Monday, September 26, 2022

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  • Nicky, your writing inspires me, as I have a similar story, and similar style and approach to my writing. Its a story I need desperately- both to tell, -and to be heard. I may submit it to MIA, but my main intent is for it to be told in my community, for the public and our local leaders to hear exactly what goes on with people who are considered incompetent, sick, and certainly incapable of convincing anyone of the aggregious disregard, humiliation, and violation of our rights that we experienced. Since the only voices that are elicited are those of the ‘so-called’ professionals, our voices are never heard, and truth is never told.
    Thats what bothers me the most :
    1. that I’m used and exploited to cover up their truly inhumane disregard for human beings, which becomes clear when there’s no one left to witness their behavior, when they isolate you and hang their label around your neck;
    2. that the stigma of being perceived as ‘sick and deranged’, will create doubt in the minds of anyone I reach out to.