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  • Thank you kind author and good luck with your goals,
    the summarized article is indeed a valid piece of science for people associated with the victims systemically. My mother would be a very good candidate for “forced reading and acknowledging”, lol.
    But within the careful, and to me subjectively only, maybe, formulations, that indeed seem to carry on in the pseudo-intellectual domination attempts of the psychiatrist.
    The detrimental effects of neuroleptics, the the negative effects that can arise even within the consenting individual and the potential for escalation from authorities and pseudo-authorities are for me, by now more like a morbid fascination of an entirely unasked for hobby, but anyway are well known to the victims.
    One problem, i see here is, that none of these approaches can deal in a meaningful way with the unquantifiable possibilites that can happen to the victim within what so falsely is described as schizophrenia.
    Leaving aside the numerous occasions in which an unwelcome, but publicaly negative event is false and after the effect “diagnosed” as schizophrenia, while the entity to be protected from scrutiny or something similar has a quite logical and/or personal connection to the initial victim.
    By missinterpreting the, under different circumstances valuable, but de facto non existent right to privacy and anonymity, towards consequently not evidencing and analysing the reality within the victim is existing, the reality he is experiencing and the actions and reaction the victim and environment enact actually, no scientifical progress can be derived from those methods and the victim is in both cases alone with disprovement of false thoughts and definition of a reality it can successfully share with the imagined others.
    Yep, indeed, factually to me, living in THE reality is individual by design, and any possible common truth is quite difficult to find for all beings alive and therefore “schizophrenia” is a gradual mode of thinking for all.
    In fact translating schizophrenia directly (so i have learned) leads to “cleaved filters”. Indeed, i have consented to have enough “symptoms” of the described feelings actually in, sorry i forgot which textbook i could agree with then.
    Since DSM, loosely translated means only crossing beliefs in form of a handbook, i want to ask how those feelings encompass in any way having ones filters cleaved.
    In Germany, the study of psychiatry was only aviable to A grade students. Even in comparably nice school setting like the german Gymnasium, not a crowed that is highly sought of nor individuals widely known for their sozialisation talents.
    But factually here the A grade means only that they are allowed to study this pseudo-scientific garbage, not that they are actually in any way superior in knowledge about anyone else really with a comparable school education.
    Anyway, i want to agree, if i read correctly that, the “diagnostical disagreement” can be very empowering, but it leads to potentially grave consequences should the victim not be able to evade further harrassment by psychiatric entities and their supporter and exploiters.
    If this fails and the victim is not able to live in world that at least seems to it to support and value it, the possibility of actual self- or hurt to innocients increases with every real or perceived escalation in the worst case, maybe.
    To me the simplest way to reduce misuse and abuse and distrust, would be to give up on any form of shadow court proceedings, giving the victim the chance to choose between truly (to him) helpful form and doses of medication or not at its liberty, free choice of lawyer AND compulsory specialist for laws applicable and realities experienced within victim and entities and events defining it as a person to be labeled/accused in anyway.

    For scholars of psychology (losely logics / workings understandable of the soul) it might indeed be a very good idea to systematically and listen and interact and publish the physical realities and feelings and believes of labeled and nominally offended entities.
    But the definition of a reality that is in fact commonly consentuable on, would need at least for now
    need qualifications in multiple scientific and maybe other disciplines, indeed.
    A to me funny fact of hearing and reading about people enduring psychosis or whatever one wants to call it, is that there seems to a high correlation within what some victims want/have to believe and holywood movies, which they probably havent even seen.
    Also, an quite easy reproducable fact of the subjectivity of the victims enviromnent and harrassers, is the “prior knowledge” of the label and imagined knowledge when the victim secretly denies “taking THEIR medizine” showing the same approval in said others as truly or falsely claiming to not take the de facto quite poisonous, but only weak narcoleptic, quite adequately named neuroleptics.
    Sorry, for doing the Mad Professor unasked, but here, i have quite some hope for change to something good or better.
    I have been institutionalised under the claim of being dangerous to others quite often now, at first for beating someone quite well known and dangerous in its potential to vex and influence my life negatively and then next to every time, police tried to harrass me while being homeless without any criminal offence dreamed up by police or others leading even to court hearings.
    I was not able to even report a perceived criminal act of others to the effect of factual paperwork done or anything else but trying to subdue me some way or the other.
    I seem to have had an angel to be prepared for that intellectually and emotionally quite well, but for people of less education pursueing family members with money and social experience and morals in the bank it could easily lead to the system being able to define sub-groups or individuals as dangerous at liberty in an increasing manner.
    For young girls being singled out that way can be torturing and quite often fatal,
    trying to impose such an obvious crazy assed pseudo-discipline obligation towards shut up or be lab rat in a weapons world like the USA will get fucking ugly and already is, if i understand correctly.

