked their pants pulled down and jabed and then drugged into oblivion that is the end of that. The staff stay as far away from the patients as they can and they are mostly ignored as much as possible.

  • There is – almost (I’m thinking Breggin) – nothing about psychiatry that is not sick and corrupt because it is based on harmful labels that stigmatise people for the rest of their lives; neurotoxic drugs that destroy and shorten lives; monumental hypocrisy which has allowed powerful psychiatrists to get away with promoting these drugs for monumental profits. What we are living in is a pharma-psych-caust. Which is more devious and slower than when the doctors (yes doctors did the act) dropped the lethal gas into the gas chambers killing their psych patients. And almost ALL the psychiatrists in Germany murdered their patients. The psychiatrists methods of killing was taken up by the Nazi’s, it wasn’t the other way round.. it was not the case of a few under the boot of Hitler. They have corrupted pretty much anything that can stop them – regulation has been removed, the media only seem to talk their book of deluded lies signed off by an expert professional. They seem to think and demand we should thank and respect them for this.

  • Oldhead

    “It would appear from here that, for better or worse, MITUK will continue in the grand tradition of MIA by a) demonstrating in its articles that psychiatry is fundamentally flawed in its conception, inherently destructive, corrupt by definition, and not subject to “reform”; and b) frantically backing away from any suggestion that psychiatry should be eliminated asap in favor of an endless process of “rethinking.”

    In this piece by Will Self, what he is really doing is promoting the acceptance of “supported accommodation” I’ve experienced this and it is what – I believe – Sir Wessely will be promoting in his review of the UK MH law.

    Supported accommodation has been around for a long time in the UK. Having been abducted twice in a state of akathisia (the doctors disagree… it’s all in my mind, they have to don’t they.. it can’t be their fault) on three GP prescribed psychiatrics drugs and forced – no section – into ‘supported’ accommodation. I was just ripped off those drugs including diazepam and zopiclone. (again went into akathisia) It is in fact the same as a MH hospital in all but name with no locked doors. People are subject to forced/coercive drugging – you go to a small room. a large well build man, sometimes two, gives you the dose and you have to take it in the room infront of him.

    I saw people who had been there for decades, institutionalised and grossly disfigured by being over-weight, obsessively smoking outside, even in a major rain storm… the outside area covered in cigarette butts. At the time thought all this was a result of mental illness, I know now it is a result of the drugs, far far more than what ever had caused their problems, and their ‘care’ was just shortening their zombiefied, terribly sad, harrowing life. All of this is/was normalised and accepted as a decent, right thing to do, as if there was no other way.

    As far as I could tell, the only good thing about what I went through was that they did not allow alcohol. Personally I almost died in this ‘supported housing’ because I was ripped off the drugs and attacked, even when I went to A&E in horrendous pain, having been let out for Christmas, I was not believed – being a MH patient it was all in my head – when I collapsed they took it seriously, I had a scan they found the problem and had an emergency operation which saved my life. But the psychiatric drugging went on for two years – I was now free of ‘supported accomodation’ – but not my abusive family..are we ever – until one psychiatrist put me on massive doses of ‘antipsychotics’ and I some how found the will to rid myself of these drugs after watching Peter Breggin’s videos on YouTube.

    Do you see how MiA and MITUK are being used ? So far I’m only seeing those with insight through experience who get it.

    btw I tried to contact Will Self about akathisia a few years ago, making my background clear, was ignored and later found other akathisia sufferers had tried and been ignored as well.

  • My views would be removed because I equate MH professionals within psychatric state systems: those who coerce and force psychiatric drugs, to rapists of human health and normality. And online places which seek to bring both together as harmful to us. This was clearly expressed on here when a powerful psychiatrist trolled the comments on Matt Stevenson’s memorial and caused much resentment and harm. People are still upset about that.

  • Yes good point. Did some research into this a while back.. also steroids, Anti-seizure drugs as well as others. Plus plenty of other prescription drugs affect the absorption of vitamins and minerals. Proton pump inhibitors affect the acidity of the stomach with the possibility of reducing Iron, calcium, magnesium, vitamin C. B12. The importance on Mg to MH is very clear in that it regulates the normal function of the NMDA receptor – a glutamate receptor responsible for the transmission of the major excitatory neurotransmitter in the CNS. Also both the NMDA and AMPA receptors set up Long Term Potentiation thought to be the biological basis for learning and memory. In terms of MH it would be the learning and memory of abuse.

    Long-Term Potentiation (LTP) :

  • “I don’t know much about these drugs but wonder why the neuroleptics are not included in this list.”

    People can an do commit the most terrible crimes on these drugs because they remove our ability to care about anything.. it is just not there any more. When you hear about a pilot flying a jet full of passengers into the side of a mountain it can be very difficult to grasp how this came to be. It isn’t if you have been subject to these drugs and on polypharmacy. This is the crime being kept from the public whilst the accepted assumption of gone wrong mental health being the reason put forward. The drugs are appauling and on many levels.

  • Psychiatric drugs especially neuroleptics and benzodiazepines (on withdrawal) cause violence and suicide by drug toxicity akathisia, they help nothing, other than for a few days. The viable alternative is to understand the biology of the major neurotransmitters and implement what evolution has put there to keep humans level, no matter what their life experience and then address their life experience. If they are homeless, help them in a meaningful way to them, if they had a loved one die, engage them in a meaningful way to them.. etc etc


    Suspect in the UK, the plan will be to subject non MH ‘diagnosed’ to the chemical cosh, they will use psychology first as an ostensible and acceptable way into it. Telling the public we want to keep people out of prison and help people with alcohol and drug addiction, but it is really about pushing towards making it acceptable to put repeat non ‘MH’ offenders on olanzapine and on a CTO type situation but in 24/7 monitored housing (a MH hospital in all but name). Ofcourse most on here know that these drugs actually cause aggression and violence in a way that only those who have suffered can know.

  • Yet another example of why people should no longer trust their medical professionals :

    “Huge numbers still registered at practices have either died or moved away… but GPs receive £151 for each one despite a crackdown pledge”

    When a patient dies in the UK, the GP medical records should be returned to Primary Care Support England. Would hope people could check here, but I doubt you could trust that either:

  • ‘democratic psychiatry’

    Psychiatrists method of killing (almost all the German psychiatrists killed their ‘patients’) informed the Nazi’s mass murder techniques. Even Hitler eventually tried to stop the murdering in the ‘Mental’ hospitals but from what I understand they continued to murder after the war.

    For me, the only word next to psychiatry should be abolish.

    “Nazi Medical Crimes at the Psychiatric Hospital Gugging” by Herwig Czech –

    The “Euthanasia “ Program in Nazi-Psychiatry Dr Michael Von Cranach:

    Peter Breggin, MD – Psychiatry and the Holocaust–The Violence Initiative – Part 1

  • Conflict of interest – everyone:

    As I recall Sir Robin Murray in an earlier interview was banging on about the UK not following the DSM. Well Risperidone is still the number one drug in the UK and not only used for psychosis.. it’s used for sleep, anxiety and as a augmentaion for ‘treatment resistant’ severe depression patients. And just for those who do not watch the video Allen Frances was the editor of the DSM and promoted Risperidone being paid by the maker. A drug actively destroying lives – young boys growing breasts as one example.

    ‘I’m not saying it’s wrong to receive money’ Given the above and where it’s declared as it is in the US , are you sure about that Peter Gordon ?

    Sammi Timimi keep going, sure support that move.

  • “I agree that the role of such drugs in suicides should be investigated further.”

    There is a way to be more specific about drug induced suicide with the Cytochrome P450 test and known food stuffs/herbs/spices that inhibit the metabolising enzymes. Also psych drugs cause the Lewy body dementia he had.


    Made-to-measure medicine:

    Kerry O’Malley: Community Treatment Orders and the Mental Health Tribunal

    Adverse Reactions to Psychiatric Drugs: Yolande Lucire MBBS, Peter Breggin MD:


    Psych drug cause of Lewy body dementia:

    Drug Induced Dementia by Grace E Jackson. All class of psych drugs referenced with clinical studies on humans and animals.

    “But this does not mean we should discredit the all-too-human circumstances that drive people to seek treatment in the first place, or to end their lives.”

    He does not discredit it. The problem is that at that point of emotional distress and terrible vulnerability a drug crime is being committed because that is pretty much all psychiatrists do: drugs and only drugs. They are not ‘medications’ they are neurotoxins. Peter Breggin has made this very clear.

  • Meanwhile on planet ‘guardian’

    Oh yes Ilina Singh shows us how they are reframing – ‘Boys in particular were often labelled as the naughty children and that then stigmatised the family’ – the reason to implement financially incentivised drugging :

    “In the Voices project, they found that “particularly parents who were in low resource settings were often afraid to go and talk to the school. Boys in particular were often labelled as the naughty children and that then stigmatised the family and so there was this disconnect between the family and the school,” she said.”

