Saturday, November 26, 2022

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  • Hi Daniel,

    I just read your article and most of the comments and many emotions surfaced.

    Some of my emotions about therapy are vey mixed but only because of the recent trauma of my therapist who I was very very attached to getting diagnosed with Early Onset Alzheimer’s.

    I personally dropped out of social work school for some of the same reasons you and other independent thinkers did. But mainly because I was too emotionally overwhelmed and deeply engrosed in my own “healing processes” through therapy.

    I loved my therapist and think and feel that he was one of the few good ones out there. Someone who relates humanly. Who shares and connects in a real way.

    But some ideas that I related to on this blog post and its comments make me sad. For example ” therapy relationships being a crutch because society isn’t able to give the needed relationships people in deep pain seek” or ” being dependant and infantile will leave people feeling chronically depressed and worse off ”

    To me if someone is in such a desperate situation; for example someone who is self mutilating or having panic attacks. There is no where else to go but to a therapist.

    Reading your articles, which I like, because they are so real, also make me feel frustrated because those people in such pain can’t take the “higher level ” steps such as finding creative outlets and maintaining great friends. They are feeling worthless and pitifully need or unworthy and need a therapist because they don’t even feel like they belong in the universe. I agree, that they sure aren’t in good luck because the world doesn’t have many good therapist, but it has some. And part of trusting in humanity which can come from a good therapist is to trust a therapist in the first place.

    Sometimes walls people built are so intense and they will only allow them to be broken down in the safety of a ” therapeutic relationship” because the person’s trust is a main force in healing and trust that they can be themselves and experience all their emotions. For once they don’t have to worry so much about how much of a burden they are to others and find favor and belovedness in the eyes of someone they may be trusting since thier early childhood when they only trusted others in order to survive

    I now feel compelled to be enraged at the dependency that therapy left me with but that is only because my therapist is now struggling with his life shattering changes of EOA. But deep down I still believe that the dependency was good and healing even though I’m regressing a lot because of how painful it is that my therapy which I made my life is being ripped away from me.

    And I don’t blame my therapist for making therapy my life, he always left doors open and encouraged me to have fun and to work hard in my outside relationships. I was the one who made therapy my life because of my deep childish needs. Because I did feel like and infant, and a starving one at that, and therapy filled that craving tremendously.

    I feel torn about condemning therapy now only because it was truamticaly ripped away from me.

    Any reaction to my ideas would be appreciated. Thank you for your though provoking articles!