Tuesday, March 21, 2023

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  • Daniel and Richard
    If I am honest and self reflexive, which is important to me, part of my frustration came through regarding discussions in general. Of course movements need to put efforts in regarding language. Of course new ideas and descriptions are born. I really think ‘illification’ is a perfect easily understood non-scientific description. I also have had intimate painful experience of a loved one suffering deeply and permanently due to this toxic system and perhaps or most defiantly that leaves me with my own skewed lens. But I am also privy to loads of ‘groups’ and boards where people discuss and although I am certain that the seeds of change are being planted, as I can almost smell them. I also would love a way of uniting these conversations into practical change. It is my personal need for less talk and more do that filtered out into my comment; and yet the ‘do’ feels so upstream against the tidal waves of pharmaceutical corruption and greed that that frustration fills me along with so many others, with a deep sense of sadness.
    On a positive note I am delighted Daniel you found my phrase ‘catchy’. That said, I think your comment Richard is really valid and it demonstrates to me how easy it is to fall into the pit of terminology that is so commonplace as to appear acceptable. They are as you say dangerous mind altering drugs prescribed in the main to the vulnerable, albeit prescribed with the best of intentions. I am sure that the doctors prescribing them are also in many ways victims of the discourse of their professions.

  • Okay… Possibly a naive comment that will get me lambasted but here goes…
    Too many words and picking apart of details seems to be going on. I am not saying that debate isn’t important, I am just saying that getting heated up with language games is pointless.
    Lawrence, I have worked in early years for almost three decades as an education provider, and I am a psychotherapist. Your article is ethical, fair and common sense to me. The number of children who are diagnosed with ADHD has risen exponentially. Indeed in any family therapy capacity I have worked in, almost every child is diagnosed and medicated.
    This is clearly lunacy, big business, corrupt, abuse..etc…all part of our societal indoctrination and programming. It is growing as there will be trans-generational patterns where a diagnosis and medication is ‘norm’ and a part of a families acceptable blueprint. I’m surprised that kitchen manufacturers haven’t created a nice lockable pill cabinet as part of every kitchen’s essential fitting, surely there’s an opportunity for greed and financial gain being missed out on?
    Name and label it what ever you like. I have a succinct sentence for the issue.. We medicate before we communicate and it is a great part of humanities downfall as dramatic and simplistic as no doubt that will sound to many.