Wednesday, March 3, 2021

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  • Thank you so much for writing about this. I can’t believe the research on PMDD is so incredibly sparse. I started experiencing PMDD symptoms my senior year of high school. I visited doctors who either told me to “take vitamins” or visit a psychiatrist, even though I knew the symptoms came from my body and hormones. My symptoms lessened with bioidentical progesterone and finally disappeared when I had to radically change my diet to deal with chronic lyme, CIRS, and mast cell activation disorder. Looking back, my PMDD symptoms started the year I had the 3 shot series Gardasil vaccine, and I think the toxicity from that (I have the HLA gene mutations) caused a downward spiral into long-term immune and chronic health problems. To me, it’s so obvious there’s a connection, and yet, it was so, so difficult to get help. Even when I started taking progesterone, I spent the entire following year experiencing fear every month that it would come back, and I’m still working through the trauma of both the illness and how I was treated by doctors (when I told a female doctor that I had a problem with dairy that got worse around my period, she yelled at me that I “needed a psychiatrist”). I felt totally alone and ashamed about it until I read Sylvia Plath’s journals (some scholars now believe she had PMDD). I’m glad you’re no longer suffering from this either, and I sincerely hope that someone figures out how to make more options accessible to women dealing with this.