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  • “The hallucinations and delusions he suffered from made it impossible for him to get along with his bosses and co-workers. He couldn’t live with anyone and ended up sleeping in his cars many nights.” I feel for your son, but again, what was family like in his informative years? Was mother home?

    Clearly, as DR. K pointed out, he wasn’t fully developed. I don’t want to sound insensitive to your issue, but, questions remain open. Did you ever think that the “The hallucinations and delusions he suffered” was from the medication he was prescribed before you found the right medication? Clearly, he was not prescribe properly initially, that was prescribed by a psychiatrist who didn’t have a clue initially.

  • What were you disabled from? I have to ask you, does mental illness actually exist, DR K. doesn’t think so, as do other members on this blog, or was you told this by a psychotherapist to you?

    Listen, I don’t know your situation or what disabled you, however, it actually took four years to return to somewhat of normalcy? I feel for you, but I must state again, all tax payers are paying for your “mental Illness,” Is your illness real or induced or better yet encouraged by a psychiatrist.

  • All depends upon what degree you pursue. Some degrees are 100% useless, others pay big money. All depends upon personal choices and what you want to do in life. There are many high paying jobs out there, but that requires work and desire. Personally, I don’t feel sorry for anyone that wastes four years of college on a useless degree.

  • 100% correct, an act of free will. All your life you make choices, some are tough, but by all means keep as positive as you can and drive forward. Think of the 18 year olds in WW2, think they wanted to go to war, same with all vets since. Life is not easy, not will it ever be. Work is hard, school is hard and relationships are hard. You simply make the best of what you have, evaluate where you want to be and go for it. Being “Sad” or should we say drugged is a personal choice.

  • What a bunch of bull, “Too Sad” to work, really. Stop the medication, and put them to work. I have three such individual and they way above average employees. Hard to deal with at times, but socially responsible. It’s not to any of that work and pay and exborant amount of taxes because someone is too “Sad to Work.”

  • DR. K, was this a problem in the 70″s? I agree today that the family life situation is far different and that children aren’t developed as they are either raised in day cares or by baby sitters. 3-4 hours of unsupervised time, no discipline and raised by someone not making that much.
    Also today, children are too dependent on electronic devices, I Phones, Tablet, etc. No way too develop that way.

  • Clearly Richard, you don’t like or appreciate Freud. That’s all fine and good as everyone is entitled to their respective opinion. However, it’s also fair to state that there is “No Free Lunch” in America and psychiatrists are making society that way. I guess the real question is mental health and is it a problem or just some imaginary made up by psychiatrists? Why should mine and everyone else’s tax go to pay for people that can actually work if their not sedated 24 hours a day?

  • Dear Dragon Slayer,
    “My article was rejected because it stated the truth too clearly and succinctly for Mr. Whitaker’s taste”. The truth according to whom, you? We never got to read or critique your article. The truth is out there my friend and obviously the site didn’t think your writing was too truthful or factual enough to publish.

    I’m glad that you tried and please try again. I would welcome your thoughts so don’t get discouraged, keep trying. This is not my profession, but I will say that I will support someone that’s making an effort to change things (Dr. K) and critique those that go after him in slanted way, in other words, too one sided and in this case, it’s Thomas Szasz and your opinion of the misinterpretations that Dr. K presented.

    “As for leading youth into battle… that has absolutely zero relevance to this thread, but I’ve had many great experiences in youth leadership”. Teaching youth leaders is great, however, it’s quite safe and no harm comes to anyone. That’s where you’re wrong and you can’t compare the two, if you can’t understand youth in a combat situation, people die.

    Then, as the leader, it’s your responsibility, to write the letter home, perhaps they were too immature, perhaps they were way to gung ho, in any case, military leaders have to understand each and every soldier and what makes them tick, know how to motivate them, calm them of their fears.

    Clearly, at this time you’re not dealing with “mental illness”, however, after the battle and lives are taken and lost and these people have time to reflect what they did and what they saw, it definitely changes people, some end up with PTSD after the fact.

    The question I have is PTSD real, or is it just an overwhelming feeling of guilt. Battle field conditions can be harsh and you see things that you never wished that you did. We, as a people are not raised to kill people; it hits some people really hard, while others just simply deal with it. No one wants to take a life and those that deal with clearly suffer an internal struggle to carry on. So this thread is pertinent to this thread.

    Same goes with running a $30 million dollar a year company, you deal with a multitude of personalities. I have over 100 employees that report to me and again, you as the leader have to know what buttons to push to get some of them to perform and be able to handle a multitude of different people and situations. Everyone has a hot and cold button, 10% of my work force has been deemed with mental Illness” by doctors. So this thread is pertinent to this thread. This is not an easy task and you as the leader are expected to meet company requirements on a daily basis while balancing your work force.

    No, it’s not office psychiatry per say, but it is important to this thread. Both in the military and civilian life job require me to be somewhat of a psychiatrist.

    Your good in my book Dragon Slayer, just stop leaning towards the left, you may be a libertarian, but you shift left to me. I presented two real world situations from the military and civilian life. Respect what I did and what I do now. You guys on this site are too set in stone to change, but so be it, I respect you all and your findings, and if I don’t agree from a logical perspective, I will respond in par.

    I don’t tolerate bullying in any way, shape or form and if I feel that your being over critical, I will respond. I respect and think very highly of Dr. K and that he has the stones to stand on that wall and defend. Sure, Dr. K takes criticisms well, what else is he supposed to do. It’s his article, now that is man that would be good under fire because he does not crack. He may not be able to handle all the nastiest of a battlefield, he clearly has the strength to stand up to his critiques on here.

    Peace Dragon Slayer, may your night be full of fun and laughter.

  • Hey Slaying, keep on believing the old fool. It seems that everyone on this site is way too liberal. I’m glad that you find my responses humorous that don’t require a response. However, your slanted in one direction and I oppose that. “The Myth of Mental Illness” came out in 1961, 57 years old to date. Who wrote the bible that we all believe in? Do you know?

    Clearly, it wasn’t Jesus and it was written after the fact. I find your responses way to slanted and one sided, I don’t find them humorous.

    Ever wonder why you were rejected on this site, I know why, but I’ll behave. You consistently criticize Dr. K and his articles using your slanted perversion. Thomas Szasz was a Freud disciple who moved on from Feuding theories to suggest his own.

    “But the argument that “something is old, therefore it is irrelevant” is about as nonsensical as they come”. Really, how do you justify that comment? I’m not say that old has no value, what I’m saying is that society has changed to a point that “old” just doesn’t get it in today’s society.