  • This generation of drugged children who had no informed consent in their abuse will be even more angry than us lot, who naively walked into their GP’s room and had their lives ruined and hence discovered a history hell hole of medical abuse, violence and death ongoing in a more subtle and defused – by a mountain of nonsense (method used in financial fraud) – but none the less, invidious, insidious, deadly way.

    “I can’t answer such a vague question”

  • “accredited by some names or possibly professional body”

    It is a good idea but the problem is the whole lot is corrupt. If you have ever put in a serious complaint to the GMC with documents that totally prove untruths about polypharmacy drugging, you will find just how gone wrong it all is.

  • “when the treatment causes the illness, psychiatrists may interpret this as the treatment “unmasking” a secret illness that was there all along. I see this all the time.”

    Do you just see this written down in the notes or do you also listen to a psychiatrist saying this to you, if so how do you handle it ?

    I’ve had this as well re my care home manager relative, they stated that a psychosis was uncovered and a young chap had to be sectioned. Not being a ‘professional’ and having been on the other end of this destructive nonsense some years previous, I just said flat out: That’s Bollocks.

  • I have a relative who is a manager of a autistic unit for young people (UK) I asked them to write down the drugs they use:

    Apiriprizole (Abilify atypical ‘antipsychotic’)

    Lithium (mood stabaliser – out right posion)

    Clonazepam (benzodiazepeine)

    Asenapine (atypical ‘atipsychotic’)

    Chlorpromazine (antipsychotic)

    Paliperidone (atypical ‘antipsychotic’)

    Quetiapine (atypical ‘antipsychotic’)

    Risperidone (atypical ‘antipsychotic’)

    Ziprasidone (atypical ‘antipsychotic’)

    Did I challenge my relative – they know full well the harm. I ignore them.

  • My view – It’s time to stop fearing abusers and to start recording their abuse and exposing them. And yes, I’ve been in that position – they think they hold all the cards because the regulatory bodies cover them, and they do but they can still be exposed on YouTube – we have the internet.

  • Unfortunatley it’s not going to happen because it is all held in place by massive drug fraud and it has corrupted everything around it – there is too much money in it.

    There are things people can do though. A business even if it is fraud can’t thrive without business. Many of the people going to their ‘doctors’ don’t really need to go. Now we have the internet we can inform people of the dangers and show them the hypocrisy.

  • “Reluctantly I think psychology is best paid for privately with someone you can trust and won’t shop you to the psychiatrist.”

    Here’s the problem:

    Plus they are financially incentivised to keep a wealthy person going to them.

    And it is well worth listening to the rest:

    What he hasn’t fully realised yet is that it is financial fruad of a sophisticated level but also uses common ponzi scheme hierarchy inherent in health systems. It’s implimented through the trust of a ‘doctor’.

  • So called natural sleep aids like Nytol and many others contain valerian. Valerian blocks – not just inhibits – most drug metabolising enzymes. So if you are on any other drugs – especially psych – and take such ‘natural’ sleep aids watch out, akathisia is horrific. And it is highly unlikely to be diagnosed by any doctor other than severe mental illness anxiety/depression and including psychosis. I believe this is a far more common rout into deeper MH hell.

  • About 10 or so mins in –

    They failed to state that the ‘doctors’ KNOW full well what they are doing and have done for decades, NO excuses for the ‘doctors’ ! And they used a doctor who supposedly didn’t know and got hooked…ha… looks like they did a job on you Benzodiazepine Information Coalition. They also failed to state that people in MH units by force are forced to take these drugs and the sadistic ‘doctors’ can and do just rip people off, suddenly change dose at their own will in full knowledge of the hell they put their ‘patient’ victim through. They do it as punishment because they mostly hate the patients and have contempt for them. Whilst the psychologists who ‘work’ with them, talk out of both sides of their mouths but in reality are hypocrits and enablers by perpetuating a ‘Mentally ill’ inculcated ‘patient’ for their profit. Ofcourse there is – according to the psychiatrists and psychologists – no cure for severe anxiety/insomnia other than – as it infers at the end of that ‘report’ – talk therapy. You know what, that is bullshit. There absolutely is a solution stated very clearly in biology. And not biology that has been corrupted. Follow the biology and you will be free of severe anxiety/insomnia and migraine to boot. *uck the doctors, psychiatrists and psychologists who are just financial parasites on humanity by perpetuating either with drugs or talk, your hell.

  • “Political, cultural, and financial forces have made many mental health professionals so unaware about the reality of trauma and adversity that they often harm instead of help.”

    A very firm NO to that.

    They KNOW what they are doing and have done.

    It is NOT that they are unaware, it’s that they are aware and know they can get away with it. We do not need you either of you, nor your colleagues.

  • There is no safe use of this drug – male or female – other than not to take it in the first place. People who are detained in a MH unit have no choice if a psychiatrist forces this drug. This is a major human rights abuse – The withdrawal akathisia is the same as benzodiazepine withdrawal: horrific and deadly. Taken longer term dementia awaits you.

  • Imagine you have been subject to polypharmacy, with me it was between three and five drugs at the same time and a total of 14 over 3.5 years including three atypical ‘antipsychotics’ and lithium (augmentation with an SSRI, BS) I have written evidence of this in the form of discharge letters listing the drugs to be taken and these are the actual words from the reply from the ‘Health’ Trust which was actually a reply from the doctors who drugged me. A trust director (nurse) who just signed her name to the lies and got away with it – the Nursing and Midwifery Council did nothing. Plus I was ripped off benzodiazepine and sleeping drugs, no weaning at all and what weaning there was, far far too short.

    “I would like to assure you that you have never been on Polypharmacy and your medical records indicated that your medication was changed several times. You were weaned off one before commencing the other medications.

    Dr ****** is of the view that in spite if trying many different psychotropic medications one after the other, you had achieved marginal benefit from symptoms of severe Anxiety, Insomnia, Suicidality and Hypochondriasis when he last assessed you.”

    So you take that evidence (the discharge letters listing the polypharmacy + the trust reply) to the GMC and get no where. Now multiply that to many thousands subject to this abuse. People who have had their lives destroyed by this drugging. The only option (if not longer than three years since the abuse ) is to sue them. Well good luck with that, I certainly did not feel lucky.


    They single this one abuser out and wait until he is long dead. Very many more and

    Yeah the drugging (now polypharmacy), MH labeling abuse and trashing of vulnerable people is still going on and the drug abuse lies/cover ups by the ‘health’ trusts, the GMC and others still going on. If you wish to really get at the truth speak to the carers groups. I have very clear written evidence of my own sustained 3.5 year drug abuse and the horrifc pain that caused, the lies by the trust and the GMC doing nothing.

    BTW I do not hear voices, my decent into psychiatry abuse hell was from going to my GP with insomnia and anxiety as a result of the actions of a close relative .

  • “A doctor would have been interviewed by police for rape and child cruelty over allegations a “truth drug” was used to carry out abuse at a hospital.

    The late Dr Kenneth Milner ran Aston Hall psychiatric hospital in Derbyshire from 1947 to the 1970s, which former patients described as “pure hell”.

    Ofcourse the ‘powers that be’ knew about this a long long time ago.

    Abuse still going on BBC – time to investigate other psych ‘hospitals’ of people knowingly killed by psych drugs !

    ALL the psychiatrists know how bad these drugs are. The patients make a complaint and are told they lack insight and the complaint is verification of the ‘illness’ and they get away with the abuse. I’m talking about the GMC here.

  • I mostly agree with oldheads position, to anyone outside all this it would look extreme. But my opinion has been ground out through my own deep, horrific, very very painful experience of psychiatry. oldhead’s position is right. If you doubt me get yourself drugged, get unsuspecting/unknowing akathisia, sectioned/coercively detained and forced onto olanzapine/polypharmacy and into deeper akathisia and you will find out, how, what on the outside looks like an ‘extreme’ position is forged.
    Now, file on 4 on BBC radio 4 I only listened to the first 10 or so mins of this before falling asleep (wow):

    A 17 year old teenager was put on sertraline and hung himself a short number of days later.

    Have mentioned on here before that sertraline is a killer.

    Why ?

    Because it inhibits two important drug metbolising enzymes: CYP2D6 and CYP3A4

    This causes drug toxicity which leads to akathisia.


    Then you have to look at the food stuff which also inhibit . Did he drink black tea and that is just for starters?

