Monday, May 10, 2021

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  • My husband was director of counseling-(he has an LPC MA) at a faith-based residential recovery working farm in NH for nearly 7 years. Spirituality was a big part of the program but not required. For some they found hope, others were mad at God. Some were on meds and some were not. True brokenness was always evident in those who’s recovery “took” and in those who saw meds as a temporary rest for their mind so their emotions could heal. Others who needed meds for life tried to not take them and eventually had to accept them as an aid in managing and not a fix. The program was a year and many stayed on as staff afterwards. The best success we saw was in the over 25 year olds who’s frontal lop was developed and under 35 who were not so set in their ways and bought in to their “story”. We have been out of it now for 6 years and see so many residents on facebook now married, careers and in ministry as well. We did allow meds and we took the residents to a local dr. for their meds and check-ups. My husband works now in private practice in CT. Certainly those who buy in to their way of thinking do not seek a paradigm shift and live a life of dependence. There is also generational poverty mindsets, and victim mentality that is hard to overcome and scriptures speaks of this. The saddest part was those on state aid who feared getting well and losing it stayed in a cycle of self sabotage. We ran into others “realms”. We had missionary kids, pastors kids, and all types of traumas. But love of self, learning to serve others and forgiveness were key components. Maybe you’d like to visit and see first hand. Also, I see you are in MA, have you heard of Straight Ahead Ministries? Faith based working with kids in lock up…tremendous stories!!