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  • Just stumbled on the article and wanted to add my 2 cents.. albeit a few years later, however, the facts and arguments have not changed.
    I argue that the issue is not the tests but what preparing for the test entails – significant resource and time investment. To get a strong ASVAB score – you must be naturally in an environment that facilitates studying and education, which the Native Americans do not have access to, though they are just as a capable candidate as any other. We grew up to study, we were trained since grade 1 to study, so no wonder we do well. And for our peers that don’t, they have math tutors and educated parents to help with $$$ to spend.
    But perhaps the time is changing, technology is the great equalizer, and the internet is no less. Just did a quick google on the internet for ASVAB Online Help, and I already found a few good online help resources, such as that are cheap, and seems effective.
    Over time – these tools should allow even those of us who aren’t financially equipped and well-heeled to have the support necessary to be better in these test preps, ASVAB included.