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  • We live in Newfoundland and are going through a similar situation. Awful.Untreated and reoccurring trauma within the mental health system. Have a look at Todd Leaders book Its not about us (ways to change the mental health care in Canada). Although it is medical model he suggests ways to speak with those in hospitals, etc. Aferall they work for you and your son. They work to provide him with the best care and that may mean changing the way they try and help to be more responsive to him not the psychopharmaceutical complex. Please join the parent discussion group at Mad in America.

  • Thank you and every commenter on this site for speaking up. My son has endured the horrible pain and humiliation of forced psych treatment. The drugs cause so much of his actions so more drugs are added and then it is forgotten the drugs cause the actions again and in different ways, even mad in America people think it is him….and not his reactions to the trauma inflicted on him by psychiatry and a family thinking psychiatry knew something magical about drugs in a bottle.
    Someday my son will recover but will he ever forgive our collective insanity and how many years of his childhood have been spent in a chemical lobotomy?

  • Could the Center for excellence step forward to buy a rural place for a community to be set up. A community where people can escape from forced treatment? A community where peers are the normal people, a community where kindness is the basis?
    People will come with their tents and campers and skills, to share with one another and success will spread as we all learn from each other and move back into other communities when we are intentional MindFreedom community.

  • this is not a bizarre species of doctor…this is the only type of psychiatrist we have ever met with regards to our sons care (uncare) . This is the normal treatment within our health care system and when doctors more easily prescribe a one pill and many pill that does not fix any thing but makes it worse, we are up against something truly horrible. It is so hard to speak up because so many believe the doctors system is right and that the person has a mental illness and it is always the mental illness that is what is causing the problems…The drugs make one sicker and sicker and then there is a true chemical imbalance and one has to crawl back to health …there needs to be continual investigation, whenever anyone is prescribed these ‘meds’, this should not be mainstream.
    We must look at the whole world lifestyle, or should we call it death style and change.

  • I would say the rates are higher in other provinces, but we should call this as it is violence against other humans. Somehow the mental ‘health’ care system justifies violence and the people who work in the field are taught violence in the first day they start in the ‘system’. These people need to recognize their violence and stand up and ‘say no more’.
    How can one heal when one is traumatized by the very people that are paid by our health system to ‘help’ those in need?
    Could we start a campaign “say no to violence in mental health care”?

  • oh so sad to see a healthy alternative be closed.
    So many people die within the ‘conventional’ system and these deaths are accepted. And governments continue to support them.
    How can this be so? We must speak up at every opportunity to say this, the system that has been created with so much support from commercialism is the one that is truly hurting our society.
    thank you for all your work and may others have the energy to connect one by one.

  • yes when will it be admitted it is the drugs not the person. The drugs are so strong and experimental, very few people are actually reporting what happens to them on the drugs as they feel because of the way the system treats people that it is them. The drugs continue to make people sicker and we need to let our doctors and our lawyers and our political figures know this. How do we speak up?

  • oh how awful and terrifying for those who had med’s dropped cold turkey. How can we allow such cruel unethical acts to be forced upon people in need of kindness?
    Where is the integrity of the horrible researchers? Withdrawal is such a serious act, one in which people should be treated with compassion and allowed time for their bodies to recover from being addicted to such strong drugs. Shame shame on whichever center of ‘higher’ unethical instate allowed this to happen. This experimentation has got to stop and the drug companies must invent a way to successfully help those who want to get off their life damaging drugs.
    Keep speaking up , write to these research monsters and let them know of their cruelty, their trauma inducing acts which cause whole communities to suffer.

  • Why does the hospital treatment continue to go for drugs (with horrific side effects) and ECT when more and more it is found people respond better to connection with other people. Consider the movie ‘Alive Inside’, why is it so difficult to get funding for music therapy, but easy to get funding for drugs?
    It is true that peoples human rights are left out side the hospital door…..

  • Thank you Tina. We are looking for someone to help our child who has been in a traumatic solitary confinement situation for 9 weeks in a mental Health hospital. No one knows how to get him out of a room where he eats with his fingers, poops in a bucket, no music, no books, no exercise no outside, no visitors..He has been slammed to the ground and dragged across the halls so often this is his only connection with life. Yet the doctors with so many years training think it is still about them…….Rather than this is about a person who has been caused an iatrogenic illness.
    How can this be changed and who can help us? What country is this? Canada, What year is this 2015…….

  • I am a mother….this is all so scary.the psychiatrists keep pushing and pushing the drugs. My favorite now is ‘we will put him on this drug so he can come off the drug he is no now’, but they are unable to do it…..the iatrogenic illness can keep getting worse and there is no one to talk with within the system we are trapped in.
    Why does the family and the person subjected to these atrocities have to continue to push the system to correct itself?
    It is a cruel system.

  • So horrific. There is not much to say that has not already been said by previous commenters. Keep bringing this up to live people and questioning them on it. I have the email addresses of all psych profs and those that also work in local hospital. I hope sometimes when I share the horrors you reveal that these people become human again. If they don’t know any different, are they inhumane? Yes we must break this cycle of this inhumanity by continually speaking up…it is our life work….to be human and keep helping others to be human too.