    “Plenty of research suggests that drinking tea is healthful, but research also shows that black tea can have powerful inhibitory effects on the P450 drug-metabolizing system. In a laboratory study performed by Canadian researchers, black tea was found to be a more powerful inhibitor of the enzymes than single-ingredient herbal teas such as St. John’s wort, goldenseal, feverfew, or cat’s claw.5 Herbal tea blends were second only to black tea in their inhibitory effects. While the researchers said it is difficult to extrapolate the findings and precisely apply them to humans, they do believe the study accurately identified products for low or high levels of drug interactions.”


    The gene test to establish the phenotype of metablosing enzymes has been around a long time and as I have posted many times before on the BBC website from 18 years ago:

    “One day it may be considered unethical not to carry out such tests routinely to avoid exposing individuals to doses of drugs that could be ineffective or even harmful to them.”

    I used this link in my complaint to the GMC to state that there is no such thing as a one size fits all dose, when they replied that my coercied drugs were within the stated normal dose. They ignored this information.

    I’d like to think that someone, some where gives this above information to the family of the 17 year old boy… BBC researchers?

    oldhead – keep posting.

  • “I recently received an email from a doctor who says that our mutual client is “lacking insight.” I assume that is because this client has not accepted they are ill as the doctor thinks they are. I am sick of “professionals” believing they know what their clients’ truths are, as if they can magically jump into the person’s body and know what is really going on.”

    Oh this is so interesting. How will/did you reply ?

  • Yes and children are more likely to get akathisia because their metabolising systems are not fully develeoped. Ofcourse when the childs behavious gets worse (akathisia) it is seen as a deepening of the illness not a reaction to the drugging and therefore a rout to more toxic drugging.

    Ofcourse later in life children become teenagers, if still on these drugs when they start to drink alcohol….

    Then ofcourse the ever possibility of falling down dead:

    If you make it past that lot, dementia awaits. For those who wish to read about it – Drug induced Dementia by Grace E Jackson – a master class in research.

    I’ve no doubt they are blaming all this on social media.

  • “I also think it’s important to recognize that the urban environment itself, which has massively increased as a result of industrialization, contributes to deterioration of people’s “mental health.”

    Antonioni did a sophisticated visual masterpiece on this in the 1960’s –

  • Been trying to find a video of an Australian woman on a CTO (forced psych drugging via ‘husband’) had a cytcochrome P450 gene test via Dr Yolande Lucire and she got her off the drugs. But I just can’t find it, must be the heat – feel like a demented bluebottle looking to be swotted.

  • Good luck with all of that.

    It is very easy to get akathisia on an SSRI especially if you have anxiety/insomnia, because many will look for an alternative to sleeping tablets. The alternatives such as Nytol and many other sleep aids contain valerian which blocks the cytochrome P450 metabolising enzymes triggering akathisia.

    For those who do not know about Akathisia – it is an horrific condition and the real cause of a lot of suicide and suicide ideation.

    The only real way to prove between any ‘real’ MH cause of suicide and akathisia induced, is for the patient to have a cytochrome P450 gene test and be able to show they consumed things like valerian and other herbs spices and food stuffs that inhibt the metabolising enzymes. They are as common as black tea, black pepper, curcumin in turmeric, garlic, cinnamon, ginger and many others.

    The gene test has been known about for a long time. Here from the BBC 18 years ago :

    Ofcourse the state and the regulatory bodies know about all this, but the patient is just fodder, a no nowt that is just ignored.

  • This was how the UK state tried to cover up the Jane Barton case. But Norman Lamb insisted on an independent public inquiry just in the nick of time.

    “He told BBC Newsnight: “I started to ask questions internally. I asked to see the Professor Baker report and, for two to three months, it wasn’t forthcoming.

    “We then went away on holiday in the summer of 2013. Late at night one evening, I just happened to switch on my iPad and I saw an email from my private secretary, which said they were going to publish the Baker report the next day, and that they would announce there would be no public inquiry.”

    “He told of his horror at eventually reading in the Baker report how people who had gone into the hospital for rehabilitation had ended up dead after being prescribed morphine.”

    And the eventual report:

    Foward by The Right Reverend James Jones KBE

    “The shocking outcome of the Panel’s work is that we have now been able to conclude that the lives of over 450 patients were shortened while in the hospital, and to demonstrate that those first families were right to persist in asking questions about how their loved ones had been treated”

    People who are killed by psychiatric drug induced Akathisia die in horrific internal horror, it is far far worse than being killed by diamorphine.

  • Should have had a Cytochrome P450 test from the start before any drugs and it should be done independently from any psych ‘doctor’ and the results given to you so that you understand them and therefore make your own decisions. But it’s not good enough when your subject to polypharmacy – it’s an out of control situation, plus they do not take into consideration all the common food stuffs herbs and spices which inhibit the enzymes. This is something that MiA has yet to look at from what I’ve seen on here, especially food stuff enyzme inhibitors.

  • And by the way the hospital he was/is being treated at is a teaching hospital. This is what the patients think of their teaching:

    It is actually far far worse . I’m aware of views of carers – stories of how their relatives were treated there, but the NHS do not allow serious complaints to be published. And what you find is when you take such a complaint to the GMC or PHSO it goes no where. They bury the vile drug/physical abuse. It is only when a court case or real independent investigation goes behind the scenes looks at the records, that what is probably nearer to the truth is seen, as has been the case with ‘Dr’Jane Barton but don’t hold your breath that even she will be prosecuted. We are living in a totally corrupt health system because there is no real accountability for a system of harm and death. The patients are just fodder. Here is one of the comments:

    “My mother was sent to Hallam Hospital due to shortage of beds in hospitals closer to home.

    I was told id be called to join the review and hopefully to help find suitable help for my mother when she was discharged.

    She was discharged without my knowledge and with nowhere suitable to live.

    When i called the doctor for an explanation she told me she doesn’t deal with Birmingham so my mother was not really her concern and then laughed on the phone when i expressed my concerns.

    I am extremely unimpressed with the service and also concerned about my mothers well being”

  • “I was able to get the “mental health” stigmatizations off my medical records by pointing out that the antidepressants created my “brain zaps,” which were misdiagnosed as “bipolar.” And by pointing out that the “psychosis” my doctors then created, with the antidepressants and antipsychotics, was actually caused by anticholinergic toxidrome. And it’s good to have some truth in your medical records, rather than just a bunch of scientifically invalid DSM psychobabble.”

    In the UK you can not change your medical records, but you can request your views/comments be placed on your medical records. Ofcourse in MH it will highly likely been seen as lacking insight. So in reality once you have been labeled that’s it for the rest of your life.

    Not only do we not have a recognisation of the fraud, human rights abuse and harm this really is, we have people fullsteam ahead demanding more diagnosis of ‘ADHD’ and ‘autism’ in children

    as if it wasn’t a drug abuse tragedy already:

    Ofcourse when toxidrome or akathisia happens it is asserted by the authoritative ‘doctor’ as a deepning fo the illness and more drugs/abuse applied to the point you have tanks and armed police on peoples doorsteps.

  • In this latest video of a few weeks ago, he continues to have financial problems with regards a council tax debt :

    The sad things is that he fails to really see that it was psychiatry that really affected him. He is using his ‘MH diagnosis’ and being sectioned twice as a way to get some relief from the council tax debt. Excuse me, but it is so fucked up.

  • In the first video, an Asian man is trying to record his own sectioning led by a mental health social worker. She makes him stop recording/documenting his sectioning. And he is clearly being affected (cowered/abused) by her assertions backed up by all the others and police officers in his home .

    You can see for yourself that he is not a threat to himself or anyone else. He is the one under threat. An experience that nodoubt deeply affected him and has far reaching consequences as it would for anyone.

    The next day in the hospital, he is interviewed along with his sister and allowed to record, she asserts:

    “The way they done that it was appauling, that was horrendous. To come into a property with that many police officers at half two and the impact it had on other family memebers, I’m disgusted, I really am. That was horrifically done”

    My understanding is that the psychiatrist who sectioned him said he thought he was part of a reality TV show . When what had actually happened – he says that he had (paid money) entered into a reality TV show, which never actually happened (in his written information) the inference being that he was being ripped off. He complained to the council, they did nothing and he was persistent. All that lead to him being sectioned.

  • Psychiatry in action everyone, does it look like science ?

    and the day after, his sister describes his sectioning as –

    ‘miscommunication’ just like pigs fly .

    We need more such evidence and it needs to thown back into their faces in a court of law.

  • And the fraud uncovered by David Rothman into the marketing of the number one first line antipsychotic drug: Risperidone

    And just as this retired consultant physcian knows the harm done by these drugs so do all the others who have spent their career destorying lives. They do it because they are very well paid and the regulatory bodies allow it – they are unaccountable.

    In the UK we have the ‘Dr’ Jane Barton case. The ‘authorities’ did their best to cover it up but

    What do you bet that she will only be prosecuted if they can safely hold back the dam of all the other deaths and horrors very much including psych drugs and limit it to this ‘doctor’.