    Ok, enough trying to flirt with cute young girls, sorries again.
    Take good care and network and do try not to attack persons or groups but states of more or less times true or false knowledges/believes and systemic facts disadvantageous for the status quo in real power.
    Dissenting people loosing faith and reasons to cooperate will steadily grow, but people, truly trying to improve the real world within mutual advantageous settings and goals between imagined sub-structures of society.
    OK, i am offsky now and again, i will not try to interact here anymore, it is too crazy for people that know reductive materialists do not needlessly give into realising with anyone they do not seem to need.

  • Thank you dear author,
    a very nice work but, if i overflew the article correctly not much to go by within the close confines
    of valid scientific debate.
    The name of the magazine and group should be enough to find the article,
    but it wouldnt be enough to validly edit on wikipedia or write a biological article.
    The english citing rules for natural science article are quite easy, if you do not know them already.
    (As i might already have sufficiently implied i tend to not read much of articles which are not real news.)
    The proof has been published quite few years ago within real biological animal experiments
    in pubmed. Since then pubmed has been devoured by the National whatever for Biotechnologie and if you do not understand when reading biotechnology, you can always try to google a meaningful truth in the subsection pubmed regarding psycholgical health and probably quite a few other pseudosuperiorites regarding modern genetics and the inevitable and final but most of all, only possible solution to the grave suffering of… yawn…

    btw. the great Monsanto belong BASF now, as if anyone would need or like that one more… πŸ™‚

    Sorry, if i leave again right now and not come back to this page for good, if i can…
    Not only will you never be able to integrate all the strange thinks happening and oppinons posted,
    i went invulnerable Firetroll trying to baptise narcistic nerds in kerosene kiddy pools, within minute the last time i caught one of those self acclaimed know it alls buggering other victims with his textbook bullshit.
    This site is providing valueable data and support for me and i do not want to get banned…. πŸ™‚

    Good luck and success to the author and us all.

  • Thank you for your hard work.

    I do not really care whether you want to be critical or anti, as you provide valuable arguments against the current system and let me rant about my reality. πŸ™‚ Unfortunately, audio files are not very good citation material. πŸ™
    Youtube isnt very scientific either but this time i found a real pearl:

    Please trust me in that these world views can be quite real and very rewarding. πŸ™‚

  • I am sorry to hear from your suffering and want to say thank you for your hard work and dedication.
    From a german perspective the issue doesnt look that grim, but the loss of human rights remains if one doesnt have the funds to let someone else fight for your rights.
    The stand of the UN on our concerns has changed and hardened just recently and the time for a legal revolution seems to draw nearer.
    Unfortunately i do not have any money to spend.
    But i am collecting evidence for a psychogenic affliction model (coming from souls) and against the biomedical model in order to scientifically rediscover the soul as discernible entity and seat of consciousness. Originally, i just wanted to enforce and edit of the wikipedia article on schizophrenia, but had to discover that pubmed and virtually all scientific aviability of data had been nerfed. So i had the idea to go back in time not forward and considered writing a review article on the duality/polyidity of the mind. But now the chance seems to have opened up to do a documentary or even more than one.
    The existence of soul or spirit is ancient knowledge but has invaded all religions, even if only experientially provable. It is not strictly natural science to go that way, but could establish a strong baseline for argumentation against the pseudo sciences and criminalisation and victimisation of behavior differing from an imagined norm. I get great reactions on this project from spiritual people that have experienced the psychiatric system and would be happy if anyone from this great website would like to participate in any way.
    Naturally, i would like to participate in any other movement, too.
    I am this guy on facebook:

