Sunday, September 20, 2020

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  • I hope that those of you with personal or professional knowledge of the deceit/manipulation of the pharmaceutical model in treating psychiatric disorders become driven to expose the lies by any and all means. Please consider joining the Citizens Commission on Human Rights who is in the process of collecting complaints regarding the abuse and fraud that the psychiatric/medical community is foisting on unsuspecting individuals, especially those within the mental health facilities . Their goal is the restoration of human rights in the mental health field where egregious violations are occurring in the area of informed consent regarding the long-term effects of these drugs/therapies. The CCHR has offices worldwide and would welcome your input/assistance with this project. Please lend your voices to this vital cause. Thank you.

  • Thank you Sandra for your compassionate response which only other victims completely understand. We must be the voices for those without the capacity to express how they have been victimized by our medical/pharmaceutical model of healthcare. I am working with an organization that is serious about informing the public and putting an end to this abuse under the guise of therapeutic intervention.
    The CCHR (Citizens Commission on Human Rights) has offices throughout the world and they are filing a complaint with the Florida Medical Board on my behalf regarding my daughter Lori’s mismanaged case. I just completed the application one week ago but many other complaints are being filed with their local office in Clearwater, Fl. (800-782-2878). Parents whose children are being removed from classrooms and taken to mental health facilities at the behest of teachers without parental consent and placed on psych drugs. They are somehow circumventing “informed consent”. Parents and in fact most people have little grasp of the long term consequences of these mind altering psychotropic drugs irregardless of the age of the patient but their effects are particularly egregious when used in the children as young as 3-4 years old. We must speak out against these atrocities as we are literally allowing ourselves and our children to become guinea pigs for the pharmaceutical industry as we provide them with long term study statistics.

    Please consider joining the fight alongside CCHR and if you wish to report negative effects of these and other drugs you are aware of, please contact the FDA Center for Drug Evaluation and Research to file your report. It remains to be seen if they relent, but I ask you to join me in contacting your US Congressmen and request they hold hearings to bring this abuse to light. We should consider starting a nationwide petition. Perhaps this website would host and submit to the…? I will not be silent because I don’t want other families to experience the grief that I have lived since my daughter’s death. May God bless and comfort those who share this this painful legacy.

  • Meschelle,

    Your story is so poignant, moving me to tears as I recall my 45 year old daughter’s experience that began in 2011 and ended on June 16, 2016 with her suicide as she fell victim to the ravages of poly psychopharmacy . There is a place in hell for physicians who, out of their realm, misdiagnose and treat patients with psychotropic drugs, creating a chemical imbalance that the fragile brain struggles unsuccessfully to correct throughout their sadistic “drug trial” without informed consent. I am telling her story to everyone who will listen from consumer watchdog agencies to medical boards and government officials. In fact, today I sent an appeal to the Florida division of the American Academy of Pediatric Doctors to urge them to reexamine the use of psychotropic drugs like Aderall on children diagnosed with ADHD. The sale of this drug has recently realized an increased popularity among college students as it offers enlightened euphoria.
    Psychiatric meds are a scourge on the culture and are the precipitating factor in the mental health crisis we are experiencing. I, too, suggest you acquaint yourself with the works of Dr. Brogan, Dr. Gotzche and Dr. Whitaker. Please align yourself with these and others who are in an uphill battle to shine the light on this travesty occurring because of the greed of Big Pharma and the willful ignorance of the complicit medical community and FDA/NIH. I too would like to contact you and share my daughter’s story if that is permissible. I am so grateful you survived and will be a voice for those who did not. God bless.