    People – outside of this context – see us as being extreme, we are not, we ask for justice and in the clear view of the terrible harm and history of killing by psychiatry. Psychiatry needs to be abolished and the psychiatrists who have destroyed lives need to go before a court of law.

  • How do we challenge outside of this context with facts when we just get moderated off places which really matter (the wider public) such as the guardian –

    My comment removed from the Guardian on this piece –

    “Neither the photographer nor the publisher nor you Sean O’Hagan have any real idea as to the truth behind mental health.

    “Justin was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia when he was 20.”

    Now watch this Louis Quail, Dewi Lewis and Sean O’Hagan –

    Dr James Davies: The Origins of the DSM:

    It is the very drugs (psychiatric drugs) and alcohol that cause these issues and the labels – amongst wost of all ‘paranoid schizophrenia’ – which perpetuate a vile lie and now we have photo imaging reinforcing this stereotypical view of ‘mental illness’

    Go study Pharmacogenetics Louis Quail, Dewi Lewis and Sean O’Hagan and watch this :

    You show them smoking, did you know that the cigarette smoke activates the enzymes that metabolise the antipsychotic drugs which gives relief not from any illness but the very drugs people given these lables are forced to take. Did you know that these drugs shrink the brian causing vascular dementia.


    Drug induced Dementia by Grace E Jackson


    Antipsychotics and brain shrinkage Joanna Moncrieff :

    Did you know Dewi Lewis that Rhonda Wilson someone you knew probably died of drug induced akathisia and not severe depression/anxiety.

    The truth behind the number one first line drug prescribed for schizophrenia: Risperidone –

    and a reply asking how akathisia kills people, my comments were removed after posting this answer –

  • You are asking for our thoughts in a reader feedback survey. If you wish to have a clear picture of how to move forward and have not experienced akathisia, in particular benzodiazepine withdrawal akathisia. This is what is required to know. Also you could try the antipsychotic drugs such as Olanzapine. I promise you will never use the word ‘medication’ with reference to these drugs ever again after taking that drug for 10 or so days, especially if it was forced upon you.

  • So you were fucked over good and proper by a private doctor and now your being used by these people to chug more money to try and keep them going. It’s not good you know.

    Never mind, Mind in Camden,Royal College of GP’s Harry shapiro and the rest, you should be asking how do we make these ‘doctors’ – who put you on these dugs – accountable for the crime they committed against you. If a few of these people got banged up and their pay packets handed over to you for seriously destroying yours and countless other lives you can bet a whole heap of ‘doctors’ will not be prescribing this incentivised destruction.

    Prescribing benzos and then just not only turning their backs on patients but blaming them for the situation they are in needs to be seen for what it really is: a serious crime against humanity.

  • Something has got to be done with the ‘guardian’ turning everyone into hapless psych fodder:

    The five or so people I’ve known who work as either school teachers or closely with children in a school situation were all on psych drugs. Fell out with all of them – one was a SENco special needs coordinator – over the psych drugging of children. The moment I politely challenged the SENco showing the evidence that benzo’s / alcohol were making them worse and that SSRI’s are based on no real – science – evidence for the treatment of anxiety either and that it’s about marketing – let alone the harm being done – they promptly stopped communicating with me. How do you do this without totally alienating people ?

  • akashawolf – As Steve says time for you to take control.

    Hope this helps you to do so –

    It is glutamate the major excitatory neurotransmitter which is being pushed up by your body as a result of it having to compensate for both the alcohol and then the benzo (they do the same thing – they are GABA drugs). This is what makes you worse. The solution is to use water titration to slowly come off the benzo.

    One quick reference:

    You should also consider magnesium (in capsule form 100mg – 200mg no more, break it open dissolve on the tongue with a small amount of carbonated fizzy water, that will help get it into your brain more quickly)

    Why magnesium ?

    Because it regulates a very important glumatate receptor: the N-Methyl D-Aspartate (NMDA) receptor. This receptor is called a voltage gated ion channel. It is gated by Magnesium.


    You should also consider the active form of B6 Pyridoxal phosphate (P5P) because it is required as a co- actor to glutamate decarboxylase (enzyme) to convert glutamate to GABA.


  • I would rate benzo withdrawal as the worst experience of all the psych drugs. It is utterly horrific, in the extreme and a very serious human rights abuse for doctors to have done this to many thousands – and then to pretend they are unaware of all the suffering they caused.

    For those of you who are suffering big time hell withdrawal akathisia/insomnia and need an answer right now to escape the suicide ideation, watch this and get someone to help you do it if you’re not upto it, plus get a pill crusher (Amazon/Ebay) much better:

    or if you have some time and relief to go through these:

  • Yeah this is typical and precisely why we need to totally cut free of ‘medical professionals’ They only have power and destroy us because we, did trust them. Water titration is THE way to come off these horrors. Get a pill crusher from Amazon/Ebay where ever else, dilute/mix with warm water and pull out small amounts with a syringe thereby precisely reducing the dose, hold on that dose for a week/two weeks what ever you have found you can tolerate before further reduction. You have to work out how long based on your own response and how long you have been on the drug(s) The longer on, the longer coming off, usually months into a year or more.

    If you go down this tapering strip root you need a medical professional to sign the form to prescribe the drugs in precisely reduced dose. And that’s the problem.

    Medical Professionals have destroyed our lives for considerable profit and status. We need to take control of our lifes and demand the hypocritical, selfish, greedy ‘medical professioanls’ significantly compensate us for disability, horrific pain an death.

  • “The images must be harder”

    Yes indeed.

    ofcourse the deaths go on and on and on

    “Olaseni, or Seni, Lewis was 21 when he had a sudden and unexpected mental health episode in 2010.”

    I do not know the facts of this case but that – ‘sudden and unexpected’ – smells of Akathisia. Most of us on here know this, we know the horror, how do we get this out to a wider public ?

  • That is totally correct and as we have heard just recently, including Dr Moncrieff –

    “Suicide is maybe a completely different issue, I think. My view is that suicide rates are if related to anything, relate to much more fundamental socioeconomic factors, actually, rather than antidepresant prescribing one way or another.”

    And it is not just in psychiatry. (although psychiatry has to be the most appauling) It seems in the UK, if a patient presents as elderly/frail they are game to be ‘made comfortable’. ( killed with a heroin driver ) And non of the so called ‘regulatory bodies’ did/has done anything for decades nor will do anything until change to stop this is utterly demanded.

  • Chris – hope this helps :

    The important things to know is that the more the two major neurtransmitters are initiated the less power of ‘will’ you have to control matters. If you have your foot firmly on the brake you’re not going anywhere. If your foot is stuck on the accelerator your going to crash into something. The other thing is that alcohol and benzo drugs are both GABA drugs and this is what contributes to these problems:

    ‘bipolar’ is the glutamate neurotransmitter pushed to the extreme and a poor conversion to GABA probably affected in many cases by alcohol and or benzos. Nature has an answer and it’s not lithium.

  • Chris – Have you watched either or both of these videos:

    Dr James Davies: The Origins of the DSM

    Allen Frances’ Paid Role in Creating Psychiatric Epidemics

    They really are worth a watch if you have not. Also do you know anything about the glutamate/GABA role in this subject or it’s not something you would consider, or have considered but rule it out or just do not know ?

  • Yes there is. And there are many other issues that present as psychosis perhaps the most telling and maybe common is withdrawal from benzodiazepines which includes toxic psychosis:


    Withdrawal of a benzodiazepine should be gradual because abrupt withdrawal may produce confusion, toxic psychosis, convulsions, or a condition resembling delirium tremens.”

    Also Akathisia which amounts to toxic psychosis at it’s worst is preventable by a pharmacogenetics cytochrome P450 test which pretty much no one gets.
    Plus avoiding all things which block the metabolising enzymes such a valerian found in common sleep remedies such as Nytol.

  • “When is this stuff going to stop?!”

    Had to put up with it at my fathers funeral. Apparently a relative of mine can’t do their art without their anxiety and they DO take drugs, which was said to me in a ‘so there, up yours’ kinda way. It’s incredible how people have become so psychiatrized – helped by the likes of ‘the guardian’.


    This is the important part:

    “The experiments confirmed that the rapid antidepressant-like effects require activation of AMPA receptors, not inhibition of NMDA receptors.”

    why? Because the NMDA receptor is a voltage gated ion channel gated by Mg and only knocked out of the way by a voltage sent by the AMPA receptor thereby allowing the major excitatory neurotransmitter NMDA receptor to function.

    But ketamine will not work, just as any drug that is not part of evolutonary correct nutrients for the human body wiill not work. The body will act against it, adapt and in the process harm will be done. However I suspect that if true, the function of action is very telling.

