Saturday, November 26, 2022

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  • I think its a really bad idea to redefine mental health in terms of who is and who is not a “bad” person. Even for “bad people”… say serial killers ? Psychiatry can (very easily and practically instantly,) ultimately result non-judicial death penalties.

    why are ‘bad people’ automatically mentally ill? makes no biologically scientific sense.

    it only contributes to the ignorant arguments that people use to discriminate against people with cognitive and psychological disabilities or people they suspect of having cognitive or psychological disabilities that they pose a risk to others or themselves, (or that they simply just dis-like them and don’t want them to be a part of their society.)

  • Hi Sara! I wanted to hear more about how you were ‘ousted’ ! I also entrusted my professors with information pertaining to being a former victim of psychiatric malpractice, of having text book symptoms of bipolar or schizoaffective, and that I had been a victim of abuse/ was stressed out/ trying to get out of one or two classes. I was suspended and reported to a hospital who was given my home address and phone number. I was also excommunicated from everyone other than the people who chose to do this to me.

    I think the punishment is a sarcastic demonstration of employees expressing their robotic inability to not join the ominous medical movement of population control. Controlling language that is unprofessional vs. professional in high society, is likewise a demonstration about how much your supposedly liberal and free minded faculties and peers don’t care whether or not you die or have a forced abortion, or just wake up with bruises all over for no written reason, other than an entire subsequent paragraph complaining about a patients’ hospital food complaints. Its malpractice but its still standardized and I these psychiatrists enjoyed themselves in the act of using their power as well as reacting to my oh so special and surprising symptoms.

    Universities discriminate anyone and everyone through the acceptance process openly. But once you are in their are suddenly laws in place that you can utilize. However, I think discrimination in education sucks more for any reason leading towards forced psychiatry, than it does for any other discriminatory reason, because of the mortality risk involved… again, from my selfish perspective.

    I’m lucky now because I do not live with any abusive and or discriminatory room-mates, but I worry about what could done to me in the future against my will, by surprise or not, as a result of attempting, or at least pretending to attempt, some kind of career through higher education. The letter that my professor wrote about me to authorities was disgustingly unscientific and outrageous, like just because he felt like pretending he had no authority. I spent many years learning what my mental health rights actually are. I also now understand now how credit cards and student loans work, and how to dissociate myself from racist people intelligently, but not everyone accepted into higher education programs are that cognitive and rich.

    If i were living with my mother when my University did this to me, she would have lied to the EMS and would have told them to take me away. If the EMS were not there, she would have called them 20 times until they were convinced that I needed to go with them to explain the situation to a psychiatrist to make everything better. My mother would continue to lie as much as possible to try to keep me labeled as crazy to cover up for her and her husbands’ own sexual and domestic violence against me.

    These are just some political reasons why I didn’t go to my University’s risk assessment. I could have ended the suspension had I gone to the risk assessment and had a pleasant conversation with any of the councilors who I would no longer be suicidal enough to talk to about personal issues as a result of being turned in by a professor. After being referred to a hospital by a professor, or anyone in a more powerful position than you, my making one off kilter comment to a mental health provider who has said information would be suicidally risking forced medication for which I’m fatally allergic to and have no document of.

    I’m still trying to sue my University and complete the degree. Completing the degree on time, remotely, seems possible now, even with managing to not take the risk assessment. However, I want the suspension to end, to have grades like the other students, and some kind of recognition that written civil rights that actually exist were deliberately broken by this University. I guess I have nothing better to do with my time than file honest police reports from the past and honest civil complaints. There are so many and I try to spend my time in the smartest ways possible as as a free student. Higher education law seems like a messy discriminatory business by nature. I don’t think I will ever be compatible with it as I continue trying to represent myself.

    I wondered why you went to the hospital on vacation if it is torture, like if it is political. I’ve never volunteered as a patient at a hospital. I don’t have schizophrenia. I have never been in a situation where I did not want to be hallucinating, just like fifty percent of everyone. The niacin made me laugh, but maybe that’s ignorant?