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  • 1st off, my condoleances to all who mourn Matt Stevenson.
    2ndly , I might hit your snares the wrong way in my comment, this is/was only my intent if you create something positive from it. If I hurt you , I truly am sorry….

    I feel humbled by all the effort Matt has done in just a few years but also by his accomplishments !
    I understand the why, but how did he do that ?? It’s a shame that he succeeded in taking his life but I do understand. The dogma (given to us by some unknown benefactor centuries ago) entails that life ends after death and you either spend eternally there or there. What bothers me (and this is my lifelong thought since I was 5) is that people accept telepathy as an existing inner sense (we don’t talk openly about it but that’s a different thing) but somehow keep ourselves in the dark when a loved-one has chosen to end his-her suffering in this part of life, while we in facto could simply comfort each other with his-her continuation in his-her after-humans-life … I know its a sport to deny all things spiritual and wiggle our opinions in difficult constructs such as HSP, empathy, alternates to them-voices-being-nothing-but-a-hallucination type-casting, off course the famous ‘talking in tongues’-contests that some churches like to have each year in May or spreading shamanistic news-views while tripping on some ancient mushroom, dangerous fruit or by ‘rimming a frogs ass’ BUT couldn’t we all just drop the pretense and simply get ‘it’ over with and speak the truth about our experiences with our inner-senses ?? I know, y’all don’t know what I’m japing about, right lefties with no clue ?-) Well, I don’t give up but also don’t really care much more about this ill-begotten stigma that has been placed on me from the 1st day I refused to ‘stay silent’ about our ability to have a shared-conscious-mind whenI was 5 years old till the current day, I do not comply to be assimilated by you or even by a network of trusted-love-ones… I rather stand alone confronting you by verbally thinking, talking, writing, feeling because I know you cannot resist me and my undying passion to love above truth….
    And now I’ll honor the truth : Matt was plagued by other humans who formed a network of people that was created by accident but maintained in spite of all (y)our efforts to “talk sense” into the various individuals. Some listened and stepped out of this viscous-terror-circle (which is a mighty strong act) and some heard about his fears by sheer accident and were in a bad mood so threw more wood on the fire. Some of these ‘terrorists’-self-image became linked to Matt’s predicament and his demise was thought of an accomplishments for one or more…. Those of them who lack any remorse are what is named in holy-scriptures as ‘demons’ in today’s literature we named them – psychopaths (especially those who prefer to be called sociopaths…) and they are very often confused on the internet with narcissists (narcs). The ones that do feel sorry for what they have contributed to Matt’s decision to act on the pain, are for the most part changed/changing for the better. They are becoming/became persons we want to care about because they are starting to care about us. And then there are those, who I encounter in my own life and consider being a weak-link in my network-of-feelings but since we all are one and many at the same time, I always prevent myself from pointing blame onto them because 1. it doesn’t diminish my suffering but creates another gap that needs to be filled. 2. I could better try to see if I’m able to help him or her. 3. To know he or she is actually a part of me, makes me accountable for his or her feelings when we are ‘joined by the same feelings’ 4. what I perceive as being ‘my weakest link’ could be a totally wrong assessment and any actions taken because of this are wrongly based, to say it simply. 567etc…
    I bet Matt was in that aspect just like me and cherished all life in the same manner we all were taught from birth. It’s just we over-emphasize the value of this human-experience and should be more tolerant of those who want to ‘skip-it’ and take their chances in the life that follows-up this one. We can cry out loud and mourn this terrible loss (exactly what I did while reading the article above) but I’m able to step aside from this and take on a whole new POV but as I know this discomforts people and I’m always doubting whether I should ‘stay silent’ and don’t upset grieving people……. it’s never a good time for telepathy, yet it is there in my mind that I spend practically most of my life that was, will become and is at this very moment.
    To Matt’s family & friends I would like to apologize to what may seem as parasitic-behavior but the above is my message to the world and after reading testimonies to the force that was driving Matt to right psychiatric wrongs , my message was given a pair of new batteries and my eyes were fortunate to may have glimpsed through the eyes of Matt. His last wish is a shout out to me to behave honorably and to create laughter and happiness and off course treat psychiatry righteously…
    I may hope I will not easily forget him.

    “In the emptiness of knowing, all that I see is but an illusion of sorts. You see, my eyes too are an illusion.”

    “If I think I forget who I am. That I never forget….”

  • We here in Holland-Europe had a thing called social-housing which meant that anyone could be your neighbor. Because the trend here is to rent rather than buy a house, quit a diversity of people live together in the same neighborhood.
    I for example live in a small house in the most cultural divers ‘old-city-segment’ of Utrecht and thus I hear the church-bells ringing twice a day and every ½ hour and once a day around 17:30 the mosque’s prayer echoing through the neighborhood. Especially the cosiness and sociability in the mainstreet, where Turkish vegetable shops and Moroccan, Indian and other small-restaurants convey a true conviviality, is the bestehst in Utrecht.
    Contrary to what US-news has told Americans, there are No-No-Go-Zones anywhere in the Netherlands or other parts of Europe.
    The fact that the towers fell is due to a deep troubling state of your own government. So don’t go marking every muslim or foreigner from the mid-east as a potential terrorist… America is already in such a bad state that it’s almost sanctified to quarantine the whole country from the rest of the world.
    Perhaps all western countries will suffer hard when the country-debt-bubble bursts but I predict that the US will fall flat on its face when that happens.
    People in North-Korea however will go on about doing there daily business as if nothing happened and have themselves a fine day…..