    Let me ask you this, have you ever led 16 18 year olds in a combat situation, I bet not. Too me in this application Szasz would be useless because he can’t connect with the youth of today. My point is society is totally different today and with your slanted views, one of two things would happen, everyone gets killed or they never go into the fight because of your slanted, leftist views.

    Have you ever run a $30 million dollar company where you work under duress seven days a week, I bet not. Please, by all means sit home, critique at will and know that you’ll always be safe because of people like me. You view me as humorous and I view you as slanted way to the left. I wonder why I protect people like you.

    Personally, never liked liberals that much nor found much use for them. The truth is out there and men like Dr. K is standing on the wall and trying to institute change, I respect that and he’s good in my book. You on the other hand, well, that remains to be seen, hopefully, you can straighten yourself out some what so your more middle than slanted left.

    Keep critiquing, your way too funny and your stuck to Szasz. Just think dinosaur, their extinct and so id Szasz, then you’ll be ok. Is there no one from today’s modern era that makes more pertinent points than Szasz?

  • Couldn’t have said it better myself. This whole mystique of mental illness has only gone so far as to create pools of unwilling or unknowing victims to create a giant cash cow for psychiatry and big pharma. Big win for big pharma which goes hand in hand with today’s psychiatrists and the money pits that they create.

    For those of you and it seems there are many of you that believe Thomas Szasz as the next coming of Jesus. Well, I’ve said this before and I will say it again, he had many great theories but there is no statistical data to support his findings. His book entitled “The Myth of Mental Illness” came out in 1961, 57 years old to date. Times change, people change and most importantly, society as a whole changes. What was right 57 years ago is most certainly not right today. This isn’t Ripley’s believe it or not, it’s today’s society. I question as to how well Thomas Szasz theories would hold up today? They probably wouldn’t and with that being said, old doesn’t get it today. GW Bush didn’t know the price of a loaf of bread when he ran against Bill Clinton, but then again why should he.

    I don’t believe in mental illness, Dr. K has clearly stated his view supported by facts in this article. It’s a well written article and yet some of you circle like sharks on a feeding frenzy to critique. I suggest you stand on the wall and write your article and deal with the backlash it generates. See how it feels, I’ve always said it’s easy to critique but not be critiqued.

    That’s the greatest thing about America is that you have that right and privilege to do so. For all you old dinosaurs out there that think Thomas Szasz is gospel, so be it, but he’s one man with many good ideas. He’s not perfect by any means and if you want to put him on a pedestal, so be it. I believe your wrong. His theories don’t hold water today because he has become outdated, much like Freud.

    “Fresh from Freudian training himself, Dr. Szasz saw psychiatry’s medical foundation as shaky at best, and his book hammered away, placing the discipline “in the company of alchemy and astrology.” You guys remember Freud, you bashed him in Dr. K’s last article and yet this man started off as a Freudian disciple.

    “In the present day, it’s opposite in many ways; psychiatry has been using various tricks to tip the scales in favor of “ill” coping mechanisms – it enables busy, tired, older, unsupported parents to sedate their kids, instead of having to deal with raising them. It offers rewards like euphoria-giving drugs, permanent financial security, sympathy/attention, and evasion of guilt or responsibilities, in attempts to condition people to behave in ways that they would never have dared do in the 1800s, since they would have been dragged off, chained up, and never seen again if they did those things then”.

    Wow, does that paragraph from Dr. K say a lot. My point about Thomas Szasz, “attempts to condition people to behave in ways that they would never have dared do in the 1800s, since they would have been dragged off, chained up, and never seen again if they did those things then”.

    Nothing else to say but a well written article Dr. K. It also clearly states the epidemic that we have today with psychiatry and big pharma and that needs to be stopped as soon as possible, Noble men like DR. K are trying to do so as are many of you this site. Job well done people. Keep it going.

  • Again bashing Freud Dragon Slayer. Whereas I agree that your entitled to your opinion, I must continue to attest your comments. Teenagers are what they are and defy definition. Personally, I believe they are what they are and don’t judge or look for definitions in the dictionary.

    I respect their views. I don’t always agree, but want to understand what their thoughts are and where there coming from. Communication is key to any relationship and believe Dr. K. stresses that in his writing.

    I coach 10-12 year old girls (softball), and 10-12 year old boys in little league. I don’t judge anyone. I find it a personal pleasure to help each and everyone become a better ball player and build on their weaknesses. It’s not hard to access talent, but what’s hard is to access weakness and build on them. In the end, you hope that they become better people. Not an easy job, but quite fulfilling.

    I can’t stress this point more than that children today need mom at home during their formative years. Day care centers, baby sitters etc. are not family. Any wonder why kids have problems and issues today. Both mom and dad work. Our friends, the doctors are more than happy to prescribe some addictive drug to possibly treat an unnecessary illness because that’s the easy way out. Children need parents, love and communication, but in today’s day age, that doesn’t happen that often because of bills.

    It is what it is, this is not my profession, all I can say is that my wife and I sacrificed and lived lean for 10 years but our two children are awesome and go getters. I couldn’t be more prouder of their efforts.

    I don’t buy into this bipolar crap. How have people changed this much over time? Perhaps they didn’t, maybe their parents did and doctors are more than happy to oblige their so called illness by making money off their patients.

    Dr. K. awesome article

  • Well said, for all those that thought Szasz was perfect in his theories, raise their hand.

    Szasz was not perfect, perhaps for his time (60’s-70’s), what are we talking about, almost 50 years. Come on, let’s be a little more realistic, Napoleon was awesome to a point, but in today’s history and the way war is conducted, he would be annihilated. Time changes everything, open your mind and your soul.

  • “mjms1165 … I’m sorry, but that was such an incoherent rant that I’m not sure how to respond. If you’re trying to intimidate me from dissenting from Freud’s noxious ideas and your friend’s embrace of those ideas, it’s not going to work. “Clearly you’re mistaken, because I don’t rant. I simply state facts. Some like it some do not. I don’t attempt to, other posters on this site clearly try to intimidate where I won’t name them, I view them as bullies and that I won’t tolerate them. As Dr. K stated, to each his or her own. Unfortunately, we all live in a world where power is derived from wealth. I 100% apologize in regard to intimidation if you felt that way.

    “The word I think you were looking for is “consensus,” and frankly, I don’t really care what the youth would think of Szasz.” Szasz is a dinosaur; old fart, or whatever else you could call him. It appears that you and I both are older and mature and I could care less what the youth of America think. I feel that you need to earn your position in America and you do so through hard work and education. Szasz is not modern and that’s my point, his ideas are old as he is. You guys on MIA get hooked into certain authors and won’t bend or consider anyone else’s ideas. Like Freud, he wasn’t right about everything. You seem to strongly believe that Freud was, wrong…Nobody is 100% percent correct, nobody. I put myself in that category as I also hope you do as well.

