Monday, December 5, 2022

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  • I so agree. I am a victim. I think anyone who prescribes psych meds is committing a crime against humanity. This includes the “caretakers” giving these toxins to the children of refugees. I have such a hard time understanding how anyone can condone the use of chemicals for behaviour control. These drugs do not heal. They cause harm. That harm is how they work. Jail would be too nice. I am 100% dependent on colonics and have been for a year. The medical establishment won’t even diagnose me accurately since they refuse to acknowledge the true cause. They have labelled me with IBS constipation. When I die the death notice will not say that the drug killed me. That would be too much paperwork. Too much conflict. Too much covering for one another. Yes I am angry.

  • I was told by a lawyer I consulted that because of information in a paper titled “Up to Date” which gives doctors impunity basically I would not be able to sue. I think it is time to expose this company that produces this “Up to Date” information for what it is. If a doctor consults this company (which is U.S. based) then as long as they follow the “latest” guidelines they cannot be held accountable for any harm. We hear all the time that we are too litigious. I would like to know how much money this company makes and if any of my tax dollars (in Canada) are going to this company. There is absolutely no incentive for doctors to even try something new if they can just carry on without fear of a lawsuit. This company must have a lot of employees. I started to think that my doctor was a psychopath since she chose to keep me on drugs despite the side effects but now I believe anyone who would work according to this “Up to Date” information will never be up to date. Why bother?

  • I live in Canada. I have had the worst care. I got myself off of quetiapine with the help of a naturopath and a compounding pharmacist. After years of complaining about side effects I finally had had enough when my dentist consulted an expert and he said my tongue swelling must be a drug side effect. Funny thing. Noting happened. I got off the toxic stuff and was fine. My psychiatrist retired (she’s going blind – I do have compassion but can’t help but see the irony). She said she was not referring me to anyone else because I was FINE. I am not though. Physically. I am 100% chronically constipated and 100% dependent on colonics. That is after three years of trying every other therapy. Not so funny is the response I get from every specialist I see. They will not confirm that any of my side effects are related to the meds I took. I took clonazepam also. I have had nerve conduction done, two colonoscopies, four MRIs, etc. etc. As soon as I mention the quetiapine they shut my file and get up out of the chair and start walking to the door. I was told there is no point trying to sue because there is no way to win. I can’t enjoy my grandchildren ad I can’t afford my medical care. I am trying to heal my nervous system and this is helping me cope but I get hopeless often. The psychiatrist mentioned that I have tardive dyskinesia in a letter to my family doctor but never bothered telling me about it. I only found out because I asked for a copy of the letter. I am trying to “let go” but I am too angry. I should add that when my psychiatrist agreed that I could discontinue the drug she told me to come back when I was done. That is all the “help” she offered.

  • You have told my story. I get why all the suggestions in the comments don’t work. I have been trying them all and my symptoms are getting worse. I am a victim of torture. They may have tried to stop the torture of terrorists but they have not cared about the pain I feel every day and night. At 65 I am not optimistic about the possibility of improvement. I am dependent on colonics now. I cannot eat or digest food. I cannot sit at all! I cannot even get a doctor to diagnose me! They are all complicit in this! So is the rest of society who cannot face the reality of this growing nightmare. The latest victims are the children with behavioural issues and their desperate parents who still believe that medication is the answer. Now Canada want to implement Pharmacare and they don’t know how crooked the industry is! We need to band together somehow so that my life and my suffering is not in vain.

  • I am suffering from this right now. It seems to be progressive. No doctor will give me a diagnosis. I have had to seek alternative treatments. They are not helping. I am desperate! I feel so isolated. Two neurologists deny a connection to Quetiapine. I want to stop Canada from rushing to adopt pharmacare because of this corruption! I want to stop the marketing of these drugs to parents desperate for help with their disruptive children. OMG please do something!

  • I am here to condemn Big Pharma! I am probably going to die because of the progressing tardive dyskinesia I have. I can’t eat, digest, and I require twice a week colonics. I have terrible constant tight muscles with an inner crawling vibration that I would not wish on anyone. It wakes me up at night. Big Pharma lied about the side effects in order to market these drugs for long term use when they were never tested for that. Now they are being given to kids and people with insomnia! This is a crime against humanity! The reliance on these drugs has set back any progress that might have been made over my lifetime (I am 64) and has also resulted in many people living lives as zombies not even knowing that they are the walking dead. I did not know until I finally got off my medication that my brain was so impaired. My doctor denied any connection between my symptoms and the drugs. They very design of these drugs is to impair the brain. Behaviour control is not medicine. It is society imposing it’s colllective fear of mental illness on us. I was so afraid of myself I was a good compliant patient for twenty years! The only reason I was on an antipsychotic was because my kidneys were damaged by lithium. How can you have any kind of spiritual connection when you are not even in connection with your mind and your body? This is a delusion. Perhaps due to the state of the field these drugs are all we have for a crisis situation. I will give you that. I strongly believe that we could have progressed way past this point if Big Pharma and the researchers they paid to lie about their results had been honest and we never prescribed these drugs for chronic use. The coming tsunami of people with devastating side effects (also from polypharmacy) has yet to begin. Currently these effects are not being recorded because we are dying of dementia, diabetes, heart failure and suicide. How can we tolerate a mindset that says dying twenty years prematurely is preferable to treating the mentally ill with appropriate care which takes longer than a ten minute appointment with someone who doesn’t know about your trauma? Reading this article and some of these comments has just added to the trauma I feel.

  • I totally agree. It was until I got off the poison that I learned how out of touch I had been for 20 years! I was afraid of myself. I was afraid of myself while I was tapering. I was shocked when finally done at how clear my head was. I gained a ton of confidence. The worst part is that I have symptoms that won’t go away and even though I am ready to face the world I am too physically ill to actually do it.