Saturday, December 4, 2021

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  • Yes, and i have proof that this was known, reported and refused to be addressed. After 3 years of begging and crying, I was taken to a Endricrinologist who said they should have stopped the drugs and that if I saw him sooner he would have prescribed Synthroid, to try to stop it.

    I remember the other prisoners taking polaroids of me in the shower and showing everyone, including all the girls, who would grab my “tits” and compare me to them and then go sleep with the other male residents in the same room where I first showed the Psychiatrist my “tits” and begged for help. Also the same room where I was forced to have my first sexual experience. I was always reminded of my inferiority and uselessness.

    This same room was the Psychiatrists office.

    All for the sake of covering up abuse that they documented was occuring and that I was being victimized. Money talks!!!

  • Forced Gynecomastia stole my adolescence from me. Forced rectal penetration all by women. The humiliation and the torment was endless. I have never been ok since. I don’t eat regularly and sometimes have to do things that most reading this would want to end their life if they had no other options to get basic needs met.

    As I have been told countless times; it’s my fault.

  • The current medical director of Riverside in Massachusetts fully knew that the pills he gave me made me grow breasts. No one cared about the damage this did to me. My first sexual experience was forced on me in his office . My rectum was penetrated 7 times because of this doctor. All of this before the age of 16. This is despite my medical records from this time period stating that I was not “mentally ill ” and this doctor himself openly stated and had documented, that in fact, he knew that I was abused my family and psychiatry was their tools of abuse. I have a written document in form a transcript written by clinicians of a phone call in which my parents called screaming and threatening action against the doctor if he did not change my medical records from stating that my parents were “mentally ill “and that I was ” healthy” to “tell ****** that he is mentally ill and that ******* are healthy “. I lost 30 Years of my life because of a documented lie and I am still devastated by it. Thankfully I had plastic surgery but i never recovered. F*** Mad in America for repeatedly denying my voice form being heard. Whoever is running Mad in America has not responded to several attempts over the years to allow someone in its own backyard a chance to be heard. This website allows numerous survivors and advocates their voice, yet, somehow despite having hundreds of documents with all the names of “providers”, all Massachusetts based and many still working today, with a few of them working alongside Psychiatric Survivors . Why does Mad in America refuse to allow some people a voice? I read articles often on this website often, written by the haves, while have-nots in your own backyard, aren’t granted a single response in 5 years of requesting a chance to post a blog . Mad in America – stop silencing people!