    “In any case, I have no hatred toward Freud or any other human being, including yourself.” Nor do I for you In fact, I’ll take a moment to thank you for your service in the military”. Thank you. Freud was ok, he wasn’t right about everything either nor was Szasz. No one is perfect in this world nor are their respected theories. Everyone has flaws and you need to realize that. Szasz was great for his time in the 60’s & 70’s. I don’t dislike or feel hatred towards you and respect your views. And opinions as well.

    “In any case, Szasz was not a liberal, nor was he a Scientologist. It is clear that you don’t know who Szasz was or what he wrote, so there’s really no sense in responding to your rant, except to clarify for the audience that Szasz did a lot of great work toward abolishing psychiatry even though much of that work has been neglected or rejected.” Again, I disagree, Szasz was a liberal and he was in bed with Scientology, perhaps he didn’t know at the time but he was. Didn’t you read Richards postings? I didn’t say I was an expert in this field, nor do I pretend to be. I apply logic and business sense to my postings, whereas you consider it a rant, I work 7 days a week running a $30 million dollar a year company. Sometimes, I’m just beat. Szasz was this far out old dude from the 60’s that was pertinent at that time (60’s-70’s). Reminds me of President GW Bush (against Bill Clinton) when he was asked what a loaf of bread cost. Why would he know that, he has a staff that provided for all his needs?

    “My article was rejected because MIA is not fully on board with the project of abolition, and because the truths that I outlined in my essay were too much for MIA to handle. Sorry to hear that your article was rejected, clearly Dr. K has a great following with 300+ postings. Keep trying as I look forward to reading your thoughts. Nothing will ever be abolished in this country. Those in control, control the wealth and the power. I would enjoy reading your postings. Clearly, your intelligence level is way above average and your thought process is exceptional

    “Dr. K is correct in his opposition to biological psychiatry, and you are correct about the drugs and the pharmaceutical companies, but Freud’s ideas are much more dangerous than Dr. K makes them out to be.” Freud is not god, nor was he perfect and the intent of this article was not to make Freud “god like.” Dr. K was trying to state his points in regard to Freud’s theories. I stand by his side in his quest to rid this world of “biological psychiatry.” Talk about dangerous, police crackdown on drunk driving, while they don’t on patients with an opioid addition. How is that possible, Freud clearly didn’t inflict the public with drug addiction, doctors did.

    ‘Am I an expert? Heaven forbid.” Nor, am I. I appreciate your honesty. After all, the “experts” are at the forefront of psychiatric onslaught that is destroying the lives of many innocent people (Dr. K being a notable exception). I agree 1000% with you on this point concerning Dr. K, in that he is the exception. He is a good man and has the stones to post on MIA.

    “In any case, I wish you a merry, psychiatry-free Christmas. All the best.”
    Same to you Dragon Slayer, I wish you and your family the best always.

  • I’m not mistaken in my opinion, my beliefs are from what I read. You disagree and I respect that, but that is what make this country great. Dr. K has many excellent points, I just ask that you open your mind.

    In regard to uprising, couldn’t agree more. Nailed it.

  • I can understand why you confused and that’s my fault. My nephew did three tours in Vietnam (65-68). He told me repeatedly how he was spit on in airports, called a baby killer, by “liberal hippies, and had dog poo thrown at him,” all while defending his country. I asked why he continued to go back, and his answer was he didn’t want to see anymore 18 year olds die.

    For the record, he died in 1970, falling asleep at the wheel attending law college in Albany, NY. I still have his trumpet and I miss him as I miss my cousin that was killed in Beirut in 1982.

  • Liberals were in Vietnam (for the most part not because because they didn’t have a choice), republic of. There is use for everyone in society, even liberals, again, too each their own.

    Society should not be able to dictate what individuals can or can’t do. Unfortunately, the government (state/federal) has has a definite different view on that subject matter.

    Please see my posting above, hopefully that ends your confusion.

  • I can understand why you confused and that’s my fault. My nephew did three tours in Vietnam (65-68). He told me repeatedly how he was spit on in airports, called a baby killer, by “liberal hippies, and had dog poo thrown at him,” all while defending his country. I asked why he continued to go back, and his answer was he didn’t want to see anymore 18 year olds die.

    For the record, he died in 1970, falling asleep at the wheel attending law college in Albany, NY. I still have his trumpet and I miss him as I miss my cousin that was killed in Beirut in 1982.

  • Szasz had flaws too as did Freud, I wouldn’t recommend this old dinosaur to anyone. Clearly, you treat him as a god based on your readings, whereas I did read some of his material and don’t.

    I have always found when you get hooked on one author’s beliefs (ask Richard), you too become slanted in your views, which always gives me a point of contention (with MIA posters) and then you (posters) become so one sided based on your beliefs in the author.

    As Dr. K pointer out in numerous postings to “each their own,” I feel it’s fair to agree that we’ll never agree, but let’s make some progress and help people that need it.

  • It appears to be quite clear to me because this is not my field of study. Let me ask you this, what do you want to see changed? I would appreciate your views and I would appreciate that you except my feedback, being an outsider to this field. Personally, I don’t like the medical addiction that this causes.

  • “I am not pushing psychotherapy; I am the last person who would push anything on anyone. There are millions of ways to cope, of which psychotherapy is just one, and “to each his own” as far as I am concerned.” Couldn’t agree 100% more with that statement Dr. K. Personally, I feel the same way about religion, “to each his own,” and I can’t stand people that want to push their religion down your throat, only difference here, religion versus psychotherapy, is that additive drugs are pushed down your throat by doctors that only care about paying for their student loans and getting wealthy whereas religious folks have their beliefs. So it’s fair to say, each have their own agenda. One makes you addicted to drugs and the other, well, you simply don’t answer your door.

    “What I am suggesting, is that we re-examine Freud’s ideas since they generally ally with us here at madinamerica, and against biological psychiatry.” Again, not my field of study, but this “biological psychiatry,” is how people get labeled and addicted to pharmaceutical drugs and get damaged for life.

    “It seems to me that defeating the medical model means bringing back the idea that people can work on their own problems, in ways of their choosing, if they face up to them instead of medicalizing them.” Wow, that is excellent insight, putting the ball in the individuals court and making them put some skin in the game, I couldn’t agree more.

