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  • Being an inpatient psychiatrist RN in the 80’s, with children and adolescents. 30 years later definitely believe, a huge percentage of what appears to be ADD / ADHD, is actually “family dysfunction” and history of abuse, including sexual, physical, emotional, and spiritual.
    Any kid put in these situations would respond with ADHD/ADD symptoms. And yes, we gave “pills” to correct, because it was easy, quick, fix. And actually it became “mandatory by the insurance companies” to BE ON MEDICATION. Hospital and psychiatrists were told by the insurance companies, if they aren’t bad enough to be on medication, they don’t need hospitalized”.
    Pitiful of America ~ these families need intensive, long term, family therapies (however, that was too expensive). I’m a witness to this. Why I left inpatient Child, Adolescent psychiatry.