Sunday, May 22, 2022

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  • This isn’t the first time this has happened. Back in the late 90s I had a major injury involving a broken knee and broken ankle. The knee break did not become known until I developed arthritis and an MRI was done. So basically I was sent home on crutches bearing all my weight on a broken knee. Later I came down with the shingles which causes horrendous pain. But at that time the maximum number of pills you could get was one month’s worth. No more refills. I drank myself to sleep and just suffered the rest of the time (try going to work with the shingles).

    So, it was actually WORSE for pain patients under the Clinton Administration, much worse. I now have another chronic pain condition which is very difficult to treat, and lasts for years. This also was made worse when a doctor performed prostate surgery on me and later admitted that he probably shouldn’t have done it
    I have spent thousands of dollars (with insurance) to solve the problem and the ONLY thing that helped at all was oxycontin. I am definitely addicted to it and don’t care. I’m 60 and will probably have this constant pain for the rest of my life and when I asked for 10mg more than my current dose the doctor told me to go and join their meditation clinic that is too far away for me to drive to (sitting anywhere but on my recliner and cushions is excruciating). And I can’t bring my recliner with me to the clinic anyway.

    I am certain that the people who are making these decisions have never experienced chronic pain much less life long chronic pain. Over prescribing is wrong but letting good people suffer for the poor judgement of a much smaller number of people is cruel.