    Everyone needs to be accountable and control their respective lifes, not be dictated to by doctors. That’s true in life with everything for the most part, but not everyone and that’s a shame. Those that suffer abuse (physical or mental) can’t always be strong, nor can they cope and become victims of doctors and their addictive drugs. Are they mentality ill? Well, I can’t answer this, you professional’s on this site clearly have an opinion. Merry Christmas Richard. Glad your back. Missed your points of view.

  • You said, “Don’t confuse “liberalism” with “political correctness.” Political correctness is an illness of both sides if the aisle, as Trump’s recent orders to his agencies about what words they’re not allowed to use clearly prove.” Trump is an idiot, were stuck with him, clearly I don’t confuse “liberalism” with “political correctness.” I simply don’t like liberalism and the media these days seems to dictate “political correctness because they can’t get to Trump.

    “The real enemy is authoritarianism, the belief that there are some who have a right to exercise their authority over others arbitrarily and without basis in reality.” To me, sounds like England. Queen whoever. Liberals hate authoritarianism, but sometimes it’s a necessary tool.

    Liberals don’t like to be told what they will and won’t do. Real Americans don’t have an issue, I clearly don’t find an issue with questioning authority, but in war, people die and I do have an issue with that Steve. Ever have to write a letter home stating that someones son was killed, I bet not. Better yet, visiting that family when you get home to discuss their sons death.

    “Plus there are plenty of liberals who have fought in wars, including my father. So it’s not true (OK, one example) that “liberals” sit back and loaf while “conservatives” fight for freedom.” Your father is and was a hero. He served his country regardless of the political factor, millionaires getting richer. I appreciate his service to our nation and his sacrifice.

    “Freedom takes many forms and many have fought for it in many different ways. The liberal-conservative split is an intentional fiction that has been pushed by those in power to keep citizens fighting against each other and prevent them from joining forces. Things are not going to get better until those of us who are not in power get together and stop buying into these false divisions like black/white, liberal/conservative, urban/rural and start realizing that those in positions of power want to keep us from getting together and forcing them to cough up some of their power.”

    Actual fighting where your life is on the line (war) and your behind is safe at home fighting is two different things. Seems pretty clear to me Steve, and I would think you would agree. Not comparing apples to oranges here based on your comment.

    “Things are not going to get better until those of us who are not in power get together and stop buying into these false divisions like black/white, liberal/conservative, urban/rural and start realizing that those in positions of power want to keep us from getting together and forcing them to cough up some of their power.”

    Couldn’t agree more, term limits need to be established for the Senate. Skin color means nothing to me, and I believe that know one owes anything to anybody in our society. My family from the 1700″s didn’t own slave nor did anyone since did. In my opinion, you earn your position in this country through education and hard work. If your lazy, well your options are limited. If that’s conservative, so be it.

    It’s quite obvious that people in power will never release their hold on those people that are not (millionaires are interested in profiting themselves.” The answer is term limits for the Senate. Get these old farts out of office. Their not connected to the public and that’s problem number #1. They don’t represent, except for lobbyist groups or big corporations.

    Your good in my book Steve.

  • It also brought about unions, or did you forget. How many managers work work 40 hour weeks? Answer is 0. War is unnecessary, however; liberalism is not needed either, support from the liberalists is. If anyone spit on me getting off a plane, well, they better have a good dentist.

    You states,”people who denounce war and not at the people who benefit from it financially while putting your loved ones at risk? Well that’s just a fact in life, bottom line is to get the job done from a military perspective and get home in one piece.

    The military has no choice in what the government wants to do nor the rich. The most important thing in the military is the man on either side of you, that’s all you care about besides the mission. Liberalists can’t understand this fact because they waiver way too much and don’t put their respective neck on the line and stay home and enjoy the freedoms provided by the military.

    Why did you remove your earlier post regarding General Smedley. He stated the facts, but he’s no genius. He’s stating the facts that has continued onto today?

  • Again back to the politics, this is one man’s opinion and I agree with what he wrote. Clearly, he is 100% correct in that few profit and many die. That’s life in general today as it was yesterday. Do our elected officials represent you and I, no, they represent big lobbyist groups. Isn’t everyone elected to the congress or senate a millionaire?

    “But the soldier pays the biggest part of the bill.” General Smedley, chapter 3. This was my point in regard to my family history, clearly as I didn’t want to get into politics, or money. War has always been a way to get a stagnate economy going as this is nothing new nor will it ever change. The problem that we have in this country is that are millionaires (elected officials) write laws and serve big business before they will serve the regular people in the US.

    The senate has no term limits, they can be found guilty of felonies and still serve and get a pension. In the military, if your convicted of a crime, or serve time, you will get dishonorably discharged, you, yes you, can lose your retirement from the service after serving faithfully for years, but not if your a senator.

    Again, I’m not a big fan of liberalists who complain constantly but enjoy the freedoms and rights provided by our founding fathers (amendments). These were granted to the American people by the military victory over the English. I also find no value in politicians because they don’t represent the people.

    Liberalism at its best was witnessed last evening when I went to my daughters 9th grade band concert last evening, Listened to 12 different songs, guess how many had anything to do with the holiday, none. That is what liberalism has done to this country because clearly the schools don’t want to offend anyone.

  • Clearly, this has nothing to do with Dr. K’s article, only my family tree in fighting /Nation sovereignty/slavery & oppression/and fascism (Peoples rights/Civil War/WW1/WW2) These dates back to the revolutionary war, the Civil war and WW1 & WW2. I fought the soldiers of Iraq. I saw friends die protecting the the rights of those back home.

    Those unwilling to fight, therefore liberals who enjoy the freedom that us in the service provided, then and now, consistently provide negative feedback or a lack of support.

    Clearly, those men in Vietnam didn’t want to go but they did (drafted), many died, and many more were wounded and were disabled permanently, I have a family member that would attest to but he is dead. For those that are wounded and permenitaly disabled, I salute you as defenders of the faith. I ask where were the liberals in all of this, safe at home, at least most of them. Apples to oranges here fellas and gals.

  • Clearly, this has nothing to do with Dr. K’s article, only my family tree in fighting /Nation sovereignty/slavery & oppression/and fascism (Peoples rights/Civil War/WW1/WW2) This dates back to the revolutionary war, the Civil war and WW1 & WW2. I fought the soldiers of Iraq. I saw friends die protecting the the rights of those back home. Those unwilling to fight, therefore liberals who enjoy the freedom that us in the service provided, then and now, consistently provide negative feedback or a lack of support. Example, hippies spitting on service men returning to this country. Clearly, those men in Vietnam didn’t want to go but they did (drafted), many died, and many more were wounded and disabled permanently, I have a family member that would attest to but he is dead. I ask where were the liberals in all of this, safe at home, at least most of them. Apples to oranges here fellas and gals.