  • Thank you for your honesty…now will the ‘doctors’ and ‘nurses’ and others who have participated in this type of action please come forward and speak up? The system needs to be changed and those we say are the carers need to make those changes too. We can all learn to be more compassionate…can we learn to be human again?

    I know this happens in the mental health system in Newfoundland, it is so hard to tell your story, thanks for doing so. May others come forward and let those outside these mental health ‘hospitals’ know.

  • You have nothing to lose and a life to gain.
    There are many of us who are trying to find our voices again after being shut out by ‘medical’ help ….who we feel insecure around. Who ever wanted to debate the free health care system?
    After all they are supposed to be the experts, but we have found they are the experts at reading the propaganda from pharmaceutical companies and then applying it without regard to the individual who is before them.
    They have forgotten their own humaness…how can we help them to regain that?

  • it is great the more we talk of this and share our need to connect…but who will invent the drugs that will help those whose minds have been experimented on for all these years, who will create the safe haven?

  • I am a parent who believed a psychiatrist and the system pushing the drugs behind him. It does not help me to wish for the time back (pre drug forcing), but to help as I can as my child struggles with being physiologically addicted to antipsychotic drugs. There need to be honest doctors, nurses, neighbors,

    and as a society when we see someone struggle we should recognize the need to care and put oneself in the others shoes. This difficult path…I wish it were over, but all I can do is keep talking about what the drugs do to people and keep talking about the compassionate alternatives that we have decided in some way are too wishy washy for a modern drug convinced society.
    Take the time to share these struggles and what they cause for our human society.

  • We must keep asking people to remember their humanness. Even psychiatrists. Keep showing them Harrow, keep showing them that their practices are based on flawed information. There must be some intelligence amongst psychiatrists?

  • My son believed he had a brain tumor. he also believed he had diabetes and cut himself so that he would feel better. He went through diagnostic testing and no brain tumor was present…however because of his cutting behavior and beliefs (of two months) it was suggested he take antipsychotic medication. When these ‘medications’ made him sick and he refused to take them (without anyone considering underlying reasons for his thoughts) he was forced to go to a psychiatric unit….From the time of ‘forcing’ by six large gloved men and then forced injections for the next four months he was abused by this psychiatric facility. All in the name of psychosis intervention and early recovery.
    That means drugging until your thoughts disappear.
    Until your brain chemistry starts changing in ways we have not yet figured out to repair.
    that means psychiatrists trying to make those thoughts disappear until you start drooling and you can’t move at 16. That means changing ‘meds’ to another type and increasing the dose higher than the drug company recommends because some other doctor said it was okay.
    It still means not connecting..
    My son still had the capacity to try to escape by breaking a window and climbing out.
    We as a family listened to the psychiatrists. For several years we listened as they kept telling us about the revolving door syndrome. As they kept increasing doses.
    As we listened to them.
    Now he is as he is. We go on day by day. We know to try to listen deeply and take each day. There is such a mix up, is it drugs, is it brain change because of drugs, can he get beyond this? I am finding help from Krista McKinnon’s work, Mindfreedom, Dan Mackler, Charlotte LeBlanc (Sidetracked by Schizophrenia)…of course Mad in America (thank you so much), Cindi Fisher….but no one can bring my son back to where he was at 16…before these horrors were inflicted upon him.
    So my goal…I know he must go through this suffering on his own. I can help as possible but it is his path.
    Keep talking about and working on this, it is certainly a civil rights and child abuse issue that we have to keep exposing.

  • Thank you so much for speaking up.
    My child has been troubled for three years within the ‘health care system’. We are seeing a similar pattern as your son has been involved in. Unfortunately once these meds are started and at such high doses the brain changes start occurring. This treatment itself is a trauma, locked wards, forced injections, people sitting and listening to yo and watching your every move, who wouldn’t be mentally effected?
    We need researchers that can reverse the changes that antipsychotics have caused.
    Where can we find these researchers? Who is doing this work. Where can our harmed children live safely so that the harmful side effects such as violent behavior are stopped while they are getting over their trauma? Where is the community love?

    Thank you Thank you brave Cindi maybe I will get braver and more outspoken because of your love for your dear troubled son.
    I have been bringing Dan Mackler videos to my child’s psychiatrist and the harm reduction guide to coming off Psych drugs. We are at least talking about different options. But this talking needs to be done before meds are introduced.

    Keep open and keep showing people that their are other options. This is especially important as a first case option before drugging.

  • The site is more of the same, more of the scary same. How sad. We must keep working for what we want because it seems as though our ‘government’ has bought into the drugging and forced drugging model.
    Some parts of the site are good just as some drug company sites are informative (eat well, sleep well, have friends, talk about life). How sad that teachers are buying into this biological model and there are free curriculum guides. But where is the scientific truth? Where are the biological indicators? People need to work with people. This takes time and there is no take a pill for compassion.

    Please please stop forcibly drugging our children, our family members. Please stop telling them it is the only way.

    Stop holding children down and injecting them with mind altering drugs. Drug companies and psychiatrists are creating trauma that will take years for society to recover from.
    The USA government new website is promoting this.