Sunday, May 29, 2022

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  • Doctors have been insanely suggesting antidepressants to me forever. I have 80 plus broken bones, and was a victim of severe abuse for 22 years. Yes, I was clinically depressed for a short time. Now, I am not. What I am is a chronic pain patient with MS. The MS developed as the pro football players brain lesions did, from blows to my head. I see a good, compassionate group of pain control physicians and they are separate from primary care. My primary care doctor of 30 years retired, and I have now an idiot who is allowing my body to stay covered in sores from chronic hives, has taken my 30mg per day of Valium ( yes, I have terrible panic attacks, and equally terrible muscle spasms )and now, based on one day of good blood pressure, has taken away my blood pressure medicine. Who do I report this “doctor” to ? He is going too far!!!