Tuesday, March 28, 2023

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  • Lexapro cause mania? 10yrs ago went through hell with my wife. No history of drugs or mental illness – zero. MD gave sleeping aid, then stronger, then SSRI. Six months later completely crazy, paranoid w/all manic signs. Tried suicide twice. Went to mental hospital. Three shrinks diagnose Bi-Polar. Mania went on for 5 months straight. File for divorce, affairs, non-stop talking, shopping, arguing, etc-all signs of mania. Mentioned to the shrink that I read in the American Psyc Journal that SSRI induced mania is not Bi-Polar? He laughed at me, continued her on SSRI and said that was impossible. Finally talked her into getting off Lexapro. THREE WEEKS LATER she was 100% back to normal. True story. Simple as that. That was over 10 years ago and ZERO signs of any mania or depression since she ended the SSRI. She recalls the episodes as uncontrollable behavior and some of them she cannot recall. These drugs can be very very dangerous, scary.