  • “National Socialism (German: Nationalsozialismus), more commonly known as Nazism (/ˈnɑːtsi.ɪzəm, ˈnæt-/),[1] is the ideology and set of practices associated with the 20th-century German Nazi Party in Nazi Germany and of other far-right groups. Usually characterized as a form of , Nazism’s development was influenced by German nationalism (especially Pan-Germanism), the Völkisch movement and the anti-Communist Freikorps paramilitary groups that emerged during the Weimar Republic after Germany’s defeat in the First World War.” What are you not clear at? “Fascism that incorporates scientific racism and antisemitism.”

    Liberals are an another story. So again, what are you confused about.

  • Just like a dog with a bone. Just can’t let it go, your pure hatred for Freud is obviously quite clear. It also appears that you always have to get the last word in. Is this from your pure hatred of Freud or the simply that that you believe your some sort of alpha. You would never make it in the military with your approach.

    What do think the the youth of America would say to Thomas Szasz. Some whacked out old man I believe would the conscientious. Clearly he was way too liberal for my liking and his relationship with the fascist group of Scientologists, clearly puts him on my unapproved list. Today’s youngsters are way too liberal as well, at least they seem to be to me anyway. You may like him, and clearly your entitled to your opinion. Freud wasn’t right about everything and neither Szasz.

    Personally I have never had a fondness for liberals or fascists, especially since my father, and his two brothers fought against them in WW2. My two nephews fought in Vietnam, with 1 making it home and one getting getting killed and me growing up watching protesters (aka hippies, spitting upon returning service men). I had another cousin killed in Beirut at the Marine Barracks in 1983, along with 200 plus more Marines.

    Dr. K tried to express his views on Freud, he’s only trying to bring to light that Freud did have some value and clearly used his interpretations of Freud in writing this article. You may agree or disagree, that is your right and your privilege, one that I personally helped to preserve with my service to this country (1983-1991) and protecting people like you Dragon Slayer.

    “Not all of us want good men who care about their patients. Many of us seek good men who are courageous enough to help abolish psychiatry so that we won’t have anymore victims of psychiatry in the future.” Clearly Thomas Szasz didn’t do that either did he? You go online and you can find a million of them (psychiatrists who practice psychiatry) Are you going to make a difference here Dragon Slayer or professionally by quitting the field to take a stand? I’ll take a good man any day as I have spent a lot time with courageous men protecting and dying for American freedoms for people just like you. Think about that for a minute.

    You said, “Some of us have written articles that have been rejected.” Ever wonder why your articles were rejected? Perhaps it wasn’t worthy of this site and their editors. Dr. K has at least 5 published articles that I know, you may have many as well, but I don’t follow you and probably won’t. Dr. K. tries to bring new views and opinions on his subject matter. He, like Freud and Szasz isn’t always correct, but he does support his theories and responds numerous times to postings in regard to his articles.

    You also said, “There’s nothing wrong with dissenting from the views of one author, particularly when those views could potentially prove dangerous to survivors of psychiatric abuse.” You are 100% correct and your entitled to your opinion. Just wondering if your an expert in this field or are you falling back to your readings on Thomas Szasz? Today’s drugs are the problem and the big money that follows them? It’s quite clear what the issue is and Freud is not writing the prescriptions today is he?

  • Wow, the boys are really having it on this article. I guess some of you got some of your feathers ruffled while others it did not. Welcome back Richard, it’s great to read your postings again.

    Why in the world would anybody bring Scientology? This whole article is based on Dr. K’s view of Freud. Clearly in today’s society, we’ve become a society dependent on pills and big pharma because it’s the easiest way out to the biggest paycheck. Freud is not responsible for that.

    Please show or demonstrate for me that anyone’s theories are 100% correct. Some of you fall in hook, line and sinker to particular authors. Sorry to break the news, none of them are 100%. Not to get religious, but Jesus did say let he cast the first stone that has not sinned. Bottom line here is getting to the root cause of the problem as Dr. K pointed out in all his articles. Most of the time, this will not require medication. Of course, all situations are different based on the severity of the illness.

    Again, not my profession, but I believe 100% it’s utmost important to get to the root cause before considering medication. Clearly, no sane individual would want or shouldn’t want to get anyone addicted to any medication if they have a conscious. We all know that is not the case and people like Dr. K is one of those few people that advocates against prescriptions.

    This site is not intended to condemn someone’s thoughts as some of you have done. Man or woman stand up and write your own articles if you disagree and counter this article with your own, not simply post comments.

    The intent here is to increase ones knowledge and to demonstrate multiple points based on the authors theory (Dr. K). I don’t work in this field nor do I care to, but I have read a lot of material. Freud was not perfect, but he wasn’t wrong about everything either as some seem to believe. Bottom line, nobody is perfect and all of their respective theories aren’t 100% correct either. Steve and Richard, I enjoyed your postings. At least Dr. K has the stones to put out a good article. People, he’s a good man that cares about his patients, isn’t that what we all want in the end?

    Good article Dr. K.

  • You know it’s way too easy to blame police for their interactions with the public. Let’s examine this quote, “These findings align with the possibility that exposure to police violence (or concerns about the lack of accountability for such violence) challenges one’s assumptive worldview, threatening a sense of safety, eroding trust, and breaking confidence that one is a person worthy of respectful treatment by societal institutions.”

    I don’t agree at all, first off, “police violence”, is needed to restrain or somewhat control these animals that control the streets selling drugs. I bet if you studied that group, they never worked a real job in their respective lives and want everyone to feel sorry for them because their father is either in prison or dead. Personally, I don’t. Opportunity abounds in the USA.

    Please grow a pair because your soft and your approach is all wrong. No body owes anybody anything. It’s an absolute crime when one culture believes that another culture owes the something. You have have life and in such, you either strive to succeed like normal citizens or you choose an alternative pattern with consequences with law enforcement.

    It’s a shame the way police have to deal with such people, however; who else is going to deal with such crime? Clearly, not all police arrests re perfect in their respective activities, however; someone has to police the animals that ring our streets, poison our children and parents. Yes that’s right, it’s the oppressive police. Bottom line, those same police that protect you and I while risking their lives.

    This is not about us versus them, it’s about life in general. Clearly if you put the effort in, you’ll be rewarded (ambition) or should be in time, those that don’t (laziness), well, face the police and the laws of their respective states because of greed and drugs etc. Personally, I can’t be sympathetic to those that don’t try or at least make an effort to improve their lives. I also don’t owe them anything, it is what it is, go forward or backward, is a personal choice that could have repercussions for years to come, at least for those that don’t try to get a better life through education & work experience.