  • Dear Noel Hunter, Psy.D.,

    thank you for this well cited essay.
    It must have cost much time to find citable resources in the nerfed net.
    I want to add for the sake of the argument from a left perspective,
    that the key to overcome psychogenic afflictions might be indeed self-love
    and compassion for others.
    And that privilige was to weak a word for the generic psychiatrist.
    I would go as far as eugenoid narcissism, as nobody who really wants to help would be able to neglect the inner critics and kiss ass all the way up, when it would mean to make (pseudo) science against the intended humanitarian goals.
    It is just a cushy job for socially awkward kids that took high school too serious and cannot be compared to psychology, which seems to attract much more genuinely caring person.

    End of Rant, please keep up the good work. πŸ™‚

  • Awesome some work professor Keim,

    i dont have the inner calm to asses and include all the provided resources right away, but have copied it to the wikipedia link and would like to publish it, with your permission on:

    You will need more than good luck, i agree.
    I havent specifically searched in regard to your project, but think that we have to do it ourselves.
    Within a Truth and Reconciliation (+Compensation πŸ™‚ ) setting, i want to initiate a database project of search and quantifiable case reports in order to show and analyse common themes of psychosis and compute damages and amount of arguable dept to the patients.
    Now, i alone can maybe define the database but thats about it. MIA has a case report system, but i do not know whether they intent to process the data and how. I have sent emails about this proposition to some open science projects with no answer, yet.
    But my current doable project is to broaden the group of informed people on/through wikipedia.
    Suggestions regarding these projects would be welcome here and on [email protected] or the End Psychiatry link.

    Thanks and in addition to good luck, success. πŸ™‚

  • Hello walter.keim,

    have you read this article:
    And this:
    I want to add, that, since psychosis is psychogenic (personal experience), recovery with antipsychotics doesnt prove effectiveness of neuroleptics and compliance and reliance on them might hinder recovery in that the wishes of the effecting spirit(s) might be ignored. I consider the most “positive effects” of antibiotics as a bad sign, in that the effecting spirit might wish to hurt physiological and long-term. Personal experience makes me believe, that enduring and testing the emotional and cognitive “hypotheses” is usually welcomed by positive thinking souls. But that was not your question, sorry.
    I have copied your comment for citation purposes and would ask you to participate with any scientific negative analysis of the positive effects of neuroleptics under the following link (which might contain further valid citations for you:

    Thanks and good luck.

  • No need to discourse further in that unscientific way of yours, i concur.
    A bruha (the spelling varies) is a shaman that is considered bad. Like in spirits that hurt, associate with them and make it possible to fake healing by leaving when due pay is exacted. The opinions on good and bad can vary greatly among the respective clients and you might not be aware of it and therefore not fit the definition.
    Natural means certainly less toxic as synthetic:
    1. It developed by “natural evolution” or “intelligent design” and is not supposed to hurt the “victim/patient” as they are often beneficial to the e.g. plant by distributing seed, polinating, acting in a general beneficial way on the rest of the eco-system.
    2. Their uses form a strong symbiotic bond with with the lifeform (e.g. has a better survival chance than “weeds”, and spirits of the agents, like in:
    Your comment on ethanol shows very good how much psychiatry and non-soul-based-psychology are a pseudo-sciences:
    E.g. I can drink about 5 liters of beer before having to sleep and often have a great time until then.
    5 liters a 5% ethanol equals 250ml ethanol loosely transform to 250mg ethanol. Now which psychiatric drug has a similar effects at that dose?
    I was forced to take 16mg of haloperidol per day for 3 weeks with no positive effect. I dare you to take 250mg haloperidol! That is what toxicity and “Lethal Dose at 50%” is about.
    I have consumed highly diluted ethanol (beer, cider, etc.) for more than 20 years with no medical perceivable ill effect, while 7 years of forced neuroleptics left me various physiological “disorders”.
    LOLOLOL: “potential articles”…
    I dont know of any successfully practicing “shamans” but the spirits that define them are still around sometimes, associating with a single individual or acting as a free agent. Quite a few “western” people visit (apparently in your world-view “non-western”) shamans with reported positive effects.
    That is the big question: What is your “own Psy.D. way”? You question valid scientific research. You teach. You “help many people with trauma.” And you “BELIEVE”!
    “Awakening” means that you get shown and become to KNOW, that the spirit world is real.
    I gave up after, first you, lets say “form a bond” with your newest client and then write:”Most people don’t know what they really need”, and defined you as a bad man(s).
    “No need to link to the laws.”, with respect to the, above mentioned argument, just makes me think that your definition of bruha is the more accurate.
    Again, i wish us all the best. πŸ™‚

