Saturday, May 15, 2021

Comments by Christine MacVicar

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  • First of all thanks, yet again, for bringing another piece of rational research to our attention. HOWEVER, the recommendation for benzodiazepines for some people will actually cause further psychosis. There are a small group of people who have a deficit in the enzymes to deal with these drugs, and others, and various endogenous and exogenous toxins. These people are probably ill because of this in the first place and “treatment” with toxic drugs makes them worse.
    We have just discovered that my son, aged 50, has in fact been suffering from metabolic ketoacidosis from a yet unidentified inborn error of metabolism. This causes a symptom known as hyperpnea which means that he is not receiving enough oxygen to his brain, causing confusion. Added to this is toxicity from the acidosis, which he can’t deal with because of a genetic detoxification deficit.
    Do you think the psychiatrists found this out? They did everything to stop us getting to the bottom of this to cover up their own negligence, to the extent of perjury to a Mental Health Tribunal.
    Don’t say that we can’t know what causes psychosis. We need people who practice medicine, not people who can’t prove that their speciality exists!
    Incidentally my son is waiting for hyperbaric oxygen treatment.

  • I don’t believe this! This is exactly the treatment our complaint got from the Scottish Mental Welfare Commission and now we are being told that it was not an official complaint!

    We also cannot get reasons for failing to investigate illegal detention, failure to carry out Recorded Matters, being refused access to his own Tribunal, libel by a psychiatrist and psychologist(which we can prove). In all we think there are 11 contraventions of Scotland’s Mental Health Act.
    This has to be more than a coincidence.