    Just a thought.


  • Truly enjoyed the article Dr. K. Especially, the 10 plague countdown analogy. The theory here should be move and adjust, move and adjust. Sounds like the military on an military operation.

    In the end, it comes down to adaption as you read the evolution by psychiatrists to adapt and overcome the situation in order to get paid. Driven by insurance companies, additional reports and the simple way out, Big Pharma, thus the evolution and the next round of plague.
    Perpetual motion would be a good way to describe the evolution of this whole process. Dr. K. does a wonderful job outlying the evolution from the beginning.

    In the end, it’s all about psychiatrists getting paid and finding the easiest way to do so (evolution). Insurance companies requirements led to extra work and less profit, therefore Big Pharma became a quick and simple fix to recover income (adaption). As pointed out by Dr. K. “Due to trouble finding enough paying clients, psychiatrists now needed to focus on billing health insurance companies. But they had to show that they provided specific ‘treatment’ of well-defined discrete conditions in order to get paid by them”. More work, less profit, in essence, a serious no go.

    The whole world changed in the 80’s to off shore manufacturing, off shore banking etc. More profits, way less costs and as Dr. K pointed out in this article, it’s affecting this field in a major way as well as many other fields. Cultures adapt, the rich want to get richer regardless of who it hurts or effects. Quick fix to more profits, Big Pharma and reduced time per client. Who suffers, you do as a patient as the insurance companies dictate what treatments your allowed (# of visits) and what medications that you can have. Imagine that, insurance companies dictate (are they doctors?), they are only interested in their 35% profit margins for who other then the share holders.

    Doctors today don’t really care as long as they get paid and few do go out of their way to help fight what the insurance company allows, and those doctor’s should be honored, however; most of the time, doctor’s don’t because it isn’t worth their time and there is no profit in it. So much for me and you in this case.

    Well written article Dr. K, always enjoy reading your articles.

  • Awesome article DR. K. I know you blame the MD’s for taking the easy road out and you blame the parents for being brainwashed. My point is simple and straight to the point and that is family life in society today has changed from what it was 30 years ago to both parents working, getting home late and thus providing no role model in the child or children’s life.

    Somebody posted about the children watching the tube for 5-6 hours after sitting at a desk for 7 hours, well, once kids reach a certain age (7-8), it’s tablets, the internet, cell phones etc and this is because of their parents caving in to their children’s demands or requests. They become reclusive and go to their rooms or somewhere else in the house. No one is home to monitor this behavior because mom and dad are working. It certainly can’t be good for them or the parents down the road. I’m sure there are studies conducted on electronic device uses and I bet there not good for the children’s brains.

    I grew up in the early 70’s and all I did was play sports after homework. I didn’t care about eating dinner, just playing sports till dark, every evening, from baseball to ice hockey. My mom was a stay at home mom who made sure you did your homework before anything else. I believe today that not all kids have that discipline and MD’s prescribe medication to control them because today’s parent’s allow that to happen. I run a $30 million company, whereas I’m not perfect, I’m not taking medication either except for cholesterol.

    Today’s parents are brainwashed or simply too lazy to raise their children the right way because every thing is so expensive. Parents need to make sacrifices today and they don’t because they have a $500K + mortgage to meet. For the last 30 years, society has changed and not for the better.

    My favorite line from the article is the following: “In just thirty years in America, it has largely undone the huge adaptive potential that millions of years of brain evolution had provided. Psychiatry profits by parasitically creating an increasingly ‘ill’ society whose people are helpless and vulnerable to legal/illegal drug dealers”. Again, doesn’t this go back to the change in society where both mom and dad are working. I’m not letting the doctor’s off the hook in any way, shape or form, because they perpetuate the problem, not cure it.

    Excellent article Dr. K.

  • Nicely written article Doctor K. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as of 2011, 11 percent of people ages 4–17 have been diagnosed with ADHD. I wonder what it is today with that gold mine out there for doctors. Young adults are abusing prescription stimulants to boost their study performance in an effort to improve their grades in school, and there is a widespread belief that these drugs can improve a person’s ability to learn (“cognitive enhancement”).

    Really, or is just the competitive nature that society has become today to make someone think this way. In regard to society, family structures have changed, where as both mom and dad have to work long hours to pay the bills leaving junior or sissy home alone. Doctors pour more fuel on the fire by prescribing these addictive stimulants that need to be taken under doctor supervision. Yeah right, is a doctor going to be at your home 24 hours a day to monitor the situation, I think not. Too me, this is where the parents come into play. In other words, the doctors that prescribe these addictive medications rely on the parents to supervise, who of course are not home because of today’s society and the large amount of monthly bills.

    Just think about this for a minute, home alone from school @ 3:00 PM. Mom home by 6PM and dad by 7PM. Unless I’m way off base here, stimulants increase dopamine in the brain, why not enjoy the euphoria and leave the stress behind for another day sounds like a great excuse to get high and supposedly be more focused. If mom and dad are not home, and junior and sissy like the feel, why follow the prescription, take more medication right. These stimulants need to be supervised and controlled and they are not, perhaps they are not even needed. To me, that’s the biggest problem with society today. Mom and dad away, junior and sissy will play. Did you also know this effects white males more than any other race or sex. Ever wonder why? Answer: The white race still is the largest population in the United States and most if not all of these parents have what? You guessed it, health insurance.

    Clearly the doctors who prescribe and fool these patients & parents into thinking these stimulants will help, do they really? Clearly, they are addictive and as you clearly pointed out Doctor K, quite addictive the longer you are on them.

    I 100% agree with Doctor K, but in my opinion, parents play a key role in this also. It’s become far too easy for doctors to prescribe these addictive medications, supposedly taken under doctor supervision and not fear the consequences. Either they didn’t factor in the parents long work days or simply they didn’t care as long as they were receiving kick backs and discounts from big pharma. Bottom line here is that Doctors need to be held responsible for not considering all the factors in society, including mom and dad’s work schedule.

    Well written article.

  • Wow, very interesting article and perspective by Dr. K. Hocus pocus and you’ll be better seems to be the story line here. It’s a 100% shame that doctors don’t treat patients for what’s wrong; instead, seek the quick goldmine that’s Big Pharma that ruins people’s lives. I enjoy this comical side of Dr. K. The sarcasm towards psychiatrists is well placed and well spoken.

