Saturday, November 26, 2022

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  • James Holmes is a young man incarcerated in a vile prison system in USA after uncharacteristically becoming agressive enough to kill his father ,after taking ant depressants..suicide is a possibility for some, the adverse effects for many people can damage lives for ever yet it is allowed to continue – for all the rhetoric about compassion and listening to people it s almost as though ‘they’ are dispensable. Thankfully David and Mad in America are reaching those who must have thought there would be nowhere to turn after experiencing the degrading response from their doctors ,which silenced people from speaking the truth. Shame on them. Respect to Mad in America and DH and all those who speak out,

  • As you say the label ‘Personality Disorder’ is one of the many loathsome stigmatising labels attached by one group of the more powerful on others. It has been recognised as such for decades by those who impose it yet is still used – the label itself causes harm and distress – isn’t there a duty ‘to do no harm’….see ‘Personality Disorder – Still the Patients Psychiatrists Dislike?’ in BJPsych Bulletin February 2017. There is actually another of the beloved check lists used to assess the ‘dislike’ ‘Attitudes to Personality Disorder Questionaire’ (APDQ ) synonyms are must haves of course. – just grotesque.

  • Thank goodness for articles like this…absolutely perfectly describes the binds clients are tangled up in so often. The abhorrent diagnostic manual has now been aped by a self selected group of ‘experts’ who promote psychodynamic therapy – The Psychoanalytic Diagnostic Manual Ed2…Worrying there does not seem to be any necessity for gaining approval for it’s use. The title makes it seem ‘official’ – any group of people could publish such a book especially when self funded, including by an undisclosed mysterious ‘5 others’ in addition to the ones who have been named. The checklists are numerous – the diagnoses and sub categories of each are numerous – there is huge potential for mis use. Real individuals living complex lives cannot be broken down in this dehumanising way in order to make the project of therapy seem more scientific and attractive to funders and policy makers -but no doubt it will be promoted.