  • ‘Your heart won’t function w/o a working brain either. Which is worse?’

    If you drink alcohol as well, you could get both brian and heart duffed up good and proper:

    “Other reactions

    Alcohol and Celexa can mix in other dangerous and deadly ways. Side effects of combining the two can include:

    irregular heart rate
    coma (loss of consciousness)
    severe heart issues

  • All Prof Pariante could say in defence of SSRI’s was that they caused neurogenesis (brain growth by upregulating Brain Devrived Neurotrophic factor). Well guess what, there are many other things which up-regulate BDNF such as: exercise, learning a new skill, fasting, even exposure to longer sunlight hours during the summer months upregulates BDNF. And Where is the precise science that shows up-regulating BDNF lifts depression ? It’s all BS that – if you lack the knowledge – a so called expert can hoodwink you over and that is what happens to people who are desperate with conditions known as anxiety or depression. It is a despicable thing to do.

  • “I actually do think AD’s are significantly increasing the rate, but I can’t yet find solid proof of that.”

    Have you looked at pharmacogenetics and all the common food stuffs herbs and spices which inhibit/block the metabolising enzymes leading to toxicity ? If you have not, maybe click on my name and look through my comments to find information and links.

    Here is one:

  • I wish to pin point why doctors need to be stopped. That it is no good going round in circles debating with them over SSRI’s/ other ‘AD’ drugs.

    Does anybody here disagree that Joanna Moncrieff is unware of the evidence for suicide and homicide as a result of Akathisia induced by SSRI’s. She knows full well Peter Breggins work. I think she has been on his radio show a number of times. Are we to believe she has not read is book Medication Madness or the others? The evidence from those who have suffered is legion and from court cases to boot all over the WWW ! We have people compiling correlations to SSRI’s/ and other ‘AD”s from coroners courts right here:

    We have SSRI stories:


    “Suicide is maybe a completely a different issue, I think. My view is that suicide rates are if related to anything, relate to much more fundamental socioeconomic factors, actually, rather than antidepresant prescribing one way or another.”

    So what about the people who died during the drug trials:

    “Plaintiff’s Exhibit 347: Each picture depicts a real person who committed suicide while taking Paxil in a GSK-clinical trial. The red “Vs” mean their specific suicides were violent in nature. There were multiple suicides using firearms, including a murder suicide by one patient. There were also two deaths from people jumping in front of trains.

    When it comes to suicide attempts, GSK did not keep track of all the attempted suicides in their clinical trials because, according to their company witness, it would be too burdensome. ”

    This is why doctors have got to be stopped. We need a wholesale paradigm shift in thinking on ‘Experts’ and ‘doctors’ who hold positions of power over the public who foolishly trust to them their health in a neoliberal no – real – regulation ‘cowboy’ world.

  • Auntie Psychiatry – excellent work to the BS main media normalising drug machine.

    Brian correlates those on AD’s or MfD to deaths:

    What causes these deaths? For people who do not know, it is drug toxicity inducing a condition called Akathisia which is an utterly horrific psychotic condition so appalling people are in a whole heap of hurry to end their lives AND NOT ‘MENTAL ILLNESS’ . It happens because we all have DIFFERENT phenotypes (strengths) of metabolising enzymes. Therefore there is NO such thing as a one size fits all dose. To boot THERE IS a gene test which can predict the phenotype of the metabolising enzymes but no one gets it even though it has been around for something like two decades. See here and note the date:

    This what makes SSRI’s so dangerous. Add to this – we ingest food stuffs herbs and spices which also inhibit and block the enzymes plus more and more people are on polypharmacy making the likelihood of Akathisia far far more likely.

    Please excuse any more word errors – drug abuse by psychiatrists did it to me.

  • RE :

    I want to make something very clear to Peter Kinderman. We are not interested in MH professionals helping people off ‘medication’. We are interested in them being held accountable in a court of law for causing horrendous harm, death and in some cases murder (heart failure/Akathisia) to countless thousounds in the most dispicable deliberate way: they know what they are doing and have done. It is a crime committed by MH professionals and under cover of state sanctioned abuse. You could not think of a better way to torture someone without leaving a mark by ripping them off psych drugs knowing they will suffer horrendous withdrawal akathisia. Your colleagues know this and they – including the GMC and all the other agencies who protect their own kind and regulate themselves – damn well need to be held to account and face prosecution. We are the experts in helping people off neurotoxic drugs NOT MH professionals who know fully well they would never ever take a drug like Olanzapine yet inflict with force on others .

  • Dickson (probably long gone but I feel worth a reply)

    “Next, the idea that it is “well documented” that antidepressants and antipsychotics can induce suicidal ideation or action is once again a broad, overreaching generalization.”

    Pharmacogenetics it is very specific, has been around along time, and all the inhibitors/blockers of cytochrome P450, they include valerian found Nytol and other sleep aids even black tea inhibits all of cyctochrome P450.

    “Plenty of research suggests that drinking tea is healthful, but research also shows that black tea can have powerful inhibitory effects on the P450 drug-metabolizing system. In a laboratory study performed by Canadian researchers, black tea was found to be a more powerful inhibitor of the enzymes than single-ingredient herbal teas such as St. John’s wort, goldenseal, feverfew, or cat’s claw.5 Herbal tea blends were second only to black tea in their inhibitory effects. While the researchers said it is difficult to extrapolate the findings and precisely apply them to humans, they do believe the study accurately identified products for low or high levels of drug interactions.”

    Note the date on this BBC artical on pharmacogenetics 8 April 2000:

    “One day it may be considered unethical not to carry out such tests routinely to avoid exposing individuals to doses of drugs that could be ineffective or even harmful to them.”

    Young people do not a well formed CYP450 system to boot.

    Do you do a cyctochrome P450 test on your teens before you subject them to these drugs to ascertain if they will go into akathisia ?

  • “it isn’t treatable with drugs but likely with manganese salts”

    Can you explain how re manganese salts? As far as I’m aware there is no easy way out of Akathisia, especially if a person has been on a drug long term and has the dose changed or changed to another drug with little taper and gone into akathisia. The correct course of action is to taper off all the drugs with the possibility of withdrawal akathisia and many other withdrawal issues. But what actually happens is the ‘doctors’ see it as a deepening of the illness, yes they (GP’s) might do physical tests which may-well come up negative which will reinforce the deepening MH diagnosis. But if there is a problem – say thyroid, it’s just more drugs and a spiral into horrific hell.

  • There you go everybody :

    Allen Frances’ Paid Role in Creating Psychiatric Epidemics

    The Rothman Report referenced throughout this video can be downloaded from:

    “There Are No Rules About Psychiatric Diagnosis — And That Must End!” Paula J. Caplan, NARPA 9/4/14

    Paula’s work is very important in understanding this appauling neurotoxic fraud that has harmed and killed so many.

  • Yes, we all have different metabolising enzyme phenotypes (strengths) which means there is no such thing as a safe one size fits all dose. If you can’t metabolise the drugs to get them out of your system you can become toxic and hence go into Akathisia. These videos may help explain as well:

    The test has been around along time – from 2000:

    “It is already possible for us to assess patients with psychiatric illnesses and provide them with drugs and doses that will have a maximum effect while minimising side effects. ”

    But NO ONE gets it and very few know about it.

    “One day it may be considered unethical not to carry out such tests routinely to avoid exposing individuals to doses of drugs that could be ineffective or even harmful to them.”

    Ofcourse you can guess why – can’t have anything affecting pharma profits now can we.

    Shall we add that to the crimes of psychiatry?

  • From the report:

    “It is inappropriate for the Mental Health Review Board to
    fund detaining facilities to prepare and present expert medical evidence
    and participate in the hearing when it does not provide any funding to
    detainees to obtain expert medical evidence or participate in the hearing.

    The asymmetrical funding of parties who participate in review panel
    proceedings has a significant detrimental impact on a detainee’s right to
    a fair hearing.”

    It is not just ‘inappropriate’ in the context of people being forced to take neurotoxic drugs and all the rest of the abuse, it is a massive human rights crime.


  • judi – There is one vitamin which is vital in the synthesis of gamma-Aminobutyric acid, acting as a cofactor to glutamate decarboxylase thereby converting glutamate to GABA and clearly stated in the biology literature. This is the active form of B6 pyridoxal 5 phosphate. (P5P) My view is that Long Term Potentiation is actually key because it is widely thought to be the biological basis for learning and memory (memory of abuse in this area) and specifically the NMDA and AMPA receptor functioning (both are glutamate receptors) and also multi-tasking for the transmission of the major excitatory neurotransmitter (glutamate) and pain. The importance of magnesium (mineral) to regulate – block the NMDA dependent on voltage by the AMPA receptor – it seems has yet to be fully acknowledged in this area. And yes, before I’m reminded zinc is also involved in this.