    I believe Dr. K. pointed out that many of today’s illnesses have become big business. Who heard of celiac disease in the 1980’s? Big business today and I know because I was diagnosed in 2015. ADHD was never mentioned in the 70’s & 80’s. Sleep and eating disorders, again big business today and not mentioned years ago. Clearly, these “illnesses” are industry driven (Big Pharama) and doctor supported. Sad state of affairs for all the patients that suffer with these illnesses. Hopefully, they’ll have the strength to overcome the medicines and take back their lives.

    I’ve changed my diet to be gluten free and all I ever get asked (by GI doctor) is do I have more energy, or do I feel better. The answer is yes and no. On this restrictive diet, you don’t feel like a real person. Your driven to read every label and do research (online) on what you can eat. Simply can’t go out to eat with your family anymore because there is very little that you can eat safely. Then comes the trust issues, do you really trust that your food is not contaminated with gluten in some form or other.

    It’s not just psychiatrists anymore; it’s the whole medical field. Blinded by the light of the golden trail to money via “Big Pharma” or unneeded tests such as MRI’s or Cat Scans because there fishing for answers, Doctors today don’t treat, they prescribe or order tests that are inconclusive. Makes you wonder what’s in store for future generations as all doctors have seemed to fallen into the path of “Big Pharma” and unnecessary testing with little regard towards their patients.

    Dr. K. keep rolling as I enjoy your stimulating articles. I’m surprised Richard didn’t chime in as he is a well experienced authority. Probably contemplating his response. Hello Richard, where are you? What are your thoughts on this subject matter?

  • Well, once you end up on the wrong path, you, as the individual have to make a choice. Too me, life is all about choices. I believe you have to ask yourself a very simple question and that is, do I want to continue down this path, yes or no? Based on an individual’s strength, will power and desire to change, they can right the ship so to speak, but must be willing to do so. I heard growing up that you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink seems to be a perfect fit here.

    Very true in that for some people, their only options are “to turn around or to turn off, and what if there are no turnoffs”. There are always options, but to change requires will power and the desire to change. Some people who have been addicted for life (thanks to doctors), may not want to change or willing to put in the effort to change because of their comfort level. “No turn offs” to me indicates an individual that does not want to change or is unwilling to change because of their comfort level. Everyone has choices in life, some choose to get better, and others stay the course and remain addicted.

    I agree with you in that “You can only plough ahead. Or…bushwhack. You might take a very long time to get back on the right road again”. Nothing is easy in life, but people do have a choice. The question then becomes, how hard are you as the individual willing to work to change your situation? But exactly what is the right road? Is it what society believes or dictates how a person should act and contribute? What makes society right? They pass laws to dictate how we should live and if we don’t follow those rules, there are penalties associated with those laws.

    Clearly, we need rules and laws to regulate our society or we’ll fall into chaos, but I have to question are all those laws just or right? Then, are the people writing and passing the laws right and just or just completing their agenda? I believe as a society, we should vote on these laws or rules before they become “laws”. I have never liked elected officials that supposedly represent “us”. They only represent lobby groups and funding their future (political career) and they are the ones passing these laws and dictating to us, how we should live life. Sounds much like doctors prescribing addictive drugs don’t it? Dr. K is right. He’s a good man.

    “For just about everyone, it isn’t like you snap to it, and then, suddenly, you use the ruby slippers and then, wow, you’re back HOME. Nope, it’s not like that”. Well, isn’t that the truth. Nothing is easy in life and you as the individual have to decide what you want out of life. There are many paths in life, everyone has choices and help if needed; however, personal strength, will power and the desire to change will help you get “back HOME”.

    Never used Google maps, never asked anyone for directions, I guess, I just plough a head. I will check out your radio show, what times do you air?

  • Do they really have a choice, especially young people whose parents trust the doctors.? I bet no.

    People die by choice, I don’t find it any different than alcohol addiction. I have no sympathy for addicts nor myself as I put myself in this boat. Not too sound to unscientific or not concerned, but people choose their own path in regard to what they do and don’t do in life.

    “People are always going to choose to take substances to change consciousness. ESPECIALLY in a culture which is extremely oppressive”! I would ask how you define oppressive, race, culture, family life etc.

    Doctor K blames the doctors which seems to be the common root cause. But is it all the doctors fault or a lack of the getting to the truth, which Dr. K has clearly stated in three articles? ? I agree with Dr. K that doctors don’t do enough today to justify their high rate of addictive, prescription drugs. What is the root cause of this problem? Clearly, doctors not willing to put in the work or effort to get to the root cause.

    Today’s doctor’s are no help in this matter as they prescribe addictive pills at will. I choose at will what I drink or don’t drink every day for the most part. It’s my choice and I do what I want based on my stress levels, this again comes down to each and every individual to meet their respective needs. Clearly, this is failure on my part to deal with the stress, long work hours etc. I have to worry about 100+ employee jobs, meeting financial requirements for the quarter and process problems as well.

    If doctors start them from a young age, they have no choice, the doctors have made it for them.I just wonder if they have looked at the results of their work like Dr. K? Bet not.

    I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and a safe holiday.

  • Hi Julie,

    I have contacted Marist College to see if they still have it on record. I have changed my computer 3x since I graduated in 2005, as I have no record of it, you know, it’s the love or leave it syndrome, not by fault, just glad too be done. It’s a 50 page paper that I spent three months researching prior to graduation. Hopefully, they will respond, but I must say that you sound quite chipper and clearly, height is not an issue for you. I also believe that shorter people are more efficient. Hope that you have a wonderful holiday weekend.

  • As I stated previously, this is not my profession, but I do find the articles written and the responses or comments very interesting. I can’t speak to heroin use or any other addictive mind altering drugs (outside of alcohol) as I would never take them for and now after reading these articles, blogs and comments from professionals and patients alike, I would never consider taking them.

    All I can tell you about my rehab experience for alcohol abuse(four years ago) was that I learned a lot about the legal/illegal drug world during my 6 months of out patient treatment, which I found 100% useless. I went to several AA meetings (for the 12 steps), personally couldn’t stand the sob stories or the faith in religion. Stress(from work), not depression made me drink and got me in trouble to the tune of $10K. I do see a professional, and he is awesome.

    Today’s society has changed, both mom and dad work (this all started back in the 1940’s when men went to war), children now days are raised by day care centers and baby sitters before they go to school and after school. Clearly, family values have changed. I’m sure you’ve all gone out to eat recently, what do you see, a family of four sitting at a table do, all on their smart phones, no family conversation besides ordering their respective meals.

    I asked my wife ten years ago to stop working so she be there for my daughter/son and both are at the top of their class. That’s the way I was raised and I run a $30 million dollar a year manufacturing company with over 100 employees. She has returned to work and the revenue stream is better than it was.