  • A very sad and well written with a (never ending?) good outcome, sir.
    Is this long-term incarceration still going on, today?
    In Germany, as an adult, a well behaved and compliant patient can expect to be released in 6 to 8 weeks (personal experience, schizophrenia).
    Does anybody know of german lawyers of good quality? Off course no additional work on your side should be involved, i am save as i am, now, i guess. πŸ™‚
    But for those who havent found it,yet:

    Thanks and good luck.

  • With little respect for the Psy.D. Mister Ken Fogel,

    the “positive effects” of neuroleptics are sedation alone, e.g.:
    I can have that from natural, much less toxic (ever heard of LD50, “biodoctor”?) substances like:
    ethanol, cannabis, opium, khat, etc., which also have an, in e.g.”schizophrenia”, often welcome effect of euphoria and the production could help many very poor communities instead of big-pharma.
    There is an extensive amount of “new” research to sell this “rat-poison” to even more groups of ill or unwelcome people, find markers and genes, animal models and new types of “psychotropic” drugs e.g.:
    They DONT HELP people to use other “modes of intervention” e.g.:

    If you want to be a psycho (soul) doctor ((dunno) fixer (maybe)), be my guest,
    but you might want to scream into the silence behind your eyes,
    whether there is something that wants to talk, listen, care, explain, ask, define and console and generally is knowledgeable enough to explain everything a traumatized person might experince in a HOLISTIC, and PRODUCTIVE way.
    I studied Biology (Knowledge of Life) and found death behind my eyes and everywhere as well.
    It is often called “awakening” and is a blessing. But i was diagnosed and “force treated” long after any “positive or negative symptoms” and thats a clear violation against this:
    AND this

    Good luck to you and you and all of us, but in my I&I, you sir, are a bruha! πŸ˜‰

  • Hello again,
    have you seen this?

    Also, being gainfully employed would be good, off course, but it would necessitate, that we stigmatized could do something better than others (the market-capitalism is stagnating) and that our “afflictions” would want us to “work for the man” after we have been treated like sub-humans, anyway πŸ™‚
    I would recommend giving spare agricultural land to the homeless and unemployed and institutionalized and providing a framework to form eco-communities like in Wales:

    Keep up the good work…

  • Sorry, i am not Dr. Breggin, but i can tell from experience that possessions can get real, which is most of the time a soul (dead human) that wants to teach you something (e.g. its existence)
    I sat in a railway station waiting hall, suddenly i became tired and fell asleep, without the the ability to stay awake for long (narcolepsy). I woke up again shortly before entering a train with the strong urge to continue. I boarded the train and gave in to the compulsion to sit down. In front of me was an adolescent girl, apparently alone. I then had the strong urge to warn the girl from traveling alone in the night and i did so. At the next stop i exited the train (at an, to me, unknown station) and was able to fetch the next train back and still reach my original targeted connection.
    This has nothing to do with any chemicals although weening off antidepressants certainly doesnt make one happier. But these souls have to try harder in order to vex you if you take psychopharmaceutics and might try stronger tactics to reach their goals. In Carlos Castaneda, the best way to cope is catch (appease) these spirit guides. E.g. i have brought 2 or more spirits to discuss their issues inside my head, by spinning fantasy stories and monologueing (inside my head) for a long time and humor and good will and an open mind are also productive. But the important thing is not to believe in the negative emotional and cognitive images during acute psychosis and such psychogenic afflictions. My ancestors still vex me, but it doesnt threaten my ego anymore, as i know now that these emotions are not my own. Off course you cannot tell psychiatrists and such about this!
    If you could provide links or citations to your sources we could give these realities an “expert opinion” on bigger forums like wikipedia or others.
    Thank you and have fun. πŸ™‚