  • The perverted, sick irony on people with ‘mental illness’ forced onto ‘antipsychotics’ who smoke is that the smoke activates the very enzymes that metabolise the drugs, easing the unbearable nature of a drug such as Olanzapine. I witnesed this for myself in a MH unit. It was smoking like I had never seen before, totally manic chain smoking with a panic to get it lit and then another to what ever their allowance was.

  • TRM 123 – totally correct, but you will not find many of your former colleagues who will agree because doctors are so arrogant and lack accountability on it. They know about it alright, especially psychiatrists, this is why it is a crime . I do not understand why MiA and others do not focus deeply and consistently on Akathisia. What will nail it – to clearly distinguish it from ‘mental illness’ – is pharmacogenetics, something MiA, it seems, will not engage with…why ?

  • In the context of pharmacogenetics and all the common food stuffs herbs and spices that inhibit and induce metabolising enzymes there is no such thing as one size fits all dose. Now put that with this :

    And as people have already pointed out, the utterly horrific Akathisia. What you find is MH professionals who prescribe the drugs refuse point blank to accept any of this. The word Akathisia is not on any SSRI or any other psych drug in the UK.

    Well if you want to find out Dr Moncrieff, take an SSRI and block your CYP450 enzymes with Nytol and you will experience Akathisia.

  • We’re not really interested in MH professionals. We’re interested in getting rid of psychiatry, their vile drugs, the vile human rights abuse and compensating those whose lives have been devastated, locked up or the familes of those who have lost relatives . Persoanally I’m interested in pharmacogenetics to nail these bastard drug abusers. Everything else is really just a falling away.

  • Am labeld OCD for making complaints about psychiatrists and insisting my GP use all three of my names because I share the same name with another member of my family and there was a need to distingush between us. The GP repeatedly failed to do this so I repeatedly informed him of his failure. This got me an OCD label. Am sure they will see me posting on here as OCD as well. So where is the OCD, whose brain is it in and for what purpose is it being used ?

    Initially NO. This is a person I listen to with regards psychiatrists and the drugs. Her experience correlates to my own. I identify with her..give her some more views everybody:

  • ‘MH professionals’ everybody :

    “Dr Punukollu, 41, allegedly said: ‘Believe me, I loved it. I used to send quite a few people to Life Works and they’d pay me £80 or £90 a day, which worked very well because we didn’t have to see the patients. ”

    “Charlie Massey, the GMC chief executive, said: ‘These are serious allegations. Patients must be able to trust their doctor.’

    That’s utterly laughable isn’t it. When I put it to the GMC that the ‘doctors’ had actually written the reply to my complaint and not a health trust director (a nurse, they only signed it) Proven by my complaint to the Nursing and Midwifery Council, And in that reply they lied stating that I was not subject to polypharmacy when the health trusts own discharge letters proved otherwise, listing all the drugs to be taken at the same time. What did the GMC do : NOTHING and it took them over a year to reply that they were going to do NOTHING.

  • Think if you use the word course the natural inference is that you are teaching something. Personally I do not intend to allow any ‘MH professional’ any where near me ever again.

    Use to think oldheads position was extreme and naively thought there was some justice out there. There isn’t. ‘Doctors’ who coerce and force the neurotoxic drugs are well and truly protected because they are the ones who are the ultimate regulators, they are allowed to regulate themselves and anonymously. This is what my factual experience has informed me of. If you have memory loss or any other issue and can not engage the socalled complaints procedures on their terms it just gets used against you. This is all part of the neoliberal corruption. Education is important to combate this, but ultimately vulnerable people need to be protected .

  • The ‘doctors’ know full well the horror, but there is no regulation nor oversight, so they are allowed to get away with it. This is why it is a crime against humanity. I was ripped off valium, ripped of lorazapam, ripped off zopiclone. When I say ripped off, a social worker and a few heavies just came round to my place and took the drugs off me, I was in agony from a kidney stone moving after I had been attacked in a MH unit. The next day after an CT scan I had an emergency operation to remove a stone stuck in my tube, they could not find it so put a stent in. In between that lot I went into withdrawal akathisia in the hospital, this was treated with comtempt by the on duty ‘doctor’ he just said: ‘what do you want me to do …breath.’ and was referred to as ‘the suicide one’. I went back to have the stent taken out, they still couldn’t find the stone, wouldn’t do another scan to see if I had passed it, so I went through two operations for nothing when in fact the stone had passed.

    I have no history of “mental illness” and at the time, no knowledge of psychiatry nor the drugs. Went to my doctor in 2013 with insomnia and what I thought was anxiety because a close relative had got involved with this serious criminal:

    And made the biggest mistake of my life by going to my GP. Three years later, three drug akathisia induced serious suicide attempts and coming off 14 psychiatric drugs on my own, my memory shot up, lithium hand shaking, complaints rejected and I’ve come to realise the full scale of this crime.

  • “Mental illness” is a business, a big business and so long as we have ‘doctors’ labelling people as “mentally ill” we will have people being forced to be harmed, killed and kill other people by neurotoxic drugs for the profit of drug companies and ‘doctors’ . The big business has corrupted almost everything: regulators, media, law process, to get away with this crime against humanity. We challenge the use of these words, terms and labels because they normalise, verify and legitimise the abuse. They need to be deleted, psychiatry and it’s neurotoxic drugs needs to be abolished – this is a ‘profession’ whose work in murdering their patients informed the Nazi agenda and method of further mass murder – and the perpetrators of this drug/abuse crime need to be held to account in a court of law for crimes against humanity.

  • Whatuser

    Yes, medical ethics expert David Rothman got to the bottom of his promotion of Risperidone in the mid 1990’s and Paula J Caplan via Jim Gottstein brought it to us.

    Allen Frances’ Paid Role in Creating Psychiatric Epidemics:

    The truth is here:

    That is an extremely important document for antipsychiatry. Download it, save it, use it to inform the public.

  • Yes it seems so, he bangs on about the harm alcohol has done which is very correct. What he doesn’t inform the public of is that benzo’s and alcohol do the same thing in the brain, only benzo withdrawal is much much worse, and it happens very much more quickly. The problem we have isn’t so much people like Nutt answering our emails, it’s how to inform the public of the truth effectively and stop them.

    The Labour Party UK Govt soon realised the issue with Nutt and sacked him as advisor. But what they failed to do, is realise and act on the wider, much more serious issue of benzodiazepine harm to the public.

    People get hooked on benzos from GP’s and in hospital… if you drink alcohol to the point the doctors think you will be an alcohol withdrawal issue, you get a benzo at least in the UK NHS hospitals.

  • Childrens metabolising CYP enzymes are not fully developed and all have different phenotypes, which makes them liable to toxicity plus withdrawal from ritalin/cocaine = akathisia. Give the ones who’s actions have caused the deaths a Cytochrome P450 pharmacogenetics gene test and look at all the food stuffs they consumed at the time, correlate to those that inhibit the enzymes and we will get a better picture of the truth of this matter and where the crime really is.

    Have sent Katherine S. Newman an email re the above with reference links, let’s see if she replies. Doubt it.

  • They are all deadly, and you go willingly, trusting your GP and psychiatrist.

    From Brian:

    “Margaret River is a small town, situated in Western Australia, about 250 km south of Perth and about 10 km from the Indian Ocean. It is known for its craft breweries, boutiques and surrounding wineries.

    But, from now on, it will also be known as the place where, on May 11th this year, 61-year-old Peter Miles shot dead his wife Cynda (left), as well as his daughter Katrina and her four children (bottom of page) – Taye (13), Rylan (12), Arye (10) and Kayden (8) – on their farm outside the town. Then, after making an emergency triple zero call, he shot himself.”

  • Come to the conclusion that – in the context of neoliberal globalism – all this is a waste of time. It’s up to us to educate within our own communities: online, email, skype, in-person, whatever. Personally I do it by helping people off the drugs, and not just psych drugs. It’s a hell of a battle, wish I could find a way of shortening it and removing the terrible fear. You have to repeat the same things for many months. And to think that a GP (SSRI, benzo’s) /psychiatrist (antipsychotics/lithium) has spent 10mins prescribing and has set many thousands – throughout their career – on a course of – financially incentivised – destruction. What a disgrace.

  • From Brian:

    “On September 23rd 2014, 43-year-old Rubina Khan held her 10-year-old son Amaar as they clambered down from the platform on to the tracks at Slough Station (top), and lay down with him before they were struck by a London-bound train.

    More than 3½ years later, their inquests took place over two days this week at Reading Town Hall”

    People from the South Asian communities are even more likely to suffer drug toxicity akathisia/toxic psychosis because their cultural cuisine contains the very spices and herbs that inhibit the drug metabolising enzymes. Also recall reading Prof Heather Ashton’s benzo manual on a CYP 2D6 (important drug metabolising enzyme) genetic problem common to SA communities. Meaning that their communities are likely poor metabolisers of benzodiazepines.

