Tuesday, March 28, 2023

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  • This is my life now. I started suffering from hypomania after taking an ssri (depression which began due to a very bad relationship I was in). I then began taking antipsychotics to help the MDD. It helped a lot, but I didn’t like the side effects. I stopped them, and dealing with the depression was much better due to life changes I made. However; I am still suffering from hypomania. Days where I can’t stop eating, hyper, behaving recklessly in general, including sexually, with alcohol, socially.
    Colors and sounds are so vivid and the stimulus is overwhelming.
    After a few days, I’m extremely tired, and back to normal.

    Looking back on my life, I’m pretty sure this “hypomanic” behavior was always a part of me, but in a much less stronger way… how “excited” I would get over little things… it was always a charming, childlike part of my personality.
    However, now, it’s become much more extreme.
    This is why I believe in the theory that it exists but it latent.
    Now, sadly, I believe I will have to go back on drugs.