  • Nice argumentation and good links in the comment section, thanks. πŸ™‚
    But two points to the last paragraph of the main article:
    1. If there is scientific evidence for that, i would like to have citations, to use in anti-psychiatry.
    2. It is certainly often correct that the truth alienates the inner children and a bond has to be formed, but the main goal is to preserve the life of the body and the spiritual development of the soul, that started to exist with the body and has never lost a body before.
    Therefore, i personally, describe my world views whenever i can and certainly try to argue against harmful notions like suicide.
    E.g. technophobia like “tinfoil hat” (the prevalence of this joke is interesting), i would maybe counter with an anecdote of my own, when (for a short time) biting on the hairgimmik of a girl helped against these negative thoughts.
    Mind you, i mainly have experience in “schizophrenia”, others like the mentioned BPD might differ.

    Thanks again and good luck. πŸ™‚

  • Babylon mek me sad an mad so:

    If anyone could provide additional research on non-effectiveness of neuroleptics, it would help greatly in editing:

    Particular modern review (bloody-peer-reviewed) articles and meta-analysis (LOL, meta-analysy?), would be helpful.
    I will use the authors articles, even if i have to argue myself to the top, but a broader base would from “reliable sources” would be very nice. I think this is very important, as i consider wikipedia the main information source for many that are not directly involved in anti-psychiatry.

    Thank you and good luck. πŸ™‚

  • We are sorry to hear from your suffering at the hands of psychiatry.
    But God or any other benevolent spirit or Karma or Faith) has nothing to do with that.
    Some spirit guides can be very malevolent, especially western ones.
    I have one that makes excruciating headaches when no Ibuprofen is in the house.
    I can project my thoughts against it but then the pain wanders around.
    This can go on for a whole night or until it can take some Ibuprofen.
    Especially your lupus, anxiety and insomnia (etc.) might be psychosomatic/psychogenic.
    They might not even damage your body at all.
    I have voluntarily not slept for 7 days and found no ill effect of it, for example.
    Once they gave me (if i remember correctly 16mg of haloperidol per day) and nobody could see the difference.
    My guess is, that a dead soul didnt like your affiliation with indian culture.
    Unfortunately i am no shaman that can show the spirit world, i only can use words to an unknown avail.
    Believe in the afterlife and their powers, apparently your inner enemy likes action, so keep up the good work and best wishes. πŸ™‚

  • Awesome article and exactly what in needed to shove wikipedias article about schizophrenia in the butte, lol.
    I want to answer to some comments here:
    The truth about mental illnesses can be found out, but some might need help.
    I am a marine biologist and have learned to test my hypothesies.
    When i had my bouts of psychosis. i tried to remain calm and test every foreign thought as good as i could and later on forced medication, tested the ability of neuroleptics to influence aberrant thought.
    My findings were that neuroleptics do not help at all in cognitive processes. I can still spin very fantasy, like.
    But what is not fantasy is the existence of souls and the survival of the individuality of a complex live-form, even after death. As the (still) prevalent opinion throughout the world, i never dared to deny its existence and when shit hit the fan (so to say), it remained the only valid explanation of what i had experienced. I will not go into detail here, but can say that some of my “angels” dare to talk within my head sometimes and they are distinct from me.
    This doesnt help against truly aggressive souls, but the insecurities about inferiority, suicide and destruction of the (never having died yet) ego, that body forms in life, simple can be “externalized”.
    I want to prove that with the creation of a open science database with case essays in order to show the similarities in modern psychologic afflictions, arguing for the unlikely of a evolutionary brain that has neuronal algorythms for suicide, technophoby, superiority and inferiority complexes, etc.
    This database shall also encompass a report section for complains about psychiatric misstreatment in order for compensation and cessation mass-law suits or similar.
    Please do not attack me for my “awakenedness”, or i might tell you what a SH*T-Brain your inner demon is. Have fun and be good! πŸ™‚