Wednesday, October 20, 2021

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  • I have experienced intense withdrawal from anti depressants like Effexor and the withdrawal symptom was worse than the condition being treated. That was my clue that another medication was needed because even though the withdrawal was bad, living with chronic depression exacerbated by my years prior of cocaine abuse was not a better outcome in the long run.
    I have also seen a person who had finally been able to titrate down to a lower level of psych meds for schizoaffective and lost weight started eating healthy exercised and stopped smoking after twenty years. Then some jocks at the gym convinced him to use suppliments and stop his meds..because that is better to be on nothing right? You may be able to tell by my tone the end result was bad. He became more ill than he had been in years, stopped exercising and became isolated and started smoking again. Not to mention the shame he felt for losing ground with his goals but he had to get back on the higher dose he had come down from again.
    As a certifide drug counselor and director of a drug treatment center, and a survivor/ consumer I can testify that withdrawing from illicit drugs like opiates and cocaine are nothing like what one goes through with psych meds. Psych meds are far more complex and reactions are as diverse as there are people. Withdrawal from heroine hapoens almost the same for someone as another who has been on the same amount for a similar time frame. You can pretty much predict the same outcome for both once they kick.
    Coming off of psych meds risks returning to a previous mental state that was so distressing it needed to be addressed with some sort of intervention. “cold turkey”
    isn’t the right terminology. Cold turkey refers to a return to a normal state of functioning before the drug was introduced. This for many just isn’t so with psych meds.
    That’s a destinction I think is worth mentioning. Without the support of friends,family and yes,even professionals many people doing the cold turkey method can return to. baseline of existing that’s intolerable which can lead to substance abuse or in some cases more imminent danger.
    The cold turkey method for severe toxicity and other life threatening reactions is almost always supported by the professional who prescribed them or at least that would be the preferred if possible. The toxicity is also a very objective measure something is wrong. Feeling with your instincts can be too subjective to the current emotional and environmental influences around us. That’s why its important to have support from people you trust to give one more objective data to rely upon.
    So in conclusion I think terms like withdrawal can be misleading because regular withdrawal is usually returning to the same baseline of functioning that was interfered with by using a drug like heroin. Psych med titrating down is too complex of an experience no matter what the eventual outcome and too unpredictible unlike other drug withdrawal. Whatever the decision having support is absolutely necessary for success.