  • My comment removed from the guardian:

    Psychiatrists, the fraudulent drugs and methods they use can’t help anybody. There is no real oversight nor regulation. It needs to be abolished and we need to start again. Far too many people have died.


  • Mischa

    So you say you have depression. Maybe you will find an answer in the functionality and mobility of the AMPA receptor in relation to the NMDA receptor and the combined multi functionality of these two neurotransmitters: Not only the transmission of the major excitatory neurotransmitter but Long Term Potentiation, which is widely thought to be the biological basis of learning and memory. You know, those memories and rumination of abusive events people with these problems were subjected to. The transmission of the NMDA is controlled by Mg. The unknown gum in the works is that there are ‘unconventional modes of NMDA signalling’ both evoked release and spontaneous release:

    I’m running for cover now before Oldhead gets me.

  • “I also believe that many people (but not all) who go on benzodiazepines know they are physically addictive (just as many people who drink alcohol heavily know that it’s physically addictive), yet are willing to take the risk anyway. ”

    In the context of psychiatry, people are coerced and forced to take the benzo and all the other drugs, irrespective of what they know, and even if they do know, how many realise that they have to taper off very slowly using liquid titration ?

    But yes, it does happen. The answer maybe found in the history art. Humans think they can make themselves more human than human. The ancient Greeks demonstrastrated this when they perfected sculpture (kritian boy) and then – bored with depicting reality – they proceeded to produce idealised ‘improved’ humans (riace bronzes).

  • No educational excuses for these people, they damn well know ! but are so protected, they get away with it.

    The serious questions – in view of the fact, that at least in the UK, there is no complaint route that is independent that actually works for the patient. Based on my experience they, the Health Trusts investigate themselves so any complaint goes to the very people you are complaining about and they can lie, can and do get away with it and make you wait a long long time, in my case a year and counting for any reply – that are not being asked :

    1. How are these people going to be stopped.

    2. How are these people going to be made responsible for the terrible horrendous harm of benzo withdrawal toxic psychosis/akathisia and the subsequent suicides/homicides, custodial sentence?

    3. How are people going to be financially compensated for this harm outside of the lawyer/court game and all the fear, anxiety, stress of that.

  • Saw two psychologists both were useless, neither of them understood anything about the really important biology stuff in the brain re anxiety and how ( the precise way ) it is affected by stress and alcohol/benzos. One tried to do CBT and I ended up doing it to him for not challenging the drug use of the psychiatrists he worked with, so was discharged. I had akathisia during the last one and was very pissed off and in an extreme situation needing a solution, he prefered to talk about the technical details of the becquerel daguerreotype process. What a berk.

    The power stuff is about neoliberal globalism removing all regulation and oversight thereby allowing business to over run us. The way to deal with this is not to allow ourselves to be used by either a GP or psychiatrist. It only works because people believe and have trust in them.

  • The first thing you have to do, is ascertain the difference betwen a physical cause and none physical cause. If a person suffers terrible migraine/anxiety because they have low Mg how is talking about other stuff going to help ? This actually happened to me many years ago,. I was put infront of a clinical psychologist who spent an hour telling me my pain was real and not imagined. Well yes, no kidding. Went on suffering for years until I had a IV of Mg and studied the role of Mg in the brain and sorted my problem out. The important point there is that the clinical psychologist was useless to my suffering.

    The vile labeling, yeah that has got to be got rid of.

    Talking to people who are coming off the vile neuotoxins and other drugs, yeah that has to be happen.

    Compensation to people who have suffered (including the harmful labeling) /died appallingly at the hands of psychiatry, yeah that has to happen. I do not see any organisation pushing for that – shame on you all – other than the greedy lawyers. If you loose you’re even more fucked, the lawyer is not.

    I agree with others who see psychologists pretty much as handmaidens to psychiatry. We need to totally get rid of psychiarty, and stop the deluded ‘doctors’ from drug/label destroying peoples lives for money .

  • I refuse to go on linkedin, but someone needs to keep an eye on this woman: Dr Alina Roser. Yeah we need pharmacogenetics, but we need the public to be infomed and to learn about their own phenotypes and not have it kept from them by the nanny state. Plus pharmacogenetics will not help anyone from the long term harm done by these drugs. This test will just push the horror and death further down the line.

  • Just spent 12 days in a hospital watching my father die. Spoke to some student nurses who were required to write a project on a controversioal subject by their university. Asked if they had heard of Bonnie Burtsow, Heather Ashton, Peter Breggin, Joanna Moncrieff and David Healy. None of them had, all of them made a note of the names and I informed them of the topic at hand and of your scholarship.

    Brilliant and tenacious work ! People need to know about the horror !

  • The woman who filmed that wrote this in the YouTube comments:

    “This lady’s name is Jean Cozens. In May 2014 I attended the inquest into her death and the Coroner declared it an open verdict not suicide. Jean’s psychiatrists was at the inquest and her evidence was that she put Jean on the medication with her welfare in mind. When the verdict was announced she smiled as it meant she did not have to worry that she had a suicide on her record. The inquest was more of a cover up as to how Jean died. She was found hanging but the psychiatrist and the mental health Trust South London and Maudsley did what they could to persuade the coroner that she did not mean to take her own life. I was disgusted with what I heard at the inquest and I have sent a complaint to S.L.A.M. They did not bother to reply to my complaint after the inquest. Yet.”

    This is one of the main reasons I believe paychiatry needs to be abolished: There is no accountability. And this was very clear to me from my engagement with the CQC, GMC, PHSO, ICO and NMC. Those who think they can change this from within just become useful – funded – idiots and skillfully manipulated.

    What happend to Jean Cozens must be shown to the public. I hope it ricochets down time, amplifying like a laser at the heart of psychiatry.

  • “First, because it is not a randomised trial, it does not provide convincing or conclusive evidence that stopping antipsychotic medication causes rehospitalisation or death. People stop antipsychotics for all sorts of reasons and in all sorts of circumstances that may be related to rehospitalisation or death quite independently of their use or non-use of antipsychotics.

    Second, this is not a study of a controlled and gradual reduction of antipsychotics with the support of professionals. Some instances of discontinuation may have been of this sort, but most are likely to have been unsupported discontinuations done without the clinical team’s knowledge, and some may have been discontinuations prompted by physical illness.”

    That is it.

    And we need to move on from this to abolishing psychiartry. If you take the drugs and are forced to do so three four five of them at a time ala polypharmacy: benzos, antipsychotics, sleepers, SSRI’s you will really know why and realise the studies are bullshit for people to talk bollocks over while the victims rot in horrendous hell on these neurotoxins.

    We see a different value through the filter of change over time and realise either something good and very bad has occurred. History will show psychiatrists harmed and killed a hell of a lot of people and got away with it. This has started with legal cases and will continue with pharmacogenetics and skilled research use of the internet and platforms to show the public. We will project to the future and dismantle .

  • “Wiinberg responds that it is not Lundbeck’s pills but the depression that leads to suicide.”

    We need to nail these drug companies on Akathisia. Maybe Kessing and Wiinberg would agree to having Akathisia induced so they can experience this horrific torture. Not only should it be illegal to give these pills to children, they should be locked up for doing so.

    Keep up the good work !

  • What needs to happen with people who hear voices, who are locked up, (prison or sectioned) is not just hearing voices groups, they require a Cytochrome P450 pharmacogenetics test – plus if they were subject (no real option) to the common food stuffs, herbs and spices that inhibit the CYP metabolising enzymes – as a matter of urgency to ascertain if they are toxic on the drugs causing at least agitation and at worst akathisia induced suicide attempts/violence which has caused them to be incarcerated/sectioned. This is because psychiatrists and MH nurses who prescribe, enforce and administer these drugs will be the very last people to acknowledge they are responsible and hence are unable – and frankly do not care – to know the difference between iatrogenic and any true condition. When that happens and it is established who is toxic and affected by this horrific condition they need to not only be given access to appropriate compensation for having their bodies – and therefore human rights – seriously violated, it needs to be done for them because they will need years to recover, yes years, it’s that bad.

  • How about we include in the legislation, serious financial compensation for people who have had their lives ruined for many months into years. At the moment the PHSO (and how about the PHSO employ people who have suffered as a result of the UK MH service) can only make a health trust award a token financial compensation. An individual has to bring their own litigation and all the stress involved in that. How about we STOP psychiatrists investigating themselves re complaints and have a true independent complaints system and not a shame facade of accountability which only makes these people more brazen.

  • “No, it’s not. The only reason for involving “user stakeholders” is to legitimise the whole process so that they can sell it to “carers” and the public.”

