Friday, March 24, 2023

Comments by Ray D

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  • It appears that an industry has been created by the APA and pharmaceutical lobbyists. Mental illness seems to be nothing more than a label created to financially benefit those involved. Perhaps Psychiatrists role should be to habilitate dangerous non conformists into society without sedating and addicting them to drugs. It is important to encourage free thought and unique methods to deal with life’s problems, however we still cannot allow behavior that threatens the safety and advancement of Society on the whole.
    Thank you Dr. Kelmenson for your unique theories.

  • Dr. Kelmenson has made another interesting analogy. His construction of this article using parallel references to Religious beliefs is refreshing and enlightening. It’s amazing how the system works. Dedication is lost to the power of the almighty dollar. Therapy based Psychiatrists are far and few between. The ones who stay the course, like Dr. Kelmenson, will eventually help to set “ the public free”.

  • Doctor Kelmenson is spot on in his courageous evaluation of the real causes of addiction and consequences stemming from biological misdiagnosis of labeled ADHD and Bi-Polar occurrences. I can speak from first hand experiences as I have lived through it watching the proliferation of Dr. Kelmenson’s theory. It time for effective parenting instead of taking the easy road to relive the guilt of individual shortcomings in their parenting rolls. I believe that if parents examine Dr. Kelmenson’s theory and put it to use it could affect an improved road to one of society’s major downfalls. I’m sure psychiatry pill prescribers would fear the result but I believe it’s time to change what is not helping individuals achieve their potential.