  • TY, I agree with your assessments.
    Decent research into developing (scientific research) literature that concerns ’causes’ rather than ‘symptoms’ would be nice too.
    It also wouldn’t hurt if psychiatry practiced more psychology since the biological approach is based on blatend lies (f.e. repeating a dogma entailing the existence of a chemical unbalance doesn’t make it a truth).

  • Your cousin will regain his emphatic abilities (if he has any) once he’s forced to get off his illicit drug-use. He then will be faced with the life-long punishment of not being able to give back what he has taken.
    However, people who claim “they wanted to test out a new knife” are most probably psychopathic and as such should be quarantined from society until a cure is found for this physical defect.

  • I would like your apology too, since you are promoting choices made that ruined the most part of my life and even shortened my lifespan by 25 years !
    What are you waiting for ?

    There are more than 1 dietary measures that enable people to cure their diabetes.

    Even with a pendulum it is always a case of ‘how high’ the pendulum swings for people to experience any ‘brunt-related-effects’.
    Never is there anywhere suggested that patients who are (too) heavily medicated were given the option to go medication-free the next day.

    You create illusions and sell them as delusions that need medicating.
    You, Joël are nothing but a quack quacking quackery…

  • I do not understand how you, Bernalyn Ruiz, can write this article and think that readers of this medium (madinamerica) will take the contens seriously.

    You give a brief summary of a conclusion that is drawn from 167 studies without ever having done any research into the enormous diversity of the research objectives.
    Then you do the same with the newly published results of the study that has looked at whether or not the need to drugging 1st time patients with medication is valid.

    I therefor suggest you, Bernalyn Ruiz, that you should 1st have read the article written by Robert Whitaker ( who wrote an extensive review of this study by analyzing all the different studies apart.

    I suggest to all readers of this article above to take the time to read and compare it to this sloppy one page article by Bernalyn Ruiz.

    I will inquire with the madinamerica staff what happens to my donations because I will not tolerate that these kind of dissimilations will be paid and even get advertised in the madinamerica newsletter !
    Hence fort I will suggest to make personal donations to specific writers possible.

    I wish you all a very nice day !-)

  • 1st off – why do I have to scroll to the bottom to be able to make a comment ? When I donated money , suddenly , I could comment easily.
    That’s money-driven-courtesy !

    2ndly – to involuntary commit someone or apply force to make someone act less deviant from the norm (who or where can we find the basis of this ‘normal’ behavior) is having the same effect as medication on the brain –
    we will find a way to counteract or circumvent its intent.

    The brain already found ways to circumvent antipsychotica medication to reach its intended objective ; to provide the amiglia with hormones (those delicious phucking hormones 😉 )

    In order to escape the long-hand of psychiatry I introduced a thought of “them small corners” which allows me to circumvent their influence on my freedom of having deviant thoughts.

    Their oppressed POV on me is now being counteracted by me oppressing my especial created actionable thought of those small corners.

    This and the support of God in my life (His omnipotent love for me ‘just as I am’ and not ‘as I should be’ or ‘should become’) strengthened all my resolve to choose a new way of thinking.

    Had it not been for all the ‘bloody’ resistance against my deviance from their imposed ‘norm’ , I wouldn’t have the slightest notion of this kind of thought-power , let alone would I have conjured up this elaborate thought-pattern that frantically searched for a tangible solution !

    You see, God (or IPU (may peace be upon her)) created a inner-compulsive-need for me to get from A 2 B. All hindrance to get there, induced my life-drive to stick to His or Her plan ; to reach my fated destination to B(e) ….

    These involuntary shots of Haldol will drive the thought-motors of the vagabonds into overtime. In time their brains will find ways to circumvent and combat these deliberate & diligent thought up actions to de-liberate these vulnerable people of their liberties and/or sense of liberty.

    As I did , by inventing ‘the little corners’-thought , that liberates me mentally but also has the side-effect of restraining those , who want to ‘de-liberate’ me , from undertaking any actions that would get them exposed to ‘my little-corners’-thought-process & complementary actions , so will these vagabonds invent ways that will minimize or eliminate the risk of receiving ‘involuntary-injections’ and subsequently be stigmatized by society as being physically and mentally ‘deviant humans’.

    Also , I cherish the anguish & fear all others will have when their thoughts feel threatened by this state-implementation of stating the norm for all citizens in the US. (not beyond ! , because the USA is far further down the road of madness than all other western-countries or so called ‘un-civilized’ countries and nations).

    And so I think every hindrance for people to live their lives as they choose to will exceedingly result in extraordinary special ways that restore balance but also will create numerous solutions to psychiatry. I predict those solutions humanity will invent will not be appreciated by the current oppressors a.k.a. our governments.

    Gods omnipotent love is also there for you… Yes you ! You, just as you are !-)

    I interrupt this comment for a important message from Dr. Seuss :

    “Today you are YOU, that is TRUER than true. There is NO ONE alive who is YOUER than you…. ”

    The other day I asked my therapists if he knew any good psychiatric jokes, he said :”I’m afreud not !

    He ran into his doctor’s office screamin :” HELP ME !!! I’m am terribly afraid of palindromes !!”
    Well, in that case I will subscribe you some Xanax !!, his psychiatrist replied.

    That’s all folks… 😀