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  • Dear Chelsey, What I get from reading your post is that your main trigger is the death of people you love or even your dog. Being very sensitive is an asset but you are experiencing it as a problem. Knowing where people go after death can help but you’ll still have the feelings. You have to return to neutral after the feelings.

    I went to a psychiatrist due to extreme fear 30 years ago. I have had nothing but side effects from medications for 30 years. I still have my fears.

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  • I would have loved a letter like this from my parents when I was younger. However, I do think the advice is flawed. I believe the feelings of melancholy need to be spoken and received with empathy. We repeat the process when we don’t receive the empathy. We are looking for that connection.

    William James seems to be saying stuff your feelings in general but write me a letter about it.

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