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  • This is a very enlightening study. According to many studies on hypnosis/dissociation, the hypnotic state is associated with activations in the anterior insula. The AI is a paralimbic structure with connections with the rostroventral sections of the prefrontal cortex, such as the orbitofriontal and cingulate cortices. And involvement in the ACC section of BA 32, makes sense, since the rostroventral portion of the anterior cingulate is involved in attending to oneself as one dissociates and in self absorbed thought. DID is a state of inner absorption in an attempt to detour one’s attention away from reexperiencing horrendous abuse. DID is not simply “make believe…”. The condition during childhood might have developed in response to make believe play, but in adulthood it is a state of mind and personality. It is obviously maintained by brain structures, the AI and BA 32, that were initially involved in its use. Skeptics, I would recommend reading neuroimaging studies of the hypnotic state, which is a dissociative state, the state of mind in DID. I think science is helping to distinguish DID as a childhood adaptive defense mechanism to horrific abuse that can (in the biologically vulnerable and predisposed individual) develop and mature into DID.