Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Comments by Ariana

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  • Denial, Corruption and Deception have been three cornerstones of psychiatry as practiced by most to-date. Let’s see Reform added now. Cannabis CBD component is said to have anti-psycotic property. Researh is needed. And a natural product EMPowerplus by Canadian company True Hope is well-researched as being effective for All mental health conds and does help Bi–polar cond I contracted as result of taking SSRI antidepressants. See truehope.com for info. True cures that heal without harm are needed. And insurance needs to Cover them instead of only the brain-damaging pharmaceuticals that have left me disabled. Thank you for your article!

  • To quote a lyric by JahredNamaste’ of Love Eternal, “We’re going up, up, up from here.” Current psychiatric drugs and practices remain at bottom of the snake pit the psuedoscience crawled out of. It is Nutritional and Emotional support, via supplements, therapy etc that has best outcomes. This is proven by fact that countries who do not use Western psych meds have far, far, far fewer cases of people who become disabled by psychiatric conds. In those countries, where lives are not ruined by medication side-effects, people receive support-based care and most recover from even schizophrenia. Western model’s been to medicate life-situational depressions and zestful behavior of children. Result? Three times number of disabled people now in America, for mental health reasons, as there were less than 30 years ago, before the invention of first SSRI anti-depressant prozac. I wish I had known about natural product EMPowerplus from truehope.com over 20 years ago instead of taking SSRI’S for a situational depression and thus protected my brain. I pass on the info so others can protect their precious brains!