    Technology today is no friend to our younger generations as they have become so incumbent on it and can’t live without it. Children don’t play sports outside anymore and text each other across the room. Example, just take a look at MLB, majority of the players are Latin. I find no offense to this as I believe the best players should play no matter their race and that goes the same way with jobs including gender. Is all the electronic gaming problematic? I personally think it is, again, not my profession, and doctor’s have become to incumbent on issuing addictive drugs to treat those that should be worked with, in other words, have them find the root cause if possible.

    I have a gluten free intolerance (Celiac disease), and if that don’t cause depression, I don’t know what will. The diet sucks, everything you eat you have to check in multiple sources and going out to eat is terrible. You don’t even feel like a real person. The astounding fact is (a) where did this come from and (b) why did it take so long to diagnosis? Never heard of this in the 80’s? Clearly, it existed before the 80’s and no one knew what they were missing besides being nauseous and violently ill. Just another way to get patients to pay more for their doctors, theirs repeated tests and yes, oh yes, the same old boring diet. Just quipping, please don’t mind.

    In retrospect however, it appears too easy for doctors today to prescribe the perfect pill for a minor to treat. Dr. K makes perfect sense in that by 2006, these kids are adults and hooked. Never had these drugs back in the 1970’s when I went through elementary, middle school and my first introduction to a person of color in high school. I never took addictive drugs nor will I today. I will admit that I never did like hippies then nor do now. But that’s a story for a different blog.

    Doctor Kelmenson was correct in that today’s doctors don’t TREAT patients anymore, they merely prescribe addictive medication that saddles the young child throughout life. This creates a windfall for the doctors. I thought Richards posts were very insightful as many of the other wonderful people that posted on MIA.

    Keep pushing and responding everyone, love the posts, the thoughts generated by the posts and the article and all you wonderful people.

    If you want to find something interesting, please look at the average height of males/females from 1940 to today. Steroids are now in most meat and vegetable products and have been since the 1950’s or 60’s and peoples height has increased by how much? I know the answer because I wrote a paper on it while attending Marist for my MBA.

  • Hello Richard,

    As I had stated earlier in some of my posts, it was clear to me that you have worked in this field and are a well educated man. My responses to you were not meant to be personal, just wanted additional information about you and now you have provided that information, thank you very much. Clearly, I didn’t know that you have published blogs at MIA. No, I didn’t research you, but now understand where you’re coming from. I was 100% convinced that you worked in this field in some form or other. I’m sure your nice to others, in this case, I felt that you were not.

    In regard to myself, well, I too am well educated, not in this field of study, but in business. I’m a war veteran surviving two tours in Iraq. I’ve lost friends there as it wasn’t a pretty site. Once I left the military, I’ve worked in manufacturing in senior management positions in OLED technology. I tend to be very direct and straight to the point and I “don’t shoot from the hip” in my decisions nor posts. The military & manufacturing management has been my life for the last 30 years. I use logic in all my decisions and I’m trained to defend those that need defending.

    I can respect your position in which you stated, “I will step up my degree of criticism until they show some humility and/or fully engage with respect and equality by responding to specific points brought up in the counter dialogue”. However, before I knew more about you, it came across to me as bullying and if bringing someone to “HUMILITY” isn’t bullying, I don’t know what is. Therefore I responded the way that I did. I believe that everyone should be heard and be treated fairly. They may be right, or wrong in what they write, but clearly are entitled to their opinion. Clearly, you take a more cerebral approach to your writing and responses.

    I joined this site to get a better understanding of some of my employees who suffer with anxiety attacks, depression & paranoid delusions. This is not my field of study and I do find it way to slanted towards liberalism; however, with that said, I want to read and learn from experts that have worked in this field to gain a better understanding of people in general and my employees. Statistics can be swayed in any angle that they are presented to prove a point and as such, are there any real clear conclusions? In Dr. Peter Breggin’s case, the answer is sort of a yes/no.

    If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask.

  • Hello Richard,

    I will admit that participating on this web site is not my profession, nor would I rate myself a professional in this category. If you want to know about nanotechnology or OLED technology, I’m your man. I’m here to learn and grow and become a better leader.

    With that said, to address your response in regard to suicide rates climbing and a “spate of mass shootings over the past several decades”.

    Have your ever considered that increasing suicide rates coincide with the economy, simply not drugs? Studies have shown that during economic downturns, suicides are up, whereas when the economy is rolling along, suicides are down. Clearly, no indication of medication here.

    You mention two different authors, and seem 100% to follow what they write and observe. You must also have a fantastic memory if you remember everything that you read in 1991. Just for the record, anyone can steer statistical data to prove any point that they like. In other words, it’s not written in stone nor is it black and white.

    Real life dictates what happens in life, not studies nor one’s belief in those studies. Wrong, wrong, and wrong is all you seem to say in regard to this article, please encourage the positives, even if your beliefs are different.

    Clearly, your entitled to your opinion and the results of those studies have swayed your opinion. Again, your looking at statistical data, which can be presented in many fashions to change exactly how it is received and can be presented in many different fashions,

    May I ask, what makes you right and your opinion in regard to this article, besides the two authors that you mentioned. Are you a expert in this field? Simple question, yes or no.

  • Richard, well put. I’m new to this blog and question where is your supporting evidence in regard to your criticisms of this article. I love the fact that you were critical, and analytical, but fail to see that much in regard to research and evidence in supporting your point, and too me it was only your opinion based on the lack of supporting documentation. Perhaps your an expert, perhaps you been doing this for thirty years, I value your opinion, but want more proof to support your claim.

    You posted on this site before which is awesome, does that mean your an expert that works in this profession? I value your opinion as clearly your a man with a wealth of knowledge and experience. Again, it comes down to treating the cause, and in this case, clearly there are more ways than, like actually working with a patient instead of looking for the gold rush of pills. In the end, it always comes down to pills and mis treatments. This beckons greed and today in Americas society, greed is number 1. Patients who?

  • This is very well written article by a doctor that clearly poses some very thought provoking points and counter points to multi-subject matters. Throughout this article, Doctor Kelmenson is looking for the “correlates” that have been established or explained. Chemical processes are reactionary; however, don’t treat the actual causes, and in today’s society, there is a pill for everything. I believe he is 100% correct on his thoughts regarding patients being misled by their doctors. It’s become to easy to treat a patient with a pill instead; and the cause of that is greed.

    Clearly, Doctor Kelmenson has a vast amount of knowledge and truly put his time into researching his subject matter; I want to thank him for providing all of us, a wonderful articile to read. I truly look forward to reading his next article.