Saturday, March 25, 2023

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  • Hello, so sorry to read about what happened to your son and this so-called mental health system which now seems to dominate almost every aspect of our lives today. This happened in my family too, I still suffer from this experience, very terrifying. It is a tyrannical system, fueled by mind-altering drugs that have the potential to kill people! These conditions/diagnostic symbols the psychiatric world utilizes are a complete and utter joke. Then, to top it off with central nervous system depressants that have no long-term studies attached with their use is abhorrent, who do they think they are, I wonder how they can sleep at night? Psychiatry is evil. Run as fast and as far as you can away from it! Know an escape plan if you come up against it! And, those Black Box Warnings they have on the labels of Many of these drugs, warning people against them! They are tyrants pure and simple. I notified countless people during this dark-age time. I screamed at many of them…to the top of my lungs. The evilness of it all!

  • Hello Bryon, first of all, I am sorry this happened to you, my heart sinks reading a story of this magnitude. Perhaps it is because this happened to someone in my family, who is now free, once away from the confines of the institution. I wanted to make a sign that read: Free ____, and walk up and down the sidewalk in front of the place, though I didn’t have the guts, for fear the people that work in that dreadful place would chase after me with their syringes, phony-theory disease ‘categories’ and zip ties! I wanted to stage a protest, a revolution against their ‘treatment’ of human beings, though I feel they wouldn’t understand due to their complete lack of empathy. Again, I applaud you, you are strong and I admire this in any individual that falls victim to the egregious, malicious, and very dark and destructive spin-off of Diagnostic and Statistical Manual’s book of theories. Think about it, THERE IS NO PROOF, there is no research what-so-ever in what these people DO to other people.

  • I wish I could hold up a sign and protest in the front of all of these buildings that hold people hostage and against their will, how dare they, and just who do they think they are, I really want to know. They are smug and arrogant and how, I wonder, do they even look at themselves in the mirror everyday without wanting to puke? How do they sleep at night knowing full well what they have done to people, they disgust me! It is a pseudoscience based upon fiction, that is all it is and it is all that is ever will be.

  • These horrid places filled with ‘staff’ that keep people locked indoors and then force medication upon them want for nothing else but to coerce people into thinking they ‘require’ it to live and they ‘require’ it to function, what a bag of absolute hogwash, I would tell them to shove it. Stay as far away from a horrid place of this magnitude as possible. As stated, the only study relating to forced confinement had to be abruptly ended due to abuse by staff upon patients. This study shines a light for me in what I believe truly happens behind those locked doors. And what about all of the Adverse Effects of all of those medications they force people to take. What about that I ask you? I know people can read. Is it that they don’t read the medication insert or is it because they are not offered an opportunity to read the insert before taking a drug. And how does another human being arrive at the determination to do this upon another human being knowing full well just what this medication is capable of doing to this person ‘under their control.’ To name a few effects of these horrible medications: Tardive Dyskinesia (a permanent disability) and Hyperlipidemia. Is somebody truly at the switch here? To me forcing another human being knowing full well of the these effects borders on reckless endangerment. Again, how can these arrogant, smug individuals can do this to another human being is truly astounding.

  • Oh, and are you a ‘locker’ or a ‘drugger’ disguised in your message as a prisoner or I mean patient? Then you say to me…because of listening to people like yourself…what are you talking about? I believe and never will stop believing that these prisons are very wrong, forcing people to take medication is very wrong and boy do they have alot of guts. To be able to be so very smug in what they do to other people then to be satisfied with himself at the end of the day is truly unbelievable. And if you are a patient who has your opinion, I do hope that you run as fast and as far away from that horrid place as you can and you do have a voice, of course you don’t need me to tell you that because you just proved to me that you are capable of making decisions for your life and destiny.

  • I have wanted to stage a protest in front of these places so many times in the past though have stopped myself for fear of being run-down by one of these ‘lockers’ or ‘forced druggers.’ This is all part of their grandiose scheme of their ‘do-gooding’ to others, let’s make people afraid to protest otherwise they’ll be a chasin’ ya.

  • Coercion, drugging, take away your clothes…let’s see how you look in this type of outfit, your shoes, your phone, everything you may or may not use on a daily basis, then let’s see how you react, I know, better yet, let’s do an experiment on you, then write everything negative that you have to say in your ‘chart,’ without any forethought on how you are treating this person and their future of getting out of a place of this magnitude. This is what I mean when I ask myself just how do these people who are doing the locking of the doors and the forced drugging feel at the end of their day, not to mention how the people they are doing these acts to feels. It is an outright injustice upon the human spirit, it always has been and it always will be.

  • Thank-you to the author of this article, a really good story. I like the Model, absolutely-no-medications…ever. I am in (and always have been) in pursuit of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, end of story. Medications do not fit anywhere in this scenario, nor will they ever. First of all the only story that I ever could locate on incarceration of people forced to stay in a hospital had to be abruptly discontinued due to the abuse of staff upon the patients. I ask myself, then why is this allowed to continue, forcing people to stay in a hospital and drugging them. It really makes me wonder how the people who are doing the locking and forcing the medications can sleep and night let alone look at him/herself in the mirror every day.