    Correct! What – my view -Wessely is seeking to move towards is legally being able to forcefully drug patients at home under an ‘absence of leave’ situation, in other words closer monitoring and enfocement of the drugs and to get wider agreement on this to assert the position. He alludes to it here:

    Please note he says : “I hate people who are passionate, I’m passionately against passionate, it’s an awful thing. But I’m strongly in favour of psychiatry ”

    It is really worth while watching the whole of that video and especially listening to Tony Maden who makes an analogy with patients being pigs:

    What is important to get across to the public is that the very drugs forced onto patients and starting with the use of benzodiazepine being prescribed ‘as needed’ by GP’s – before a patient is subject to coerced then forced antipsychotics – ‘AS NEEDED’ is really important to undertand how this whole thing gets out of control because it sets up withdrawal toxic psychosis/akathisia and people being forced towards the likes of Maden.

    And here it is right here:


    “Withdrawal of a benzodiazepine should be gradual because abrupt withdrawal may produce confusion, toxic psychosis, convulsions, or a condition resembling delirium tremens.”

    Heather Solimine explains it here and very well. I very much hope you listen to this Simon Wessely (hates people who are passionate) and Tony Maden (makes analogy of patients to pigs):

  • They don’t give a damn about you because they don’t have to. There is no regulation or oversight. Patients not only just get swatted away, they get another MH label of lacking insight when they complain. When I made my complaint the health trust lied in reply, clearly proven by their own letters three years earlier. I then made a complaint to the council governing the profession of the director who ‘wrote’ and signed the letter only to be told that the doctors responsible had written the letter and the director had only signed it and clearly did not check the facts. The council would not hold the director responsible and in the context that I suffered akathisia ( three drug induced suicide attempts) for three years. Ofcourse me aserting that the drugs prescribed gave me akathisia is part of ‘my illness’ . It’s all a facade of accountability, whilst the public get not only trashed but outright lied to and they get away with destroying peoples lives.

    If you do not have a withdrawal affect or the affect is low it means the drug didn’t affect your body in the first place, in other words it was metabolised very quickly. Sorry but that is rare, rare because many other common food stuffs herbs and spices inhibit the metabolize enzymes including as common as black tea:

    “Plenty of research suggests that drinking tea is healthful, but research also shows that black tea can have powerful inhibitory effects on the P450 drug-metabolizing system. In a laboratory study performed by Canadian researchers, black tea was found to be a more powerful inhibitor of the enzymes than single-ingredient herbal teas such as St. John’s wort, goldenseal, feverfew, or cat’s claw.5 Herbal tea blends were second only to black tea in their inhibitory effects. While the researchers said it is difficult to extrapolate the findings and precisely apply them to humans, they do believe the study accurately identified products for low or high levels of drug interactions.”

    That is just for starters.


    “People with the most severe forms of mental illness have the greatest needs and continue to be the most neglected and discriminated against”, said Prof Sir Simon Wessely, who chaired the review.

    ‘I hate the word passionate I hate people who say passionate.. I’m passionately against passionate, it’s an awful thing. But I’m strongly in favour of psychiatry OK’

  • ‘Her sudden behavioral changes were due to an autoimmune reaction resulting in antibodies attacking the basal ganglia in her brain. ‘

    Add to that anti-nmda receptor encephalitis which shows up as psychosis and usually gets a schizophrenia diagnosis. 1 in 4 die because psychiatrists – generally – are not only clueless on this, they don’t want to know.

  • You were toxic on glutamate brought on by the alcohol and then you were duffed up good and proper by the rest of the drugs. You will find that Mg will control the anxiety due to its role of blocking – controling the transmission of – the NMDA receptor. You will also find that the active form of B6 pyridoxal-5-phosphate (P5P) is used by the body as a co-factor to GAD65 an isoform of the enzyme glutamate decarboxylase which the body uses to synthesize glutamate to gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA).

    Psychiatry is evil and must be abolished.

  • SSRI’s also cause bruxism:

    Bruxism is a major cause of migraine:

    Which means you get prescribed triptans along with the SSRI which exacerbate the migraine with rebound migraines and then another prescription of beta blockers and the opioid painkiller tramadol. What a disgusting thing to do.

    Bruxism can be treated with an NTI-tss mouth splint and migraine very effectively with magnesium taken long term. But it is a lot easier said than done.

  • MH is a business which dovetails with other business such as the alcohol business or the SSRI, benzodiazepine etc etc… drug business. Destruction is now incentivised under cover of effective media deception. You are part of that business. As an individual (the word – or near to – you use about 10 times) You have a choice: Do something else, you do not.

  • This test is going to go a long way in exposing the harm done by these drugs. To date I have not been able to establish any more information about it. It must be a Cytochrome P450 test. We want transparency on how the information will be used, we want to know if patients will be informed of the results, so they can ascertain past or on going harm done to them by GP’s, psychiatrists and any other doctor..

    So how is it this test can reveal the potential harm done by these drugs ?

    When we ingest drugs, they are metabolised by enzymes, a particular family of enzymes called Cytochrome P450 are responsible for metabolising most drugs. The important thing to know is that, HOW you, as an individual, metabolise the drugs will determine if you get toxic on them and have a appalling time trying to come off them. This is because we all have different enzyme strengths or phenotypes, these are designated as: normal, intermediate, poor, rapid, ultra-rapid. This is how it can be worked out, although it is not the full picture, being as common food stuffs, herbs and spices also inhibit the enzymes.

  • Have heard such stories re benzo withdrawal akathisia so many times. It is horrific and THE most diffiuclt situation I found myself in. When I studied the glutamate system and long-term potentiation, I discovered that magnesium ions regulate the transmission of the major excitatory neurotransmitter in the central nervous system: glutamate. Also that GABA is synthesized from glutamate usung the the enzyme glutamate decaboxylase plus a co factor B6, the active form there of. Hope that helps if you still suffer anxiety.

  • For us making a’s a placebo, our complaint is treated as Anosognosia. If you lot get anywhere, you can expect to get trashed. Hope none of you have any previous issues. Remember they have the media on their side. I would not wait for them to make a move, you have to go all out now and everyone out side the UK of influence needs to help you, Peter Breggin especially.

  • Excellent work Dr Gøtzsche and thank-you for this information, which we can now reference.

    “sexual dysfunction in about half of the patients who had a normal sex life before they started on the pills.”

    My view…this is what it is about, reducing people breeding, so, from their perspective SSRI’s work, they do not care about depression nor the suicide/homicide because it can always be put down to ‘mental illness’, so they get away with it. We need a situation where the coroners courts have to take into consideration pharmacogenetics tests, then we will get the truth of the matter, which will be closer to this:

    Excellent work Brian, hat off to you !

    This could be the answer, but the UK authorities have control on it. People need to – independently – do their own pharmacogenetics test, no authority can in any way be trusted, especially if you have a MH label :

  • “it will be very difficult for them to get off these meds in case they don’t work (which is in the majority of cases). ”

    This is so true. If Robert and the rest had experienced this they would be shocked and realise very quickly why psychiatry is utterly brutal, has to end and not be so focus on the endless studies proving nothing but what ever bias the authors have.

  • Have been reminded of the UK guidance of prolonged QT interval (you just drop down dead) and citalopram/escitalopram and it being dose dependent. Well in the context of pharmacogenetics and all the inhibitors/activators of metabolising enzymes, there is no such thing as ‘dose dependent’.

    “The potential for citalopram and escitalopram to cause QT interval prolongation has been known for some time and is reflected in the product information. However, recent data have further defined this risk and have clarified that their effects on the QT interval are dose dependent.”

    And unless your rigged up to an ECG just before you drop down dead, no one is going to know what caused it, as far as I’m aware.

  • To understand this you have to understand what SSRI’s are good at…. reduction of libido….it’s about an attempt at population reduction. This is the new role for psychiatry. They all know, full well, that AD’s are no good for depression nor anxiety. The ‘guardian’ got into bed with multi billionaire Gates and that is his game. From their perspective MH is the perfect method… there is no diagnostic test, so almost any excuse will do, once on the drugs people fear coming off them, if they have akathisia…..suicide ideation or kill themselves or someone else, it’s the ‘mental’ illness and please understand Joanna, akathisia is not just a young persons ‘illness’. They have made sure the word akathisia is not in any drug box insert . Expect the guardian to go full-steam ahead on normalising the drugging of UK children and schools using anxiety depression and ADHD on-going MH assessments to justify it.

    What are you going to do…more philosophy, that will suit them just fine ?

  • What is going to be your answer – in the UK – to early ‘intervention’ which wil eventually be coercion and then forced treatment (ritalin) of young people deemed to have ‘ADHD’ and then SSRI’s for depression in young people. That is where this is going: